New Show Direction – A search for Truth in Current Events

New Show Direction – A search for Truth in Current Events

Where does one go to find the truth in current events or politics?

After last week’s brief brush with positivity, we’re wading back into the turbulent waters of American politics and current events. Rachael V and I discuss a new direction for the show and the term we coined “Libracon”, a liberal conservative. We are going to tackle the truth, based on the facts about current events, politics and culture from a LGBTQ perspective.

Positivity is Dead, Long Live American Politics

Quote about Truth in current events and standing up against false information from Plato

Taking a page from Madeline Brewer’s book, I will not stand idly by while the shit storm that is engulfing Washington threatens to drown the country. It is imperative that we use the time we have encourage others to search for truth in current events, belief systems, and be informed.

War Crimes and Misdemeanors

What does friendliness have to do with electability? Would I personally hang out with former President Bush? And what the heck is a war criminal, anyway? 

Rachel and I parse comments by Ellen DeGeneres and Joy Behar, extrapolating everything from politicians’ over-reliance on emotional appeal, to how to treat people with different political beliefs, to the difference between a fact and an opinion, from the comediennes’ quips. 

Other Topics covered:

Immigration, Unions, the 9/11 Response, Clinton Administration

Show Updates:

Show Updates: submitted show to I Heart Radio, hope to expand audience. At this point all of the technical challenges we faced in the first few episodes have been sorted out. Running your own podcasting is an interesting experiment compared to radio, a medium which DJ is much more experienced in.

In future episodes the show’s focus will be centered on four main elements: culture, politics, news, current events. Not just covering those topics but striving to find the truth in current events and politics above all. The goal of the show, no matter the topic, will be to seek truth through all of the noise and with that, maybe we can all learn and grow along the way.

New shows will always be added to our website and distributed to all major podcast/streaming platforms.

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You’re listening to the DJ Doran Show, a Doran Omni media production. Warning. The DJ Doran show contains adult language, mature content, cerebral debate and thought provoking conversation. listener discretion is advised call 312 to 352281 to be a part of the discussion that’s 312235 to 281. And now, Chicago’s perspicacious host of your same radio obsession, DJ Doran.

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Thank you, thank you so much. I never get I never get bored getting that up. Because, you know, it is fake. It doesn’t matter. It’s still

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it’s lively.

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I know. It’s lively. Well Listen, welcome to another edition of the DJ Doran show. I’m your host, DJ Doran. I’m here with Rachel v. Who is my co host of the moment and today’s show is, is going to be different today’s show, we are going to solicit some opinions from the people that are listening. And we’ll see. And, and I’m, I think I told you, Rachel that I have been struggling of late with the what kind of show I want to do. You know, last the last show I did, I said, Oh, I want to talk about positivity and the good things in life and this and that, and this and that, which is great. And those are all worthy and worthwhile things to you know, to talk about. But I just am having a hard time sitting on the sidelines regarding politics and current events because it’s It’s hard to sit back and just say, I’m not going to respond to that, or I’m not going to offer my opinion, especially, you know, in the position that I’m in. I, but then again, I struggle with Well, if I offer an opinion that someone doesn’t like, right, like Ellen just did, right? And the thing is on the surface, what she says is so nice and sweet and, and utopic in scope, you know, but there are a lot of people that hate George W. Bush, you know, for the Iraq war, and it’s so funny, because I’ve seen some comments, he’s a war criminal and this and that, and this and that, but the last time I checked, you have to be tried and convicted before you are technically a criminal by the Hague if it’s a war criminal, you know, in Brussels. So these are people’s opinions. Right? That he’s a war criminal. Sure. Now, I don’t agree with him on certain things, but and there’s a lot of facts out there and all sorts innuendo, but but here’s the thing. We’re all old and entitled to due process. I believe you may not like somebody and you may think he’s guilty as sin or whomever, even criminals, but they’re they’re old. They’re due process to go to the court of law law and be judged by their peers. So I think some of the comments are a little bit harsh because, okay, what are you basing that on? Because you think he’s a war criminal? I mean, please, I have a list that long, and you can’t really see what I’m doing but my arms length of people that hate me and think I’m all sorts of bad things. But do you

Unknown Speaker  3:39  

do I know,

Unknown Speaker  3:40  

Oh, I know. I’m sweet as pie. But But I’m the point I’m making is I could I could also say, I know there could be a list that long who hate you, who could hit you with that soft voice and everything? I know, right. Oh, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, but you’re welcome.

Unknown Speaker  4:00  

Me swallowing? No, don’t get all sexual as gross, gross.

Unknown Speaker  4:06  

But, uh, but do you see what I’m saying? is like, it’s my opinion. Like if someone said someone said, Oh, that Rachel, she’s a war criminal knowing that Rachel she’s a criminal, right? And I say, Well, what are you basing that on? Has she been arrested? Did you go to trial and get convicted? No, no, no. So she’s a criminal because you don’t like something she did. And you think it’s criminal and therefore she is a criminal. Do you see what I’m saying? I do. So and it’s so funny because like, the usual left wing nut jobs, like joy Bihar and, and some of the others like I, Ellen, you know, she shouldn’t be saying that he’s a war criminal and blah, blah, blah. Like who the fuck appointed you, judge, jury and executioner. You know, Worry about yourself and believe me, I guarantee you have a list twice as Long shift that you have to worry about. And I think that’s the problem in this world now a lot of the times is people take their opinions as a final judgment. You may not like somebody or you may think something’s bad, or you may think something’s criminal, or you may think people die, but let me remind those left wing wackos. I call them wackos because they’re one sided. Right. So they’re worried about the Iraqis that died. I am more worried about the 3000 fucking Americans that died. Right. So how about if we have a little bit of worry about that? We’re traumatized or traumatized? You know, how about we just post those pictures of the people jumping out of the World Trade Center that are burned into my memory, right in in executive white shirts and ties, feeling that they have no other option? Except either I’m going to burn to death or whatever. So they jump out the window from you know, 100 plus stories or whatever. So I don’t like that kind of bullshit. You know, you want to pander and say, Oh, I worry about the Iraqi In this and madam, and I worry about this in that I worry about the American people that died. I worry about the Iraqis too because I don’t think it was justifiable to have a war you know, but at the same time the whole country was in a panic we’ve never been attacked like that before cut the guy some fucking slack. You know? I mean, think about it. If somebody like that girl the other day in Chicago, right? These guys got into her building and then they knocked on the door and when she opened did they kick the door in and then robbed her and beat her up or whatever and right well, that’s just happened right here in Lincoln Park. I think it was so you know, and I’m thinking to myself, okay, in a situation like that you react you defend yourself. Now she couldn’t obviously they tied her up and duct tape there but, but you try and defend yourself or whatever you can do. And then after it’s so much easier to sit back after the police have been here and got everything done, say Oh, I should have done this or you should have done that or this or that. You know, I mean, so I cut, I cut george bush a little bit of slack now, he was never my favorite president. I think he personally is dumb as a box of rocks. But, you know, on that day, I, I was proud of him because he stood up there with the firefighters on that rebel and whatever. And I thought to myself, okay, that’s what leaders do. They give you the appearance that everything’s gonna be okay. That’s it. Now how we handled it after the fact on that sketchy. I never liked dick cheney. I never liked any of you know, whatever. And we went to war with a rack. Why? Oil, you know, whatever, whatever the deal is, yeah, whatever it was, and so I so yes, he deserves scorn for that, but would I have dinner with him? Fuck, yes. I would have dinner with he’s still a historical figure. Yeah, and and most likely, he’s a decent man. He made mistakes. I would like all of you in the audience that have never made a mistake to call.

