HIV Modernization – working for change

HIV Modernization – working for change

Sports, Advertising, & HIV Modernization

Guest host Cassidy Fellows-Sommers Leads the discussion in this episode. Topics range from the recent Super Bowl to HIV Modernization. Cassidy welcomes John William Cooper the 2nd during the second half of the show to discuss the ins & outs of legislation surrounding HIV. The conversation touches subjects of personal responsibility, moral obligation, and HIV stigmatization.

Introduction and Deflated Controversy:

Cassidy gives a perspective of the Colts-Patriots rivalry from the side of the Hoosiers. This leads to a discussion of the 243 page report of the recent Tom Brady/Patriot deflated football scandal. Any pop culture culture story would be falling short if a jab at POTUS Trump is not mentioned. The show intro ends with a review of the top-rated Super Commercials according to the Washington Post.

HIV Modernization & Legislations:

Cassidy opens the second half of the show with special guest, John William Cooper. John is the head of the co chair for the HIV modernization movement, Indiana. Here is the expressed mission statement from the group:

“HIV Modernization Movement-Indiana (HMM) is a diverse group of individuals who seek to modernize Indiana’s criminal HIV laws. Deeply outdated and lacking in scientific merit, these harmful laws criminalize and stigmatize “Hoosiers” living with HIV and are counterproductive to  ending the HIV epidemic in Indiana.” – HMM

About us:

“We are a broad coalition created by people living with HIV and their allies who are working together to change harmful and discriminatory HIV laws in Indiana. Our membership consists of students, professors, public health authorities, non-profit organizational leaders and staff, community advocates, legal advisors, and family members, of diverse racial, gender, and sexuality backgrounds. Many of us are living with HIV.” – HMM

Back to the conversation:

John and Cassidy talk about Indiana’s HIV legislation from history & practice through the HMM’s current mission. John discusses different ways to disclose HIV status, ways to protect yourself & offers further advice about how to stay on the safe side of moral obligation. John also discusses the particular segments of the current laws that need to be change and why the current laws are harmful to individuals.

HIV Modernization Transcript

Unknown Speaker  0:00  

You’re listening to the DJ Doran show on the kWIR radio network, a Doran media production.

You’re listening to the DJ Doran Show, a Doran Omni Media production. Warning: The DJ Doran Show contains adult language, mature content, cerebral debate and thought-provoking conversation. Listener discretion is advised. Call 312-235-2281 to be a part of the discussion; that’s 312-235-2281. And now, Chicago’s perspicacious host of your sane radio obsession, DJ Doran.

Unknown Speaker  1:00  

Good evening everyone. DJ Doran is out of the studio this weekend and this is Cassidy fellows summers coming live from Indianapolis, Indiana. This is the February 6 episode of the DJ Doran show. I’ll be substituting for DJ, both this week and next week where we have so much exciting stuff going on. We are very fortunate to have with us another guest today who’s going to be doing a segment about our special topic which is HIV modernization. We have john William Coburg the second here he is the co chair of the HIV modernization movement Indiana, and welcome john.

Unknown Speaker  1:39  

Hello Cass. Thanks for having us.

Unknown Speaker  1:40  

Oh, it’s a pleasure to be here. We’re going to start the discussion off tonight with the big game that happened yesterday. At least I hear it did. I didn’t watch it myself. But we do have our most recent Super Bowl winners last night. The Patriots came back from behind to capture the title, winning 34-28 against the Atlanta Falcons. That game was held in Houston, Texas and a load for a long time like the Falcons were going to take it all. I was following along via Twitter. I did tune in to watch the ever important guy halftime show, but the Falcons pulled it out or the Patriots rather pulled it out in the end. And it was a thrilling, thrilling read at least on Twitter. And then also great to hear all of the news about it this morning. Speaking of the news this morning, NPR I’m an avid NPR listener and Terry Gross is my hero. From why in Philadelphia with fresh air, but NPR asked people to tweet haikus about the game experience. So I thought it would be great for us just to review some of those haikus that the very creative internet audience came up with. So our first one was super bowl full speed Gaga immigrants joined hands. America shines. Wasn’t that touching there? Here’s another one. Falcons fans in the fifth who supported Hillary had a rough winter. Oh, I am in the winter of my despair right now. So over the election, so you’re going to hear that throughout so warmly. It’s not so warm at all. We will be talking plenty about that later in today’s show. Oh, here, here’s a great one. Super Bowl is dumb. The Patriots always win. I am over it. I did not tweet that one. But I would so claim that I did because well, we’ll get into that too here in just a bit. Here’s another great one. This is poetic genius. Touching pigskin balls for championship glory is American.

Unknown Speaker  3:48  

Totally. Right.

Unknown Speaker  3:54  

Oh my gosh. So you know, one of the things that I just I just can’t get over this. You know that kpr broadcast live from high atop the Dorian tower in Indianapolis, Indiana where we have prime views of the Lucas Oil Stadium where the Indianapolis Colts play. We can see the circle from high atop this skyscraper. But you

Unknown Speaker  4:17  

know we have a little beef

Unknown Speaker  4:18  

against the Patriots and we just can’t let it go. And you know, I I never had I grew up in southern Indiana, a town called Evansville and I never had much Hoosier pride. But you know, when I went to college in Texas, Texans are so damn proud I just I’ve never met so many that they had this whole team that wore don’t mess with Texas shirts at the nationals and I really found my Hoosier pride there. So in the background here I have it queued up to be playing a little back home again in Indiana. Now, we have that playing because you may not know this but even before the Colts were an Indianapolis team, there is a history of patriots and Colts rivalry that dates all the way back to 1967. So, you know, we have been at it with them for some time and

Unknown Speaker  5:09  

that that was when the Colts were in Baltimore

Unknown Speaker  5:11  

that way. Oh my gosh, you’re such a great historian.

Unknown Speaker  5:17  

You have that written down. I had to, I had to queue it in.

Unknown Speaker  5:20  

I appreciate that historical reference. You know, one of the things is we what I find it really interesting because you know, I’m a native Hoosier whenever I meet other native Hoosiers, I there’s a certain amount of acknowledgement and I would imagine that for all you listening and other parts of the country, you know, it’s the same in Texas and California all over the country. But you know, all of these gladiators, these quarterbacks, the people who are, you know, the most famous team member, they’re all transplants. You know, Tom Brady is not from wherever New England is. I mean, can you have a more ambiguous location for a football team, I mean, pick a darn state Stick with it. They represent like a whole chunk of the country but they’re outside of Boston just in case you didn’t know that.

Unknown Speaker  6:07  

But for the the not so fortunate sports fans out there that don’t know,

Unknown Speaker  6:11  

right for people that have way more interesting things to do than watch overpaid people earn lots of money for, you know, I I shouldn’t go into that because of there’s brain injuries to talk about. We’re not going down that rabbit hole today. But speaking of that, you know, I would be remiss not to remind you that you can call in and be part of the discussion here at kWIR by calling 888-804-KWIR or 888-804-5947. So we are taking your calls. But Tom Brady was actually born in San Mateo, California. I thought that was kind of interesting. And so you know, he’s dead coast to coast. Oh, yes, coast to coast. He has been, you know, a very much adopted by the community up in the northeast there and is an absolute hero. The Patriots don’t have a great track record; they have won many super bowl games. But you know, we’re going to talk about somebody that actually matters right now. Peyton Manning, our hometown here. Do we have like an applause button or something that we can give Peyton Manning? I should have lined that up. Oh, there we go. The crowd goes wild. Peyton Manning, our Indianapolis hero. He actually was born in Louisiana, but Oh, I know. Right? Give it up for Peyton. But, you know, even though he’s gone to Colorado and there are people who are happy about that, and there are people that are not happy about that. But we love Peyton Manning here. And one of these days we’d love to have him back doing something for the Colts. But one thing is for sure that we cannot let go of his deflate gate. So we can, there was no way that I could talk about the Patriots winning the Super Bowl without bringing up the tragedy that was the deflate gate. Go ahead. This

Unknown Speaker  7:54  

was this two years ago or last year.

Unknown Speaker  7:57  

Remember, this was a season ago. It may, you know, calendar years wise, we might be approaching a two year mark at some point sooner, but this was last season. And you know, they put out a 243 page investigative report about deflate gate which I staggered, I had no idea that so much time and effort had been put in there.

Unknown Speaker  8:22  

They have to yet they have to prove their point. So

Unknown Speaker  8:25  

if they do they do and apparently 243 pages wasn’t enough, because there’s still people who are conflicted about it. But, you know, I couldn’t blame them if they’re conflicted because out of this 243 page report, it was quote unquote, more probable than not that the New England Patriots equipment personnel deliberately circumvented the rules. So a high degree of likelihood about that

Unknown Speaker  8:48  

somebody was fired. So I don’t know what

Unknown Speaker  8:51  

low level a level position that error upper of all the footballs Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  8:58  

And then inflator, inflator

Unknown Speaker  9:01  

or deflator, whichever, whichever position you’re in

Unknown Speaker  9:04  

deflator, and chief Hey, that

Unknown Speaker  9:09  

that could work both ways. President Trump is going to be an inflator in chief and he puts that 20% Mexican tax on there. But we also know from that 243 page report that Brady was implicated in being more probable than not that he was generally aware of the deflation. Now if your job is to handle balls all day handle, we’re talking about all handling ball handlers. In this regard a quarterback who is handling footballs on a day to day basis and throwing them repeatedly over and over again. It seemed to me that you would be knowledgeable about what a properly inflated ball feels like, right? I know what a properly inflated ball feels like. The surgical thing Definitely a surgical thing. And so, you know, Cassidy has played her fair share of football games. And I can tell you, but anyway, you know, I just cannot talk about the Patriots winning without mentioning the deflate gate. And the bigger question is, when we have these kinds of things happen does that take away from the win? Is there anything that is less pure about that? You know, when you’re a kid and you watch sports, you watch the Olympics and you think nobody’s using drugs and then you find out that Russia is doing all this state sponsored drug use with their athletes and then you watch a football game and you think those referees out there they’re making sure it’s all on the up and up. And then you know, you find out these kinds of things happen. And then you know, where’s the joy in it? How do people feel joy about John? Tell us how do you feel about the Super Bowl last night. Do you give a shit?

Unknown Speaker  10:54  

I was at fogo picking.

Unknown Speaker  10:58  

So that’s what I thought about the We’re all

Unknown Speaker  11:01  

eating a different eating kind of piggish you know your end of the day beef,

Unknown Speaker  11:08  

pork pork.

Unknown Speaker  11:10  

If they don’t have fogo de Chao where you live, you’re definitely missing out. It’s a Brazilian steakhouse and they literally carry around swords with meat on them, and they will carve the meal on your plate. Have you been to fogo?

Unknown Speaker  11:24  

I have actually like the first time like it was like in the summer. Last time last summer. It was remarkable.

Unknown Speaker  11:31  

Did you leave hungry?

Unknown Speaker  11:33  

green red green it was always green. Oh I know

Unknown Speaker  11:35  

right? They have like a whole that was ingenious who ever thought of that like stop and go drink coaster that Yeah, they deserve some kind of metal they deserve a Super Bowl metal more than Tom Brady. Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker  11:46  

Yes. It’s a round of applause for the fogo people round

Unknown Speaker  11:49  

of applause for the photo people. If you go to eat there, your drink coaster is green on one side and right on the other green means bring the meat and red means there were One me out the door. I cannot eat another night.

