My Favorite Horror Movies

My Favorite Horror Movies

Rachael and I discussed some of our favorite horror movies as well as the differences between the Horror classics like Dracula, Frankenstein and the Mummy and the slasher movies like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. Rachael also told me a little about her review of IT part 2 and we made a short sizzle reel about Rachel meeting Dracula in Lakeshore Park! Check it out!

Favorite Horror Movies Episode

Ah, the horror film. Sating our desire for a good scare. From the earliest days of cinema, filmmakers have sought to create the creatures that go bump in the night. The classic Universal Monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, and the Wolf Man were preying on imaginations long before Netflix was pumping out spooky original content and Stephen King was unleashing IT on the populace. 

Dive in as we discuss our personal favorite horror movies, our own real-life spine-tingling experiences, representation in horror (or lack thereof), and more!

We get creepy right away with favorite genre talk, from haunted houses to the original cycle of Universal Monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc.). One of us prefers the subtlety of Bela Lugosi’s Dracula to his more violent modern counterparts, while the other gravitates (or LEVITATES) toward haunted houses. Our basis for horror film enjoyment is self-insertion, taking a “What would I do?” approach to viewing. 

The scares get real with a story from my military days involving a visit to a friend’s barracks, a barracks that may or may not have been under siege from malevolent forces invited via Ouija board, an instrument of evil that I loathe to this day. Ouija boards factor into several horror flicks, from The Exorcist all the way to the more recent Ouija and Ouija sequel, Ouija: Origin of Evil. 

We get more in-depth on IT: Chapter Two with our takes on the movie, and our differing opinions on the relatability of Stephen King’s often white-male centric fiction. Then we wax philosophic on our perceived lack of LGBTQ representation in the genre as a whole.  

Stay tuned and stay curious for an audio teaser for our own (possibly fake) upcoming short horror film! 

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My Favorite Horror Movies Transcript

DJ  0:00  

You’re listening to the DJ Doran Show, a Doran Omni Media production. Warning: The DJ Doran Show contains adult language, mature content, cerebral debate and thought-provoking conversation. Listener discretion is advised. Call 312-235-2281 to be a part of the discussion; that’s 312-235-2281. And now, Chicago’s perspicacious host of your sane radio obsession, DJ Doran.

DJ  0:44  

All right, well, we’re here and we are now recording another episode of the DJ Doran show, and I’m here with Rachel Villa, my sometimes co host, cohort and compatriot and today’s show is going to be real fun. Rachel, we’re going to be talking about horror movies and the genre of horror movies and all the different types of horror movies and my favorite ones and, and we’ve got some, some really cool sound clips that we’re going to play. And hopefully make it fun. So anyway, so what, do you like horror movies? 


I love horror movies. 


Me too. I love horror movies. I like to be scared. I pull, I pulled the, I pull the blanket up and I cover my eyes sometimes, or sometimes I’ll cover my ears, but I can’t stop watching. Do you do that?

Rachel  1:30  

No. I’m curious. So that’s your aim to like to be scared or to see something that you just like, you know, oh, man, I really dig this kind of this kind of movie. 


I don’t know. I think I like, I like being scared. I don’t know why. I don’t know. That’s a good question. Right? Because like why would you scare yourself?

Rachel  1:48  

Well, some people are just like the thrill. I mean, exactly, you know, like roller coasters are it scares a lot of people but they still go on because it’s a thrill.

DJ  1:55  

You know, I wonder. But anyway, I love to watch them. So what’s your favorite What’s your favorite genre?

Rachel  2:01  

My favorite genre is definitely haunted houses I fucking love haunted houses.

DJ  2:06  

Did you see that haunted on, know the house on no Hill House or whatever?

Rachel  2:12  

You told me about this No I we talked about this last time. I had no I haven’t watched it because I was like halfway through the season before I stopped having Netflix

DJ  2:19  

Oh got it. I am, I love it. I love it was a good show, I the ending was eh, but, but to me I love classic monster movies. Like I love the Wolf Man, Dracula, Frankenstein, the mummy maybe, like maybe but mummy doesn’t scare me. But Dracula scared me and you know, I like the classic one. So I like the one with Bela Lugosi. You know, even black and white it just was creepy and Renfield you know how Renfield laughed. Hee hee hee, like that. So and I just I don’t know Bela Lugosi just delivered those, those lines. So what Well, you know, you know uh, what’s his name they did a movie Ed Wood with with Johnny Depp and it had Bela Lugosi in that. You remember that, john? Wow, what the heck is his name? I have to look at it, but anyway, that was a really sad ending to his life and he was such a great Dracula. I don’t think any other Dracula comes close when it comes to being subtly scary. You don’t like he wasn’t like vicious blood hanging off your teeth. He was just creepy scary. And you knew that he was Dracula. You know what I mean? As much as I think I have a clip of him. So hold on one second. Let’s see. Let’s start it off with this. 

Sound Cue (Lugosi)


DJ  3:40  

I love that. I love that part. I’ve got it. I’ve got to really figure this out because I hate pushing buttons on the soundboard and especially when I’m not sitting close enough up there. But anyway, so Dracula is pretty cool. So today’s show we’re going to talk about all the different genres and and the horror movies, monster movies and all of that. So one of my favorite genres is I like the monster movies like Dracula and Frankenstein and and all of that, but I think the ones that actually scare me the most are religious based really, like the exorcist. 

Rachel  4:11  

Yeah. Well, I guess that’s not that surprising.

DJ  4:12  

The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Did you see that movie? That’s a good, that was really scary. I was like, I don’t know how I would deal with that. If I saw that person and up close. You know who that was? 


Yeah, that was a good movie, though. 


Whenever she stiffened up and she had those weird looks, you know, that’s the girl from Dexter. Yep. And, uh, and so she wasn’t she was creepy in that show. 


She was also in the American version of quarantine. Have you ever watched that movie? It’s, it’s a really good one. But yeah, she’s in a few things in that, in that nature.

DJ  4:44  

So the reason why I like the religious based horror movies the most is because they’re kind of based on quasi, you want to say fact I, use that term really loosely. But the truth of matter is, it just freaks me out. Because if you believe in God, you’ve got to believe in the devil. So you can’t just say, oh, there’s God. There’s no devil. There’s a good and the bad. There’s always a balance. Like it’s like the force from Star Wars. There’s the Jedi and the Sith. There’s always a balance. And so like with the exorcist, you know, the exorcist was made, like in 1976, I think, 

Rachel  5:17  

right? Something like that.

