Current Events – Controversial Impeachment Proceedings & More

Current Events – Controversial Impeachment Proceedings & More

Let’s talk Controversial impeachment proceedings, Shall we?

This week gets topical, as we jump into the controversial impeachment proceedings against President Trump, the recent scandal surrounding celebrities’ children’s university qualifications, the importance of individual rights, and more. 

I absolutely go off on both elected Democrats and Republicans for their conduct during these impeachment proceedings. As an Independent, I feel free to criticize members of both parties for what amounts to inexcusable behavior regarding the president. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Elizabeth Warren are just some of the politicians I mention by name in this show. 

Rachel and I then compare and contrast Felicity Huffman’s crime and punishment with my own, as I reveal my salacious criminal past and brief stay in county jail.

(I wrote a bad check.)

The Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous….

The misdeeds of the rich and powerful continue to make headlines in this country, from the comparatively benign Huffman/Loughlin NYU scandal to the more upsetting latest in the rash of sexual assault allegations against men in power.  

Speaking of the government, should our elected officials have the right to have any say in our daily lives at all? Where is the line for government intervention? We discuss abortion and the American peoples’ lack of interest in self-education.

Then we examine what arguing legality in front of the Supreme Court exactly means. Is the issue one’s right to exist? Or is it separate entirely. We discuss! 

The troubled movie fit for these troubled times may or may not be Todd Phillips’ Joker. Is it just another flick about the supposedly unendurable suffering of white men? Something more? Something less? Find out with us. 

Show updates:

I announce a future project, a second podcast called Gaycation, about travel destinations, tips and tricks for the LGBTQ+ community.  Make sure you check out our previous episodes and sign up for our mailing list so you don’t miss an episode!

Current Events Transcription

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call 312 to 352281 to be a part of the discussion that’s 312235 to 281. And now, Chicago Chicago’s perspicacious, host of your same radio obsession, DJ Doran.

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I just thought that was today. Anyway, listen, before we get going, you’re listening to the DJ Doran show. I’m here with my co host today, Rachel v. And we have so much to cover. There’s so much going on in the news I want to talk about. But that scream I’m probably going to play a few times during the show. And the reason being is because if you follow the news at all, that’s what you would be doing. I am so sick to death of what I see in the news. You have no idea. So today, well, there’s so many things but the latest thing is yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a statement that that she was not going to formalize the college vote to formalize the impeachment of President Trump and I think rightfully so. I mean, I’m just going to tell you my opinion, this whole impeachment inquiry is nothing but bullshit. absolute bullshit. She goes now the vote and if she did call it Formal inquiry, then the, the committee would have to allow the republicans to subpoena and cross examine witnesses, and they don’t want to do that because they want and they enjoy that this one sided thing, and they have a very friendly media that is happy to just, you know, report what they say and note nothing else. And so, to me, when all is said and done, this is going to come out that this was the biggest bullshit scam ever perpetrated on the American people, and what a disservice to the American people. We elect these people to go to Congress and to lead the country and to act on our behalf to actually get stuff done, to actually govern to actually legislate, and we are instead subjected to this daily diatribe of bullshit political theater, backstabbing backbiting from both sides, so I’m not gonna say it’s one side or the other. I am Confirmed independent. I just want everyone to know that I am a gay man who’s a confirmed independent. I’m neither Republican or Democrat. I agree with some Republican things and I agree with most democratic things. So the term I came up with for myself was I’m a conservative liberal. That’s what I am. Yeah. And, and so I am so disappointed in these people. Now. Apparently, Trump inch and Chuck Schumer and how speaker Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer had a meeting today. And President Trump got frustrated called Nancy Pelosi, a third rate politician. And then of course, they all like run out and they, they they get in front of the microphones. Oh my god. Oh my god, President Trump, he we need to pray for his mental health. I want to kind of give you a name persecuted right. I want to kind of give you another one. viewpoint is if somebody was doing that to me and somebody did do that to me a few years ago, you reach a point where you’re like, Fuck you, I am now going to fight back. You You Who the hell do you think you are? You know, they go in there and they basically harass this president for a whole year. investigation after investigation comes up with nothing but but circumstantial evidence and whatever. And innuendo even Adam Schiff is now coming to light that he fabricated testimony he had contact with the whistleblower. I mean, this is all bullshit. Why aren’t we outraged? Forget Donald Trump. I mean, I don’t give two shits about him. He’s a horrible president. I get it. He’s not an inspirational. He’s not an inspirational leader. He’s a thug in every sense of the word as far as a bully, but I’m sorry. At what point do you fight back and say I’ve had enough, right. So in my mind, they’re just as bad They’re just as bad and and and all they do these waste our time and waste our money on these endless investigations that don’t mean anything and by the way, let’s pull back the veil a little bit to see how deep that corruption is on the Democratic side. You know, I think this is all about power anyway but but we’ll get into that another day But for today, I just wanted to say that those two headlines were caught my eye and you know, and we I’m gonna have a lot to say about it but but right now I just, I’m so sick of it. I am absolutely sick of it. They they go into the white house they create a firestorm and then they rushed to the podium to have a press conference. You know, it’s like

Unknown Speaker  5:44  

daily bullshit news.

Unknown Speaker  5:46  

It’s daily accurate daily bullshit news and you know, I did you watch the Democratic debate at all.

Unknown Speaker  5:52  

I watched a couple of them what there was there a new winner? Yeah, last night. Oh, I didn’t know that.

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Okay, all in all crazy birdie. Sanders and wackadoodle liar, Elizabeth Warren for all of you that support them. I mean, you you rail on Trump for lying, he did this and that and yet you willingly following someone that completely lied about our heritage, completely lied about several other incidents, how she got wired and whatever. And that’s okay. And Bernie Sanders just had a heart attack for God’s sake, you want him his thumb on the nuclear button? And by the way, how do you propose that you give everyone free healthcare and give everyone 100% employment in the United States? How do we pay for that? Right, right. Oh, basically, you just tax the wealthy and guess what the wealthy are going to go when they realize that out of this country because they can afford to, until there’s another president that has, you know, some common sense in office. So I just don’t see any of these democrats having even the slightest shot against Trump, so I’m preparing myself, I would suggest everyone else prepare yourself for his reelection, then I would predict it’s going to be a landslide, quite frankly. So combined the democrats raised or have $30 million. I read somewhere 37 million I think or some ridiculous amount. the DNC has 37 million, the RNC and Trump has 350 $4 million.