Unknown Speaker  8:10  

And how many of those are there do you think?

Unknown Speaker  8:14  

Well, I it’s easy. It’s an easy number to remember. It’s one digit. You know how many?

Unknown Speaker  8:20  


Unknown Speaker  8:22  

that’s how many unless Jesus calls me and if Jesus calls me I have bigger issues. to worry about. That means I’m going home or wherever I’m going, I hope it’s up. I want to go up. You know, but do you see my point is there is no room for anything. There is no civility. It’s like you either hate someone or you hate them.

Unknown Speaker  8:46  

And this is why I talking about politics is usually a little bit

Unknown Speaker  8:50  

trying. It’s trying but the thing is, I this is why I’m kind of struggling because part of me is like I don’t want to deal with the joy Bihar’s and others of the world that That, you know, that have that narrow minded view that Oh, he’s a war criminal. And he, you know, he shouldn’t be, we shouldn’t even have a conversation with him or blah, blah, blah. But my, my view is I would have a conversation with Hitler if I thought I could reach him. Or if I could make a difference, or if even if I couldn’t make a difference, I would try. Right, but you’re not gonna, you know, you’re not gonna make a difference if you don’t have any conversation. Right? Isn’t that that’s true. So, you know, so my thought is is like, Okay. I’m the president is a leader, but he’s not the only person that makes this stuff happen. You know what I mean? It takes a village to use Hillary Clinton’s term. You have lots of advisors, military advisors, Secretary of State, you know, the Secretary of Defense and all of these people making recommendations and making recommendations but you’re the face of the decision. So is it fair To call him a war criminal.

Unknown Speaker  10:03  

A Personally, I mean, I think, yes, you’re the leader. I mean, you’re going to take it.

Unknown Speaker  10:09  

I know, as someone who’s been in business and as the president of NEMA, which is a collection of publishers, you’re right.

Unknown Speaker  10:16  

Yeah. problem they have with that or with, you know, Bush’s presidency or whatever happens in the country at that time. They’re gonna blame him. Yes, the face of it. You know what I mean? That’s the job. That’s kind of what you sign up for?

Unknown Speaker  10:29  

Yes. And no.

Unknown Speaker  10:32  

I don’t like that part.

Unknown Speaker  10:34  

It sucks.

Unknown Speaker  10:36  

If anybody has a problem with your organization, and you’re the head of it, they’re gonna they’re gonna look to you. Yeah. And be mad at you.

Unknown Speaker  10:42  

Yeah. So I do get that and what have you. But I do understand her view was a little bit myopic in the fact that the fact that you know, she has to be she should have had some sensitivity but in her world because she’s up to use the term which I hate and love. despise privileged, white woman with lots and lots and lots and lots of money. She lives in a bubble. She can afford to do that. You know, but she can afford to say that so, and I think Who is she? I mean, she’s just you know, she’s she’s an entertainer. Yeah, she’s just having she was watching a baseball game she was invited to Yes, he’s invited. Big deal. You know, it’s like they’re not they’re talking policy or she’s not making policy I’m they’re watching a, I think it was baseball could have been football, football

Unknown Speaker  11:31  

or watching a cowboys game.

Unknown Speaker  11:33  

Yeah, whatever. And so I’m not I’m not a huge I’m not a sports expert. So I think some of them are cute, but I do watch for that. But, but, you know, that’s what I’m saying. It’s like, why turn it into a political thing? You know, she had, you know, and one Somebody said, Well, George W. Bush wanted to destroy LGBT Q, right? You know, I’m pretty sure there’s enough blame to go around. You know, for everyone. So, I don’t know, I just think that if we are if we are held to the standard that we’re either perfect or disposable. I’m pretty sure all of us will be pretty lonely. Just my two cents on it. But but this is the common sense kind of discussion I want to have about these subjects is okay, you can be all crazy and you can I don’t see myself hanging out with george bush and whatever, that’s fine. I’m never gonna have that opportunity clearly, but I’m just saying is, is people can comment on this, like, somehow make it a bad thing. So if we disagree with someone politically, or ideologically or anything else, then what? We don’t ever talk to them again. What we put them in a bubble and and let them float around. In this case, I guess. Oh, I just think that’s so silly. Yeah, it’s silly and it’s whatever and how can how can a community that that really is supposed to be so accepting and forgiving. Why are we so rigid? You know, why are we so rigid about that? So my struggle is what kind of show do we do? Do we do a show where we’re just talking about light fluff and the things that interests me? Because there are a lot of things that interest me. Or do I comment about the state of affairs in politics and current events, but from a different perspective, because you would not expect a gay guy to or somebody being part of the LGBT community? legitimately even though someone called me queer ish one time? I didn’t know what that means. What does that mean? I have no idea. It was one of it was a transgender person who got mad at me a transgender person

Unknown Speaker  13:48  

remember that part of it not a transgender is a transgender person.

Unknown Speaker  13:53  

So did I do it right,

Unknown Speaker  13:54  

right. Yeah, just like pause and I’m like you say person there.

Unknown Speaker  13:57  

Yes. And Who? Who was mad at me because she didn’t agree with what I was saying. Because I was I was just asking questions like I, I, they were talking about something and I, I asked a question and she took offense at that. And then after, she didn’t say anything during the show, she was totally polite to me during the show, and she was in my home and everything. But afterward, she posted something on her social media that was completely attacking. And she said that I was this is this was awesome. I’ll try and remember it. I was a rich, old. No, a rich, old Sis, white, queer ish. Male. Okay, that’s a lot.