DJ  5:18  

Yeah. So I was a teenager. And I, we went to see that and I remember going standing in line, and my aunt had to take us because they wouldn’t let anybody under 18 in without a parent, and people were fainting and all that sort of stuff. 


That’s crazy. 


It was true, but and for the time, it was really graphic. Yeah, really, like there was some scenes in there that were really graphic. So here’s how, you know, a good movie, I think, you know, good movie, right? It holds up over time. Yeah. So it was made, what 35 years ago, maybe 40 years ago? Yeah, 40 years ago, right? 40 years ago, and yet, if I watch it at home by myself, I had to turn all the lights on. It’s still scary. It’s still scary. I know it’s like, oh, that the special effects of you know, whatever. It’s just the music, the fog, Linda Blair, the priests and everything. It’s just really a scary movie. So that’s, those are my favorite kind of movies, but I, but you don’t have an eclectic taste. So I like I, like those to be scared. I like Godzilla movies like the, like I grew up watching Godzilla on Saturday. I still liked the Godzilla movies. And then I like the, monster movies like a good Dracula movie. You know, I look at these slasher movies like, Friday the 13th and all that they don’t really scare me because I’m like, Okay, this stupid teenagers, you know, they’re out in the cabin by a lake, they’re doing stupid things or whatever. And then they always fall like, you know, say always like, when they run, they always fall or you know, say hey, I’m gonna split off from the group and I’m going to go into the dark garage by myself with a match. You know, when two of their friends just got brutally murdered. All right, you know, the first thing I do is I get to the fucking car, I would get to the car and I would be out of there with the bright lights going at full speed. And if I saw Jason or anybody in the road, they would be road pizza. And that’s the other thing too, you know, you they drive out and then they see the bad guy standing in the road and then they stop. I’d be like, Fuck you. I, fuck you. I tried to be safe in jail, you know, then you know then stop. And even with like, the monster movies, you know, why do you go to these places? Like what makes people think like I would? I wouldn’t go into Dracula’s castle. I don’t care. I would be like, here’s a slingshot. I’m sending you your papers to sign for you know, the castle that he’s buying? Yeah, no, I wouldn’t go there wouldn’t live there. Nothing. And, you know, with the Wolfman, you know, the inevitably, you know, you see them starting to change, right? You see the guy like you see the guy he started changing the Wolf,an. And they stand there and they just watch the whole thing. I’d be like, the minute I saw nails starting to come out of their fingers. I’d like okay, I’m out of here. I would turn around and run full power, and a if I had a car I’d get in the car and I would drive full power because I don’t care what kind of wolfman you are. You cannot run faster than a car. True. But you ever noticed that like in the howling, right? I saw that movie, huh? The werewolves turn and the guys just standing there watching him turn. I’d be like, okay, as soon as he finishes going through this painful transformation, he’s gonna kill me. And it’s not going to be an easy death. He is going to rip my flesh off and I’m going to see it for a brief period before I end up going to the other side. So I would leave. Or you ever see these movies where they run out of the cabin super fast. The car is right there, but they, they decide that they’re going to run in the woods instead. And then they run in the woods, okay, you’re running in the woods. I would have so much adrenaline, I would be sprinting like Bambi in a forest fire. Right? I’d be sprinting but they always have to turn around, look behind them and then they fall. I watched this one movie this one horror movie one time and I, this girl all she did was scream. I was screaming at the TV. I’m like, stop screaming and run. Stop screaming and run.

Rachel  9:08  

And that’s the funny thing isn’t that like half of the fun, where especially watching bad horror movies which I do enjoy on on occasion 


Oh, me too. 


It’s just the the the flaws and trying to understand what is going through these people’s heads is just like really, really funny cuz I’m like, you could easily write a good story out of this, but you didn’t. And it’s pretty funny. 

DJ  9:29  

Do you know how many times in the middle of the movie theater? I couldn’t help myself and I yell at the screen you moron.

Rachel  9:34  

You’ve done that? 


I’ve done that. Oh, and then Joe’s like, shut up. We’re in the movie theater. I’m like, everybody should be running. I don’t know and I get all bent out of shape. And then he reminds me it’s just a movie. That’s how it worked up I get.

Rachel  9:48  

Oh yeah you since you were talking about slasher movies that that new black Christmas trailer just came out because it black Christmas is a slasher movie from the 70s, I enjoyed it pretty well. Like I dug it. The main actress Oh crap, I can’t remember her name. But I’ve seen her in a bunch of other things. And I liked her. And I’m like, cool. This is a good movie. They’re doing a remake of that. And I’m thinking to myself, why, like I understand you can take the premise of something, you know, a hot like, like psychotic killer inside of a sorority house. That’s fine. And then you can use the name to sell the movie, but I mean, that, you know, the premise is super simple. You don’t need to remake a movie like that. It’s, it’s not that different. You know what I mean? You, you can make it in any type of scenario, and it still would be fine. Like, you can make a decent movie out of it, but because I know it’s a remake. It’s probably gonna be shit.


I sometimes like to watch silly horror movies, because then I just add my, own my own dialogue to it. Oh, I got you know, but when I go to a horror movie, I want to be scared. Yeah. I don’t want to be grossed out. Yeah, I mean, I want to be scared. Like what? Like the Saw movies? Everyone says, oh, the Saw movies. They’re not scary to me. They’re suspenseful. 


They’re suspenseful. Yeah. They’re tough, full like tension and yeah,

DJ  11:01  

yeah and those are okay. But normally when I when I go to those movies I get so stressed out because I’m like you moron don’t go in there don’t do that, or don’t do this or like come on but and then they get in there get caught or or what have you, and so I don’t care for those movies as much you know. 


I get that.