Unknown Speaker  12:02  

I need time to catch up. Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker  12:06  

Without to catch up. But if you’re strategic about it, you can stay green the entire time you’re there.

Unknown Speaker  12:12  

That’s true. Oh my gosh. Well, you know, one of the things that is so important, and we’re going to move on here to the important part, which is the commercials. But another question just to throw out there to everybody is, you know, politics when we have these sports guys that are involved with politics, there was that brouhaha about Tom Brady having a Make America Great Again hat and the blowback from that. And so, you know, it’s just people. Is it a time when people can be an active part of the political discussion or should sports players be sports players and singers be singers? And we’ll get to a little more of that with the halftime show. But what really matters is the Super Bowl commercials. And so what I live for, I am DJ, your usual host is questionably center probably right leaning. And I am definitely

Unknown Speaker  13:07  

not a probability at all not being around him for good 10 hours a week.

Unknown Speaker  13:14  

Yeah, I’m sorry. That’s

Unknown Speaker  13:15  


Unknown Speaker  13:17  

Well, we have from a very credible news source here The Washington Post factual news. They have

Unknown Speaker  13:25  

not alternative factual,

Unknown Speaker  13:27  

not alternative factual, actual factual news. Published by the Washington Post they have queued up for the top five commercials which we are going to bring to you to review now. So take it away.

Unknown Speaker  13:41  

I don’t like it though. I just want to tell you

Unknown Speaker  13:44  


Unknown Speaker  13:45  

I’ve had enough.

Unknown Speaker  13:48  

It might sound crazy, but

Unknown Speaker  13:49  

no lie baby.

Unknown Speaker  13:51  

Bye bye bye.

Unknown Speaker  14:05  

galleries no artificial sweeteners

Unknown Speaker  14:07  

and tastes amazing.

Unknown Speaker  14:09  

Now there you go. That’s by beverages be a I have seen this in the grocery store, but I had no idea this was an informative commercial. Their ad was effective because I now know how to say their name. In case you didn’t recognize the voice. That was Christopher Walken reciting lyrics from Bye, bye bye. And not in a speaking role in this commercial. But Justin Timberlake was also there. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  14:31  

he was there sitting on the couch right next to him,

Unknown Speaker  14:32  

right. So that was the number one on the list. Now, we’re going to go to number two.

Unknown Speaker  14:40  

When you start out, you might not know where you’re going, or what you’re doing, or why you’re carrying this red rose with

Unknown Speaker  14:46  

you. Just keep going. Keep your focus and avoid the distractions.

Unknown Speaker  14:53  

At times, you may fall flat on your face. But technically, that’s still moving forward. You got

Unknown Speaker  14:58  

to pick yourself up Make some moves and do it all with a smile.

Unknown Speaker  15:03  

Believe in yourself. You think that any of these folks believe that I’d make it? Definitely not. That was a rhetorical question, Darrell.

Unknown Speaker  15:11  

If you want to make an album, make an album,

Unknown Speaker  15:14  

if you want to make a universe, make a universe.

Unknown Speaker  15:17  

If you want to play the

Unknown Speaker  15:19  

clarinet, maybe don’t dress like this but

Unknown Speaker  15:22  

play the clarinet. The point is,

Unknown Speaker  15:24  

all dreams are within reach. All you have to do

Unknown Speaker  15:27  

is keep wanting to stop

Unknown Speaker  15:30  

appears to be chasing dreams. In the amazing places they lead. The all new CRV from Honda. Now,

Unknown Speaker  15:37  

that was a great commercial from Honda and you couldn’t see it obviously because we’re on the radio. But these, this commercial featured celebrity picks into your book light format, and that was Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Amy Adams, Earvin Magic Johnson, Steve Carrell, Missy Elliott Stanley, Jimmy Kimmel and Viola Davis and that was really up with It makes me think of that song You know, if you want to sing out, sing out. If you want to be free, be free. I like those commercials I share. Oh my god. So we’re, we’re preparing for the show earlier and there we do have a straight man amongst us. I forgot to introduce yourself. I

Unknown Speaker  16:18  

forgot Jason. not that important here.

Unknown Speaker  16:21  

He’s the guy that makes it all happen. There would be no DJ without him. There would be no me without him and DJ, there would be no john without me, DJ in him, right.

Unknown Speaker  16:31  

That’s what all comes back. Good. It kind of does. But hey, I’m a forgettable guy. now introduce yourself. I’m Kevin growth. I’m the producer of the show.

Unknown Speaker  16:40  

Well, Kevin, we appreciate all that you’ve done for us.

Unknown Speaker  16:43  

Anytime you’re very welcome. I just try to move things along smoothly, you know, as swiftly as possible.

Unknown Speaker  16:49  

That is my cue that I need to keep things moving because we are on a time limit here. So with that said, Kevin, do what you’re best at and press play.

Unknown Speaker  16:58  

All right customers. service.

Unknown Speaker  17:00  

I have a contract with you that says I can’t go over my data limit that I did.

Unknown Speaker  17:05  

Let me pull up your information.

Unknown Speaker  17:13  

Looks like you did go over your limit this month.

Unknown Speaker  17:20  

Your overages plus

Unknown Speaker  17:20  

taxes and fees. Again, which part? taxes and fees, your taxes and fees.

Unknown Speaker  17:40  

Is that good for you?

Unknown Speaker  17:44  

Thank you for calling Verizon customer service.

Unknown Speaker  17:48  

Wireless pain is fine if you’re into that sort of thing. If not get T Mobile one all unlimited now with taxes and fees included.

Unknown Speaker  17:57  

So that was a TMobile commercial It was a 50 Shades of Grey spoof Little did we know there are only 49 Shades of Grey? Actually, seriously, you know I did my research for this show tonight and there are 49 Shades of Grey. That was a TMobile commercial with that funny funny actress Kristen shell. And you know, you couldn’t see it. But there was a dungeon there that had old Verizon phones hanging from chains, which is and that is actually called punished, which is a great segue to plug for next week’s show. If you enjoy all things sexual, we are going to be having a special Valentine’s Day edition of the DJ Doran show. And we’re going to have Eric masters here who is a former Mr. 501 Eagle. He is in the leather community and we’re going to be talking about fetishes and kinks and sex and love in the digital age and dating apps and all that kind of stuff and Eric will be here for the full two hours with us and it will be a spicy conversation. Yummy.

Unknown Speaker  19:01  

And I have to be

Unknown Speaker  19:05  

I have to be the demonstrator. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  19:07  

I, you know, I hope that you do decide to do that, Kevin, it will broaden your horizons. I’m trying to get Kevin to agree to have Eric bring his his funbox with him and then we can test out things here in the studio and let you at home know exactly how that goes. I want to remind you that you can find past episodes of the DJ Doran show on kW ir And you can call and be a part of the conversation with us today at 888-804-KWIR that is 888-804-5947. Kevin, let’s go ahead and look at the next commercial or listen rather.

Unknown Speaker  19:44  

You don’t look like you’re

Unknown Speaker  19:52  

following these two words.

Unknown Speaker  19:56  

I want to brew a beer

Unknown Speaker  20:22  

Welcome St. Louis on

Unknown Speaker  20:29  

next time, this is the beer race

Unknown Speaker  20:34  

dopest push.

Unknown Speaker  20:39  

I got chills.

Unknown Speaker  20:41  

It doesn’t get more America than Budweiser. It really does. And that was a Budweiser commercial. It was about the great immigrant Adolphus bush that brought us Budweiser as a brand and bush and all the other great beverages that come along with them. And it’s a very important conversation obviously because of all the discussion around me that’s been going on at the national level. Now with President Trump, we have some potential changes underway. And when I’m behind the microphone, I was telling Kevin earlier that no person is illegal. And so we need to keep track of that with hash marks throughout the night because no person is illegal. And in fact, it’s biblical. The Bible says Hate the sin, not the sinner. So just keep that in mind if that’s one of the camps that you’re planted in. But our last commercial now is a very fun one and it features one of my favorite actors from the past and that is up next one

Unknown Speaker  21:53  

say good afternoon and welcome. Can we do this mask just Taylor

Unknown Speaker  21:59  

How can we Secrets.

Unknown Speaker  22:04  

How can we be secret society if we can’t keep all of our secrets? Today? No, we faked the moon landing. No, not yet. But that there are only 49 Shades of Grey. They’re suspicious but that’s not what I’m talking about. What about Bigfoot? Big Fish not real and everyone knows. They figured out the deflated footballs. Now we found a fall down for that one

Unknown Speaker  22:21  

Bigfoot stuff. My real wrap

Unknown Speaker  22:23  

up to agree to disagree.

Unknown Speaker  22:25  

What about area? 50.2? They know about that?

Unknown Speaker  22:27  

No. How about area 52 to 54 Stop saying areas no areas plus a number of literally hundreds of photos of Bigfoot. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  22:34  

Yeah, I saw what

Unknown Speaker  22:37  

I’m getting around. Paul, buddy. Point is someone is leaking this stuff. We’re looking at me. I’m not looking at you and I’m tired. I’ve seen his foot problem.

Unknown Speaker  22:46  

What they do know is that avocados from Mexico have good fats so they know they’re healthy. They know everything. Kyle, are you streaming this? Cenacle No, it’s not cool. That’s what secret means. It’s a secret society. secret. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  22:59  

yep. Hey,

Unknown Speaker  23:01  

you gotta like kill me. I like you to

Unknown Speaker  23:07  

at least say I don’t know about subliminal advertising.

Unknown Speaker  23:09  

That’s not even a thing. Right?

Unknown Speaker  23:15  

What? avocados from Mexico? So there you go avocados from Mexico. You know there’s a lot of great political messaging behind some of the more fun ads that happened in the Super Bowl. You know, it’s no, it’s no secret that they are trying to market the avocado angle to from

Unknown Speaker  23:35  

Mexico from

Unknown Speaker  23:36  

Mexico. Because as we here talk about 20% taxes on things that we might bring into the country from other places. Avocados might be affected by that and just so you would know inflate, inflate gate and the it would take 25 billion avocados to sell in order to pay for President Trump’s border wall. That was an interesting 5,000,000,025 with a be avocados and we would have a nice shiny 50 I think that that doesn’t pay for the 50 foot wall there were all kinds of different maybe it was 30 I don’t know. I think that was like one of those, those garden rails that you kind of have with your defense. Yeah, one of those little picket fence garden. flower bed. Kind of Yeah, the borders. Yeah, borders. You know, I’m talking about I think that’s what I think that’ll be what 25 billion avocados that get you. So as we wrap up our discussion around the Super Bowl, we do want to talk about the most important part of the night, which was our patron saint of all the gays. Lady Gaga, she stole the show. I did stop my Netflix bingeing just long enough so I could tune in to see her full performance and I have to say Lady Gaga was a class act. She had a sexy costume, shed all kinds of different costume changes. She did hair changes, she was Heels all night. You know, she was dancing and boots. And then she had some serious moments. She is a classically trained musician. And she is one of the most talented singers. I think that she is the singer of my generation. She’s 30 years old. I’m 33 and I just, oh, we have a little audio here that’s playing over as we talk about this and I think that this is

Unknown Speaker  25:23  

here’s Lady Gaga singing America the Beautiful

Unknown Speaker  25:31  

and she just does this here for just a moment. She thinks a piece of it

Unknown Speaker  25:42  

Oh, and here we go. Two stanzas there. Yeah, now here we are. She’s singing this land is your land and you know this land is your land is something that I sang in elementary school. I remember you know, that whole patriotic you know, assortment of songs that you sing in this land is your land is one of them. But I don’t know if everyone was aware that the US Library of Congress says that this land is your land was written in response to God Bless America, and that the writer didn’t like this song God Bless America because he said it ignored the uneven distribution of wealth in America.