Unknown Speaker  7:23  

That’s not surprising.

Unknown Speaker  7:24  

Yep. So who you thinks gonna win? I’m telling you. So all of this other stuff is just crazy. I swear. I mean, I know I want to talk about politics and current events, but there’s so much I don’t even know where to know where to start. But here’s something that is, uh, that I do want to talk about. And that is this guy. In Chicago right here in Chicago. He was on the blue line. And there was a guy also on the blue line who was going around and robbing people was The gun. And so this guy got off the train. He noticed that a lot of people that were in town for the Chicago Marathon, which just took place, right last weekend, that’s when it happened. Yeah, they were rushing off the train. So we asked somebody, you know what was going on? And they said, there’s a guy on the train robbing everyone. So he got pissed off. And he walked back into the train. Now there’s a 54 year old man from Boston. And he walked in, found the guy walked up to him and took the gun away from him, and then held him against the wall until the police came. And then this guy had some friends and they were threatening him and whatever he’s like, Listen, I’m a boxer and a karate expert. Go ahead, make your move. I’ll break your neck in two seconds and be okay with it. And so we held them. But what I found two things one is Hooray for someone actually doing something and standing up against these guys, but to everybody else on the team did nothing.

Unknown Speaker  9:01  

would you expect a bunch of people on a train to do?

Unknown Speaker  9:06  

I don’t know. But I’m just saying it is terrifying. But I don’t know. I don’t even know what I would do. I mean, it’s easy to sit back and be an armchair quarterback, but, but i think that i think that part of it is, I think might be so angry at the violation. I’m not sure I would walk back onto the train because I figured I would be figuring but if nobody else is doing anything, then let them get robbed, you know, but uh, but I think if I was in there, and I was part of that group being robbed, yeah. Especially the guy from what I saw on the video didn’t look like he had like, like, he wasn’t a seasoned criminal or anything. I mean, you pretty easily disarm not to take anything away from the guy who disarmed him. But I mean, you know what I’m saying

Unknown Speaker  9:50  

that but that’s the thing. Now not a lot of people misunderstand that part of, you know, dangerous people is that no matter what, you know, you can be like 90 pounds, and fuckin five two, and but uh, you’re still threatening with a firearm and people who especially don’t know what they’re doing and they’re too scared to, you know, to actually know what they’re doing like it’s a maybe they’re not a seasoned veteran. Well, if they see somebody rushing at them split second later, they’ll just start shooting people. Yeah, they’re too scared. And you know, like, it’s one thing to, to you know, threaten somebody with your fists. Obviously, that’s a different thing. But once you have a firearm, and people understand, oh, shit, you know, I’m going to get arrested. I you know that you might start shooting people.

Unknown Speaker  10:35  

That’s true. Well, listen, it comes down to this is there crazies in this world doesn’t matter where you are the blue line on our train here and you know, somebody walks around and is doing that and it just further reminds me that your life can be altered in a single day in a single moment. Yeah. But But you know, I We’re going to Mexico at the end of the month for a conference for my real job. And people always say, Oh my god, are you so afraid to go to Mexico? And then you read stories like this right in Chicago? It’s like, No, I’m not because it’s, I mean, for God’s sakes, it happens right here. Yeah. But anyway, there’s so much going on in the world. I mean, for politics for that’s a nice thing. The other thing I want to talk about before we get into politics was I think was yesterday, Felicity Huffman, you know her Yeah, power the college scandal, right? Well, she reported to prison yesterday, 10 days early or day before? I’m not exactly sure, but I’m pretty sure it was yesterday. And the news was going wild. Felicity Huffman is behind bars. She’s inmate number 1856 50, whatever her number is, right? And I’m thinking to myself, okay, you’re making it sound like she’s going to, you know, to the chain gang, right? She’s going to the Federal Correctional and institution in Dublin California, which is a minimum security prison it’s basically a school with some chain link fencing around it, you know they have painting and they have arts and crafts and this and that and this and that right so it’s it’s not prison like they make it sound like oh my god she’s doing to the big house. No, she’s basically going somewhere and she’s not gonna be allowed to go play at night. You know, she’s not gonna live in her multimillion dollar home. She’s going to be in a room whatever, with other non violent aggressive housewives, in essence, right. And by the way, for 14 days, it’s only 14 days. Yes. Come on, give me a criminal man. Yeah. So, you know, try going into the county jail for you know, two months, where you’re sleeping on a on a bunk bed with 25 or 30 other sweaty stinky people and you’re getting your food served in a partition plate, you know, sitting in the common area. Playing cribbage I say that because you know, I did that years ago I got in trouble and I had to go the county jail. And that’s what I did and you were these over baggy over baggy onesies right, and your stuff is flaunt you know, flapping around and you’re like, I just want to keep to myself and be left alone, but you can’t be left alone because even when you go to bed, everybody’s watching TV because they have nothing to and a lot of these people were, you know, drugs and more hardened criminals than then I was I wrote a bad check. That’s what I did. And I think it was some stupid thing. And so I was there for seven days and seven or eight days. And you know, and you’re like, I just want to go to sleep. They have a stand up shower, if I remember correctly, with a, a vinyl curtain that was always ripped. And then they have a toilet that had a half wall. So, you know you came take a shit in private. Yeah, you know what I mean? It’s it was that part was super horrible. all stainless steel though you know, but that’s what it is I that cured me I never want to ever go back there ever again. You know, but But come on, she paid some money to cheat to get her daughter in college. Did she really have to go to jail? She’d never been in trouble before. This was just stupid

Unknown Speaker  14:28  

as possible but at the same time I mean, you know, it’s not always that the media reaches the you know, whatever somebody is charged with you like they may report it to an absurd extent but I mean, she got convicted,

Unknown Speaker  14:41  

she got convicted. And and that’s it but you know what, then you have you know, I saw something that in Chicago some newscaster got kidnapped. And, and her and her this was like in the 70s or 80s she got shot in the head back and neck, but survived and and the other guy that kidnapped whether he was killed but the guy who perpetrated the act got parole in like 10 years.

Unknown Speaker  15:07  

That’s shitty.

Unknown Speaker  15:08  

Yeah. So I’m sorry, you’re sending this woman to jail for 14 days. Now granted, I am not happy about it. But this is how the rich operate. Yeah. You know, it’s just the way it is. She got caught. But, but to her credit, she she didn’t make excuses. She accepted responsibility. She’s doing her jail time and she’ll be home before Halloween. Yeah. You know, and it’ll be over with. Now Lori Loughlin, the other one involved who pled not guilty and is going to go to trial, she is probably going to get some real jail time. Damn. So but Felicity Huffman spent 50,000 Lori Loughlin spent 500,000.