Unknown Speaker  14:42  

Yeah, I mean, most of those are technically true. But what Yeah, queer ish. I don’t I don’t know what the I don’t know

Unknown Speaker  14:48  

where she got the rich from because I’m in publishing. So there is no rich there. Yeah, I don’t know. I’m an older white sis. Yeah. Older. Oh, really? Yeah. Get out. Your older than me. My underwear is older than you for Christ. Exactly. spective Yeah. So, but anyway, so she, she did, she said that and I was like, I didn’t none of that bothered me, but the queerest part. I was like, does that mean I’m like, I’m not really part of the club?

Unknown Speaker  15:19  

I don’t know. I think that’s I think that’s just bullshit.

Unknown Speaker  15:22  

Yeah, well, I think she just probably thought that, that I was bisexual, maybe or

Unknown Speaker  15:28  

but even then that’s not an issue. That’s the be part of the community. That doesn’t change anything

Unknown Speaker  15:34  

yet. So anyway, so that was that was that and it just? I don’t know. So my, my whole thing is, maybe my role is to talk about good things and the good things people do, but at the same time, also talk about the issues. You know, this whole thing that’s going on right now with impeachment. These investigations and the people creating investigations are suspect and the people making the complaints are suspect. And the President is an idiot. And you know and saying stupid shit. I think somebody needs to come out and just like say, wait a minute, whoa, whoa, whoa, here are the facts. Here’s the truth. Here’s the this is what’s really happening. You know, like I was telling someone the other day that talking about impeachment, oh, they want to call impeachment and blah, blah, blah, blah, Bob. I said, first of all, you’re wrong. This is an impeachment inquiry. And do you know why it’s an inquiry? Do you me? Yep.

Unknown Speaker  16:40  

Oh, no, I stopped following that shadow while

Unknown Speaker  16:42  

Yeah, well, the reason why it’s an inquiry because if it’s an inquiry, they don’t have to give the republicans the right to subpoena witnesses. So it’s all one sided. So it’s only an inquiry. So you can’t impeach somebody on an inquiry. You got to formally impeach someone. So But see, most people don’t know that. stuff and so they’re like, oh, oh, that’s why it’s kinda I kind of want to, I want to comment on things in a slow and steady way that is not ideological or, or sensational or salacious, factual but educational, educational, and factual, but educational and and I was thinking to myself, well, can you do that DJ? Can you can you I mean, can I become and discuss it? Very, very good question. So, um, so that’s the big challenge for me is whether or not that that I can do that. Now, there is passion involved because to me, it’s just dumb shit. It’s like you’re, you cannot be that stupid, or you cannot be that naive or you cannot be that gullible. But the truth of the matter is, people are people are and so as, as as a consequence of that. What happens is it becomes less and less about the truth, and more and more a battle between the manipulation of who believes who. So Trump and the republicans want you to believe this. Pelosi shift and the democrats want you to believe that they don’t really care about the facts. They just care that you emotionally lean in their favor. So they’ll say something like,

Unknown Speaker  18:31  


Unknown Speaker  18:33  

Rachel, Trump hates transgender people.

Unknown Speaker  18:37  

Right? Yeah, he’ll say that and you go, Wow, I hate him. How dare he take away my rights. He’s, oh, my God, I can’t believe it, yada, yada, yada, right. And you did not even bother to determine whether or not what they said was true or not. Did you know I’m shooting? Right? You didn’t. So you didn’t but now you’re like I’m going to protest and I’m going to do that. And by the way, I’m sending $10 to the LGBT task force or whatever, right? That’s what they do. And then the Trump administration says this, and that, or the republicans say this and that. And so the base says, Oh, they want to take away my guns, they want to do this, they want to do that. Do they even bother to check to what to see whether democrats want to really take their guns? No, they don’t. That’s my point. Right? So that’s my point. So how do you how how do you? How do you cut through that clutter? So my thought is, if I can editorialize. See, I’m not a reporter. I’m not going to report the news. But if I can editorialize, my opinion and understanding of the facts as I see them. Then maybe through that somebody will will find some kernel of knowledge that will help them make better decisions or form better opinions. Now, I can say a fact like I can say, This computer is an Apple Macintosh, right? That’s a fact. me calling it a Windows surface does not change the fact that it is an apple MacBook Pro. Right? So I can have an opinion. I have an apple MacBook Pro, but it sucks. And it’s this and this, that and I punch it and this and that, which is really true. True, which is really true ladies and gentlemen. Then that doesn’t change that fact. Right? at all. That’s my I’m sorry. That’s a fact this apple MacBook Pro, but I’m giving you my opinion about that MacBook Pro, but it’s still a MacBook Pro whether I hate it or love it. Yeah. Do you see what I’m saying? So Trump, doing x as a fact, did not change my opinion about what he did at all. It’s just my opinion. So then the question remains, can I take the facts by researching a topic, right? add my opinion on top of that, and help you have a better understanding of the truth. That’s kind of that sounds really smart. When when I. So that’s kind of really what I want to do is I want to engage in a civil debate about the facts so that we can form our own opinion about those facts. Now, my opinion could be different, like, My opinion is I hate apple. Yeah, right. It’s not in fact, one of my passwords is, fuck you. Apple dot dot, dot, dot, dot and a few other things. Right. I know it sounds horrible. But when it’s one of the days where I where, you know, you get the spinning wheel of death, and I was like, I anyway, So that’s my opinion of Apple but you, you love apple and Apple is your favorite thing. So we have a difference of opinion. Yeah, but it’s the same apple. Exactly. That’s what that is truly brilliant. But seriously these flashes of brilliance just come to me. But that’s truly the issue is you can have one fact in two different opinions people think that you when you have a factor or no opinions, but that’s not it. The fact is, I have an apple MacBook Pro. My opinion is I hate it. Your opinion is you love it. Does that make it less of a MacBook Pro?

Unknown Speaker  22:40  

But it does.

Unknown Speaker  22:42  

It does open up the floodgates of questions like Rachel, why do you like the MacBook Pro? Exactly. And then Rachel would say to DJ, the host of this show, whose ruggedly good looking and boys with boys charm. DJ Why do you hate them? Book Pro and that is the conversation. And I guess I would even say further a debate because you would try to convince me to change my opinion of hating a MacBook Pro to loving a MacBook Pro. And I would also try and change your opinion from your love is misplaced. And yeah, and that’s the conversation conversation. And if you take that, that exercise, and you just apply it across the board, the fact is this. My opinion on that is that your opinion is that we don’t have to agree but doesn’t change, but we can agree that this is a MacBook Pro. That’s our commonality. That’s our, that’s our, our baseline is that that’s it. So then, so that appeals to me, because because number one, I could teach someone and number two, I could be taught Yeah, now The key ingredient there. And I think the thing that’s missing in today’s politics is no one wants to teach, and no one wants to be taught. That’s they don’t want to listen. They don’t want to learn and evolve their opinion. They they state that they have an opinion. And then that’s it. There, isn’t it, there’s no discussion. So no matter what I say to you using you as an example, it doesn’t matter because you have an opinion. And that opinion is now your fact. And that is indisputable and incorruptible and unchangeable.