Unknown Speaker  26:16  

Well, in the separation of church state, and, you know, religious freedom. I mean, my

Unknown Speaker  26:22  

gosh, how long ago was this land? Is your land written? I did. I guess I didn’t do that much research, because I didn’t have that fact. handy. But I tell you, you know, that’s been around a long time. And it’s very interesting to me that we have had such a prolonged discussion about the distribution of wealth in our country. And I don’t think that that’s getting worse, or getting better, rather, in fact, I saw that President Trump’s proposed cabinet, they’re not all yet confirmed. So we don’t have to call them our cabinet yet. But among them, they represent about the same wealth as 30% of the bottom of the American people. So, the 19 or so cabinet members represent about 30% of all Americans at the bottom of the income spectrum; they’re in their personal wealth, which is staggering and frightening drain the swamp. So, at this time we are going to take our first break. We want to remind you that you are listening to the DJ Doran show on the kW IR network. You can find past episodes of the DJ Doran show at kW IR radio com, and you can call in and be part of the discussion tonight at 888-804-KWIR that’s 888-804-5947

Unknown Speaker  27:40  

you’re listening to the DJ Doran show on the kW IR radio network, a Doran Omni media production. We’ll be right back

Unknown Speaker  28:02  

Call 888-804-5947 to speak to DJ that’s 888-804-KWIR

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Unknown Speaker  29:18  

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Cassidy fellow summers here guest hosting for the DJ Doran show DJ is out of the studio this week. I am thrilled to be here. This is my first time hosting a radio show and Today we have with us our producer Kevin groves. Howdy, as well as our special guest who’s coming up for our HIV modernization segment later during today’s show, john William Coburg the second Hello, hello. Oh, there we go. I love that. Yeah, we’ll just keep that

Unknown Speaker  29:47  

wherever I go. The people always shout, you clap

Unknown Speaker  29:51  

you need Yeah, you need them. You know through your day you do indeed a button.

Unknown Speaker  29:56  

So we’re going to move on and now that that sports talk is done. If it weren’t the Super Bowl we would not be talking about sports today. I can guarantee you that. I do just want to say as we wrap up, john did some research and that song This land is your land was written in 1944, which is great. And I forgot to mention that our national heroes Joe Biden and Hillary Rodham Clinton, that is Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton tweeted about the performance of Lady Gaga and what a great job she did last night once again, just a consummate performer. But another consummate performer and somebody it people kept on speculating last night that Gaga was going to have a special guest. And so I saw things online that it might be foreign to the machine. And you know, I heard all kinds of rumbling, and then during her segment, she starts singing telephone, and I’m like, Oh my gosh, Beyonce is out and she’s gonna be gonna be out here rocking a prego belly and doing choreography. That didn’t happen. But since DJ has been on vacation, Beyonce had her picture announcement. JOHN, did you see about that idea? How did you feel about your voice too? Like I did? I did.

Unknown Speaker  31:09  

Celebrity pregnancy announcements don’t really. They don’t do anything. They don’t do it for me. Okay, great. You have kids?

Unknown Speaker  31:15  

Yeah, you’re gonna have kids? Well, she

Unknown Speaker  31:18  

has one. So right. He has kids. She’s gonna have two more. Okay, great. Does this mean you’re stepping back from the performing world to be a full time mom now since you’re gonna have three kids or are you going to do what you did with the first one?

Unknown Speaker  31:32  

Well, you know, one of the things I found myself thinking and this is like, chauvinism, I’m calling myself out on it because appropriation and chauvinism and all of those things need to be a bigger part of the conversation because we need to acknowledge it in ourselves. And I thought, Beyonce can’t come out there and saying she’s pregnant with twins. And then I’m like, my mom is a nurse and she carried me up until she went into labor. She’s not on patients around, you know, people pregnancy does prohibit you know any of that stuff from happening. So it very well could have been. But you know one thing and I’m going to go on record and I’m going to have to watch the phones with this. Once again, you can call and be part of the conversation at 888-804-KWIR. But I am not a huge fan of Beyonce’s music. There have been a few tunes. You know, if you have the right number of cocktails up in the club and things start going and then it’s like okay, but then you know, it gets you it does hit you. It does. It’s a good Saturday night at two o’clock in the morning. I guess it’s early Sunday morning. But never a huge Beyonce music fan. However, I am a fan of her as an artist, and I’m a fan of her as a business person. Yes, enrollment and a Roma. I can I applaud her for all of those things. One of the things that was really interesting is she takes control over this; her last two album releases have been completely of her design. And they have been super successful and she announced this pregnancy of her own Doing and in the first 45 minutes after she posted that picture, it generated half a million tweets and it was topping out at 17,000 tweets a minute. That’s crazy cakes, Jesus. I mean, who knows

Unknown Speaker  33:13  

I could do it.

Unknown Speaker  33:14  

Like, one minute. It’s Beyonce the next minute Oh, I’m due next month. It’s like Why?

Unknown Speaker  33:20  

She did you notice a baby bump? I didn’t. I didn’t.

Unknown Speaker  33:23  

Well, you know,

Unknown Speaker  33:24  

again, I haven’t seen her in concert. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker  33:27  

she became the most liked picture ever on Instagram. Within a day.

Unknown Speaker  33:37  

Seriously, yes. Oh, wow.

Unknown Speaker  33:40  

That’s kind of crazy. But I mean, that just speaks to her power and the following that she has and I think that that’s fantastic. We need more strong women, you know in culture across all different types of artistry and in business and also we More strong women of color across all industries. And I think that Beyonce is a great role model for a lot of different people and worthy of mention on today’s show. As we move on, since TJ was on the air last they also announced the Oscar nominations, which I have to say have come a good way there was so much flack last year about diversity in our Oscar nominees and I was there you know, I the Oscars. No, I Well, I was there with the controversy. You agreed I was rattling sabers about that. And I think that you know, we have some really great nominees. And sadly, I haven’t seen any of the movies. I’ve heard a lot of read a lot of reviews. What do you guys

Unknown Speaker  34:44  

are you guys doing anything for the actual viewing or do you guys do anything?

Unknown Speaker  34:51  

by you guys. Are you or any?

Unknown Speaker  34:53  

I don’t know. I’m just asking you to personally, I’m not talking about like the commute the the LG TQ community of you

Unknown Speaker  35:01  

people you

Unknown Speaker  35:04  

don’t put words in my mouth.

Unknown Speaker  35:06  

I thought maybe you meant you drag queens. Are you gay people or you?

Unknown Speaker  35:10  

Yeah. Right. This is me discriminating.

Unknown Speaker  35:17  

You know, I generally just watch at home. Okay, but you know there are local gay watering holes do a great job about providing the venues and libation.

Unknown Speaker  35:27  

I want to plug something real quick that that we’re trying to start at the hive. So I work at the hi fi Indy down in Fountain Square. And last night we had an event that it didn’t really there was really no publicity on it and nobody really marketed it very well. So it was kind of it was fun for us. It was the Super Bowl viewing party at the new hi fi so they’re doing the Oscars viewing party at the house. I think they’re gonna do different events sort of like that. Coming up. I don’t know what else they got planned but the Oscar nominations Oscar night at hi fi.

Unknown Speaker  36:14  

You know I actually the most fun Oscar party I ever went to was this is no surprise at a gay bar. And I was cross dressing that night and it was you had to pick a dead celebrity and you had to show up as a dead celebrity and it was a blast. Who did Who did you go? cachalia share shares a live

Unknown Speaker  36:41  

Oh, she’s dead. Oh my

Unknown Speaker  36:44  

kidding. I’m kidding. She’s not dead to me. We just lost every listener we had. I’m sorry. I tried to keep this thing together with duct tape and baling wire and your straight producer. just killed share. We just derailed somebody is on fake news right now. Somebody from say that is I can’t even perpetuate that terrible but anyway, if you haven’t seen these the the nominees there were nine nominees for Best Picture which is a lot of nominees go through and there’s some great some great ones in there and some diverse cast. I know that fences had a great diverse cast and Hidden Figures as well. You know, and also some great diversity among our nominees for the actors and the leading role. Casey Affleck for Manchester by the Sea. Andrew Garfield for Hacksaw Ridge Ryan Gosling for long island.

Unknown Speaker  37:39  

Ryan Gosling, Viggo Mortensen also have

Unknown Speaker  37:44  

a captain fantastic, fantastic and Denzel Washington for fences so that’s a great lineup there. And then in the Actress in a Leading Role, we had Isabel Hubert for Elle, Ruth negga for loving Natalie Portman for Jackie Emma Stone for Lala Land and of course, the eminent Meryl Streep for Florence Foster Jenkins. The stripper the stripper

Unknown Speaker  38:08  

stripper. Oh really?

Unknown Speaker  38:10  

made that up.

Unknown Speaker  38:13  

You know, did you see Florence Foster Jenkins, john? Oh, have you seen Kevin Have you seen Florence Foster Jenkins? That’s super surprising. Meryl Streep does a fantastic job. They

Unknown Speaker  38:24  

go through the movie. The movie

Unknown Speaker  38:28  

is about. This is a true story. Florence Foster Jenkins is about a singer and philanthropist actually, who was not the most gifted singer but loved the arts and supported the arts and had a dream of being a part of presenting the arts on stage and Florence Foster Jenkins is about her quest to do that. And so I thought that that way, it was a touching story and it was something that it really wasn’t. It was one that had a lot of peaks and valleys, but it was a very emotional film. So I suggest that you go out and check that out. I personally cannot wait to see both Hidden Figures and fences. I think that those look like two of my favorite pics from the films that were nominated for Best Picture this year. I

Unknown Speaker  39:21  

haven’t heard a bad word about either.

Unknown Speaker  39:23  

No. Well, and that’s saying something because I have about 2500 friends on Cassidy’s Facebook page and gay boys have all kinds of bad things to say about everybody. Of course, they were letting Gaga have it last night. I couldn’t even believe it. She did she danced her ass off, right. She’s sick, she sang live she played the piano she did all this and then there’s all this brouhaha about her not making a political statement. But it was

Unknown Speaker  39:45  

that the thing is they didn’t read into it.

Unknown Speaker  39:48  

They didn’t read into it. They didn’t have john here in the studio looking up all of the background information about the the the This land is land the wonders of the Google the wonders of the Google and the cell phone technology that we have which we will be talking about next week at the DJ Doran show when I guest host once again with our guests, Eric masters, where we’re talking about all the fun applications that your phone and internet can hook you up with, for hook you up with for your hookups. So, we are going to go ahead now and move into more entertainment talk as we talk about this weekend, Saturday Night Live. They are back and I am thrilled to death that they are back. You know, I used to watch Saturday Night Live. When I was in high school and the cast members back then were like Will Ferrell, Tina Fey on a gas tire, Tim Meadows all those guys and I Jimmy Fallon was in there. Yeah. Jimmy Fallon was in there too. Yeah, that they had a pretty good run of folks. Yeah. Cheri oteri. I think was was she in there too. The Spartan cheerleader. Yes, yeah, yeah. So, you know, I loved SNL then. And then I maybe this is like a cyclical thing. Maybe it’s a generational thing. But I feel like the show was not maybe as good for a while.