Unknown Speaker  15:52  

Oh, wow. Yeah, that’ll do. There’s certain levels to it.

Unknown Speaker  15:56  

Yep, she’s a she doesn’t go to jail. There’ll be outrage.

Unknown Speaker  16:00  

So anyway, so that’s in the news. So and then the other thing that I read, you know who Ronan Farrow is, um, he’s Mia Farrow, son, but he’s a journalist and he wrote this explosive Expo say that kicked off the metoo movement. Okay. Anyway, he’s in the news lately. And he he wrote this book called catch and kill. And basically, what he was saying is at his time at NBC, NBC had a culture of protecting these the sexual predators, Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, not surprised, and all the rest of that. And, I mean, it’s pretty explosive. And then a woman came out and said that Matt Lauer, you know, raped her. And I mean that I mean, just, if you believe that stuff, it is just crazy. what goes on behind closed doors. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  16:52  

What’s the worst thing is is that you can understand how it happens, why it happens and how it can continue happening and people getting old With it Oh,

Unknown Speaker  17:00  

yeah, money and power. Maybe, you know, once you know you have a lot of money and power you think you’re untouchable? And and then even if you cross the line you can pay people off. Like, I think it’s funny. In one of the things the President of NBC said, Oh, you know, Ronan Farrow is just trying to defame us and this and that, and this and that yet. The people that were paid off to settle with the sexual harassment claims, had to sign a nondisclosure agreement that basically prevents them from speaking. Yeah. If you have nothing to hide, why would you do that? Right. So it’s just it’s really it’s kind of fun to watch, you know, in a way

Unknown Speaker  17:41  

Yeah, we can take a lot of lessons from from just our Kelly alone. Yes, just just from that alone, you can understand exactly how people how rich people and people who are worth something like money wise, can get away with just atrocious shit.

Unknown Speaker  17:57  

Yes, it is fascinating. I mean, this isn’t new. No. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. You know, this has been going on for eons. So, you know, it’s yet but it’s, but now it’s out in the open. You know, it used to be done in secret. Now it’s out in the open, but I think that’s funny. And then the other thing I want to talk about before we get into some specific subjects here, and that is I thought it was interesting. I read this really article about the head of CNN. Okay. The head of CNN, right now is the guy who helped, I guess, launch the apprentice, or whatever. Donald Trump’s TV show. Yeah, well, he hates Trump. He hates him with a passion. And there are some leaked memos that are basically saying we are going to go after him and we’re going to only report negative we’re not going to report anything else. We’re going to omit this we’re going to do that. And it’s absolutely frightening that people can do that, that people will do that. That People are capable of doing that. And you just think, like, I remember thinking to myself, What if I was the target of that? What if somebody in power like that, who had a platform said, I am going to target you, DJ and I am going to dig up every bit of dirt. Which, by the way, there’s a lot of Yeah, but most of its public anyway, so I don’t care, but dig up all this dirt and, and let’s say I’m trying to do something in the public. And they come at me and they say, oh, and you did this, and you were in jail for that. And you did this and you made a mistake here, and you made a mistake here. And, and then they met and then on top of that, they didn’t just dig up facts. They made up shit. Yeah. I mean, why aren’t we, as a society, outraged because we believe it, because we believe and we want to believe it.

Unknown Speaker  19:51  

Also, to be fair, there was quite a few people that didn’t like Trump during the apprentice years. I don’t think there’s a lot of people that were in the apprentice that actually enjoyed being a him.

Unknown Speaker  20:00  

I never liked him. Yeah, I never did. I hate the way he speaks. Um, I I just, I mean, it was fun to watch him be, you know an asshole. Oh, no, I don’t mean the public. I mean people who worked with him. Oh, yeah, they’ve all been pretty outspoken about how much they don’t actually like I don’t know they’ve never really right so you know now, but the thing is, I would expect more from a media outlet. Yeah, that’s the problem is

Unknown Speaker  20:26  

okay. makes your skin crawl. It makes

Unknown Speaker  20:28  

my skin crawl. It’s like you have cnn the most respected name in news at one point? Yeah. Are you fucking kidding me? You are a joke. You’re a joke. I don’t The only reason why I even look at anything on CNN is to laugh and to and to and to watch that patheticness of their reporting. Now. Do they have good people in their organization? Probably. Yeah. Oh, of course. Do they have journalists trying to do the best thing? Absolutely. They’re hired for same thing, Fox News, and all the The rest of them within every organization, there are always good people. But those good people don’t run the organization. Exactly. Those. Those good people don’t dictate the narrative. Those good people don’t determine the editorial. They do their best within their sphere. So, now you have you have these news organizations that are completely biased, revealed to be completely biased, and yet we still watch them, we still listen to them.

Unknown Speaker  21:29  

Elizabeth Warren,

Unknown Speaker  21:32  

I’m going to step aside, let me step back regarding media first, but uh huh. So you have all these media organizations that they’re not interested in the truth. They’re not interested in anything. We’re intellectually lazy, as I’ve said before, and so we just want someone to tell us what to think. Yeah, we want someone to help us feel outraged and victimized. And we want we want people to, we want these organizations to do all the heavy lifting, so that we don’t have to do it. So of course, that’s a lot Power. If I said to you, Rachel, Rachel, the sky is yellow. Sure. And you and you are like, the sky is yellow. Right? Because I said so and you trust me. Now you don’t have to determine and say, well, no DJ, the sky is blue. And then I have to research it to prove that a blue and not yellow. You don’t want to do that, because you’re lazy. And so you just say the sky is yellow. I say the human race is a is a infestation. Sure, right. And so you start parroting that the human race is an infestation, because I said it was right. You didn’t do any homework to determine the veracity of my statement. You didn’t do any homework to to teach yourself or educate yourself about what I said whether it was the truth or not. You just believe it. That’s the world we live in. So you have educated people who are intellectually lazy, believing that this stuff so these media organizations, they, they have sort of said, Hey, you know what? We don’t have to worry about reporting the truth anymore. Because what we can do is I can say to Rachel,