But the ones where I think they’re like innocent people like the Exorcism of Emily Rose and just randomly chosen and have to go through all that was creepy. Same thing with the exorcist, you know, where Reagan the Linda Blair’s character was just randomly chosen, and then she was possessed. Hmm. But, but you know, I think that there’s something to be said it. I think that when I went to the movies when I was younger, they really try to stimulate your imagination so they didn’t have to show you everything because you, your imagination was active.  Now it’s like we’re going to show you every detail of every- 

Rachel  11:59  

Hold on before you do the Oh, oh yeah, don’t don’t tap on the table. But also before you do the old man rant about millennials and movies these days, let me tell you something real quick. I feel like maybe you probably watched either the wrong movies or you only pay attention to the, to the ones that obviously get the most attention because you know, a lot of the times they are they are, I agree are shit. But I mean, at this point we’re so past a lot of you know, horror movie tropes and and more importantly, all of the good shits been done. So you get creative. And then you have tons of different movies like I like I’ve watched Hell House. It’s a movie on Shudder. I think it’s an exclusive, not sure but yeah, it’s a movie I love and it was creative in a very specific way. And there’s a lot of other movies kind of out there that are kind of like that. What is, well, My God,

DJ  12:48  

Have you seen 13 ghosts? Yeah, the one was a house and they have all the ghosts. The evil ghosts locked in the basement. Sure, that was an interesting movie. It was scary though. But it was a Interesting, huh? But again, why would you go downstairs like the kid going downstairs and those, you know what I mean? Why? So that’s what that movie was scary and suspenseful. So it was pretty good. But you know, that’s the other thing too but some horror movies once you know the plot twist, then it doesn’t become scary. You know? It’s like it’s a one time watch. We were just talking about this the other day that Bruce Willis movie The Sixth Sense. Once you know the twist at the end, that they’re both dead. Then it’s like, I don’t even I’ve not watched it again. Because for what?




I now know what the twist is. It just doesn’t doesn’t appeal to me. But Dracula, The Wolf Man, did you see the new Wolf Man with Benicio del Toro? 


I did not. 


You should watch it. It’s pretty good. And Anthony Hopkins is in it, got panned didn’t do so well at the box office. So they didn’t continue but I thought it was really good. So there’s one scene where he’s turning into a werewolf a few times and they said suspect, they think he’s psychotic, right? They think he’s psychotic. So they wheel him into this auditorium of doctors, you know, like a surgery theater back in the 1800s sure. So you have like 100 people all in a semi circle in this stadium seating and this doctor is prancing around talking about Benicio del Toro being crazy and his ailment and how they’re going to treat it and whatever, and he’s strapped down to a wheelchair. So as he’s talking, there’s a big window behind everyone, like a big old window, and you could see the full moon behind the clouds. And you know what’s coming, right? So as the full moon gets exposed, he starts to know he says beforehand to the doctor, he says, “I’m going to kill all of you get out of here, get me out of here. I’m going to kill all of you,” because he’s still you know, he’s in his human form. He doesn’t want to kill anyone. The doctors play it off the head doctor who is giving the speech plays it off. Well, anyway, the full moon comes out behind the clouds and he starts to turn. Now he doesn’t turn instantly. I’m gonna say it takes four minutes right but four minutes. All of those morons stayed in their seats watching him turn. I would have been the minute I saw him, you know, starting to turn into something that wasn’t human. I get from my seat and I bolt for the door. So what do they do? They wait, he turns does something to the door smashes it, so now it can’t be opened. And then he kills every single one of them. 


Horror movie logic, man.


Horror movie logic. It was it was awesome. It was very awesome, but I mean, to me, it’s I don’t know, I always think to myself, if I’m ever in that situation, would I be paralyzed by fear? Would I be paralyzed by curiosity, or would I be energized for self preservation? I don’t know. I’m telling you that. I gotta tell you this funny story. When I was a kid, I was really young. I’m gonna say five or six. We lived in the suburb of New York City called Elmont, New York. And one day, I don’t know for whatever reason I don’t remember I remember the incident but I don’t remember what led up to the incident. I went down in the basement, and when I went down in the basement of our house to get a toy or something like that, I got on the stairs and when I got on the stairs I, I was so afraid I was swore there was something down there staring at me. And so, I scared myself so bad that I par-I froze on the stairs, and I could not move and I couldn’t scream or anything. I was stuck there. And then when I finally was able to force myself to move, my legs were like 500 pound weights, each stair, and it was it was so bad. I got up to the top of the stairs, and I I looked back behind me and it was I knew there was a werewolf or something down there just staring at me. Now, here’s the funny part about that story. 40 years later, 50 you know, 50 years later, I’m 59. Now 50 years later, we’re living in a house in Indianapolis and that itself was a nightmare. But we’re living in a house in Indianapolis and we had a full unfinished basement and so I had a, another podcast back then much like this one. And I made the basement into the studio, a room in the basement, the studio and the room was at the far end of the basement. So when I was done one day, I’m like, Oh, I’m just gonna stay here and I’m just going to do some work. Well, the podcast was like, at the end of the afternoon, I got involved in working and then I look out the basement windows which were, you know,  smaller than normal windows, and it’s pitch black. So I’m like, okay, no big deal. I shut the light off. And as I walk through the long part of the basement, I swear there’s something looking at me. And I go up the stairs, I get halfway up the stairs and I turn around, and I swear there’s something I’m getting goosebumps just remembering it. And I swear there’s something down I ran up the top of the stairs. And I I got into the kitchen where there was some light and I was like, What the fuck is wrong with you? And it’s just it’s, I think I just have that gene where I can scare myself with my imagination. So that’s what I think I like horror movies too, because, like, I want to go there and be scared. That’s part of what the experience is. I want to go there to be scared because I know I think in real life that you know, I kind of say oh, that’s not real. You know, I don’t worry that there are werewolves in Lakefront Park you know, but still, I don’t know if I was out there. 3am on a foggy night, it might be a little bit scary.

DJ  18:22  

But anyway, digressing. So those that’s my Those are my two favorite genres. I think. Classic monster movies. And classic monsters are, are my favorite and religious based exorcisms, demon possession, you know, stuff like that. Those scare me, I think because I think because in, in my mind, especially the religious movies, I believe there’s a kernel of truth to that. And you know, you don’t know so in the absence of absolute truth, you question and so I think that’s what kind of scares me about those. And plus, I also had a really, I had a really legitimate, legitimate experience, scary experience and years and years ago when I was in the Air Force, a friend of mine who was into drugs. I think I told you the story, I told you the story. Yeah. Anyway, so I, a good friend of mine was, he was into drugs. And he was he was out of the Air Force, but he lived off base and I still lived on base. And so at three o’clock in the morning, I get a phone call because we didn’t have you know, cell phones back then. So I got a phone call. And we had a phone that was in the hallway. I don’t know. I forget what we call it like a payphone. Sure. But anyway, so it rang and rang and rang. It was right across from my room. So I got up and I answered it, and it was him. And his name was Sam. I’ll just say his first name. His name was Sam. And he goes, “Can I speak to DJ?” I said, “This is DJ,” and he goes, “DJ, you got to come over here. There’s something going on in my apartment.” It’s, you know, it’s very weird, and I gotta get out of here and he didn’t have a car. So I was thinking like, like, he got in trouble with his drug dealer friends or something, right? So I said, “Okay, I’ll come over, you can stay at the barracks.”

