Star Trek vs. Star Wars – Who Would Win?

Star Trek vs. Star Wars – Who Would Win?

There can be only one! Star Trek vs. Star Wars

What series will come out on top in a battle of Star Trek vs. Star Wars? In this episode we geeked out in the studio as me Rachael and a Kevin talked about two of my favorite movie franchises of all time and how both impacted our lives.

First, we were also honored to be joined by Gabriel from Chicago Jedi a local Chicago group of Jedi practitioners inspired by the fictional Jedi in Star Wars, they strive to emulate the path of the Jedi in their real lives. They’re not just Star Wars fans, but people who see a core of truth in its philosophy that is worth bringing into the world. As a result; they go out and offer their services where they are needed. Gabriel and I are both one of the rare fans that actually like both epics for their very different approach to space based stories and we explored the good, bad and ugly of both of these storylines during the show.

About Chicago Jedi:

Chicago Jedi strives to:

  • Provide encouragement and opportunities for the spiritual, physical, and mental improvement of our members. 
    (Build CHARACTER)
  • Support and assist the local community through fundraising and donation of time.
    (Give CHARITY)
  • Promote a sense of community, continuity, and involvement within our Chapter and the larger Jedi community.
    (Create COMMUNITY)
  • Educate others as to what it means to be a Jedi in the real world.

This quote is taken from their website’s about me section. Other information you can kind on the site are: information about mailing lists, local meet ups, past and present initiatives & much more. The Chicago Jedi are part of a larger organization known as the International Jedi Federation. The parent organization shares views similar to the Chicago Jedi with the main goal of building community around the principles of the Jedi order.

But what about those other guys?

While the initial idea was to discuss the two franchises in a Star Trek vs. Star Wars type of debate/battle we ended up leaning more on the Star Wars discussion. The show ended up going in a different direction. In the second half of the show, DJ unloads some fascinating trivia about Star Trek before opening the discuss about the differences between the two franchises.

A Goodbye

Unfortunatley we say goodbye to Rachel V for now. Hr work schedule is pulling her in a different direction so she’s goign to be taking a bit of a hiatus. We appreciate all of her contributions to apst episodes and look forward to her return!

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Star Trek vs. Star Wars Transcription

Unknown Speaker  0:03  

You’re listening to the DJ Doran Show, a Doran Omni Media production. Warning: The DJ Doran Show contains adult language, mature content, cerebral debate and thought-provoking conversation. Listener discretion is advised. Call 312-235-2281 to be a part of the discussion; that’s 312-235-2281. And now, Chicago’s perspicacious host of your sane radio obsession, DJ Doran.

Unknown Speaker  0:35  

And now, Chicago’s perspicacious host of your same radio obsession. DJ Doran.

Unknown Speaker  1:30  

All right, you’re listening to a very special edition of the DJ Doran show. And that of course was the opening theme to Star Trek Star Trek.

Unknown Speaker  1:42  

Like a fairly biased

Unknown Speaker  1:45  

I can’t help it. But you know what we have one Star Trek fan who’s here and, and then of course us. So this is a very special show. It’s one of my favorites and we’re going to be talking about the differences. What we like or dislike about Star Trek versus Star Wars, so it’s a versus we’re going head

Unknown Speaker  2:06  

to head with us, but

Unknown Speaker  2:06  

we just want to know different things and then I have a very special treat. We’re going to do Star Trek trivia.

Unknown Speaker  2:11  

Oh, god, what?

Unknown Speaker  2:12  

Yeah, we’re gonna do that on the

Unknown Speaker  2:15  

second half of the show. It’s probably gonna, it’s probably going to denote who is really a Trekkie and sci fi nerd and who isn’t Nick?

Unknown Speaker  2:26  


Unknown Speaker  2:27  

Yeah. So just before the show, Nick, our producer who is not on air right now, but he’s sitting right behind me. He’s managing everything. He says, I don’t really get into Star Trek or Star Wars. And there was a pause. A long pause, a long pause. Now, I’m just saying is, Nick, we love Nick and he’s a great addition to the show guys got a lot of patience. He’s got God knows he needs it with you. Out here There’s a lot of patience. And he’s the technical side of things. But I mean, come on, how can you be a nerd? No offense? How can you be a nerd and not like Star Trek or Star Wars? You can

Unknown Speaker  3:10  

be learning about a lot of different things, man,

Unknown Speaker  3:12  

I know seriously. So, you know, I’m still reeling from that whole thing. And we’re going to talk about it after the show. But anyway, today’s show, we’re going to talk about what our favorite episodes are. Were for a Star Trek, whether you like the original series, or the next generation Deep Space Nine, whether you like the original Star Wars, which by the way, I went to see I was 17 years old when they came out roughly in 1977. And I loved all three of those. Not a fan of the prequels, but I kind of was really rooting for these next three, I think everybody but um, we’re going to talk about all of that too, as well. But anyway, and then the new Star Trek reboot with Chris Pine is Captain Kirk. You know, I like to reboot because I thought he’s kind of good looking. And so of course, you know, Dr. The new Dr. McCoy is really good looking, you know. And so Mr. Spock’s one of our community, so that’s kind of cool. But now I can’t watch it because Chekhov died. Yeah, that’s right. Anton Yelchin you know he died in a freak car accident he got out of his car while it was running and and it rolled back and crushed him against the concrete thing around this gate gate it entry to his house

