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  • State of Publishing – Where do we go from here?

    State of Publishing – Where do we go from here?

    The COVID State of Mind Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone’s life difficult to one degree or another. There’s almost no industry left untouched in its wake. For us in the advertising and media world, we are confronted with the question: What is the state of publishing? Furthermore, how will this impact our […]

  • Living in Chicago – Windy City Atmosphere

    Living in Chicago – Windy City Atmosphere

    What’s living in Chicago really like? Living, dating, and eating in Chicago – that’s what it’s all about, right? In this episode Dj and guests Joe of Joe Eats World & Gena of Menage-a-Pod explore the pros & cons of living in Chicago.  How did we get here? Before jumping into the pros & cons […]

  • Talking Head Fisticuffs – Gotcha Journalism & the Real Losers

    Talking Head Fisticuffs – Gotcha Journalism & the Real Losers

    Gotcha journalism that leaves us…uninformed For returning listeners this week’s guest will sound familiar. That rumbling low voice accompanying DJ this week is our friend Kyle. DJ and Kyle explore how gotcha journalism is a hurtle we don’t need as a follow up to last week’s episode, Free & Loathing in Coronavirus. The thesis is […]

  • Fear & Loathing in Coronavirus

    Fear & Loathing in Coronavirus

    Episode: Fear & loathing in the coronavirus and what you can do to help The arrival of COVID-19 to the United States has brought with it fear, loathing, and many other detrimental scenarios in its wake. We are undoubtably facing some strange and unprecedented problems in our day to day lives. Primarily navigating the mental […]

  • Are Girl Scouts Actually Cicadas?

    Are Girl Scouts Actually Cicadas?

    Episode: Does anyone really know the origin of the Girl Scout’s powers? Are they actually cicadas in disguise? In these trying times the quest for truth leads us to some of the most perplexing questions. Questions such as “Are Girl Scouts Actually Cicadas?” Rumors of the group’s origins and secret network of cookie delivery often […]

  • PrideFlight – March Update

    PrideFlight – March Update

    Have you ever found yourself shying away from a dream of yours because it may just be too big? The scale of your vision may have you doubting more of yourself than you were expecting? The fear causing you to stay small and avoid discomfort? In this episode I dive into the ins & outs […]

  • DJ’s Diatribe

    DJ’s Diatribe

    I let loose on what I perceive is the current state of affairs in this country and how, in my opinion we got here. I share an epiphany that I had the other day about how the media uses headlines designed to elicit emotional responses to get us to support their agendas rather than reporting […]

  • Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

    Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

    In this episode I spoke about the importance of doing our own research about the topics that we care about and why we should test the veracity of what media outlets and politicians tell us.I also talked about why I think Trump will be re-elected in a landslide and why the Democrats will most likely […]

  • Star Trek vs. Star Wars – Who Would Win?

    Star Trek vs. Star Wars – Who Would Win?

    There can be only one! Star Trek vs. Star Wars What series will come out on top in a battle of Star Trek vs. Star Wars? In this episode we geeked out in the studio as me Rachael and a Kevin talked about two of my favorite movie franchises of all time and how both […]

  • Key West – Finding Time for Rest and Relaxation

    Key West – Finding Time for Rest and Relaxation

    This episode is about my recent trip to Key West Fla. and our mini Gaycation staying at the clothing optional Equator Resort for Men (did I? or didn’t I?). Keep listening to find out as I share all of the cool and interesting things to see and do while in Key West and how Island […]