And so I drove over there and the first thing I did was I got there, and this was in Texas. So I was stationed in Abilene, Texas at Dyess Air Force Base. First thing I did was, I open up the door. It’s like, dude, shut the fucking air conditioner off. It’s freezing in here. He told me, the air air conditioning was not even on. And I went over to the air to the thermostat, and it was indeed, not on. So it was freezing in there. And then I’m like, what’s going on? And he was telling me he heard voices, and he thinks that there’s someone watching him, and I look over on the couch. And what do you think I saw? 


I don’t know. 


A Ouija board. And I hate those things. I hate those things. Right. And so I was like, Are you fucking kidding me? Are you doing the ouija board? What were you doing? And then he, then it came out that he was using the ouija, ouija board to ask questions, and it freaked him out because he felt like it was moving on its own. And look at me, I’m getting goosebumps remembering it remembering the story. And so I was like, dude, you don’t mess with that sort of stuff. And then I, he goes I thought you didn’t believe in that. I said, I don’t necessarily believe in it, but I’m not gonna fucking tempt fate either. So I said, get your stuff you can stay at the barracks, we’ll deal with this in the daylight. You know, now it’s 3:30 in the morning, but there’s a thing about that I’m going to tell you in a minute. So as he’s getting dressed, I take the ouija board and I break it over my knee, I break it in like four, six pieces or whatever. And as we’re walking out, I threw it in a dumpster. And so we go to the barracks, everything is fine. You know, everything is, everything is good. So the next day, we go back to his apartment, and he’s like, somebody must have been in here because this stuff was moved around and this is blah, blah, blah. I was like, dude, you need to get some sage or some something and and do something with your apartment. Long story short, he never had another experience like that, that I’m aware of, in that apartment. But I think it scared him. I think it, legitimate like he was legitimately scared, right? He was a big guy too. So so I don’t mess with that. And every time every time I see some friends occasionally they have a ouija board. And it’s like a board game to them, you know, like monopoly. I’m like, I have no interest whatsoever at all. And, uh, we stayed at a, stayed at a relative’s house and I went in the basement and in the basement they had these metal shelves and they had like monopoly and Candy Land and everything and right there was a ouija board in the box. I didn’t even tell them I just took it, I broke it and I threw it away.

DJ  22:27  

It’s like, I don’t even want to deal with that. So anyway, years later, I when the people will start having computers and things like that I was googling or at the time I forget what it was. So some whatever search engine and turns out that three o’clock or 3:30 in the morning is like the hour of the devil or something. That’s when you know that they all come out. Sorry, I hit that. I’m excited, I’m talking with my hands. And, and so that freaked me out even, even more so. So that’s my little story. That’s why I said you know, I don’t always believe that. But there’s just a kernel of “is it true,” that makes it scary and because it could be slightly true. It’s scary. Vampires. I don’t know if they’re real. I don’t know. Who knows. You know? Have you ever watched that show? Supernatural? 




Well, first of all that those guys are super hot. Okay, great. Are you a Dean or what’s the other one? Sam? You’re a Sam person.

Rachel  23:28  

Am I, my personality? Or that I like? That I like oh, yeah, probably Sam.

DJ  23:34  

Of course you would. I’m a Dean guy with that deep voice.

Rachel  23:38  

You know, with all the classic rock.

DJ  23:40  

All the classic rock and the work boots and everything. Yep. Yeah, he’d be my jam. He could possess me anytime.

Rachel  23:49  


DJ  23:49  

Nice. This is the last year of that show. But anyway, the point is, is like the funny part about that show, which is kind of sometimes silly and campy. But the point of it is, is that there’s you know, They live their regular life. But outside of that there’s a whole subculture of all this stuff going on. Right? And that’s what I always think about with, with religious based horror movies is that, you know, we may be living our life working our jobs and doing everything, but there could be like this whole subculture that you’re unaware of, you know, and that’s what’s scary to me anyway. It’s probably not going to be in the cars that I’m going to see Godzilla coming out of Lake Michigan, or that I’m going to see Dracula or a werewolf you know, and by the way, I just want to point out that fucking Twilight ruined vampires for me with their you know, their twinkly, twinkly things when they get in the sun. I like the Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi, even Gary Oldman vampires, you know, where they have no soul, they don’t care, but they are classic and classy. You know what I mean? So not this Oh, look, I have teen angst vampire shit and you know, I’m going to turn into like Little crystal diamonds and glow. Look at me glow. Not so much scary about that. nothing scary about that. Although, you know probably was great for Robert Pattinson’s career.

Rachel  25:10  

Oh, probably everybody in that movies’ career. Yes. Like massively popular.

DJ  25:15  

Yeah, but you know, I guess the, I guess the other thing about horror movies is I think it’s cool to be scared if you’re, I don’t know if I’d watch horror movies by myself, but it’s kind of cool to be cuddling on the couch with Joe watching those movies. Because normally I grab like a fistful of his thick hair, and he’s like, oh, you’re hurting me and during the during those things, but it’s nice to have that you know, to to watch that and he’s like, You’re such a big baby. You think you’re such a tough guy and, and I cover my eyes with the blankets sometimes. Not all the time. I will cover my eyes and my ears. Because I don’t want to hear. I don’t want to hear you know what’s going on behind the scenes. Shit. I know but they, you know, do you go to horror movies in the movie theater? Or do you watch them at home? 




So I like to go to the movies, but, but it has some, it’s a hit or miss with, with horror movies. You know what I mean? And so it’s like, it’s like I’ve seen the first Halloween in the movie theater, not any of the others.

Rachel  26:20  

Okay, that’s that makes sense.