Unknown Speaker  41:15  

The it had to do maybe with the writers or, or maybe the cast wasn’t presenting what the writers had in mind,

Unknown Speaker  41:24  

could have well enough, could have been,

Unknown Speaker  41:27  

but they’re back

Unknown Speaker  41:28  

on fire. Fake News would say that they’re not

Unknown Speaker  41:31  

alternatives. alternative news, we’re going to use alternative. We have saved the best for last. So all of you political junkies out there who are used to

Unknown Speaker  41:39  

chomping at the bit to get to us talking about politics,

Unknown Speaker  41:45  

right, we’re going to save that for after the HIV discussion because we need to keep things nice and civil for the HIV modernization talk. And then at the end, we’re going to come back and talk about politics with john and invite him to, you know, participate. And all the fun that we’re going to have. But you know, last night, the cast was everything or not last night, Saturday night. They were everything. I really there were some gay themes that played throughout the show, which I think you know, we are on kW IR queer radio, and we are talking about a lot of LGBT related issues and I just it’s really refreshing to be able to turn on center at live mainstream media and to see what I saw on Saturday. And there was a very sexual totino superbowl commercial smooth spoof, rather, featuring the guests that the guest host was Kristen Stewart this past week. And in case you didn’t know, Kristen Stewart is is gay now. I guess that she probably has been gay for a long time but she has come out of the closet and she is telling telling everyone that she’s gay, which is fantastic. We really think they support that and they they kind of took advantage of that. And I think that we have a little clip here that we can play for you that kind of shows you a little the the taste of this totino is commercial

Unknown Speaker  43:13  

along with those totino you girls making up back there

Unknown Speaker  43:18  


Unknown Speaker  43:19  

And now right here right now is when the big sloppy lesbian kisses going on.

Unknown Speaker  43:26  

I think that that’s fantastic. You know that commercial. It was obviously a lot longer than an actual commercial during the Super Bowl would be it would cost you almost as much as building a wall between the US and Mexico to play a commercial as long as that spoof commercial was for totino. But they are, you know, all of these men in the living room and there’s one woman in the kitchen and of course, that’s where she’s relegated because we we have a chauvinist society that does that. And they’re like, bring us more totino then put Martino’s in the oven and all that jazz and all these guys As more guys start showing up, and all they do is demand more food from this poor woman in the kitchen. And then Kristen Stewart walks in. And, you know, I’m not going to pick a fight with this, but she does look stereotypically lesbian at that point they ever like in a black leather coat and her hair’s kind of looking a little more masculine than it probably normally does. And so I see a little grease

Unknown Speaker  44:22  

here, maybe, yes,

Unknown Speaker  44:24  

they bootstrap, they bootstrap. And I mean, you know, we You don’t have to be a feminine man to be homosexual. And you don’t have to be a masculine woman either. So we’ll look beyond that. And just appreciate the fact that it was on air. And that nothing like that ever was on SNL when I was a kid.

Unknown Speaker  44:44  

And you wouldn’t ever see that

Unknown Speaker  44:45  

you would never see that and now we have a time when people can be, you know, completely open about that. One of the things also that I thought was interesting is not only that happen, but we had so Celebrity Family Feud now I’m going to do a precursor about celebrity Family Feud because it’s terrible. Yeah. I love Kenan Thompson. I think he’s a great actor. I just think that the whole format of celebrity Family Feud is a snooze. And but what I did appreciate during celebrity Family Feud is that Leslie Jones, another actress on SNL right now and their cast, who was also in the Ghostbusters movie, was it as a drag King and was playing Samuel L. Jackson. And I know that, you know, there’s the church lady, you know, remember Dana Carvey had is that right? And so, you know, there has been some crossdressing on SNL before, but I feel like early

Unknown Speaker  45:48  

Yeah, Chris Farley, lunch lady, starving.

Unknown Speaker  45:53  

You know, I actually lunch leaving land is actually Cassidy’s first talent. Really good. So that was my first time on the stage in drag performing. It was my high school talent show. My friend Bruce played the guitar and said lunch lady land and did the the. What’s his name?

Unknown Speaker  46:14  

Was it. Oh my

Unknown Speaker  46:17  

god, Adam,

Unknown Speaker  46:18  

Adam Sandler. Yeah, he did Adam Sandler’s part. And then I, my mom from scratch, made me a lunch lady costume. And I went out there and did the Chris Farley part. And we actually did win an award during that talent show. And so,

Unknown Speaker  46:33  

congratulations. Thank you. Yep. That wasn’t the first award that you ever won, was it?

Unknown Speaker  46:38  

It was my first award for what would someday be QST fellow some okay.

Unknown Speaker  46:44  

Yeah, for sure. Congratulations. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  46:46  

obviously, tonight is my crowning achievement in my entire career.

Unknown Speaker  46:50  

But shit, we forgot to plaque.

Unknown Speaker  46:54  

I know.

Unknown Speaker  46:56  

My fruit, my lovely fruit basket that I have here. is plenty for me. I’m sure. I’m glad that all portions of my writer have been upheld tonight.

Unknown Speaker  47:06  

Well, we will definitely get a plaque for you, for sure next week.

Unknown Speaker  47:12  

Well, you know, one of the things to

Unknown Speaker  47:14  

or for who is the guest next week with

Unknown Speaker  47:17  

Eric masters, get

Unknown Speaker  47:18  

him get him like a branding.

Unknown Speaker  47:21  

Yeah, we can get him a special paddle with a brand new stuff. That’d be great. I was trying to tell Kevin about how to properly spank and not that I this is not something that I personally do made sense in public. Yeah. But that’s something that Eric does.

Unknown Speaker  47:37  

Yes. In public in public.

Unknown Speaker  47:39  

Yeah. And he teaches. He’s a great instructor. Thank you. So one of the things you know, we think

Unknown Speaker  47:45  

you know, the school.

Unknown Speaker  47:47  

Yeah, yeah. There’s such a thing as a kink. You I

Unknown Speaker  47:50  

thought it I thought you were saying thank you, like, kink you for sure.

Unknown Speaker  47:56  

So, you know, Kristen Stewart, as I said, was the guest and during her monologue, I thought that you know, something else that stood out. She liked President Trump’s habit. Apparently back before he was candidate Trump and before he was President Trump, he decided that it that her relationship with Robert Pattinson was important enough not only to tweet about once or twice but nine different times. And she went on and covered it. I there are clips of it on YouTube, you should go check it out because it is hilarious, that kind of stuff that he was tweeting. And sometimes I just wonder, you know what the future holds for us, but her monologue was great, you know, very appropriate I, I appreciate it to that the you know, the opening of the cold open for SNL. Once again, Alec Baldwin came back and did his very spot on impersonation of President Trump. And you know, the tone of the show know, though was a little different. I think there was a certain degree of urgency about the kind of biting humor that had been happening, but this past weekend show, it was a little more relaxed. They went a little more outside the box. It wasn’t so cutting. But yet Steve O’Bannon was featured on there and he is a mess. And he obviously is the alt right, former Breitbart News guy that is now on our security council. So that’s something scary in itself, but they did a fantastic little clip of that to open the show with but by far, the winner of all things SNL political in recent past has got to be Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal the worst press secretary that has ever ever, ever been in the role Press Secretary Sean Spicer and I know that we do have a clip of that. So this is

Unknown Speaker  50:05  

Melissa McCarthy and she’s also in drag another drag candle which is great

Unknown Speaker  50:19  

missense when I say rocky start I made it in the sense of Rocky the movie because I came out here to punch you.

Unknown Speaker  50:28  

And also I don’t talk so good

Unknown Speaker  50:31  

to begin today by apologizing on behalf of you to me.

Unknown Speaker  50:40  

Me these last two weeks and that apology is not accepted.

Unknown Speaker  50:46  

Because I’m not here to be your buddy. I’m here

Unknown Speaker  50:50  

and I’m here to take names

Unknown Speaker  50:51  

you know, they said that he actually goes through two and a half packs of gum before

Unknown Speaker  51:02  

Two and a half packs

Unknown Speaker  51:03  

of gum before you know

Unknown Speaker  51:12  

the funny part about this is that this is not too far from how press briefings have actually got

Unknown Speaker  51:18  

his Supreme Court picked on the national TV. Today when he entered the room the crowd greeted him with a standing ovation minutes and you can check the tape on that everyone was smiling. Everyone was happy.

Unknown Speaker  51:41  

Every single one of the women was

Unknown Speaker  51:47  

some of the claims that have come up with that best lately or not.

Unknown Speaker  51:53  

We got something x three four, capital T capital P for hanging out Wait a minute, that’s my email password.

Unknown Speaker  52:02  

Seriously, if you guys have not heard about this, the the tweeting of those combinations of letters and numbers very well could be his actual double authentication for his Twitter account. And if that’s the case, the email conversation. I want to have a meltdown personally, every time I think about that, because I think that he’s done that twice now

Unknown Speaker  52:28  

for sure. Oh, yeah. Okay, so if nobody has any questions.

Unknown Speaker  52:35  

Okay. We’ll do a couple of questions. Go. Glen thrush New York Times. Bo, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker  52:42  

Yeah, I wanted to ask about the travel ban on Muslim ban.

Unknown Speaker  52:46  

I’m sorry, banned. The travel ban is not a ban, which makes it not a band but

Unknown Speaker  52:51  

you just called it a band because

Unknown Speaker  52:52  

I’m using your words you said? You said they are not saying you

Unknown Speaker  52:58  

tweeted, and I quote it. The band were announced with a one week notice exactly,

Unknown Speaker  53:04  

this is a real, this is real dialogue about what’s going on in your country right now, which is

Unknown Speaker  53:12  

back its circular using of the word and that’s for me.

Unknown Speaker  53:23  

You know, Alec Baldwin, we can we can kind of, actually, we have to get through. We have to get through the soapy water part.

Unknown Speaker  53:33  

That’s the best part. Now you know that there’s a part in there and that thing can drag on a little bit. It’s like eight minutes long, but there’s a part where Melissa McCarthy playing Press Secretary Sean Spicer picks out a super soaker with soapy water in it and start spraying it in the mouth of one of the reporters to wash the light out of his mouth.