Unknown Speaker  23:13  

Donald Trump hates this planet

Unknown Speaker  23:17  

and doesn’t care about clean water or air. Mm hmm. Right. And you go out and do tells your friends don’t stop doesn’t care about air or water. You know, he doesn’t care about clean air or water. Right? Let’s protest that because that is wrong. That is so wrong. I hate him. I hate that and blah, blah, blah, blah, right. But you didn’t do anything to determine whether or not that statement was correct. Do you think I would feel powerful? Probably. Absolutely. And you know, so, my, my whole, my whole thing, the whole shtick about this show, and the whole thing that I really want to impart is there’s a lot of horrible shit going on. This president is a horrible president. Right? I don’t agree with a lot of what he does. But that doesn’t excuse me from doing the homework and doing the due diligence to determine what other people are telling me is the truth about what he’s doing. I want I want to know the facts. We should all want to know the facts. We search, you know, our phone for movie times, we search our phone for, you know, what’s trending and Instagram and this and that, yet, we will not research the facts on something that that presses an emotional button with us. True, you know, and so, that’s on us that’s on us collectively as a as a as a society. We need to educate ourselves about what the facts are so that when, when a politician comes out and says, Oh, I am I heard this. I heard this I heard this thing today it was about abortion. But they wouldn’t say the word abortion. They kept calling it really they kept calling it what they call it a pre birth healthcare. No, they, they called it some other thing. And it was really about abortion, but they wouldn’t call it an abortion. They just kept calling it a pre birth, you know, healthcare or whatever. And then it talked about, you know, stay out of our bodies, and it is about our bodies. You know, it’s about our bodies and you You have no right to dictate to us. And it just made me think about something. sure if that’s the case.

Unknown Speaker  25:39  

Oh, hold on. Hold on. Are we gonna have a discussion about abortion right now? No,

Unknown Speaker  25:43  

okay. We’re talking. This is a philosophical Okay, gotcha. thing about government intrusion into our rights.

Unknown Speaker  25:48  

All right, carry on

Unknown Speaker  25:50  

the if, if that’s the case, if if you can tell me to stay out of your body because it’s your decision, fine. And by the way, I do agree with that, because that’s between you and your God, if you believe in it, I don’t think government should be involved. However, having said that, we have laws. Yeah. Right. So if that’s the case, and you want me out of your body then then can I technically say I want you out of my murderous tendencies. But I’m that confused me a little. Okay. If because you want control over your body, right? Follow me. Yep. Then what happens if you have murderous tendencies? Does the government have the right to stop you? Sure. Why is that okay?

Unknown Speaker  26:40  

Because you’re killing people.

Unknown Speaker  26:44  

See where I’m going with this? No. Abortion is the abort, aborting of a fetus or living or debatably. Living fetus, right? Because I

Unknown Speaker  26:59  

thought we weren’t Gonna turn on abortion.

Unknown Speaker  27:01  

We’re not talking about abortion, we’re talking about how the government views Ah,

Unknown Speaker  27:06  

I thought we’re talking about how you view know what abortion?

Unknown Speaker  27:09  

No, I know this is about how the government views it. So what I’m trying to say is let’s educate ourselves how it’s viewed. So that argument is that if you if we have the right to stop you from behaving in such a way that is detrimental to others, sure, right or yourself. How can we now not have the right to prevent you from hurting a fetus? Sure. Now, now I’m going to close this circle. People always trying to trap me in that and they say, Oh, so you’re supporting abortion or you’re not supporting abortion. Here’s where I say it. The pro life people cannot prove without a shadow of a doubt that life begins at conception.

Unknown Speaker  27:56  

You can’t prove otherwise either.

Unknown Speaker  27:58  

And the Pro abortion people cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that life does not begin at conception.

Unknown Speaker  28:07  

Even doctors don’t agree on that.

Unknown Speaker  28:08  

That’s right. So my view is this, if neither side can can prove their case, how can you choose to support or not support? One or the other? Good question. That’s my that’s the conundrum, isn’t it? Well, I mean, not for me. I know, but I’m just saying is the conundrum of thought. Yeah, right. Forget the act. Yeah. Thought. Yeah. Right. So that’s the conundrum of thought. So what I have chosen to do is say, I don’t agree with abortion, because I personally would err on the side of caution in the absence of fact, I would err on the side of caution. So flying an airplane as you know, a pilot. Yeah. If I’m flying and I know that I need 16 gallons of fuel to get from point A to point B. Uh huh. Right. I will Add 20 gallons to the airplane, just in case. Okay, I would err on the side of caution to make sure that I have enough fuel in case something happens. All I’m saying is my position is I would err if I was, thank God I don’t have to, by the way, but if I had to was confronted with that choice, my personal choice would be I would err on the side of caution. two things. One, and this is this is eliminating all the exceptions. Yeah, exceptions are like rape, incest, and all that right, eliminating all that. I would say to myself, I’m gonna do everything I can not to get pregnant. Okay, right. That’s first thing I would do. I’m going to use protection I’m going to be on the pill I’m or whatever and even if you do all of that, nothing is 100% you get pregnant. That happens. totally get it, but I would do everything I can to, to to prevent myself from getting pregnant. And the second thing that I would do is if I got pregnant, I would be faced with a tough choice. Carry the baby to term and then give it up for adoption. That’s a hard choice or abort it and have to account for that. In my own conscience, or if I’m a person of faith within that faith. That’s a decision. I actually just get goosebumps. Because I can’t even imagine being faced with that decision now. So why do we want to have other people involved? That is a fundamentally personal, gut wrenching decision. Now. Here’s where we are. A lot of the times people say they have abortion as a form of birth control, like, Oh, I can go out and spread my legs and get pregnant and then just a border. It’s easy. It’s 123. Right?

Unknown Speaker  30:45  

I don’t know who thinks that way.

