Author: DJ Doran

  • Why Fly a Douglas DC-3?

    Why Fly a Douglas DC-3?

    I haven’t written an update about The PrideFlight Project in a while and so this might be a long one. The PrideFlight Project is a dream of mine to fly a DC-3 around the world. First to promote civilian aviation and its history and second to offer support to LGBTQ communities around the globe. Are […]

  • The Origins of Christmas

    The Origins of Christmas

    We talk about the origins of Christmas from the religious to the secular perspectives and to the commercialization of the holiday. We also share our own Christmas family traditions and funny stories. Origins of Christmas episode Origins of Christmas Transcript: You may also like Listen to the Halloween show about our favorite horror movies.

  • My Favorite Horror Movies

    My Favorite Horror Movies

    Rachael and I discussed some of our favorite horror movies as well as the differences between the Horror classics like Dracula, Frankenstein and the Mummy and the slasher movies like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. Rachael also told me a little about her review of IT part 2 and we made a […]

  • Priscilla, the Queen of the Road

    Priscilla, the Queen of the Road

    Priscilla the Queen of the Road is a 1971 vintage Bluebird Wanderlodge motor home that the PrideFlight Project is restoring as a mission support vehicle.  The Bluebird Wanderlodge is a tank.  Built of steel and wood it is a reminder of the bygone days of sturdy and reliable construction.  Produced by the Bluebird company, the […]

  • Priscilla Queen of the Sky

    Priscilla Queen of the Sky

    PrideFlight is a moment in history. It is about my attempt to fly a DC-3 aptly named Priscilla Queen of the Sky and an icon of aviation, around the world as the 1st gay pilot to circumnavigate the globe by air. This flight will honor the history and contribution of the McDonell Douglas DC-3 and […]

  • Being Gay and Christian

    Being Gay and Christian

    I talked about the scriptures that some Christians use to justify their bigotry and hate. I also discuss why scriptures from the Old Testament do not hold us hostage anymore because Jesus Christ fulfilled those laws and teachings by living his life without sin, dying and rising so that we may be saved by Gods […]

  • HIV Modernization – working for change

    HIV Modernization – working for change

    Sports, Advertising, & HIV Modernization Guest host Cassidy Fellows-Sommers Leads the discussion in this episode. Topics range from the recent Super Bowl to HIV Modernization. Cassidy welcomes John William Cooper the 2nd during the second half of the show to discuss the ins & outs of legislation surrounding HIV. The conversation touches subjects of personal […]

  • Valentine’s Day – A gay high holy holiday

    Valentine’s Day – A gay high holy holiday