Unknown Speaker  54:00  

This is soapy water and I’m watching that filthy lie and

Unknown Speaker  54:09  

you know, it is very interesting to me now and I want to make it clear that this is that I am not a journalist. I respect journalists and I respect the amount of work that goes into actually reporting the news, factually reporting the news. What I do is consume the news mostly through NPR, and then also through reliable news sources like the real news, The Washington Post and the New York Times. And CNN, because they are all journalists and they take their job seriously and people make mistakes. But we’re in a dangerous point in time in our country, where we have people D legitimising journalists, people that take their role seriously and people who I honestly feel are trying to, to present what is actually going on in our country. To us and the freedom of the press is something that we must have. And it’s not something I get very uncomfortable when people in government are standing and telling people what they should and should not report. That is exactly what we need to be against. And that is exactly how other countries that have severe problems and their leadership like Russia, that’s how they operate. So I don’t care if you agree with him or not, you know, we need to have an open sharing of information that goes on without the government telling the press what they shouldn’t or should not report. So, we are coming to the end of the first hour of the DJ Doran show. Once again, you can go to kW IR radio, com and get all of the great past episodes with your usual host DJ Doran. You can call in and be part of the conversation at 888-804-KWIR, 888-804-5947. The selected topic for our special discussion this week is HIV legislation modernization, and we have john William colbry. The second here who is the co chair of the HIV modernization movement, Indiana during the first half hour of the seven o’clock hour, we are going to dive into that and talk about what that means. And there’s some really great conversations happening all over the country. And we’re going to learn about what things are like here in Indiana and how you can get involved regardless of where you stand on the topic of HIV modernization. So at this time, this is Cassie fellow seminars and I am guest hosting the DJ Doran show here at kW IR radio. We are going to go to break and we will be right back with john William Coburn, the second.

Unknown Speaker  56:51  

You’re listening to the DJ Doran show. We’ll be right back

Unknown Speaker  57:10  

Call 888045947 to speak to DJ, that’s 888-804-KWIR.

Unknown Speaker  57:26  

I’m Sasha. I’m Josh. I’m Sandra. I met. I’m Maria. I’m Aaron. I’m Deseret our bedroom. Marcos. I’m Victor. I’m getting an HIV test. Because I didn’t use a condom

Unknown Speaker  57:42  

because I’m getting into a new relationship.

Unknown Speaker  57:45  

And I want both of us to be safe.

Unknown Speaker  57:47  

Because I shared needles back to my party days,

Unknown Speaker  57:50  

because my husband had an affair. And I just need to be sure,

Unknown Speaker  57:55  

because I’ve had an STD and I’m more at risk of contracting the HIV virus.

Unknown Speaker  58:00  

Now that there’s a rapid oral swab test, I can no longer use my fear of needles as an excuse not to get tested.

Unknown Speaker  58:06  

Because it only takes 20 minutes, and I can finally stop worrying.

Unknown Speaker  58:10  

And it’s free, because I want to have kids

Unknown Speaker  58:14  

and I need to know how to protect my baby. Because I care about him. Because I care about him. Because I’ve got my own personal reasons to question

Unknown Speaker  58:23  

my HIV status.

Unknown Speaker  58:27  

What’s your reason for getting an HIV test? Go to erase for the other reasons you should get tested today. That’s your race down or get tested. treated? It’s free.

Unknown Speaker  58:47  

You’re listening to the DJ Doran show on the kW IR radio network. A Duran, I’m the media production.

Unknown Speaker  59:03  

Call 888045947 to speak to DJ that’s 888-804-KWIR

Unknown Speaker  59:24  

Thank you everyone and welcome back to the DJ Doran show here at kW IR radio. We want to remind you that you can call in and be part of the talk today at 888804 k w ir 888845947. My name is Cassidy fellow summers and I am guest hosting here today and we are in the studio with our producer Kevin groves, as well as our special guest, john William Cooper, the second he is the co chair for the HIV modernization movement, Indiana, and I’m going to toss it over to john and let him tell you a little bit about what What they are doing with their group and what he personally is doing involved with them. And then we’re going to dig in for some questions. And before john takes it away, we would love to have you be a part of this chat with us at 888845947. JOHN.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:14  

Thank you, Cassie. So, we are the HIV modernization movement here in Indiana. It’s a group of diverse individuals we’re seeking to reform or modernize Indiana’s criminal HIV laws. The laws that we have on book are outdated, they don’t reflect current science. So that’s what we’re looking to do.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:37  

When you say, los john, what kind of laws are you talking about?

Unknown Speaker  1:00:40  

So Indiana has six laws on the book, on their books, I should say for HIV laws that can be prosecuted. The biggest one that is prosecuted is the HIV disclosure or non disclosure I should say. And then after that, it’s the blood and plasma

Unknown Speaker  1:00:59  

so When we talk about HIV non disclosure, what is the the the more common term that we hear thrown around with that

Unknown Speaker  1:01:07  

duty to warn?

Unknown Speaker  1:01:09  

Why do they call it that

Unknown Speaker  1:01:11  

it was taken from the mental health sector. Because in the mental health sector, if you feel that the person is going to harm themselves or someone and they are in imminent, immediate danger, you can break confidentiality. And that’s a duty to warn in the mental health sector. So they took that and applied it to HIV back in the early days of the virus, so the laws were enacted late 80s, early 90s so they don’t reflect current science of what is now possible.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:46  

Okay, so what I’m trying to get to the root of, you know, what you all are trying to accomplish here. So when we have laws like duty to more duty Warren says, if you’re HIV positive, and you are, I’m going to come in contact with your body fluids, whether that be were needle sharing partners, and I’m coming in contact with your blood. If we’re having sex and I’m coming in contact with your sexual fluids, whether you’re a man or a woman, that you as someone who is HIV positive would have to disclose that, you know, or face some kind of legal penalty.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:28  

There’s the part of the law that says epidemiologically noun to transfer. So if I am undetectable means you can’t find the virus in my body. virus is stored in areas. So you know recent current science says that with meds as they are. It’s non transmissible, non infectious, virtually zero risk cannot transmit. That’s if you stay on your medication. It keeps the virus from multiplying. So it literally contains the virus.

Unknown Speaker  1:03:04  

So john, I’m going to tell you something that happened. Leading up to this show, I was having a conversation with another performer in town who is not HIV positive in their late 20s. And they are on prep and prep is pre exposure prophylaxis. And that’s a one a day pill that people who are high risk for HIV can take that almost when we use the term virtually, virtually everybody I think knows what virtually means but just to clarify virtually means extremely unlikely, I mean, virtually does not mean impossible. If it’s virtually impossible. It doesn’t necessarily mean Impossible, impossible, but it means to the most incredibly unlikely extent basically correct. So, so this person acknowledges they have risk and acknowledges that it’s their personal activity that they need to monitor and they say, you know, I am personally responsible for Saying HIV negative, I’m going to take a one day pill called prep. And I’m going to protect myself. But whenever I was talking about this show, I said, you know, we’re going to talk about duty to warn laws. And they were like, Oh, yeah, I’m glad that we have those. And I was like, What do you mean? And they said, Well, I’m glad that we have, because people with HIV need to disclose their status, and they need to be telling people before they have sex with other people that they’re HIV positive. What’s bad about that?

Unknown Speaker  1:04:25  

Okay, does it apply to Hepatitis B, herpes, or any of the other chronic STDs or STI as I’m sorry,

Unknown Speaker  1:04:35  

I’m not feeling I’m not feeling that side of the argument. And I’m going to come out now and I’m going to let everybody who’s listening know that I’m an advocate of modernizing HIV laws, but I’m not an advocate on that front. Right. I’m an advocate on the personal responsibility front.

Unknown Speaker  1:04:53  

Now. Yes, personal responsibility is a moral obligation.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:00  

How successful are we with legislating morality in our country? Well,

Unknown Speaker  1:05:05  

I mean, we have laws. But when the law says that I have to disclose to you my HIV status, whether I’m if I’m positive, that gives you personal information on me, that you can then use to whatever disposal that you want, if we have a one time sexual encounter, and it’s not the best for either one of us, you can report me You can say I did this, you know, I didn’t disclose to you. It’s a he said, he said, or he said, she said, type thing.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:40  

So Hold on, wait a second, when you talk about this, you’re saying that if it say I’m HIV positive, and I, you know, have sex with someone who is HIV negative, and they decide that they’re just going to make something up that they could make up that? I did, I did. disclose even if I did. And their word would be held up in court just without any other background information, like without any corroborating evidence, even if even if they weren’t infected in that?

Unknown Speaker  1:06:14  

Uh huh. You’re correct. So it’s your word against that you’re the person. You’re the one who has a record on file that states that you’re HIV positive, you signed a document stating that you would tell everyone

Unknown Speaker  1:06:30  

but john, what I don’t understand is, you know, if if I am, we’re going to say the law compels people, the law doesn’t force you to do something. You know, the law, that the speed limit doesn’t force you to drive 55 miles an hour, but the law compels you knowing that there are consequences for that. So these states this everyone does every state in in our country in America here have HIV legislation. Notice how many states you don’t have, you don’t have less than half. Yo. Yeah. Okay. So it goes to in my mind that the states that have these kinds of laws on the book have better disclosure rates than states that don’t.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:21  

We’re the only state that forces disclosure. Oh, in the nn that has a signed document. Louisiana would be the next state closest us with the harsh laws there. If you’re charged with non disclosure, not only is it a felony, you’re registered as a sex offender. So we’re lucky to that point to be here that it’s just a signed document. It goes through a counseling program. At first, you go through you know, a counseling program through the state So

Unknown Speaker  1:08:00  

hold on just a second. So whenever a person who’s HIV positive, say that they did say, say that they’re having trouble disclosing, let’s just, we’re going to say, you know, we could go on and on about this and get into lots of details, say a person’s just found out, they’re HIV positive six months ago, that, you know, we’re gaming. There, there is no right number of sexual partners to have in a six month period of time, but there are more and less to have during that period of time. So say that that person, you know, has, sleeps with one person a week. And so in six months time, you know, they’ve been with 24 different people. And they didn’t disclose because they’re still kind of adjusting to that they’re not virally suppressed. And it comes to find out, you know, say one or two of those people test positive and they, you know, go through the disease investigation process and all that kind of stuff that we do here. What is the first step? What’s the first recourse for when they say, you know, Nobody disclose to me that they’re HIV positive and the powers that be in the State Department of Health determine, you know that that’s linked back to one person what happens there referred to the arc program, which is the recalcitrant program. Again, Indiana took a mental health approach versus a purely, we’re going to throw you in jail approach. We’re going to put you through a counseling program or risk reduction program that talks about your risk, how to reduce risk, how to disclose properly, disclosing doesn’t mean I can I look at you and say, by the way, I’m HIV positive, I could leave my meds out. That’s a way of disclosing. Yeah, and you know, just to be HIV stigma is real. And it’s a real problem. I just saw on Facebook last week or two weeks ago, there was someone who they they in their long term boyfriend had broken up and they had taken a picture of their boyfriend’s HIV meds that they left at the house and said, You know, he tore out of here With my TV and my laptop and all this other kind of stuff, but he left his HIV medications here and holding him kind of out in him. Yeah. So I, you know that this stuff happens on a day to day basis. So

Unknown Speaker  1:10:15  

yeah, what about the reverse rule or the reverse of this situation? Right? Like if somebody did do that, if somebody actually told the community that you have HIV, without your consent, is there any penalty or no repercussion for that? Nothing?

Unknown Speaker  1:10:37  

Nothing at all. That’s, that’s the biggest issue for us. Being a person living with HIV, that is our hardest issue is I give you a piece of information that you can do with whatever you want and you have no consequence, but yet, I don’t give you that piece of information and it can be detrimental for me.