DJ  26:22  

Because afterwards I’m like, okay, you know, after the eighth one, I was sort of like, okay, you know, but if they remake a horror movie like if they remade a Dracula, like they did with Bram Stoker’s Dracula in that movie was good. Joe likes Keanu Reeves, so he thought he was good as Jonathan Harker. Hmm. I thought he had no personality. So it wasn’t, it didn’t appeal to me. 


I get that. 


But I thought Gary Oldman was awesome. I really thought Gary Oldman was awesome. The Wolf Man, I thought Benicio del Toro did a great job. It was true to the book and the legend. I don’t know why I didn’t do good in the movie theater, though, you know, that’s kind of weird.

Rachel  27:00  

I didn’t even hear about it until you told me.

DJ  27:03  

Yeah. Oh, you have to watch it. You if you like, if you like that sort of stuff, they haven’t remade Frankenstein yet. Like a good one. They did one with Robert De Niro that I thought was stupid. And they’ve done a couple other smaller ones like did you see the mummy with Tom Cruise? No? Don’t.

Rachel  27:22  

I’ll be fine without watching them.

DJ  27:23  

I don’t like him as an actor, number one. And the premise of the movie was not even scary, You know, it just wasn’t here. The special effects I heard were really good. But I don’t go there for that. I want to, I like the scary part like and you know, the thing is, it’s like in, now in the modern times. They have you know, the mummy in New York, you know, but the mummy should be in Egypt. And that’s why like in the 30s, I would like to see them make a classic monster movie in the era that it, that I think it shines the best, like Dracula. should be late 1800s 


Yes, the late 1800s because I have read the book. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a lot of Dracula, I may have watched one and I don’t know. 


I mean, I think that would be my favorite thing, is if they did the the classic monsters, you know in the era, you know, like the wolfman. I don’t, like I saw American Werewolf in London. It was, it was fun. I enjoyed it. But it’s, it’s not a wolfman movie, you know? And plus, he turned into a glorified dog. So I didn’t, I don’t like that. I want to see, I want to see werewolves. You know what I mean? 

Rachel  28:34  

Yeah, I’m sure and I will. I never had an interest for it. 

DJ  28:37  

Bo, I want to see a werewolf that looks like a man and a half Wolf, not a man that turns into a dog. So anyway, I know DC is trying to relaunch the classic horror characters. You know, like they did the mummy with Tom Cruise and they fucked that up. The Wolf Man was was pretty good. They haven’t done the Dracula yet. But I hope they do. I hope somebody does it. I’m just like, I hope my computer, I hope my computer comes alive. I’ve been like, typing in the password for the last five minutes. Because I want it there it goes, I want to make sure that the studio is up. So on that note, we’re going to take a little bit of a break. And when we come back, we’re going to continue talking about horror movies. What we like what, what is going on, and I want to talk about a couple of new ones that are coming up like IT, part two. 


Which, I watched.

DJ  29:30  

You did? 


Came out this weekend, dude.

DJ  29:32  

Oh my god. Okay, we’re gonna have to do a review. Don’t say anything right now. And I heard one very horrible review.

Rachel  29:38  

Ah, yeah, I’ve heard that too.

DJ  29:39  

So I want I’d be interesting to say, to see what you say. So you guys don’t go away. We’ll be right back. You’re listening to the DJ Doran show and Rachel.

DJ  29:50  

All right. We’ll be right back. 

Sound Cue

You’re listening to the DJ Doran show. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back. Call 312-235-2281 to speak to DJ. This episode of the DJ Doran show is brought to you by our friends at Joe Eats World featuring chef Joe Morales as he eats and drinks his way through life sharing recipes, dining experiences and cooking tips Be sure to follow him at and on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

DJ  30:43  

Alright, well that was a that was a, that was a sharp reintro, rejoinder. So, no, I have that cool, I have that cool music in the background again, and Anyway, you can hear that organ music. Okay, so, so this show is about horror movies and, and horror movie genres that we like so we’re talking about that and and, and we’re going to now talk about-

DJ  31:19  

It Part Two

*Scream sound cue*

DJ  31:28  

Okay, well we’re back now. So that was kind of funny. I don’t know, we’re still we’re still playing around with some of the features in the soundboard.


Sound effects are fun! 


Okay, so I liked the first IT, right by Stephen King, but Stephen King notoriously has a reputation for fucking up the endings of his movies and books, like they feel rushed, like oh my god I just rushed in and finished this book.

Rachel  31:55  

Hold on to be fairI don’t think Stephen King directed or wrote the movies, did he? 

DJ  32:00  

I always say that, what I’m saying is that his books have horrible endings.

Rachel  32:04  

Yeah, I’ve heard that.

DJ  32:06  

You know, he’s still a creative consultant like he did, you know, have some input into this movie this iteration of the movie. But like, when I read IT, the whole book, I was scared. Yeah, the ending turned out to be a time-dimensional monster from outer space. Yeah. And I was like, a, a big spider at the end or actually, in the, in the movie the other movie before this. They made creature look like, look like a crab. I kept thinking of is “throw butter at it throw butter at it!” 


That’s really funny. 


This one was, this first movie was with the kids was creepy.

Rachel  32:51  

Yeah, it was creepy.

DJ  32:52  

I agree. It was very creepy. And so I heard through one friend of mine that he did not like the second part, and, and so Joe heard that Joe like, well, I don’t know if I want to go see it. And I was like, we have to go see it. We saw the first one. We have to see how it ends. Plus I heard that Bill Hader did a great, a great job. Yeah. And what was the girl’s name? 


Oh, crap. 


Beverly. Well, like the character. Well, Jessica Chastain. 


Yeah, there you go. I couldn’t remember the actress’s name. 


Yeah, but those two did a really great job. But so go ahead and tell me what, without telling me the specifics, Okay, tell me what you thought of it.

DJ  33:30  

Well, I can tell I can say straight off, because I hear a lot of people talking about Bill Hader in this movie. And I’m like, cool. Yes, he’s a good actor. And yes, thank you for the recognition of his talent. But I mean, like he said, he’s done better work. Not that he was bad in this, but he did a good job. He’s done great jobs, though in other movies. So like, go watch his other stuff. If you liked him in this, I mean, he was he was good. He was funny. He was on point. Because he plays Richie who is, who’s the, the comedian. Uh, yeah, so he did a very good job. But anyway, yeah, the movie. It’s, it’s not as good as the first I can tell you that much right now. I’m not saying that it’s bad, but I’m saying it’s not as good as obviously not as good as the first any story the beginning of the story is always more exciting than the ending, obviously because the ending is meant to for closure and not for not for excitement you know, I mean.


