About The DJ Doran Show

DJ Doran of The DJ Doran Show having coffee

The DJ DORAN SHOW is a Chicago based live radio show/podcast. I’ll discuss the many things that interest me as a perspicacious gay man with strong opinions. There are a plethora of topics and an insatiable curiosity about this complex and oftentimes confusing life that I find myself living.


My show is about everything from politics and current events, to alien abduction, and everything in-between. 

I decided to host my own show because WTF?  Am I the only person who thinks and feels the way I do?  I got sick of hearing the blathering of talk show hosts that seem to not have an independent thought in their head, but rather just mimic whatever political or social ideology that they are aligned with. 

I mean really. Have we become of nation of imbeciles willing to be so easily swayed by talking points and sound bites that trigger our base emotions? Have we become so intellectually lazy that we are willing to let others tell us what to think and how to feel?  SNAP OUT OF IT!

The Difference

My show is going to be different.  I am going to say it like it is.  I’ll be sensitive, but not politically correct. I am going to ask tough questions not because I want to create controversy, but rather because I want to educate through civil discussion and debate. 

The DJ Doran Show will be a place where my audience and I can learn about our world and the things that directly and indirectly affect us.  I will engage with my audience in such a way that whether we agree or disagree on any specific topic, we can be openminded, challenged to explore other viewpoints, and opinions based on facts.  

Through our mutual exploration and search for the truth we can become a little more enlightened.

I hope you will tune in to the DJ DORAN Show and be a part of the conversation because there truly is nothing more interesting and entertaining than humans being humans.

If you would like to be part of the show, you can reach out to us on our contact page.