Unknown Speaker  1:10:59  

So what happens if a person does disclose? They did you know, they they do disclose they do everything right. And then they still get this person and you know, their partner comes back and says that didn’t happen. What

Unknown Speaker  1:11:16  

is the recourse? It’s the same thing you referred into the ark program and you’re referred through counseling it, at least it’s better than putting someone in jail.

Unknown Speaker  1:11:27  


Unknown Speaker  1:11:31  

here’s the safest thing. Went to a training last summer in Alabama. Get a text, disclose through text, even if you’re verbally disclosing, disclose through text as well save that text, take a screenshot of it. You think that’s not enough for you personally as a personal protection. There are resources out there, you can have a document that says I print your name and have been told that I would put my print my name has discussed that they are HIV positive and everything, sign and date. These are you know, there are many forms of disclosure. take someone to your doctor’s appointment if you’re really like that comfortable. But that’s more of the relationship side of it. If you’re cultivating a relationship with someone, one night stand, that’s a different story. Several of the hookup apps now after lots of pressing from the pause community, you can now put your status on there. You can put your you know, I’m positive, I’m undetectable. My last doctor’s appointment was December, you know, so you’re disclosing but you’re not having to like all the time, say I’m HIV positive, although I pose no risk of infecting you. You don’t have to constantly say it. It’s there. Well,

Unknown Speaker  1:12:58  

you know, john, I’m going to push back, we’re gonna say virtually no risk virtually Yeah. Because I would, I would guess, that there has been, at least among all the transmissions out there that have handled Of course, one person has been infected by someone who’s undetectable

Unknown Speaker  1:13:12  

Of course. I mean, there are things called viral blips.

Unknown Speaker  1:13:16  

So it was so what happens if we so to some extent, risk in this regard? I don’t I don’t like the Russian Roulette analogy. But I think that that’s one that rings true with a lot of people. Yes, you know, is that no matter how low the viral load is, and even if the other partner is on prep, and they use a condom, the right number of moon and stars and there is an unbelievable, unbelievably small amount of risk there. But there’s still risk that exists. So essentially, what we’re saying is that it is incumbent upon the person this law, what this law says is, it’s incumbent to pump the person with HIV to make sure that they don’t infect other people.

Unknown Speaker  1:14:05  

Yes, but it doesn’t let the partner it actually places all responsibility on the HIV positive person. So it makes me responsible for my sexual health and yours as well. Any other time with any other transsexual transaction you would have? You’re responsible for your own sexual health at that moment. But yet, if we have a sexual transaction or a needle sharing transaction, all the burden of that responsibility is placed on me.

Unknown Speaker  1:14:35  

When you say transaction, I have to.

Unknown Speaker  1:14:39  

We’re being at

Unknown Speaker  1:14:42  

I’m sorry, encounter, I’m rolling through it right. I’m rolling through the chase drive through right now. I’d be like I need to make a transaction please. But I guess that there is a deposit of some form there. But we do want to remind you that you’re listening to the DJ Doran show On the kW IR network, you can find past episodes of the DJ Doran show at k w IR radio. com. And you can call in and be part of this conversation at 888-804-KWIR. That’s 888845947. We have our producer Kevin Gross in the studio with us as well as john William Coburg, the second, the co chair of the HIV modernization movement, Indiana, and we are talking right now about duty to warn legislation. It’s a little bit different in all kinds of different states, but it does impact people living with HIV all over the country. And if you are part of the LGBT q positive community, then this is HIV is something that impacts you and if you are not part of the community, but you’re listening to the show, HIV is something that impacts all of us. The Ryan White Care Act is something that provides a lot of funding across the country for people living with HIV, which I wanted to, for that to be part of the talk. So when we talk about disclosing, and when we talk about HIV transmission, you know, this is just like anything else in our country where money plays part. Yes. And so when, when a person is HIV positive, they are eligible as long as they meet certain brother liberal criteria to access resources that the government provides. Yes. And so, our duty to warn laws in some ways a stopgap on that or is our duty to warn laws meant to lessen the government’s exposure to having to provide all these services for people living with HIV?

Unknown Speaker  1:16:50  

It’s that’s one of those you know, you asked each person for an individual answer. If you ask me personally. I have really no opinion. I mean, I I’ve been positive for two years.

Unknown Speaker  1:17:04  


Unknown Speaker  1:17:06  

I have access to Ryan White if I need it, if I want it sure. haven’t used it yet know, if there comes a time that I need to use it, of course, but that doesn’t bother that has no play on the fact of disclosure for me. Right. You know, I’m an open and honest person. You asked me I’m gonna tell you Yeah, this is what it is. This is what I have. But if you look at the law itself, the duty to warn disclosure law, it says HIV AIDS and hepatitis B. Do you hear of any Hepatitis B cases? Do you have a Hepatitis B duty to warn form that people signed when they test positive? Now we’re not saying we want that. We don’t want that. That is something we do not want to do, because it’s viral stigmatization. It puts us in a viral underclass, right? So we’re constantly looked down upon

Unknown Speaker  1:18:00  

So, tell me this. There are cases and I don’t think that we’re going to get deep into it today and during this part of the talk, but there are cases where people have been suspected of intentionally transmitting HIV or attempting to transmit HIV to other people. Yes, that that has happened, yes, it has. And so, how should we treat that how is that different from another type where, you know, a person say is HIV positive, they know that it is very unlikely that they would transmit HIV to someone else, because their viral load is undetectable. And for all of you out there, a viral load being undetectable means that there are less than a certain number of copies it’s like 40 to 70 copies per sample of blood present and so that that is a very small because viral loads can be in the man’s so this HIV positive person knows They’re positive, they take care of that they’re in treatment. They’re undetectable, and they use condoms. And they know that, you know, all of that is in play, versus someone who is intentionally trying to infect other people. How are how should we treat that differently?

Unknown Speaker  1:19:16  

Don’t we have malicious mischief laws and battery by bodily fluids already? Take care of that. I’m not an attorney. What? No, but what I’m saying is, we already have those laws on the books, okay. It’s this. It’s a bodily fluid. It’s battery by my bodily fluid. It’s malicious intent.

Unknown Speaker  1:19:32  

With bodily fluid. Have there been people in states that don’t have duty to warn laws that have been prosecuted under battery or other types of legislation for that same type of active Yeah, successfully? Yes.

Unknown Speaker  1:19:48  

Okay. Um, Case in point, there was a case in Texas. The guy was classed as a sociopath. He was quote in a relationship with one woman, quote in a relationship with another and just kept sleeping around, based on medical records that could be tracked down, he knew he was positive 15 years before he was convicted. And he infected several women and this was in Texas, they don’t have an HIV specific law, they prosecuted under, I think, a battery law. So we have that’s already there.

Unknown Speaker  1:20:26  

So that that makes sense that there is some recourse because, you know, if somebody is being malicious, and if somebody is using that as a weapon, which is kind of what’s happening there. It’s like using a gun or a knife or something else, but it’s with the intention of inflicting harm on someone else, then I do I have to say that I think that there needs to be a legal recourse there. As someone who wants to do away with as much HIV stigma as we possibly can Do you see where duty to warn laws do cause a lot of harm? They do. And so, you know, it’s how we keep protections in place for people while still now one of the other things I’ll tell you, I knew somebody years ago, who had an undercover injection drug using husband. And so her husband had started using injection drugs and she didn’t know about it. This happened before duty to warn laws were passed in our state, and they were married, and he tested positive and decided not to disclose, having tested positive to her and years past and he still didn’t disclose and she didn’t find out that she had HIV until she was hospitalized. With pneumocystis pneumonia she almost died. She had obvious aids defining illnesses that way. So what I know is that the duty to warn has some caveats and they About informing past spouses. Is there benefit in keeping this like one of those Affordable Care Act things where we should keep some of it, we should keep parts of it that work. And we should get rid of parts of it that don’t work. Like we’ve learned lessons. HIV has been around what you know, over three decades now. We know what we need to be afraid of, and we know what we don’t need to be afraid of. Are there certain parts of do to mourn that we want to keep?

Unknown Speaker  1:22:29  

Yes, and now, okay,

Unknown Speaker  1:22:30  

tell me Hello.

Unknown Speaker  1:22:33  

Our group HIV monetization movement would rather see a good law on the books that is properly written that reflects current science rather than one that has all these ambiguous holes and loopholes that you can slip through. If you have a good solid law. It’s a good solid law and you It’s my the book would you say

Unknown Speaker  1:22:57  

as co chair okay. of our movement here in Indiana, would you say that that previous partner notification piece is something that needs to be included?

Unknown Speaker  1:23:12  

in legislation going forward?

Unknown Speaker  1:23:14  

How far back do you want my first partner? Do you want my first partner, since my last HIV, my HIV negative test, these are things that need to be established. First

Unknown Speaker  1:23:24  

thing, and these are all things that need to be part of the and I John’s been a great sport here. He knows that I’m actually just full disclosure on the board of another organization that looks to do way with HIV related stigma, team friendly Indiana, and I am not HIV positive and I’m a huge advocate. And this is not something that you can just scratch the surface and know what you’re talking about, you know, this young man that was part of the talk leading up to this who is on prep and is trying to you know, stay in the But things that duty towards a good idea. You know, he’s part of that conversation. John’s part of that conversation. I’m part of the conversation, the gay community as a whole needs to be having ongoing dialogue about this because this legislation does not impact all people in in all the same way is this legislation impacts people who live in poverty differently than people who have money, it impacts people who are from communities of color differently than it impacts white people. It impacts people across all kinds of different

Unknown Speaker  1:24:35  

demographic demographic

Unknown Speaker  1:24:35  

segments of society differently. And our law should be laws that can be equally applied to everybody in similar situations, of course. And so this is a very important thing to look into. If you live in a state that has this kind of legislation. I’m pretty sure that there’s probably a movement against it at this point.

Unknown Speaker  1:24:56  

There are several of us out there and trust me, our network is huge.

Unknown Speaker  1:25:01  

So say,

Unknown Speaker  1:25:02  

john, where can people go if they want to be a part of this? So we actually have a website, you can go to it’s HIV modernization From there, you can see our Facebook page. We have a Pinterest page, we’re working on a Twitter page so we can have actual conversations. And there’s all things on our all of your things. We have a you can get our basic mission statement and who we are as a group. We’re diverse, some of us are positive, some of us are negative. Some of us are just advocates.

Unknown Speaker  1:25:34  

You know, john, you just said, Twitter so you can have an actual conversation. I’m going to disagree with that and say like conversations actually happen in person, a Twitter chat,

Unknown Speaker  1:25:44  

let me rephrase that Twitter should as a gay community,

Unknown Speaker  1:25:47  

we should be talking about this in person of Dorsey ball. And this is not something that we’re very good at. Still, HIV has been around for over three decades, and we’re really not very good at talking about it. Even though Some numbers say that as many as one in four white gay men are HIV positive, and as many as half of some members of the black gay community are positive. That is a very troubling and the number the rates are even higher among our transgender folks. So you know, HIV, the first step, to really making a big difference in HIV is being able to talk about it. having a conversation, having an actual conversation and being able to among our friends, dialogue about this because it’s important to us these are laws that discriminate against us, yes, this is something that and when I say us, we need to own HIV as a community. This is not something that only affects people who have HIV physically. We all have HIV, this is something that we can in AIDS is something that is winnable. We will not win it without this kind of dialogue happening. So when I had the opportunity to guest host the show, I wanted this to be my first discussion topic because this is such a vital piece for all of our health going forward. And there are a lot of people who are not being treated well. And so that’s kind of where I’m going to leave it. And I’m going to give john one last opportunity to say anything that he didn’t have a chance to say on the topic. Again, our website has a get involved page, you can sign up as an individual, you can do a pledge to have a conversation.