I guess that’s true. 


So and yeah, so in the first movie, what I enjoyed about it was the, I love when when directors in movies and horror movies especially fuck around with sound there were so many times in the first one where they just like put the fucking sound levels all the way up to 10, and I love that and a lot of different interesting effects. In the second one It felt a little bit repetitious and, more importantly, they’re like the fucking around with sound. It didn’t happen as much, but I will say it definitely outdid itself in the scares, because you know when you’re used to a lot of like the the mainstream horror movies that are coming out. This one definitely stands out, as well as the first one does, with the, with the squares. The squares are solid man because they there’s some real creepy moments. There’s some really fucking cool building up moments and there’s some like, they’re not all jump scares, and they’re, they did a good job with that, aside from all of that though, that I understand they were trying to follow as closely to the book as possible and I heard that it did. And it’s like, Okay, cool. I credit them for that. But Damn, dude, the middle part of the movie was just dragging on. Because at one point it follows each character as they’re doing something in, in the town. And my God, man, like, by the fourth character, we got to I’m like, All right, cool. Can we just get past this part? And I understand it’s in the book, and I understand you know, they have to do it, but it’s just like, shit, man.

DJ  35:52  

Well, I heard it was long. Like it was long. It was long, but that could be the editing part. Not that.

Rachel  35:58  

It’s it. Well, I mean, it’s all controlled by the people who live the producers. I mean, they’re the ones who put on the show, so they get to have a say in what gets edited.

DJ  36:07  

Okay, so it’s still seeable.

Rachel  36:09  

It’s Oh, I would recommend it. I would recommend watching it especially.

DJ  36:13  

I’d have to go see it because I can’t just watch one and not the second one.

Rachel  36:16  

Yeah, I’m definitely not gonna tell you to not watch the second one. Oh, definitely go for it. Yeah, it’s a solid movie I have, I don’t have any real problems with it. It was just, it dragged on a little bit. Obviously if you’ve seen the first you know, TV movie and if you’ve read the book, then you know how it ends Yeah, not that it’s not that wild. Yeah, it’s no surprise the creativity comes in, in whenever each character when and you’ll understand what I mean. When we start falling each character in, the in the middle like I was saying, with each little you know, little scare and each little haunting like that. That’s some cool stuff. The beginning I have a huge fucking problem with the beginning at the beginning starts off with like a bunch of gay bashing shit. And I’m like, I was really annoyed because you You know, obviously, gay people at a carnival, then the town kids are like, let’s go fucking beat them up. Because they’re, they’re gay and just like, dude, come on.

DJ  37:09  

That seems, like a little pandering, like, Oh, that’s like, like that, because it’s nowadays, you know, let’s just take, let’s just take the gays and throw them in the movie and make it about persecuting them.

Rachel  37:19  

Exactly. And it was just really, really just forced, man and more importantly, more importantly, they just start walking down the street like the, the couple, they start walking down the street in the dark, you know, good, like, fucking thousand feet away from the carnival, and then that’s where they get jumped. And I’m like, all right, how did you even fucking get there? Do you not have a car? And if you, if you don’t, then maybe you know hail a taxi. You have an app on your phone because it’s modern day now. Fuck, man. You know, you know where you live. 


That sort of seems like it. Like let me insert this because right. It’s in the news currently.

Rachel  37:55  

Yeah, it felt that way. And I was just like, uncomfortable. I’m like, this doesn’t have to be here. And I don’t want Watch this. But that’s just just as a warning in the beginning. It’s just like it’s it’s annoying to watch and it’s unnecessarily put in there, so.

DJ  38:07  

know that’s what I often say about horror movies is sometimes less is more. Yeah, don’t have to show everything. You don’t have to beat the audience up over the head. Every detail of the thing. That’s what I’m telling you, you know, movies when I was a kid really focused on your imagination, like it was like, you know, it’s scary. They didn’t tell you it’s scary, but you know that scary and, and believe me, your human imagination is a lot scarier than anything a movie can put out there. All right, well, I’m gonna go see it. Yeah, I’ll have to probably bribe Joe with alcohol or something to get, get him to go because he sees one bad review like, like our friend, my goodness. And he’s like, No, he doesn’t even like going to the movie theaters because of the people and the crowd. So when, when he gets something like that, yeah, it tipped him over the edge. 

Rachel  39:00  

Well, I would recommend watching it has some some good violent parts it has,

DJ  39:05  

I like some good violent parts.

Rachel  39:06  

Fuck yeah, it’s a horror movie, man. You got some a lot, a lot of solid Pennywise moments really, really good stuff.

DJ  39:13  

Some of the previews look really creepy. 

DJ  39:15  

Yeah they do, and and it really pays off.

DJ  39:18  

Does the end tie it off? Did you feel satisfied at the end of the movie?

Rachel  39:22  

Yeah. And mostly because that’s just how the book ended and like, and so it’s not, it’s not you know, it’s, it’s it’s not there’s no cliffhanger or anything. And it’s not like, Oh, this this happened and they didn’t tie that end. It’s like, of course they did because they followed the book. And really, it’s only a fairly linear story. There’s no side stories, anything going on. So.

DJ  39:42  

I like, the I really liked the book. Have you ever, let’s shift gears here, have you ever read a book another one was Stephen King’s book that I liked. The book was really, really good. But the movies, the television movie sucked. Hmm. Salem’s lot

Rachel  39:59  

Ooh, I Read the book and one before we get into it let me just preface this by saying dude I I want to like Stephen King but it’s really hard to care about straight white people and they’re, they’re like in their hometowns I’m like all right in the characters are sort of interesting, but I they spend so much time on, or he spent so much time on this stuff, that I read halfway through Salem’s lot and I just couldn’t finish it. I never watched the movie though.

DJ  40:27  

I didn’t take it that way. Because I don’t think in that, in those terms.

Rachel  40:31  

I try not to but it’s just it’s so trivial to me sometimes, like the things that they worried about, and it’s so it got really annoying.

DJ  40:39  

That aside, right, I get it, but that aside, I love the book. I really did. I love the book. When they did the movie. They cast David Spade, not David, David Soul, you know, from Starsky and Hutch, the blond guy, he was the the main guy.

