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  • TRUMP vs. IRAN

    TRUMP vs. IRAN

    In this episode we explore the legality of President Trumps decision to commit our armed forces to take out General Soleimani, leader of Iranians Revolutionary Guard. We will also discuss what the Democrats and Republicans are saying, legal precedents set by former administrations and potential repercussions for both sides of the conflict. It should be […]

  • The Origins of Christmas

    The Origins of Christmas

    We talk about the origins of Christmas from the religious to the secular perspectives and to the commercialization of the holiday. We also share our own Christmas family traditions and funny stories. Origins of Christmas episode Origins of Christmas Transcript: You may also like Listen to the Halloween show about our favorite horror movies.

  • Current Events – Controversial Impeachment Proceedings & More

    Current Events – Controversial Impeachment Proceedings & More

    Let’s talk Controversial impeachment proceedings, Shall we? This week gets topical, as we jump into the controversial impeachment proceedings against President Trump, the recent scandal surrounding celebrities’ children’s university qualifications, the importance of individual rights, and more.  I absolutely go off on both elected Democrats and Republicans for their conduct during these impeachment proceedings. As […]



    In this show we discuss what is TRUST? How to earn it? Lose it and regain it. TRUST Episode Trust Transcription:

  • The Impeachment of Trump

    The Impeachment of Trump

    I talked about Impeachment, what is it, how is it used and is it being used properly in the case against President TRUMP. We also dove into the history of past impeachments and how and what the founding fathers intent was in creating the impeachment process. Lastly, we broke down the 3 categories of impeachment; […]

  • Guanajato, Mexico – LGBTQ Travel Wonderland?

    Guanajato, Mexico – LGBTQ Travel Wonderland?

    I had a chance to speak with the amazing Minister of Tourism for Guanajuato Mexico, Teresa Matamoros. We talked about this off the beaten path destination in central Mexico that is trying hard to attract LGBTQ tourism. Guanajato Mexico Episode This week I welcome Teresa Matamoros, the Minister of Tourism for Guanajuato, Mexico, to the […]

  • The Halloween Show – Myths, History, and Tradition

    The Halloween Show – Myths, History, and Tradition

    Halloween: The Ultimate Gay High Holy Holiday On this episode of, DJ and Rachel discuss the ancient, religious origins of the holiday now known as Halloween. The hosts then explore why the LGBTQ+ community has adopted it as a Gay High Holy Day. Returning listeners may remember similar conversation to our previous episode on Valentines Day. […]

  • New Show Direction – A search for Truth in Current Events

    New Show Direction – A search for Truth in Current Events

    Where does one go to find the truth in current events or politics? After last week’s brief brush with positivity, we’re wading back into the turbulent waters of American politics and current events. Rachael V and I discuss a new direction for the show and the term we coined “Libracon”, a liberal conservative. We are going […]

  • Friendships – Taking Nothing for Granted

    Friendships – Taking Nothing for Granted

    Finality & Taking Nothing for Granted In this episode we take a more grounded and thoughtful approach to our conversation, as we discuss friendships past and present, the impact social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) can have on friendships, and how the finality of a personal loss can spur the reevaluation of priorities in life. […]

  • Road Rage – Chicago Driving Etiquette

    Road Rage – Chicago Driving Etiquette

    An Observation of Chicago Driving Etiquette and Best Practices DJ and Rachel recount tales of adapting to driving in Chicago. Is there a Chicago driving etiquette or rather, a different set of rules for driving in Chicago? It seems like from an outsider’s perspective that driving in Chicago has its own set of rules, street […]