Unknown Speaker  1:27:31  

If you if that’s not where you are, to talk about it, then support us by you know, doing a HIV is not a crime t shirt or a coffee mug. We have these things as conversation starters, if someone asks you about it, just like our name, our acronym is when you start talking to people about HIV law, they stop and go, huh. That’s how we came up with HIV monetization movement as our names so it’s all about our conversation. We need to be at the forefront of this conversation. We need to be at the table.

Unknown Speaker  1:28:01  

And we need people that we don’t get anywhere. And I was talking with DJ as we were preparing for this show, because as you know, DJ is more on the red side of the political spectrum where I am more on the blue side of it. And we do not get anywhere when we listen to people who have the same idea about things that we do. And so we need people who are in favor of this legislation to sit down and learn why some of that parts of those laws don’t work. And so we need people on both sides of the spectrum to have an actual conversation about how we can move forward and make this the best that it can be. Our country’s always tackled things better when we do it together. And that is we are stronger together, Kevin. And with that Hillary Clinton reference we’re going to go to break and after we come back from break, we’re going to talk about politics. For the last half hour of the show, kW IR radio com is the DJ Doran show. My name is Cassie fellow summers and I am your guest host this week to remind you that you can call in and participate at 888-804-KWIR. We will be back in just a moment.

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You’re listening to the DJ Doran show. We’ll be right back.

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is Cassie fellows summers once again back guest hosting the DJ Doran Show and The kW IR network. We are closing out the last half hour of today’s show with a political discussion. And we have in the house with us our producer Kevin Grove, and we also have from the A HIV modernization movement Indiana. JOHN William Cobra the second and I just told john, that I am I will claim my draw. I will claim my draw, but I will not claim his I am a born and bred southern Indiana Hoosier. And, john, where are you from? I am from southeastern Kentucky.

Unknown Speaker  1:31:18  

Oh, my mom’s in

Unknown Speaker  1:31:21  

the hills and hollers.

Unknown Speaker  1:31:22  

Yes. Loretta Lynn is in the back door.

Unknown Speaker  1:31:24  

Yes. In the back door.

Unknown Speaker  1:31:26  

She might as well be my next door neighbor.

Unknown Speaker  1:31:30  

That’s my door just opened the door throws that matter if that’s,

Unknown Speaker  1:31:33  

you know, when I hear back door, and we’re on Well, the LGBT cape, the queer kW IR network here. It makes me think of something else. Well, we’re not thinking about that.

Unknown Speaker  1:31:44  

We are back we have a half hour left in today’s show. And we have saved the the meat, the meat of the news of the day the meat and potatoes for the the end and we’re going to discuss some politics and we’re going to start off with the chief politics In the world at this moment she is celebrating her 65 years of legitimate reign. Queen Elizabeth and the Sapphire Jubilee is today so give it up for Queen Elizabeth. She’s 90 years old 65 years of legitimate rule over Britain and the Empire. And unfortunately, today does Mark 17 days that Hillary Rodham Clinton should have been our president of the United States. Yes. So, DJ right. Now, I don’t want to legitimize the election. Donald Trump has done enough of that President Donald Trump has done enough of that himself. I do think that the election was according to the way that it is laid out. Even though nearly 3 million more people voted for Hillary Clinton. But the DJ Doran show has been on hiatus for a while and so There’s been so much happen, I don’t have enough show we could have done the full two hours on political discussion alone and not had enough show to talk about all the things that have happened. So excuse me, we’re just going to run through a list here. And right off the bat, when President Trump took the oath of office, he went out the next day and trying to repair his relationship with our intelligence community, the one that he so badly damaged during the campaign. And in when he was in front of the CIA on what the CIA and what people in the intelligence community consider basically how ground instead of addressing them and trying to make some positive advancement there. He just heard about his crowd side, guys, what’s up with this crowd size thing?

Unknown Speaker  1:33:50  

Yeah, I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker  1:33:53  

I don’t know where to start. It’s baffling. I mean, I just continues

Unknown Speaker  1:33:56  

Yeah, he he thinks that this is all about him. Well, you know it not about the country.

Unknown Speaker  1:34:03  

Right? That is true. And we shouldn’t be surprised about that.

Unknown Speaker  1:34:07  

Yeah, we’ve had almost two years of his, his his egomaniac, like campaign campaigning. And, um, I was sick of it from day one. So,

Unknown Speaker  1:34:22  

I mean, it’s been pretty, pretty shocking some of the things that have happened. Speaking of shocking we listened to earlier in the broadcast today to Melissa McCarthy and her impression of press secretary Sean Spicer, who we will continue to call as long as I’m hosting the worst press secretary that we’ve ever had.

Unknown Speaker  1:34:44  

As s if you will,

Unknown Speaker  1:34:45  

right. He is the one I mean, there’s never been such a big whiner. But you know, the thing is in Sean Spicer is a whiner. He is a complainer and a whiner and a two and a half pack plus a day gum chewer but I mean, it’s no wonder that he does such a terrible job on air because he knows that Donald Trump, President Donald Trump is watching him in his press briefings. Now, there was all this criticism about President Obama and what he was doing on a day to day basis. But apparently, I seen these reports, you can’t get Donald Trump to stop watching the TV, President Trump, when he should be doing all kinds of things, which includes actually getting up to speed about how our country operates. He can’t stop watching Sean Spicer do the press or you know, the press briefings every day. I just this is just, it seems like we are in the twilight zone. But one thing that I did find particularly harrowing, was the fact that the Saturday after the inauguration, we had the biggest protest that has ever happened ever in the world. I think that’s amazing. Yeah. And then that’s where the pussy hats come from. Now I have ordered a pussy hat. I will be getting those to make America great again. hats. I just disgust me. And I hated that we didn’t have hats because you know in the gay community it’s I know it’s that cliche to Wong Foo phrase, but it’s a say something hat Bay. Yeah. And that march on Washington was definitely a say something hat day because there were hundreds of thousands of pink pussy is all over this country. And I love that. I love that. And that’s a big thumb in the eye to our current president and the way that he talks about and treats women which is unacceptable, along with many, many of the nominees and the one and only frizz Meister in chief. And I will only lower myself to make fun of a woman’s appearance because of how terrible she is. And that is the one and only Kellyanne Conway. And we didn’t have time to go into it, but there was a Saturday live from a couple of weeks ago, where they did a fantastic rendition of the Chicago Some Roxie Hart you know the Yeah, and it was Kellyanne Conway, done name on everybody’s lips is gonna be Conway. That’s what she thinks. I mean, she really is she can’t get enough of herself and that is where she bore the term alternative facts on the news. Now that is in addition, we haven’t even gotten we don’t have enough time to talk about the Bowling Green massacre but please let’s remember all of the lives that were lost or the other ridiculous bullshit that was the bowling green massacre. I said I wasn’t gonna cuss today but the bowling green massacre deserves it. Also an embarrassment. These are the people who are surrounding our president and who are informing our president about the world. This is not just something that’s reality TV happening in news

Unknown Speaker  1:37:52  

and Donald Trump claim that this is like the the highest IQ cabinet that’s ever been nominee. are

Unknown Speaker  1:38:00  

the only thing that’s highest about this cabinet is the net worth. Yeah. Yes. Because otherwise we’re in the gutter

Unknown Speaker  1:38:08  

in their heads. Right. Well, I up in the clouds,

Unknown Speaker  1:38:12  

you know and the

Unknown Speaker  1:38:15  

I just I’m really concerned. You know one of the things that we the Judge Gorsuch, you know, our Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland did not get a fair shake. Merrick Garland is qualifying. Totally, the republicans wanted Merrick Garland. They didn’t get him when they wanted him, but they wanted him. And then for some reason, you know, our Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who I have never been able to stand but one thing is true about this administration.

Unknown Speaker  1:38:44  

Yeah. Being from Kentucky. How do you feel about all Mitch, we don’t want to go there.

Unknown Speaker  1:38:49  

We the 20 minutes we have left will not not suffice what I think so.

Unknown Speaker  1:38:55  

I have always had a supreme distaste For turtleman, many, many of the the Republican leaders, I just think that that they’ve been President Obama never had the ability to be the president that he could have been never had. And I’m worried I’m worried that the dialogue between the way Congress was allowed and the American public embrace the way Congress treated President Obama and the way that Donald Trump lowered the level of dialogue that was appropriate to happen in in a campaign and the way Twitter is not the way that is not the way that our president is supposed to communicate with the American people, or with foreign governments, the American president doesn’t pick up the phone and piss off Australia. That’s not the way our country works. We’re better than that. But apparently right now, we’re not better than that. Just like

Unknown Speaker  1:39:56  

you said earlier about HIV having a conversation A real conversation right now, in the community. This is exactly the same, same thing. You can’t have a conversation on Twitter. You can’t. There isn’t. There’s no substance that you can actually get into. And that’s his, I guess tool.

Unknown Speaker  1:40:21  

It belittles the office, right? The idea that somebody and you know,

Unknown Speaker  1:40:26  

and that 100 hundred 20 character under 60 characters,

Unknown Speaker  1:40:30  

I right. And I really am really, really cannot stand it that the Hillary Clinton dialogue focus so much around emails, from what I understand that the President Trump refuses to let go of an outdated Android cell phone that he uses to tweet with that can be so easily compromised, in fact, to the extent of being able to be turned into a listening device. I mean, it can be hacked and turned into listening to it. So we’re talking about You know, Hillary Clinton doing the same thing that many other secretaries of state did with her email, including the very respectable general and Secretary of State Colin Powell. Yeah, and the less respectable but still respectable Secretary of State, more so than Rex Tillerson will ever be Condoleezza Rice. You know, they had these similar email setups, and that was the whole thing that pivoted around the election and, and are outrageous action of the FBI, or the head of the FBI there and and in his, you know, baseless claims that something else was coming out. You know, we were just a few weeks ago, acting as if that were treason. And we have our press secretary, potentially tweeting out the double authentication password for his phone. We have our president who is live tweeting from an outdated Android phone. I mean, this you can’t make this stuff up. You cannot make this stuff up. It’s really sad. It really is sad. And you know, something else that happened, which, you know, everybody is talking about right now is the travel ban. And they made fun of it online about, you know, is it a ban? Is it not a ban? The fact that that dialogue is even happening is shameful. Yeah. The way that went down is shameful. Everybody read about that baby that needed that very important surgery that they needed to get here. That was prohibitive coming here. And I just, I don’t know, I don’t know anybody who thinks that they can sit at home and know the intricacies of our immigration process that know how we can effectively serve refugee communities and how you know what our exact role in the country is. I don’t think That that is capable, or that we individuals are not intimately involved with it. We’re not in a position where we can know that and we can speak intelligently about how our country should go about doing it. Our career diplomats are the ones that know that. But unfortunately, they

Unknown Speaker  1:43:18  

still don’t know what the hell’s going on.