Unknown Speaker  30:47  

A lot of people I’m just saying is statistics say that. Okay. Most people, most people are more common sense about it’s like it happens. My own daughter got pregnant out of wedlock. It was a choice and challenge we all had to come to terms with. But ultimately, it was her choice. Yeah. And she had two babies, and we have two beautiful grandchildren as a result. And, and that’s, that’s great, but it could have gone the other way. And as a matter of fact, I was actually leaning more towards you should not be having children. So I it is not a service to bring you into the world is not a service for her to bring those kids into world. She didn’t believe she’d be a good mother. Hmm. I turned out to be completely wrong. That’s nice. It was nice. But that’s a gamble. Nobody knows that. I mean, I wish I would have known how the end result. It turned out because she ended up being a terrific mother. Yeah. And we have two beautiful grandchildren. But you don’t know that at the time. So that’s the agonizing, you know, the agonizing part of it. So the point of this whole big circle, yeah, is that the government should not be involved in those decisions from my perspective, but I understand And why they are involved? Because? Because where do you draw that line? Exactly. So that’s the debate. That’s the horrible debate. Yeah, it is a horrible debate. So the only way that I believe that we’re ever going to address that, truthfully, is just by talking about it, being educated and asking those hard questions and trying to have an understanding of like, Okay, that makes sense. I don’t agree with that. But that makes sense. But when you have an ideological polarized position, there is no room for understanding or education or, or knowledge or, or, or insight, there is none. And that’s, that’s where I think we are. And that’s where we are in so many different things. Politics, you could go on and on and on and on. To me, that is the crux of where we are it nobody’s interested in learning. Right? nobody’s interested in having a conversation like you and I are having as difficult as it is and and I could tell that you were getting Getting uncomfortable. But once you realize that I wasn’t really taking a stand about abortion one way or another, I was just, I was just trying to understand and say, Okay, look at it from this point of view. Exactly. It takes the, the edge off, right? And then it becomes a matter of Okay, let me think about it. And, and this is a clear example and also gives me goosebumps of why I love doing this part. Why? Why I love I’m Italian. So I talk with my hands. I just knocked my microphone away. But why I am? Why I love having these conversations because it you talk about it and it brings up things that you would not have normally thought about. Yeah. And you start questioning your position and say, Oh, I see that. I didn’t see that before. To me if we can do that for someone. We have done a good job. Now, am I an expert? on the topic we’re discussing?

Unknown Speaker  33:53  

Probably not.

Unknown Speaker  33:54  

No, absolutely not. I’m not an expert. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a philosopher. I’m not a Priest or pastor any of that. I’m just a guy who has some common sense. And I’m trying to understand so that when I talk about these issues, I can talk about them from a position of education, not ignorance. That’s it. So a lot of people say, Well, you shouldn’t be talking about this because you’re not an expert. No, I shouldn’t be talking about it. Because I’m not an expert because like, educate me. It’s real life. Yeah, somewhere in my life, I’m going to be faced with a person who is facing this, and I may be their only conduit to information. So I want to I want to be honest, I want to understand exactly that is that is my ultimate goal. It’s not about I’m pro choice or pro life or the anti this or anti that is not the point. That’s not the point, as far as I’m concerned. Right. Now, I will always say that I’m so glad I have to make that choice. But I have been in the position of having to counsel someone faced with that choice, and that Believe it or not, Rachel is Justice hard. And if you’re a decent human being, which I hope I am, you take that seriously. Yeah. And you want to give that person good counsel, because whatever counsel you give them if they use part of it, or all of it could impact and affect their life for the rest of their lives? And if and whether they go one way or another. Do you see what I mean? Exactly. And I just don’t want to make light of it. I want to understand it. I want to have it. I want to be educated about I want you to explain to me in a civil way that Hey, have you looked at it from this perspective? Have you looked at it from that perspective? And even in our show, it’s not just about my perspective, I want to learn if you have a different perspective, I want to learn I want to be challenged on what I currently know.

Unknown Speaker  35:47  

Like we had many conversations initially when I started here about transgender people. And just you had a lot of questions and I was completely happy to educate but there were some things you also misunderstood and I

Unknown Speaker  36:00  

That’s right. Do you remember it out? You remember what one of those were?

Unknown Speaker  36:03  

I think, was

Unknown Speaker  36:06  

what I know. I can tell you. It’s because I remember it. What is the variance between transgender Ryan? cross dresser a drag queen? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  36:15  

Yep. Massive differences and

Unknown Speaker  36:16  

what is the difference between someone that is transgender that has the surgery to complete the transition and someone that is transgender that doesn’t?

Unknown Speaker  36:27  

It doesn’t usually we don’t. In my generation, we don’t tend to refer to it one way or another because we don’t really need to talk about that. But other people use transexual to say that they’ve had surgeries. People just what is it?

Unknown Speaker  36:39  

Okay, so what is the difference between transgender and transsexual?

Unknown Speaker  36:45  

The smallest difference would be that Yeah, the, as far as I know, is just having having surgery. Okay. But at the same time, we don’t like to specify whether or not we did there’s a lot of trans celebrities that will say the same or they’re like, we don’t need to tell Whether or not I got I got the surgery or not because it’s not important and I agree with that sentiment so I don’t even know about

Unknown Speaker  37:06  

your anatomy differences and exactly all of that. My one thing that I learned and I am continuing to learn and that is that that people have the right to live their best life. Yeah, whatever that is whether I agree with it. Whether I understand it or not, is irrelevant. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker  37:29  

I don’t really like you, but

Unknown Speaker  37:32  

that’s not true. You keep inviting me I don’t like it’s like a vampire. You know, once you invite them in they can just come and go and eat your food at will. She does Rachel doesn’t suck any blood she just goes to the cabinets and and not even true. That is so true. And then Okay, the refrigerator, but if DJ forgets to go shopping, then then what? But no, you know, I like you very much and the thing is, is is Bye affection for you has nothing to do with your identity, your gender identity or sexual identity has nothing to do with that it has to do with the human being that you are. And I just had, I just had this conversation with someone else and we didn’t agree politically, although I don’t think many in our community would agree with me on anything. That’s true politically. But we I saw something that that they posted because they’re nine non binary, which is also I’m trying to get my arms around, although they told me although they told me I could call them he because he quote more closely identifies that so Okay, so but I got his permission, and so that’s fine. So we I saw something that he posted, and I was like, Oh, he knows he doesn’t know anything about me. And I, I like him. Uh huh. I What a lovely human right. But I’m like if he finds out about me through any other source, you know, going to be bad so I took him to dinner, right. You told me the other day and And, and work it out and, and he laughed and he’s like, Oh, you know, I have strong opinions and he had he told me and he got emotional he had such a rough life growing up Oh my God. And I was like how do you become such a nice person after that you made a shitty father and and everything luckily he has has a good relationship with his mother but the point is is like how do you how do you become a nice person after that and he is he’s a he’s a delightful person. And so I was really worried that are that he wouldn’t want to be my friend after that and just reminded me and taught me another lesson about how people are people focus on that focus on the fact of what kind of human they are. Everything else is just part of the fabric and and I can’t even believe I’m saying it because it sounds so left wing liberal. But But I really am evolving that way and it used to be an n i this is why I know it works. It used to To be that I had a version of vision of myself and a vision of the life that I wanted. And the vision of the people I wanted around me was this. And it was all a certain type, right? And having you here and Winnie as, as my friend. And a few other people have really taught me that friendships come from all sources, and all types of people. And if you close yourself off to someone that is different from you, you are also closing yourself off from potential friendships. Yeah. And that actually, it sounds easy. Rachel sounds like that’s a common sense thing, but it really wasn’t. It was a really difficult thing for me. I remember distinctly when I was talking to you, and afterwards I’m like, I don’t know if I I don’t know. You know, it’s like, you’re so scared. I wasn’t You were like, I was walking on eggshells. I just didn’t want to introduce that element into my life. I was like, I wasn’t sure I wanted to introduce that element. Because then I would have to work at it and I would be outside of my element, but you know, because you, you surround yourself with things that make you feel comfortable that that you are comfortable with so it’s kind of hard say, Oh, I’m gonna I’m gonna surround myself with Oh, like, I don’t know, I’m trying to think of what I can make up. What could be the antithesis of what you like?