Unknown Speaker  24:38  


Unknown Speaker  24:40  

What I would like and what I hopefully AM, is, is if you make an argument to me, that makes sense that that educates me about a subject that I thought I knew. But now I’m learning new information. I should have the right and I should have the leeway to change my opinion from what it was. But see, that’s not where it is. So someone says, someone says something. And and I give you information, let’s say that should change your opinion, but you are so ideologically bound, that regardless of what I say, regardless of the information that you learn, you’re never going to change. You’re never going to to be open. And that I think, is where we are right now, politically. And so what you’re seeing is really a fight to the death between two opposing ideologies. And they don’t care about the facts. Neither Trump or the Democrats, they don’t they don’t care about the facts at all. And so what they do is like when my mom when we were kids, I’d say, but I have a lot of brothers until I take mom but Mike did this and did that and my mom would say, I don’t really care what Mike did. We’re talking about you. So What we have in politics now is the republicans say, Adam Schiff is is a liar and blah, blah, blah, this investigation is a hoax. The Democrats turn around and say, and he points to all these examples, and then the democrats say, but we can do these examples. And then they go back and say, Well, what about Clinton? And then they go back and say, Well, what about this? And what about Biden and back and forth and back and forth? And so there’s so much dirt in Washington, that there’s a never ending pool of examples of corruption. Yeah. So there is no there is no discussion or anything. It’s just like, I’m going to try and continually one up you on, you’re more corrupt than than me and they’re gonna say, I know you’re more corrupt than me and no, no, you’re more corrupt than me. And that’s where we are. So we have this continuing, continuing saga and it is a fight for the emotional soul. All of the constituents because they are not educating you by the facts at all. They want you to emotionally connect with them. They want you to feel victimized. One party wants you to feel outrage the other one wants you to feel victimized. The other one wants you to feel entitled The other one wants you to feel marginalized. Oh, the other one wants you to feel empowered. The other one wants you to feel outraged. Yeah. Do you see what I’m saying? And so that’s what that’s why people are exhausted.

Unknown Speaker  27:32  

Yeah. And yeah, just all the finger pointing and like, dude, who cares? Who cares? What the semantic right.

Unknown Speaker  27:38  

And and so I think that I think that, you know, there’s a part of me that wants to have a show that does that, that actually talks about the issues, wants to learn about the issues, wants to have civil, educational, intellectual discussions about the issue. So that Yeah, maybe if I’m, if I have a position today, it’s changed tomorrow because of that discussion, or at the very least, it challenges me to rethink what what I used to hold true. And that appeals to me, the only problem is, quite frankly, Rachel. And the problem is if we do a show like that will get all the nut jobs that will call up and hate Yep, you know, and they’ll they’ll call up and and say be angry right and just be angry.

Unknown Speaker  28:34  

You know, I’m looking at the thing is is uh,

Unknown Speaker  28:39  

what joy Bihar says she goes, I didn’t see she goes, I don’t see myself hanging with Donald Trump or whatever. I always said I didn’t want to get know george bush because I knew I would like him. That’s what Ellen said. I knew I would because he seems like a likable kind of guy. Bay horse and then Bay horse it sorry. Do I Bejar said I always said I didn’t want to get to know george bush because I knew I would like him, I knew I would, because he seems like a likable kind of guy. But if you lost a child in Iraq, then you don’t like him so much. And I don’t see myself hanging out with Donald Trump anytime in this lifetime. So it’s not only about disagreeing with somebody, which I certainly understand. It’s more than that. Bihar went on to say, when you think about the position that he took on gay marriage when he was in power and had the power to do something, in 2004, when he was in a position to do something about it, he pushed for a constitutional amendment to make sure that marriage was defined as between a man and a woman. And I think when you’re a woman like Ellen, she continued and you came out and change the lives of so many people in the LGBT q community, I can understand, understand why there were people that were put off by seeing her do that. So I do understand that I understand what she says, you know, you have a president who, you know, actively tried to pursue that. Yeah. I’ve had a lot of people actively try and hurt me, you know, or because they disagree. or what have you. I guess my, my thought on that is when you’re in office, then if you’re the president, when you’re in office and you’re doing those things, then that’s a platform for you to, to. And if you’re running on a platform like that, then yes, we have the right to oppose that. And we should oppose that publicly. Right. But when you’re not in office, and you’re watching a football game, I don’t I don’t have to agree with his position of marriage between a man and a woman. But that doesn’t mean I can’t watch a football game with him. You know, I’ll use us as an example. We don’t have a lot in common on that part. But I still have you come to my home. I still like I’m just saying is we don’t agree on like, like, every ideological or political thing, right. We haven’t discussed many, but once we have discussed we usually don’t agree with very different views. But it doesn’t matter. You still come to my home, I still offer you food. We still do the show together. I’m still civil and friendly and, and what have you. So think about that, according to Bihar, because we have such differing views. I really shouldn’t hang out with you. And you shouldn’t want to hang out with me. You shouldn’t want to do this show. Do you see what I mean? that’s, to me, that seems kind of counterproductive, because as a result of you and I getting to know each other, it has had an evolving impact on my viewpoint on transgender issues. Yes. inadvertently. It’s not like you preaching to me, or vice versa. It’s just by seeing it in real life. And I think that’s the key is when you you desensitized an issue when you desensitize an issue. There’s no people involved. It’s just 10 dead. You know, you know what I’m saying? But when you see the actual impact of somebody’s life on your life. I think that’s where, where I think that’s where things change. That’s the crux of it. So I don’t agree with that. I agree that when he was the president in the office, we should have opposed him and we did on a lot of things. He’s out of office now. She wants to have, you know, go to a football game with him, then that’s fine. Why not use that, that that exposure to educate him? Is he let me ask you that question. It’s an interesting question, you will post something. So what we just cut them off, and we never try and educate them.

Unknown Speaker  32:39  

That’s I was gonna mention that I’m like, yeah, people in our community should understand that more than anybody is that people, you know, have really, like weird or bad or extreme ideas about about us. So I mean, what are you going to do? You’re just going to ignore them and try to try to run away or keep away from them or be like, no, you’re Awful go away, because that’s what they say about us. You’re awful go away. So how are you gonna change anybody’s mind?

