Priscilla, the Queen of the Road

Priscilla, the Queen of the Road

Priscilla the Queen of the Road is a 1971 vintage Bluebird Wanderlodge motor home that the PrideFlight Project is restoring as a mission support vehicle.  The Bluebird Wanderlodge is a tank.  Built of steel and wood it is a reminder of the bygone days of sturdy and reliable construction.  Produced by the Bluebird company, the same one that makes school buses the Wanderlodge was considered a luxury motor home at the time used by presidents and world leaders when they visited this country.

We chose the Wanderlodge to compliment the DC-3 a vintage aircraft that we will pilot around the world for the PrideFlight mission.  The interior is being re-designed to reflect an aviation theme with finishes of aluminum to appear like vintage aircraft skin, replete with rivets and patterns that reflect and compliment the look of the DC-3.  The bus will have a mobile media center which will allow us to broadcast live radio/podcasts from almost any location in the country.  The interior design will also feature design elements to showcase aviation-themed controls and details that will only enhance the look and feel of the golden age of aviation.  

The exterior of the bus will be repainted to mimic the livery (aircraft paint scheme) of the PrideFlight DC-3.  The bus will have vintage aircraft lighting finishes as well as vintage aircraft details to further compliment the PrideFlight mission.  The roof of the Wanderlodge is sturdy and will be able to safely host seating and displays as we crisscross the country attending airshows and fundraisers.

Priscilla the Queen of the Road will be our mission support vehicle and act as our mobile ambassador to raise awareness about the PrideFlight project and to support our crew as we talk to LGBTQ communities and groups about the importance of this attempt and to those that just plain love aviation and have the same passion about flying that I do.

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