Unknown Speaker  41:30  

I don’t know. Luxury early. Oh, I don’t know. No.

Unknown Speaker  41:36  

No, uh, I’m gonna say a gun toting pickup drive in Confederate I don’t know. That’s all I can think of Ku Klux Klan. Klansmen? I don’t know. Sure. Okay. Why would you surround yourself with that? Right. Exactly. Because it’s, it’s the antithesis of who you are. What you You Uh huh.

Unknown Speaker  42:01  

Now Oh, that’s what she meant. Okay, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  42:03  

So So to me it that’s a little bit extreme, but I was just trying to pull something from there but but the thing is is like to have you here. I was like, Okay, now I’m gonna have someone that I, I mean, I think I can count on one hand the number of transgender people that I know, in 59 years. Yeah. Right. So it’s like, it’s not like the norm for me. The same thing for non binary purple hair piercing guys that dress like women, who are they in them and this and that, you know what I mean? And so I’m like, Okay, well, I’m not gonna worry about that part. What I’m gonna worry about is, is she going to be a good person? And will she make the show fun? And will she contribute to the show? I’m still waiting for that. Uh huh. That’s what I focused on. And that is a to me. That’s the lesson I wish I could tell it to all of my friends that are that are A word near where I am right now that it’s not that scary and that comes from ignorance, which is why I rail against time and time again I will continue to rail for as long as I do this show that education is the key to solving the the issues that we face. Because when you are educated and even though there are racist, educated people, education is a constant pressure of I’m racist, but I shouldn’t be makes no sense. I’m racist, but I shouldn’t be because it makes you see it I’m saying, but when you’re ignorant, you’re racist, and you are like, happy with it. Yeah. It’s just weird. And And trust me, I’ve run into that many, many times before. I’ve had even you know, I’ve had even like bosses of mine who who, who were a certain type that were completely against everything that every type of thing that I am and then I completely change their mind because yeah, exactly get down to it just to the human center human center. And I think that’s the issue that that is important to me. And as we go through all of these political issues. And as we go through all these other issues, I don’t really care about your ideology or their ideology or my ideology. I want to know the truth first, then I can choose my side. Exactly, you know, but I want to know the truth. I don’t want somebody telling me what to believe. I don’t want anybody telling me what the truth is. I want someone to present the facts. And let me check the facts for accuracy and that I will determine who I believe and who I support. I am not going to subscribe to or be baited into responding emotionally because somebody says something that triggers me if you will, to use that term. You know, like Trump hates gays. Okay, most gays. Oh, yes, he does. Oh, my God. We need to get him out of office. Right, right. Fucking backcheck See, he hates gays. Ask questions. dig around and find out. You know, I had a I had someone in Uber the other day we’re talking politics. It was a great conversation. What’s another reason why I like driving for Uber? This guy was an educated guy talking about politics and he was just like me a centrist except he was straight. And one of the things he was talking about he goes, Well, you know, if I had to say, you know, what, how Trump is affecting the LGBT q community? He said it would be through the Supreme Court.

Unknown Speaker  45:21  


Unknown Speaker  45:22  

Okay. So I said to him, I said, Okay, that’s great. So he’s putting judges on the Supreme Court, but he is not. He is not making laws. He’s putting a judge that it’s supposed to be impartial. They could be conservative leaning, but they are supposed to be impartial and enforce the constitution was supposed to, right. They’re not legislators. Yeah. Right. So he’s putting judges on there. Okay. That’s one way to do it. But Trump isn’t personally signing laws or doing any of that he is. So my question to him was, what has this president done where he has been? out in the public spearheaded and said, I want to rescind LGBT rights.

Unknown Speaker  46:05  

And yeah, if you even look at all of the big, big stuff that’s coming up for it on the Supreme Court, it hasn’t happened yet.

Unknown Speaker  46:11  

It hasn’t even happened

Unknown Speaker  46:12  

yet. It’s on the floor. I mean, it’s gonna it’s gonna but there’s some things about,

Unknown Speaker  46:16  

you know, and stuff like that. Right. But if you look at the thing that’s coming up before the Supreme Court now, I don’t want to get too far into this because I don’t have enough information. But really, all they’re doing is interpreting whether or not the law that is in enacted is constitutional. Exactly. They’re not making a judgment one way or another. You can have a law, anybody can write law, I can write a law that transgender people should be given $50,000 a year and the Congress passes it. Right. And then somebody, somebody questions it and says, we’re going to challenge it and going to go through the court system, it gets up to the Supreme Court,

Unknown Speaker  46:50  

right? Like a distortion thing,

Unknown Speaker  46:52  

right? The Supreme Court is not saying hey, you’re not worth getting 50,000 a year for they’re not doing that all they’re concerned. Whether or not the law that was created fits within the framework of what the constitution allows Exactly. So that’s where I draw the that’s right sort of bristle a little bit is that when people say, Oh, the President is against this or against that, read about it, educate yourself and understand that this law that is going before the Supreme Court is not challenging our right to exist. It is challenging whether or not a law is constitutional to enforce anything on either side of the spectrum. And the problem is because people on our side in our community, they want it to be a certain way. So now they feel threatened because they’re not going to get what they want. Yeah. It is not about what you want. It is about what is legal.

Unknown Speaker  47:48  

Exactly. And when forming the argument to convince what you want.