Unknown Speaker  33:05  

That’s exactly right. That’s my point. That’s a great point, too, is, you know, maybe it’s by him hanging out with Ellen and Portia. He’s like, Oh, you know, that was kind of stupid for me, you know, that was political, or this or that, or what have you. I just don’t see. I just don’t see the I don’t see what the vitriol was all about, except for the fact that a lot of these actors and actresses, they want to get on this podium and they want everything to be black and white, like, you cannot talk to them. You cannot have dinner with them. You cannot do this. You cannot do that. It’s like okay. Because of their political beliefs, or because of what they did while they were in politics, when they’re representing more than just themselves. You got to remember, they’re representing more they’re representing their constituents. They’re representing their base. Yeah, they elected them. So, you know, maybe george bush is indifferent about gay people. You know, he’s like, I’m live your life be happy. That’s all I care. But when he was in power when he was in office, he had people telling him to Yes, he had a base that he had to pay to do like, like everyone does. So give the guy some slack. And I certainly don’t think Ellen deserves the vitriol that she’s gotten.

Unknown Speaker  34:25  

Yeah, and to be fair, again, they’re just at a football game. They’re not doing some kind of, you know, positive LGBT q commercial together some shit cuz then that point, yes, that’s probably that would probably be deserving. But I mean, they’re just sitting watching football, right.

Unknown Speaker  34:42  

And the other part I also think about that is, is I think we lead by example. So if somebody is persecuting us, then we do the right thing. We always do the right thing. You don’t you don’t say oh, you threw hot coals on me. So I’m throwing hot coals on you. You both get burned. Exactly. So, you know, anyway, so that’s what I think about that. So my, my thought is, is that as difficult as having a political show might be, it appeals to me, as you and I are talking about this now that maybe we have a chance through our example. And through our both mutual or our us and our audience, enlightenment about the facts and civil discussion, maybe we do change hearts in mind, one at a time. Yeah. And with that, there are some that are never going to be changed, you know, that. I this is so stereotypical, but you know, that gun toting, hunting, fishing, red pickup driving redneck, we might not change his heart or mind, but we can, and I can, you know, I know that’s true because I have a friend who is a gun toting, hunting, pickup driving redneck I do too. Oregon, and I, he, he, he wrote such a nice email to me, you know, a long time ago, because when he worked for my construction company when he was younger before his, his with his current family he was lost. And he was having difficulty and and i was there and I was supportive and tried to give them guidance like his older brother and what have you. And for years, I didn’t hear from him, because I moved away and, and he was there. And then one day of the blue he wrote me, wrote me, just a beautiful beautiful email, and I talking about how much I impacted his life and change the direction of his life. And we couldn’t be farther from lifestyles, you know, farther apart and lifestyles. And to this day, his heart and mind was changed and I was ready minded that nobody is beyond redemption. Yeah, nobody. But that but some of these politicians want you to believe that, that they’re beyond redemption. They’re beyond salvation, they’re beyond education, they’re beyond anything. And I refuse to believe that And to me, that’s the good part of, of life, you know, talking about wanting to do positive things. That’s the positive thing is not losing faith in our ability to want to be better to learn, you know, not everybody how would I say this? Not everybody is born hateful. You know, it’s a it’s a learned behavior that’s been proven time and time again, and if it’s been learned, it can be unlearned. And the question is, how do you get them to unlearn it? Well, first of all, education is key. Because a fear and and hatred I think are born out of ignorance. So just like, we don’t know what’s in the closet or under our bed, so we fear it. But once you turn the lights on, and you know what’s underneath there, or in the closet, not so scary. I think that’s, that’s also a brilliant analogy, by the way. I think that could be part of our role is changing the world one listener at a time. And, and by talking about the truth and see, I’m not afraid to be challenged. So if someone says, Oh my god, DJ, you’re so wrong and blah, blah, blah. Like, somehow that’s a bad thing. You know, it’s like, Okay, if I’m wrong, enlighten me. Now just going to call to say that I’m a dick or you hate me or whatever, then I’m different. I’m not going to give you any airtime. But if you call up and you say, DJ, you’re wrong on this issue, and this is why exactly and you can end you can support your argument. Right? Not just your opinion, but your support your argument with the fact then I think I consider myself intellectually mature enough. You say, Okay, well, let’s, let’s explore that. Let’s, let’s talk about it. Let’s, let’s figure it out, let’s see if it’s what, what? And I think that where my show could be sort of a unique voices, I can guarantee you there are no gay podcasters that will be talking about common sense, like I will be. No, I mean it. I don’t I just don’t think there are because, you know, they’re all ideologues. Well, I should say news people, especially they’re all ideologues, you know, I recently

Unknown Speaker  39:36  

I recently went to a conference and it was just some of the speakers there were so politically slanted, and I was sitting there thinking, I guarantee you, you don’t know anything about the topic to which you’re speaking. But you’re saying those things because it’s, it incites the crowd, right. And, and because it’s an emotional No. delivery. Probably. I wanted to go up to one of them. I told you about this one, the one where they had the the transgender person. Yeah. And they just stood up and paraded around. And I was like, Wow, you really are diverse. You know what I mean? Yeah. And so, but but you should have seen the crowd lap it up like, Yay, their diverse Look, they love our community and what have you. Yeah, it was actually sickening. To me.

Unknown Speaker  40:29  

I probably would have been to me too.

Unknown Speaker  40:31  

And I didn’t say anything because I thought you know what, I’m not this is not the right forum number one. Yeah. And I’m not going to get through to them in a, you know, a 10 minute conversation. But it did make me think how, how ignorant. A lot of people are, but because it feels good. And it feels right. They embrace it as the truth.

Unknown Speaker  40:55  

I know what you mean.

Unknown Speaker  40:56  

So I wouldn’t mind making a show like that. Would you I support that. Because the one thing that I like about what you and I are doing the one thing I like, is we don’t have to agree. But we don’t hate each other.

Unknown Speaker  41:19  

Exactly. At least today, not yet. Not

Unknown Speaker  41:22  

yet. Not yet. That’s subject to change. And I got to tell you, but before we do anything, let me take a break. We’re going to take a break. This portion of the DJ Doran show was brought to you by our friends at Joey’s world. And Joe travels around the world eating and drinking his way through life. So don’t go anywhere. You’re listening to the DJ Doran show. We’ll be right back.

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this episode of the DJ Doran show is brought to you by our friends at Joey’s world featuring chef Joe Morales as he eats and drinks his way through life sharing recipes dining experiences and cooking tips Be sure to follow him at Joey’s world calm and on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All right, well, we’re back and we’ve been talking about we’ve been talking about what it is we want our show to be what is our life you know, because right now they got they have our show classified as comedy. Really? Yeah, comedy or and culture

Unknown Speaker  42:44  

were undercut. Do we make people laugh?