Unknown Speaker  1:43:20  

Well done our career folks, the ones who actually know what it’s going on people that have served since the Carter administration, under both Republican and Democrat, administrations, republican and democratic presidents are resigning now, because they’re either being told to resign,

Unknown Speaker  1:43:40  

or no one’s listening or they’re, they’re scared,

Unknown Speaker  1:43:43  

you know, they don’t they refuse to be a part of this. And that is where the real concern lies. And that is something that we need to be very cognizant about. Because, you know, when when President Trump ran for office, he said he’s going to drain the swamp. He’s gonna choose the best and brightest people. I tell you what I watch best Betsy divorces, confirmation hearing. And if that’s the best and brightest that we’ve got in this country, then we have a serious problem we have I mean, I know we’ve got an education problem, but if Betsy device is the best that we can do,

Unknown Speaker  1:44:18  

this is education. Right? I mean, this is horrible. We have a we have that as well. That is why we all need to call our senators and representatives. We do indeed daily. I actually called last week, and I got the voicemail and the voicemail said that their mailbox was full. So that’s a good sign. Wow. I I hope they all said said opposing

Unknown Speaker  1:44:46  

comments against Betsy DeVos. But who knows? Who knows?

Unknown Speaker  1:44:51  

Well, you know, and here’s the deal. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, and I i love that we are different And I love that we have people who and I said it earlier today that we do our best work. When Republicans and Democrats work together, we’re never going to get to a place that is great. Without cooperation from both sides, we have trench warfare happening right now people are dug in, they are in movable. And that is not a place where we’re going to be whole. That’s not a place where we’re going to be healthy. And we need a leader. Donald Trump is not that leader. President Trump is not the leader to make this right. I don’t know if their leader is going to be Republican or Democrat. And really, I hope that I see a big shake up in our country from what we’ve had. But we’re in a very precarious place right now. And, you know, you see all of this stuff that happened with the acting Attorney General Sally Yates, you know, she she’s supposed to say, you know, she acts on behalf of the people She’s supposed to say whether something, these executive orders and, you know, there have been people who are very critical of the executive orders that happen. And actually, President Trump is about on par with President Obama’s rate of executive orders during the first days of his presidency. But, you know, there have been many, many people who were critical of President Obama’s use of executive power. And so now they’re silent. And now they’re silent. Now they’re supporting and I but I get that when there’s a change in party. And these things are cyclical, these things happen. I mean, it was bound to happen one day, we the democrats couldn’t be in control forever. I mean, the country will be great if they were

Unknown Speaker  1:46:42  


Unknown Speaker  1:46:44  

I’m Joe still,

Unknown Speaker  1:46:45  

I’m joking. But, you know, Sally Yates, was fired. Now, I feel like she could have conducted herself maybe a little differently and could have resigned and made the same statement. But does that make sense? I think that she was looking to get fired. But regardless of that she was fired. Because we’re not following a normal business. Things are not working the way that they have always worked. And I’m not talking about, like pork barrel spending and favors for politicians and the way things have always worked, those kinds of things need to change. But there are other things. There are normal rules of business and Rules of Order within our government that operate the way they do to protect the people that are not working that way right now. Correct. We need to be asking questions. We need to not be told by the worst press secretary that we’ve ever had. What we should and should not be reporting on. We mean, people who are like Sally Yates, who are not like I’m not convinced Jeff Sessions is going to be that guy, Senator Jeff Sessions. I do not think that he is going to be that guy. But we you know, we need somebody who is going to Follow the normal rule of order in our capital. Now, you know, we did have Michael Flynn, who is a national security advisor. I do think that that, you know, our generals are people that I respect. I respect our military, I respect military service. And even when I don’t agree with generals, I feel like I still have faith deep down inside me that they are acting with their wealth of experience and knowledge and what they feel is the best interest of our country. And I respect their opinion. Because generals have been there, they’ve been responsible for things. I’m not convinced that our president President Donald Trump has ever been responsible for something that really mattered. And I mean, he’s he’s squandered and lost so much wealth in his lifetime. That I don’t even know if he knows that these numbers are real, or you know, knows what the actual on the ground impact is going to be of the buffoonery that’s going on in the capital. Right? Now, I’m just using this as a I’m on my soapbox. Now, one of the things, you know, in the gay community, we have a colorful history. With our faith backgrounds. A lot of times I know that I have a colorful history with my faith background. I know it’s unheard of, but I was one of the piano players at my church as our many young gay men. And I was asked to leave that position when I came out, which was not a surprise to me. But I still respect

Unknown Speaker  1:49:31  

that sacrifice it, you know,

Unknown Speaker  1:49:33  

you have to take

Unknown Speaker  1:49:34  

at the sacrifice that you have to make when you’re going to be yourself. And you have tax exempt organizations that are allowed to treat you that way. But we, we I respect prayer. And I respect people from all walks of life. I respect the church that kicked me out, I respect them, because this is a salvific issue. And when we talk about abortion, when we talk about bt issues when we talk about things that people are under the impression affects their ability to go to heaven. I can have a hard time holding their opinion against them on that, even though I wish that they didn’t act that way. But what I will say is that the Celebrity Apprentice creator Mark Burnett introduced President Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast recently, and during his remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast, which is a time when democrats and republicans come together and sit down just to celebrate the fact that they can be prayerful. Our president could not could not keep his mouth shut and could not go without insulting former governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. And insulting his ratings on Celebrity Apprentice. disgraceful.

Unknown Speaker  1:50:54  


Unknown Speaker  1:50:55  

that’s now you know,

Unknown Speaker  1:50:57  

that’s not presidential.

Unknown Speaker  1:50:59  

That’s not Presidential but you know what the sad part is? It is presidential because he’s doing it and unfortunately

Unknown Speaker  1:51:07  

you hit an all time low when it comes to being presidential being respectful.

Unknown Speaker  1:51:14  

Yes, indeed. And and when we talk about being respectful, how about being respectful to world leaders? You know, we have, it’s been 17 days in guys. This is we’re 17 days in. This is where we’re at right now. President Trump called Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. And he threatened to send in our military into sovereign territory of a country that borders us that we are friends with. Now, I know that NAFTA is controversial, but NAFTA does exist. Mexico is one of the closest you know, he’s one of the closest countries to us, obviously, because they are right across the border from us, but they one of our closest friends. And then Trump threatened to send the US military to stop the bad unbrace down there. What if Trump decides to stop the bad homos,

Unknown Speaker  1:52:11  

or the bad

Unknown Speaker  1:52:13  

cholas or the bad? That’s a slur that is a slur. He is appropriating culture with that. And we have that as the presidential, because we, the American public elected that man to represent us and his behavior. Yeah, this is not a surprise. We knew that this was coming. Not the majority of them. No, no, not the majority. The majority of voters in the electoral college voted for him. He did not win the majority of American people. But that is something else that we have to change. And the gerrymandering that happens with our voting districts is exactly why we’re in the position that we are in right now. And republicans that are uncomfortable, john mccain, and Lindsey Graham and other Republicans that are uncomfortable with the way that Donald Trump is acting and the direction that our country is going it is their fault. They wrote on this bus, singing the songs, clapping their hands along to the same tune. Right Kumbaya until we have reached this point. And that is a sad state of affairs. You know, another thing that happened, we had an A little mix up with some refugees. Now, you know, the evangelical base, they are the evangelicals, as our President Trump likes to call them, you know, like to kind of support both ends of an argument. So we want to be welcoming Christians and the way that we should be, but at the same time, we are not going to let refugees in. We made a commitment to another sovereign country, Australia, one of our best friends in the world, literally, probably our best friend, better friends than Mexico. And because President Trump was dissatisfied, he picked up the phone and called the leader of that country and into the phone call. Wait Wei Wei shorter the amount of the a lot of time and really offended. One of our best allies in the world. Yet, on the other hand, will sit here and be praising of Vladimir Putin, which is

Unknown Speaker  1:54:13  

interesting for Arnold Schwarzenegger ratings

Unknown Speaker  1:54:15  

and bring her on. Oh, sorry. I mean, this is the Twilight Zone. John McCain has been one of my heroes in this and I would never have thought, you know, Donald Trump, President Trump makes strange bedfellows for us Liberal Democrats because I am starting to look at john McCain and Lindsey Graham as heroes. Like I’ve been tweeting Paul Ryan. And and and asking, you know, for please show some mercy on us and show some sanity. But you know, one of the one of the craziest things that happened, and you know, we are in the last five minutes of the show today. Last night, President Trump sat down and with the one and only Papa Bear himself from Stephen kobir causing the Papa Bear bill o’reilly. And they had a discussion and Bill O’Reilly, for good reason called Vladimir Putin a killer and press back against that when Trump did President Trump did everything but apologize for actions of our country, which the republicans blamed President Obama for over and over and over again. And President Trump basically apologize for our country. And then today, the Russian government came out and demanded an apology from Bill O’Reilly for calling President Putin a killer. This is 2017. This is the United States of America. Russia is asking bill o’reilly for apologies. Our current president is chummy with people that have always been at Odds with us and what we want as the American people. We are offending people that support the ideals that we have always stood for. And we are 17 days into President Donald Trump.

Unknown Speaker  1:56:15  

Authentic, it is pathetic.

Unknown Speaker  1:56:19  

It is Midnight in America.

Unknown Speaker  1:56:21  

I mean, I hate to say it I have my bug out bag ready to go.

Unknown Speaker  1:56:28  

Out Bag ready. I know exactly what I’m grabbing of mine and the dogs and I’m gone.

Unknown Speaker  1:56:34  

if needed. Go to Mexico.

Unknown Speaker  1:56:39  

I wouldn’t mind it’s a little bit too far but to make it in time, the Canadian is too cold. The Canadian border is six and a half hours. You know,

Unknown Speaker  1:56:47  

I love how we and I think closing. I love how that’s always our that’s always our fallback. We’re like Well, we’re just going to go to Canada. We’re just going to go to Mexico. If I was in another country. And I saw the things that I see out of Americans. And I saw the things that I see out of our leadership and the people that supposedly the majority of our country support. I wouldn’t want us know, I wouldn’t want us I would turn us away. We don’t deserve somewhere else. We deserve to be exactly where we are. And if you don’t like it, what are you going to do about it? Because one of these days I’m concerned, we’re not going to have recourse to do something about it. And so

Unknown Speaker  1:57:29  

on the path that we’re taking right now on the path around right

Unknown Speaker  1:57:31  

now, so just consider Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Cassie Phil Summers and I’ve been your guest host for the DJ Doran show we are on the kW IR radio network. You can find past episodes and podcasts of this episode will be available at kW ir You can always call in and be part of the conversation at 888-804-KWIR that’s 888845947. I would like to thank our producer Kevin gross for all of his hard work tonight. Kevin, I’m sorry. I said do what you do best and press play earlier. You know, I was joking about that right? That’s okay. I’m just staying until the end so I didn’t maybe we lost a few people so i don’t i don’t have to apologize in front of everyone. We have john William colbry the second co chair of the HIV modernization movement, Indiana, and once again I was miska, Indiana 2010 the one and only CFS casti fellow summer subbing in for DJ Doran. We will be back next week with Eric masters of former Mr. 501 eo we’re gonna be talking about kinky sex fetishes dating in the digital age. It’s a special Valentine’s Day episode of the DJ Doran show. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning in. We will see you next Monday at 6pm

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