Unknown Speaker  47:53  

That’s right. So those are the nuances that I think are important to know and I hope that as we continue to do our shows that, that as we talk about specific topics or current events or whatever, that, that we provide a kernel of inspiration for people to do their homework to educate yourself, you can be completely did in disagreement, you know, remember that? I think we talked about it last week where I said, this is an apple MacBook Pro. Oh, right, right. Yeah. And you love apple and I hate Apple, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is a MacBook Pro. Exactly. I use that analogy in a conversation yesterday. And, and it the more I say it, the more I truly believe that you can have different opinions, different opinions doesn’t alter the facts. It’s just a different opinion. Exactly. Right. But doesn’t alter the fact that’s what I want to focus on. Here are the facts. You may not like it and you can have an opinion of why you hate it and all of that and it’s totally been Hmm. But it doesn’t change the fact that this is it. This is a fact. Okay, on that note, we’re going to take a hard break and we’re going to do a commercial by our friends at Joey’s world where chef Joe Morales eats and drinks his way around the world. So don’t go anywhere. You’re listening to the DJ Doran show and and I know you’re enjoying yourself because we are. All right, so we’ll be right back. This episode of the DJ Doran show is brought to you by our friends at Joey’s world featuring chef Joe Morales as he eats and drinks his way through life sharing recipes, dining experiences and cooking tips. Be sure to follow him at Joey’s and on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Unknown Speaker  49:58  

All right, well, we’re back And I know our our studio audience is very happy.

Unknown Speaker  50:11  

I know that’s, I love doing that part. I do. So, um, so as we enter into the final segment of our show, I think yet again, we have sort of taken another step forward to sort of determining what the personality of our upcoming shows are going to be about. And there’s so much going on in the world, I don’t think we’re gonna have any problem finding enough content to talk about whether or not people agree with us or not. And I’m excited that probably in the next couple of weeks, probably by November, we’re going to have an actual call in feature. Yeah. Which should be really fun because we’re going to get all sorts of opinions. And so the place Yes, and so that that’ll be fun, and we encourage that as long as you’re civil. I’m always going to say that you can have whatever opinion that you want. You can agree or disagree with us vehemently any way that you want as long as you are civil in your delivery, the minute you become an asshole, I’m cutting you off,

Unknown Speaker  51:09  

and we have that power.

Unknown Speaker  51:10  

So we’ll use it and we have that power and I’m not afraid to use it and neither is Rachel. And I’m going to give her a lightsaber. I’d like a lightsaber that I’m sure you would. Hey, speaking of that as we as we do the last few minutes of the show is I keep getting these teaser I’m This is way off politics but I keep getting these notifications on Facebook and anything about like pictures from the the the rise of Skywalker movie that’s coming up. Uh huh. And I’m actually really excited about it to a degree I hope it’s not a letdown you know, any of these movies are crapshoot anymore. Yeah, that’s pretty true. So I hope it’s not a letdown but, but I’m looking forward to it. I really am. And then you know, I still haven’t seen it. Part. You still haven’t seen it?

Unknown Speaker  52:01  

No, I think it’s even in theaters anymore.

Unknown Speaker  52:03  

Yeah, it’s still in theaters still in theaters. Yeah. And so we’ll, we’ll go see it. But we’ve been traveling so much, you know, and then we’re getting ready to leave in a couple weeks. So less than couple of weeks. We’re leaving on the 24th. So that’s why for eight days, you know, week I guess, yeah. And I I still haven’t seen the Joker. Have you seen the joker?

Unknown Speaker  52:21  

I have not seen the show.

Unknown Speaker  52:22  

I wanted to you do want to see it. I’ve I’ve heard people say that. It’s super disturbing, but you can’t stop watching it. And I’m thinking to myself, it’s a fucking movie. Yeah. You know, jaws was super disturbing, but I still watched it. You know, they’ll go watch. I think that’s funny that they they say it’s super disturbing and it could cause violence. And we’re not going to show it because you know, we want to be sensitive, yet. You’ll show saw or scream or, or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre or blah, blah, blah times 100.

Unknown Speaker  52:56  

And to be fair, anybody who’s watched the Joker is Hey, They can completely dispel all of that it’s like it’s just a movie it’s nothing even all that graphic either

Unknown Speaker  53:05  

yet you know what actually what I want to do when these when these snowflake liberal crazies start going that I want to just walk up to them and go

Unknown Speaker  53:17  

well, to be fair, though, to be fair, I will say I’m like, I would only be hesitant because I’m like, I don’t really need to see another movie about a you know, a suffering white guy surviving in this society because I’m like, Okay, I get it. I would

Unknown Speaker  53:31  

I would debate you that he is a white guy. Yeah, he is. He is a creeper in any color.

Unknown Speaker  53:38  

So that’s why I mean, I hope that’s not part of the plot. That’s what I mean. Oh, I think I people I think people have said that, but I just really hope it’s like, oh, I’m a tormented white guy and I it’s like, I don’t

Unknown Speaker  53:48  

know. He’s just a creeper. He’s just, that’s his comp. That’s the common denominator. Yeah, he’s a creeper. And actually, speaking of the creeper white guys, I saw it The news the other day, there was a serial killer that has confessed to like 300 murders over 25 years. And he’s an African American guy, which is really uncommon for a serial killer. Usually, yes. Believe it or not, they’re mostly middle aged white men.

Unknown Speaker  54:14  

Yeah. Well, I couldn’t believe that.

Unknown Speaker  54:16  

Yeah, well, you can. But as a middle aged white man, well, I’m not really middle aged, I’m closer to death. And so you better listen to the show because I may not be around much longer can happen any day. Like my brother says. Every day is a is a possible nosy say.

Unknown Speaker  54:33  

Anytime, anywhere.

Unknown Speaker  54:36  

Wow. Thank you for the happy, uplifting you know, speech there. Well, you brought up Joker. I know. He gets happy after that. I know. But, uh, so uh, but yeah, so I thought that was really interesting, like, African American serial killers. And women serial killers are not very common. And by the way, here’s a thought. When is the last time you heard of an Asian serial killer.

Unknown Speaker  54:58  

I don’t know. Probably not working In the news,

Unknown Speaker  55:00  

no, because they’re probably clean. Like they’re super cleaner like Dexter’s like I would be would you be a good serial killer? Me? Fuck no, no, I wouldn’t either because I don’t like blood. And I don’t like the stickiness of it. So I would be like having to wear gloves and I’d have a whole body suit like Dexter. But more importantly, I don’t like the smell of human body on the outside, so I’m not sure I like the smell of the human body from the inside. Because you know, like when you die, poop and pee and everything, all those

Unknown Speaker  55:30  

sorts of decay is Yeah, no, it’s not clean.