Rachel  40:57  

Well, I don’t know the actor very well. So I don’t know.

DJ  41:00  

So when they did, when they did that, I was like, okay, that’s not a character in the book, you know, and I, I was really upset by that and I thought it changed the quality of the, changed the quality of the of the show, I thought when the vampire finally did appear, he was cool. And I thought the kids dying and coming back and floating around and all that, I thought that was cool. James Mason as the caretaker was interesting, but I mean, it was all, it was okay, but the book was so much creepier.

Rachel  41:33  

I agree, the book, that was actually pretty creepy from, from what I read of it, I didn’t get to that I was just getting to like the juicy parts of it. And I just I really couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t like the main character and like the side characters, and I didn’t really enjoy reading about the personality. And I mean, I’ve been, I’ve lived on the Northeast, so yeah, I mean,

DJ  41:54  

Maine is like you don’t see too many black people or unless you go to Ogunquit which is really a gay, you know, like along the coast of the cities, but in these rural towns, you know, they’re, they’re like, you know, they talk like New Englanders, they’re very hard and-

Rachel  42:09  

Well, no, I know. I know. I’m from New England. I know.

DJ  42:13  

Yeah. So like, you, you would stick out like a sore thumb. I know. You’d be the first one kills like these. a vampire came in they were like, oh, let’s which one of these doesn’t fit? Let’s go to that one. Let’s go get her.

DJ  42:30  

No shit, that’s why I moved to fucking Chicago.

DJ  42:31  

Well, that’s why like you would be in that horror, you, you would be the character in the horror movie. A red shirt from Star Trek, you, hey, watch this movie. And there’s, there’s Mr. And Mrs. Smith, and their 2.5 kids. And then there’s Rachel.

Rachel  42:48  

But that’s why it’s hard to like

DJ  42:49  

It’s gonna be sacrificed. First thing, disposable. You know, we got to keep everything you know, white.

Rachel  42:57  

But that’s my point. That that’s why it’s so hard to relate.

DJ  43:00  

I just, I get that I totally understand it, but I don’t think that way. So my view is that I am I look at the story, and the character, their ethnicity, their sexuality, their their gender doesn’t really bother me that’s not the part that I focus on. Because if you took Mr. White Boy and made him Mr. Black boy or Mr. Transgender girl, this it would be the same for me, you know, the same effect.

Rachel  43:29  

I get that but I mean, any, any main character is always changed, like their perspective changes by who they are.

DJ  43:36  

Well, the other thing too is you relate like for me as a cis, male, white person, I say that right? Yeah. I relate to those people because I’m like, I am those people. So if you don’t see yourself represented in the storyline, then you, you lose that relatability I can kind of see that now that you mentioned


It’s a little detaching.


It’s detaching. So now you’re looking from the outside

Rachel  44:00  

Yeah, and and if I’m looking from the outside in, then, you know, these characters have to be fairly compelling.

DJ  44:06  

So how do you connect with them if you’re not represented?

Rachel  44:09  

The whole small town feel I understand that. I mean, I’m I mean, I’m from Jersey, so we kind of stack each other on top of each other. I mean, they were very closely packed, but I do understand it to a certain extent.

DJ  44:19  

You know, Mike from IT, he’s African American. So in the but he’s African American in that main town, right? Yeah.

Rachel  44:26  

So that but that didn’t, but not nothing in the dialogue ever really. Especially in the second movie ever really, like, you know, paid attention to that at all. And that was fine. I don’t I didn’t really care. Nobody else cared. There weren’t any you know, let’s go kill the black guy kind of thing going on. And neither were anything related to race. I didn’t have to listen to them talk about the relationships with people outside or the things like that, you know, to me, like it isn’t about that. It’s about the clown and these kids surviving them, or it and it’s it wasn’t you know, it didn’t pertain to the story and it didn’t take away from it either. And I’m like, Okay, cool. You know, it’s, it was pretty irrelevant and I liked that. Whenever I read Stephen King though, it’s very prevalent if that makes any sense.

DJ  45:12  

I think I’m good I I’ve read a lot of his books and they always take place in Maine obviously, you know, yeah, cuz I’m trying to think now I’m trying to think of all any story where he has a more diverse cast of characters.

Rachel  45:24  

And that’s the thing though, I mean, sometimes diversity and like this pertains to talking about horror movies. Even diversity in your, in your art doesn’t mean that it inherently, it will make those people feel included. I mean, honestly, yes. I agree with you. I’m all about you know, people inside of a story and it matters and everything. But I mean, you know, when you watch horror movies, and if you’re female and you’re watching these things, and I’m like, Okay, cool. There are females in the leads of almost all of these movies, but I mean, I don’t feel represented. First of all, they’re like, they’re like, usually have money. They’re usually super skinny, and for some reason they’re always screaming and running away or talking about a guy or both. They’re not really doing anything except just falling and tripping naked. 


All you have to do is look to Shelly Duvall in, in The Shining. Exactly, her whole role was a scream, right? That’s all she did was scream. Or actually, if you look at, at even classic horror movies, the, the female victim is always screaming, and you know, and it kind of sounds like this.

*Scream sound cue* 

DJ  46:34  

Or this.

*Scream sound cue*

DJ  46:39  

I’m just saying.

Rachel  46:42  

Sound effects man.

DJ  46:43  

Yeah. And it sounds like that while they’re running too, you know, just screaming and running. I can’t even talk and walk at the same time, scream and run.

Rachel  46:51  

So it’s like ask any you know, ask any black folk or just colored folk and usually whenever they watch a lot of horror movies that can tell you Like, oh yeah, a lot of the times when I’m watching these movies, I feel like they’re making dumb, dumb decisions because they’re surrounded by dumb people. And it’s like, you would watch a movie something like, like, Get Out, where I thought, wow, you know, these perspectives were really, really cool. And the way they thought in these scenarios is entirely different. It felt like an entirely different kind of movie. That’s weird.

DJ  47:20  

You know, when we come back, I want to talk about LGBT horror movies. Have you seen any? 


I’m trying to, I don’t know. I can’t recall. 


I googled some and there are few, there are a few there are some. But what is it? Are they like it’s hard to me, to, for me to imagine like a guy running screaming and tripping and falling. So I’m just curious. I haven’t seen one.