Unknown Speaker  42:46  

I don’t know. We do. The other show I we did about road rage was funny.

Unknown Speaker  42:50  

I guess so. Yeah. The Halloween Horror movie was that was

Unknown Speaker  42:53  

funny, too. It’s pretty funny. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  42:55  

I wouldn’t consider us comedians.

Unknown Speaker  42:57  

Now. I wouldn’t either. I want to be a little bit more Isn’t that but at the same time? One thing that does appeal to me is what if we were hard hitting show? What if we would just a news and news, current events and culture? I’m done with that. Because then we could talk about things in the news. We could talk about things that are current events. Sure, that are not necessarily newsy. And then we could talk about culture, which is just anything. Sure. Yeah. That I think I like that idea. And we could still be everyone’s saying radio obsession, because we would talk about things in the same way. Yes. I like that idea. So um, I know that we, I evolved this show five times since we, since we started and so my PR trying

Unknown Speaker  43:49  

to find our identity right there. That

Unknown Speaker  43:51  

I love that idea, too. It’s like, we didn’t know how to identify but now we’re starting to hone in on it. Exact I love that I narrowing it down. I love that idea. But you know, the producer who, who like helps with the social media and stuff with the show, they are probably doing this right now.

Unknown Speaker  44:17  

Most most likely.

Unknown Speaker  44:21  

I love that’s my favorite. I say it over and over again. This is what happened when I was driving today. And I pulled up behind this lady who was going slow in the in the left lane. So I did this.

Unknown Speaker  44:37  

So you drove past the person screaming that out though it is.

Unknown Speaker  44:43  

Exactly. But the thing is, is that I like that idea. We’re finding our identity. So the DJ Doran show is your same radio obsession, where we talk about news, current events and culture. I’d like that because that gives us a lot of flexibility to talk about whatever Mostly our show will be about news, politics, current events, you know, I wrap all that together. Yeah, I don’t even know if I want to call it news. What would we call it? Current Events, politics, it will come up with a contraction of news, current events and politics. Okay. And, and then culture. So those will be our for our four areas of focus. And

Unknown Speaker  45:27  

it’ll be interesting because

Unknown Speaker  45:30  

as right now we’re just talking generic. So you and I are in general agreement. Yeah. But there will be times where we, we have a show and you and I will be in stark disagreement.

Unknown Speaker  45:42  

Yeah, I mean, I’m sure once election time comes

Unknown Speaker  45:44  

around. You said, You said that word.

Unknown Speaker  45:50  

Everybody panic.

Unknown Speaker  45:51  

Yeah. But I do think that where we we have the opportunity to make differences everyone will expect Gay host and a transgender person as the co host, to believe and, and, and accept a certain way of thinking. And so on some things we will agree, right.

Unknown Speaker  46:15  

I feel like we do.

Unknown Speaker  46:16  

And I mean, our audience will agree with our audience, but I’m talking about on some things we won’t. That’ll be the challenge. So our own community will probably balk and resist some of the things we’re saying because they are ideologues. But and some of the other side on See I don’t like extremism in any form. I don’t, whether it’s left or right. I don’t like extreme right religious craziness. And I don’t like extreme left permissiveness. Yeah, you know, and I want I want to be in the middle, I want to be more moderate and the sliver of, of what was once a larger swath of moderation is diminishing all the time. And that’s kind of where I want to be. It’s like, okay, I am completely socially liberal totally socially liberal. I mean, I think but you know, less government. I don’t want government intrusion. I want them to be out of the bedroom. I you do you do you not hurting anyone you do you, you know, I want reasonable immigration policy. I want reasonable, you know, further education opportunities I want. I want protection from, from big companies that can abuse the less

Unknown Speaker  47:43  

than one say, look, the less

Unknown Speaker  47:45  

you know, the workers, right. So I’ve never been a big union fan. But I do think a hybrid of a union is always should always be there, right? But just like we do with Nima, where I love this saying and I came up with this myself is alone we are a squeak together we are a roar. Okay? So same thing that’s what a union does is like, Okay, I’m a worker so I can be abused by the, you know, by upper management but 100 workers has a bigger voice and can be, can protect. I’ve always been supportive of that. Now, when big unions became corrupt, and you know, got really fat and lazy and whatever, not a big fan of that, but we have you know, we have big companies that make big money on the backs of workers and you know, very little trickles down to us. And I and I’m, I consider myself lower middle class, you know, I’m live comfortably but I, I if I stopped working, I’d be in serious shit, just like about anybody else in short order. So, you know that I like that part, but I The same time on the right. I like low taxes, less government intrusion. Stay away from my second amendment rights, but at the same time amend that second amendment. There’s no reason for us to have bumped stocks and automatic weaponry. No reason. Right? So common sense is not just common sense. Okay, go out and shoot your guns and go hunting. But you don’t need an AR 15 automatic right. So an AR 15 semi automatic Just so you know, it’s not considered a military grade weapon. The Democrats want you to believe it is but it’s not because you have to keep pulling the trigger. That’s the semi automatic Yep. But an automatic is just hold the trigger down and spray bullets. Nobody should have that. Number one, and I think that I’m I’m sorry. I think that a background checks and and some loopholes that can be closed, like you can buy a gun at a gun show and get a gun. You know what I mean? Those things need to be addressed. That’s common sense. That’s not taking away. You’re right. That’s just making It Right? Yeah. Immigration is also a thing for me. It’s like have sensible immigration make it reasonably sensible for people to emigrate if they want to come here, you know it but having an open border where people can come across a legally not in favor of it at all, if they’re seeking asylum for persecution, okay, that’s a case by case basis. You know, I suppose I suppose you could say everyone is seeking asylum because they all want a better life. But, you know, try going, have you been to Europe? No, no, if you go to Europe, you can’t just go into every other country. You know, you have to go through borders, and you have to go through customs. You know, Why is it such an egregious thing to require people to do that here? And why do we, why do we give them driver’s licenses and benefits when they’re not even citizens of the country? I don’t, I don’t think that’s how it works. It is how it works. In California, you can get a driver’s license, you don’t need anything. You and and you can get benefits, especially in college. fornia without having legal residency, I think that’s a state by state basis, maybe. But it’s not it’s not. That’s an that would be an example of learning about that issue. And then talking about that issue, and I don’t have enough information to talk I’m just talking about generally what I’ve seen in news, right. And I’ll, I’ll caveat that. But what I’m saying is, I need a license to fly a plane, you need a license, drive a car, you need a license to go fish, you need this and that and this and that. Why is it so important? Why is it so unreasonable to expect you to have a photo ID a state ID showing that you have legal residency in the country?