Unknown Speaker  55:32  

No See, that’s why I would never be a serial killer. As much as I sometimes think about it. Just getting JK as Joe says, I am. I could never do it because it’s too dirty, just like suicide, not to make light of it. But for me, I would never do it because it’s dirty, like it’s a dirty business. Now if I could just sit watch a sunrise, close my eyes and go to wherever I’m going, possibly. But if it requires me to do anything, like Cobain or anything like that. No.

Unknown Speaker  56:02  

Plus, why would you like

Unknown Speaker  56:03  

and I don’t like find you and I don’t like pain either. So like I don’t want any pain.

Unknown Speaker  56:07  

Exactly. Well yeah, people are eventually going to find you and that’s just that’s they’re going to somebody like one of your loved ones is gonna have to clean that

Unknown Speaker  56:15  

so Nope, that’s why i don’t i like i like to have a clean managed organized life for certain for certain things especially when it comes to that even now you don’t my biggest fear about death is is that I’m going to die and then people gonna have to come in my beds gonna smell like poop or so.

Unknown Speaker  56:34  

I guess it doesn’t really matter at that point now probably die.

Unknown Speaker  56:38  

Right off into that that was that was really that was really kind of

Unknown Speaker  56:51  

I sweat that never gets old. I said that’s my favorite sound effect and I’m going to play. I’m going to play that every time. You know one of these politicians come out I’m gonna play that first and, and go off. So, hey, so before we close, we have like three minutes left. But before we close, I want everyone to know that number one, thank you for listening, all three of you. And the second thing is you can find us on Apple podcast, Google podcast, Stitcher, SoundCloud, automatic, Spotify. Yeah. And a few others any major podcasting platform, you can, you can find the DJ Doran show. So I hope you’ll listen and I hope you’ll follow us. Because we’re just going to get better and better as we go and we are getting better. I mean, the technical issues are still here, but I blame spreaker for most of it, but 97.65% of it. We have figured out

Unknown Speaker  57:45  


Unknown Speaker  57:46  

it’s working out so it’s working out so far. I just need more time. I have to better I have to have better time management to prepare. I think that would save a lot of stress. A lot of stress to Now one thing I did do is I think I told you Earlier is I created two other podcasts that that I think are going to be interesting that are more specific. So the second podcast is the gay keishon travel show where we’re just going to talk about gay travel, and the ins and outs of gay travel tips and insights about how to travel in this big world of ours as an LGBT q person, and, and it’s going to be more experiential. So we’re not going to talk about going somewhere where their parties like the white party or the purple party, and you know, where everyone’s dancing or whatever. We’re going to talk about experiencing destinations way is that does that have anything to do with that TV show documentary series called vacation? No. That was on vice. Yeah. And they stole that name for me. They trademarked it on top of me. Oh, so I still have the ability to use it. Yeah, they can’t stop me from using it. But they were able to get the trademark because I didn’t have the money to get the trademark. Some it? Yep. But I i’ve been publishing vacation magazine for years. And so That the the travel show is my radio show. Gotcha. Okay. And by the way, that show with Ellen Page did like a season and a half and then just just I know, I was kind of mad I actually liked it. And the thing is, though, that wasn’t really a travel show Rachel, they were all politics like she would ambush politicians. And it was just, it was stupid. And I, you know, for someone that that really is passionate about travel that wasn’t about travel. That was about bullshit.

Unknown Speaker  59:25  

Yeah, it wasn’t that it was definitely not about travel. But I did. I did enjoy it. I mean, I did like seeing especially how trans people live their lives and other and other countries. It’s just very eye opening. I mean, the difference between like Jamaica and Brazil’s. Wow.

Unknown Speaker  59:39  

Yes. But see, that should have been like an expose a documentary show, not a travel show. What I would have liked to seen is Rachel riding a camel at Giza? Right? In Egypt. Yeah, you know, and that’s what that’s traveled to me. But you know, exposing how trans people live in other in other countries or how gay people to treat another Countries that’s not travel. That is here the gate policies of this country and this is how our community exists there or tries to exist there. Our show is all about travel. you book a flight, you go there, you’re sightseeing, it’s fun. It’s positive. It’s inspirational. It’s not ambushing politicians. Do you see it? I mean, so I created the vacation, travel podcast, and eventually we’ll have a video show. I hope and then also the I created a pride flight. podcast, right? And the pride life podcast is going to only talk about pride slight deviation. Yeah, nothing else. No politics, nothing else. So I now I’m hosting three separate podcasts. So the other two podcasts I’ll probably do by myself because I don’t think they’re going to be as long as this one. Yeah, this is the big one because we’re talking about bigger issues. But the other ones are just going to be probably a 30 to 45 minute podcast about about whatever now the travel show could be something that is that grows, and maybe we, you know, we can work something out for you to be involved with that. But right now they’re too small. Yeah. Anyway. So you can find all of these shows on all those podcasting platforms. And I hope you’ll follow us. We’re trying to do something different. So that so that when you listen, you’re educated, you’re entertained, and you feel like you’re sitting here and are very comfortable studio audience. And if you notice, Rachel, I have it set up with certain lighting. So it feels like a warm, comfortable, inviting environment in order to do the podcast. And, you know, was the Minister of Tourism that was here during the gay keishon podcast, couldn’t get over the view of Lake Michigan. I mean, we have a spectacular view of the lake from here, so not a rough gig. No, not a rough gig. But here’s the funny thing. She came here and then she had an entourage of three other people and I was like, that’s all gonna fit, right because our studio is now so She came in here and the other three sat on the couch and entertain Joe. So I thought that was fun. Okay, well, kids as much as I think I could go on and on for another half hour, we’ve actually talked for an hour and two minutes. Well, I know, once we edit this down, we’ll be down to a an hour. So but you’ve been listening to the DJ Doran show on the kW IR radio network, and you can find us everywhere, wherever podcasts are played, or you can go to kW IR media. com, and you can listen to the episodes there, or you can go to our YouTube channel at kW IR, on YouTube. In the end, the episode will be there as well. So until next time, and I think we’re gonna do another one tomorrow, right? Yeah, yeah. So we’re gonna do another one tomorrow. And God knows what can happen overnight in this crazy world. So So stay tuned and and, and we’ll see you again so until then, have a good night. Bye bye.


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