Rachel  47:42  

It almost sounds like you probably shouldn’t do that in a horror movie. Right? 

DJ  47:46  

I know. So, listen, we’re we’re talking about horror movies and genres and, and everything in between. And so I’m in the studio with, with Rachel and we’re just having a fun time just riffing on horror movies, and I, we’re going to take a break. But when we come back, we are going to talk further about gay horror movies.

DJ  48:13  

So don’t go anywhere. You’re listening to the DJ Doran show.


You’re listening to the DJ Doran show. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back. Call 312-235-2281 to speak to DJ.

DJ  49:05  

And we’re back. We’re talking about horror movies. I love that organ music in the background, don’t you? Isn’t that cool? Oh wait, I have another sound clip. I didn’t even play. Oh, do you like zombie movies? 




Okay, let’s try this one. Hold on a second. Let’s try. Let’s try clip number three. This is, this is one of my favorites.

*Sound cue*

I want your brains.

DJ  49:33  

That’s supposed to sound like a zombie. I don’t know. I don’t know. Anyway, all right. Well, now we’re back. The sound’s all done. I’ve almost played all the clips, but I really liked that organ music. Yeah, I think that’s kind of cool. I, I could play that through the whole through the whole show. So we’re talking about horror movies. We’re talking about our favorites and the genres, and we did a couple little movie, movie reviews. So, um, so I was just asking Rachel before the break, has she seen any LGBT horror movies? And so I, when I asked the question, I thought to myself, I haven’t seen one, you know, but they they’ve got to be out there. We should make one. It would be so much fun to make a horror, an LGBT horror movie. I would love to. If you’re an amateur filmmaker, and you want to make an LGBT horror movie, reach out to the DJ Doran Show you can you can direct message me on Facebook or something like that. I don’t know, but but reach out to us and we would like to talk to you, see how we can make that happen? because that’d be so I think we should do like a 30 minute, like horror movie clip. What do you think?

Rachel  50:42  

I mean, sure, if you find people and massive amount of resources you need to film one.

DJ  50:47  

You don’t need that, we need an iPhone and a few hundred dollars and a screamer. I mean, it shouldn’t be that hard to get a screamer in the gay community. But I think we should do that. That’d be that’d be fun. I’d like to see if they have any quality LGBT horror movies out there. I’m gonna have to check that out. I’m gonna make that my homework.

Rachel  51:06  

Yeah, there are definitely a few. I just have never. I can’t say I’ve watched a ton. I don’t know.

DJ  51:13  

Hmm, interesting.

Rachel  51:14  

I like, I know they exist. And I’ve seen trailers for them. And I’m like, alright, cool. I always intend to, to watch them. But as I always forget, or there’s other movies that I wanted to watch more. But yeah,

DJ  51:25  

You know, this brings up a good point. You know, I really like horror movies. But the other genre that I like, and I think we can do a show on a sci-fi, is that you know, are you a sci fi person? 

Rachel  51:38  

I like sci-fi. Not as much as you but I like sci fi. 

DJ  51:40  

I’m one of those rare people that like both Star Wars and Star Trek. Cool. It’s not either/or I like both of them. They’re totally different storylines, but I like both of them.

Rachel  51:51  

I’m one of those rare people who who doesn’t really care about it.

DJ  51:55  

You and Joe both. But I’ve watched like all the Star Wars movies about eight times each.  I watched all of the Star Trek movies except Star Trek five, which William Shatner directed, and Star Trek Nemesis 


I didn’t know that.


Yes, it was horrible. It was horrible. But my favorite Star Trek movie is the Wrath of Khan, The search for Spock, and Voyage Home, the one about the whales. I like those. So anyway, and that’s what the old cast like that, they they call it the TOS You know what? TOS know, the original series? Yes. God, you’re such, not a Trekker. 


No, I told you. 


Unbelievable, I can’t even talk to you about it right now. 


Then don’t!


It’s seriously, I don’t even know who you are right now. 


I have never claimed to enjoy Star Trek or have ever talked about it to you.


I know. And that’s a problem that you need to you need to start you need to see


I watched a couple episodes, I enjoyed it. 


We’re going to send you the Starfleet therapy.

Rachel  52:57  

Oh my god.

DJ  53:00  

So listen, as we’re coming to the end of our, our show, it was fun and we got to learn a little bit about some of the classics. I want to, I want to play this one more time before, before we go because it’s, it’s my favorite. So listen here 

Sound cue (Lugosi)

I am Dracula.

DJ  53:26  

I thought that was awesome. I don’t know why, but I just love that. I could just mix it, mix around all these different sound bites and create my own little movie. Like, listen, I’m gonna do. I’m gonna, we’re gonna do a little teaser for our upcoming movie. And then we’ll then we’ll end the show. Right. So let me start off with

DJ  53:52  

Rachel. Rachel was walking, 3am in Lake Shore Park.

DJ  54:04  

She could feel the eyes of evil penetrating on the back of her head.

DJ  54:13  

As she started to walk faster she could feel someone closing in on her

DJ  54:23  

Slowly she crept forward

DJ  54:32  

Until at the last minute

DJ  54:35  

She heard an evil laugh.

DJ  54:44  

As she turned around, there was a cloaked figure standing there with red glowing eyes.

DJ  54:54  

He uttered

DJ  54:57  

A few words that sent chills up and down her spine. 



DJ  55:06  

Rachel stood there in frozen fear.

*Scream, evil laugh*

DJ  55:18  

Stay tuned for the movie

DJ  55:23  

Produced and directed by DJ Doran of the DJ Doran show. Oh KWIR Media here located in Chicago.

DJ  55:32  

I could do a trailer so easy.

DJ  55:35  

I thought that was awesome.

DJ  55:38  

I think I don’t have any applause sound bites on here. Anyway, that’s our show for today. I hope you had as much fun as we did talking about horror movies. Be sure to follow us on Spreaker Stitcher, SoundCloud, iTunes, no, not iTunes anymore. Apple Sodcast, Google podcasts and Spotify, even. So you can follow the DJ Doran show. And so we try and create one new show each week and we’ll announce on Facebook what our next topic’s going to be, but be sure to like our page on Facebook, that’d be nice. You know, you can follow us on Twitter at DJ Doran show and on Instagram as wel,l at the DJ Doran show. So until then, have a wonderful evening and we will see you next time.

Rachel  56:24  

Bye bye.



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