Unknown Speaker  51:36  

I’m not gonna answer that.

Unknown Speaker  51:38  

Well, anyway, you see what I’m saying? The point is, is there’s some common sense there. I don’t want to kick people out. I don’t want to, I don’t want to prevent people from coming in what I want. What I would want is look at the immigration process and fix it. You know, we’re smart people, we put people on the moon and whatever, we can’t fix fucking immigration.

Unknown Speaker  52:00  

Apparently No,

Unknown Speaker  52:01  

yeah. Because you know why? Because it becomes a political thing. Yeah. And so the republicans are not going to agree to this unless they get that the democrats are not going to agree to that unless they get this. And who suffers. We do it or people that want to get in this country. So I, I really feel good about that direction of the show. Because even about doing the talking about the things that we’re talking about, made me realize that there’s room for me to learn. And therefore there might be room for others to learn. And, and there’s an opportunity for both of us to learn together. Yeah, I like that idea. Because in the end, in the end is not what we do every day. We learn we learn how to get the best deals on Amazon, we learn how to, you know, lift weights to get the results that we want, we learn how to cook we learn how to drive we learn how to write, we learn how to read We learn shit every day every day. So why can’t we we learn about the issues Why does it have to be? Why does it have to be so agree justly? confrontational? Yep. That’s what I don’t. I don’t understand. And, and I i really bristle at I don’t know how you feel about this but I bristle at when someone says, oh, you’re gay so therefore you have to be this way think think this way blah blah blah blah. No I don’t you know I voted for George Bush Senior I voted for Bill Clinton the first time, right because I thought George Bush Senior wasn’t a great president. Right. And still a nice man. Bill Clinton and George Bush Senior were best friends completely at odds ideologically, but somehow they found some common ground, right. Why can’t we be more like that? I got that. Right. I voted for george bush. I’m hurt, you know, the, whatever, the first time w w That’s right. delvia I rarely for W the first time. I did not vote for him the second time

Unknown Speaker  54:13  

you know? I’m

Unknown Speaker  54:17  

As matter of fact, I don’t think who came after him. Obama. Yeah. Yeah, I think the I didn’t vote for Obama. I voted for Romney. Right. And and I really wanted to hate Obama. I did had nothing to do with his race, but it just was like, This guy has no experience. And he has big ears good.

Unknown Speaker  54:43  

Yeah, that’s that’s definitely a quality and I care about

Unknown Speaker  54:47  

but the truth of the matter is over the course of time I I grew to like him, and I thought, you know, he’s a decent human being and an inspirational president. Leader, right, in effect in effective, you know, I think and he legislated by executive order, which is basically the next president could overturn them. So his legacy is fucked up. But I thought, you know, this guy is he’s an eloquent speaker and a decent man. And, you know, I just wish he was stronger. I just wish he was stronger on foreign policy, and I wish, whatever but he didn’t have the power. He didn’t have the Congress behind him, just like Trump does neither now. So that’s the other problem, too is like they they won’t pass anything to do give anything. You know what I mean, everything has to be a dogfight. So, but then, I I couldn’t, I couldn’t vote. I like john mccain. But I could not vote for Sarah Palin. I couldn’t. What could she have really done though nothing, and I can’t stand the way she speaks. So she’s pretty look at to all those rednecks, and whatever. Oh man, just big tits and whatever. But, uh, but no. And john mccain had a goiter on his face that I couldn’t stop staring at. I was like, No, this is not a match made in heaven. So, um, and then when Clinton and Trump went together you know, I thought okay, this woman has been through the wringer her husband cheated on her in a public scandal.

Unknown Speaker  56:28  

She’s She’s done things in politics, she’s

Unknown Speaker  56:30  

done things in politics. She’s really smart. But by God is she is a horrible public speaker. And I was like, he’s going to rip it to shreds and that’s what he did he ripped it to shreds. And, and don’t get me started about that. But Washington get elected. But, but the the truth of the matter is, is this it made me realize that this is these elections are won and lost and these political battle battles are won and lost by the emotional upheaval of who gets outraged. The most And I’m always fascinated by this video of this girl who, after Trump was elected and and Clinton was defeated. Did you see her? Was she screaming at the top of her lungs? No, no,

Unknown Speaker  57:12  

no. I think a lot of people did that.

Unknown Speaker  57:15  

And because they could not believe it, and

Unknown Speaker  57:18  

I don’t know why, but yeah,

Unknown Speaker  57:20  

yes. They just couldn’t. They just took it for granted, I think and like anything when you take it for granted, it goes away. And so it made me realize that that instead of fighting, like, like even do you listen to talk radio at all?

Unknown Speaker  57:35  

Not much anymore.

Unknown Speaker  57:37  

I do listen to some talk radio on both sides. Right. It’s amazing to me. They’re not really educating anyone. They are just hammering you with, with emotional bombs, you know, to get you emotionally excited. And so that’s what made me start to think that maybe, maybe we do a show that is outside the norm. of what people expect, but we really talk about the issues and and if somebody comes on, and they they want to get into an ideological fight, there’s no way you’re going to win that battle at all. So you just cut them off. Yeah. And I’m happy. I’m easy. I can do that with the button. Sure. But for those that want to come on and say, Okay, well, I challenge your thinking to this I challenge you’re thinking about that, or have you thought about this? I do want to hear from those people. I do want to be challenged. That’s the thing is I want to be challenged. I I’ve learned some things on my own. But, you know, a lot of talk radio host know what they do they talk at you. True. Rachel, this is what’s going on this that blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But and they’re not really interested in what you have to say. They’re just talking at you hoping that it’s going to sink in. I I actually want to have a conversation. I want to say this is what I think based on this, what do you think based on what That that appeals to me. Because then I can say, No, you’re wrong. You’re totally wrong. And you say, Well, here are the facts. Okay, so many facts and then I read the fact and and then I, I will allude back to, if it’s a MacBook Pro. It’s a MacBook Pro. Whether my opinion about it is different than yours is irrelevant. So if someone says DJ, I’m the pic to so many different ones. But impeachment is this and that the impeachment inquiries this and that. Here are the facts I look at and I say, okay, those are the facts. I don’t agree with those facts. Like I don’t agree with what those facts are telling me. But I can’t, I can’t disavow that they are the facts. Do you see what I mean? Then it becomes a matter of having a discussion. And you and I or the audience, you know having a discussion about the facts and trying to change our opinion. And that is to me, that’s what it should be about. Yeah. Anyway, so that’s a, that appeals to me kinda in a scary way.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:11  

We could see where it goes, continue in this direction for at least a little bit and then see what the responses and see if we’re really, you know, tackling these things appropriately and everything and if it’s really working, because, again, you know, this is a fairly new show, folks.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:27  

Yeah, so we’re finding our way back and forth. But on that note, we’re gonna take a little bit of a break and we’ll come back we’re going to talk about the last segment of what we what we’re going to do from here. Alright, so don’t go away. You’re listening to the DJ Doran show.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:39  

You’re listening to the DJ Doran show. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back. Call 312 to 352281 to speak to DJ

Unknown Speaker  1:01:20  

All right, well, that’s trace the arrows.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:25  

I know I just want to try and some, some different music for a change. But yeah, so that’s Tracy arrows. You’re back listening to the DJ Doran show. And we’re in the last segment, I’m here with Rachel V, my co host. And we’re just talking about finding our identity for the show. And we’ve gone back and forth. We’ve done all sorts of shows on all different topics, trying all different formulas. And I think we’ve sort of come up with a formula that appeals to me and to you, right. So we’re, I think the show is going to be about news, politics, culture. News politics and culture and current events and current events. Well, yeah, and current events, similar similar. And so I think that’s what we’re going to end but we’re going to talk about it in a different way. We’re going to talk about it in a way that invokes the thought processes so that we hopefully incite people to think and to to reevaluate what maybe our preconceived notions and become educated. And like I said, if we can change one heart and one mind one at a time, then I think we’re doing it doing a good job. And we’ll have fun along the way. Now, just let me caveat this. Politics, current events, and news can be really heavy and depressing sometimes, right? And so I don’t, I don’t want to stay focused there. But I will tell you that we will cover that primarily. But every once in a while, we’re going to segue off into some things That really is interesting that interests me and hopefully interests the audience like, like UFO, or sailing or flying or what or travel or any of that. So that’s kind of what I’m what I’m thinking and maybe at some future point down the road we’ll have a separate show about travel or this or that or whatever. But I do want to have the flexibility to talk about whatever I want because there are times truthfully, where I’m so sick to death of fucking politics and fighting that I just don’t want to talk about it on the show. I really don’t I want us to come in and have a good time and let’s say talk about whatever like your long luxurious curly hair.

Unknown Speaker  1:03:42  

I do have that

Unknown Speaker  1:03:42  

yes, or

Unknown Speaker  1:03:45  

or me driving for Uber and how much fun that that is. You know, somebody gave me a three star rating. I have like 2500 rides and they’re all five star and someone gave me a three star rating and said that my service was poor. I’m always professional and whatever, but it doesn’t tell you who that is. And I’m thinking to myself, this was just some old, bitter.

Unknown Speaker  1:04:07  

Mad, there’s having a bad day.

Unknown Speaker  1:04:09  

Yeah. So it just goes to show I always say, Have a wonderful evening or have a wonderful day. Thank you very much and whatever. But obviously, see, this is what I’m saying is I think I’m a likable and nice person, but not everybody does. Exactly. And I and that’s their opinion, but that doesn’t change the fact that I might likable a nice person. You know, so, anyway, so, um, you’ve been listening to the DJ Doran show and I think I’m so excited now that I can’t believe we’ve actually talked an hour and four minutes about why

Unknown Speaker  1:04:40  

this is important. Hey, we gotta we gotta really establish what we’re doing with this show.

Unknown Speaker  1:04:45  

It’ll make it a lot easier for research to because I have to do is open up the news and pick whatever. But uh, but it’s been a fun show. I and it never ceases to amaze me. I didn’t even First of all, ladies and gentlemen I completely forgot that we were doing mid week recording because we’re going to be gone for a conference at the end of the month. So we’re going to do two shows a week to have some in the queue. And so I completely forgot. And then as I was driving here, I was like, I’m like, I don’t really feel like doing this show. Because we just did one on Monday, and I didn’t feel like doing it and I didn’t really have anything prepared. And, but turned out to be one of the more fun shows, and I think it was interesting to talk about what we were talking about. And it makes me feel like I’m as difficult as it is, you know, because you when you start something you want to have the laser focus day one. Yeah. And I didn’t

Unknown Speaker  1:05:36  

Yeah, and it’s it’s rough, especially when when you are still just trying to find it. You just wanted to get into it, I guess.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:43  

Yes. And at least we got started. Oh, by the way, before we go, I submitted our show to I Heart Radio yesterday. What Uh, yeah. So it takes 14 days. There’s no guarantee that they’ll accept the show but at least it submitted because you have to have you have to have five shows sequence before they consider it. Exactly. So that’ll that’ll really up our audience, I believe, and we’re starting to get a little bit audience. I got a couple of followers now, you know, we’re not howard stern by no stretch of the imagination and rightfully so because the shows that we’ve done have all been basically a test of our hardware test of our, our process and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And so we’re making slow, mature progress, we’re getting there. And and now as we sort of determine what the heart of the show is, it now makes it easy. You know, because once you it’s like, I’m sure when, when I first for me, like when I first realized I was gay, and I was like, okay, am I gay? Or am I is this just a phase or I’m gonna try this. I’m gonna date women. And I’m going to do that and I’m going to go back and forth. But I remember the day when I finally said, You know what? I don’t have to try anything. This is it. This is who I am, was like, I just felt relief is the only word and I kind of feel that exactly like I think I’ve sort of this is where I need to be talking about nice positive things all the time is great and I have those things in my life. But I by doing that I’m eliminating the greater part of what I’m involved in, which is something because I’m in gay media to begin with, that is worth talking about. And I think I can provide a different perspective and a different pathway to understanding more about issues and I hope that people will learn and I and I hope I will learn from people.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:42  

All right, so listen,

Unknown Speaker  1:07:44  

we’re at the end of our show. It’s an hour went by so fast. You can listen to the DJ Doran show on Apple podcast, Google podcast, Stitcher, automatic SoundCloud, and Spotify and soon I heart rate and soon Fingers crossed. I Heart Radio. And then of course on spreaker, which is our podcasting hosting site, and you can pretty much find our show on almost all the major podcasting sites. So hopefully you’ll take a listen and you’ll start following us and Until then, have a wonderful evening, keep up the fight and we’ll be back next week with a new show and a new direction. So we’re super excited. Have a wonderful evening. You’re listening. You’ve been listening to the DJ Doran show tonight, folks.

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Thanks for listening to

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another edition of the DJ Doran show. You can find us on Apple

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the other major podcasting sites just search for the DJ Doran show.

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