Unknown Speaker  4:32  

How long ago was a couple

Unknown Speaker  4:34  

of years ago but still and the thing is he didn’t kill him like instantly he died of asphyxiation because he was there nobody was around to help him. So now I liked his character. I thought he did a great job. But anyway wow didn’t really mean to bring the show down. But But yes, pump

Unknown Speaker  4:53  

it back up.

Unknown Speaker  4:54  

So today, we have in the studio is my sometimes co host right? V. And she just told me today that that today’s gonna be her last day because her new job is going to make it impossible for her to record the show. It’s breaking

Unknown Speaker  5:09  

my heart. Yeah, I will not be here to just take like a sponge all of your crap.

Unknown Speaker  5:16  

That’s true. But we may make some exceptions and because we’re recording the show, you know, we don’t always have to do it on Monday. Now, live so

Unknown Speaker  5:24  

this isn’t the last time you’ll get to listen to me on newer episodes and on

Unknown Speaker  5:28  

that note, I’m taking a sip of the wine that I have for this show

Unknown Speaker  5:31  

cuz I just keep coming back. I mean, that’s, you know, one of the things you said you liked about me anyway, because remember, we had that moment on air. Okay, in one of the it was recorded that you gave me a compliment about that. So I’ma hold up to that

Unknown Speaker  5:43  

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Yeah, you’re totally right. No, Rachel’s been awesome. And I’m gonna miss her. And even though I teaser occasionally, it’s all in fun, but we’ve had some great shows have learned a lot.

Unknown Speaker  5:57  

Hell yeah. And that was the point of the show, especially When I was coming in is a little bit of education from two entirely different perspectives.

Unknown Speaker  6:04  

Absolutely. And we don’t agree on almost anything.

Unknown Speaker  6:07  

This is so true though. You know, still friends. Yeah, like almost it. What is it? Like it frickin seven eight months? Yeah, God is something like that. And I’m you know, hey, we still disagree, but we’re still cool about

Unknown Speaker  6:21  

it. I have to tell you I’m so excited because this is what Nick’s third

Unknown Speaker  6:27  

show you’re setting a fucking bar, bro.

Unknown Speaker  6:30  

Well, first of all, we used to have interns and they show up. They they record for one day and then conveniently, we never hear from them again. They get scared off, they get scared off. So we’re happy that Nick likes us right now. It’s kind of great. Yeah. All that subject to change. I’m always I’m always nervous when I say oh, you should go listen to the shows that we’ve recorded. And then I wait and see if I get any communication or if they respond to my tech Haha, yeah. So and if they don’t, I already know what’s coming. You know, I had a pilot friend, he was a great guy. I thought we were going to be friends and everything. But he I think he listened to some of my shows, and then totally disappeared. Oh. I wasn’t even dating him. He was just a pilot friend. And I was like, Oh, I guess I guess. Oh, so I was listening as speaking of ghosting. I was listening to the radio today. And a Rebel Wilson has a dating podcast, and she’s like saying, you know, if you’ve been ghosted zombied or mermaid and I’m like, I don’t know what any of those terms mean. Yes. Do you know what that means?

Unknown Speaker  7:41  

to you to go there?

Unknown Speaker  7:44  

Yeah, exactly. It has to do with fish or anything. I don’t

Unknown Speaker  7:49  

know. Maybe it’s like, I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker  7:53  

We could go down really quick. But anyway, we have a third person in here. Yeah, we do it. We do have a third nice

Unknown Speaker  8:01  

God Almighty,

Unknown Speaker  8:02  

so I get very self obsessed.

Unknown Speaker  8:04  

Yeah, so that voice you hear. That is my good friend Kevin McLaughlin. They say right, McLaughlin, McLaughlin, McLaughlin.

Unknown Speaker  8:14  

A lot of people say mcglothlin. But

Unknown Speaker  8:16  

what is the difference between? What’s the difference? Is it just a pronunciation? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  8:22  

yeah, well, they’re, they’re spellings. But

Unknown Speaker  8:24  

oh, well, it’s really the reason we have Kevin McLaughlin.

Unknown Speaker  8:29  

We have Wait a minute, hold on a second.

Unknown Speaker  8:36  

I will have faith in and say your name correctly. Kevin McLaughlin. I’ve been calling Mark by the wrong name for 10 years then. Mark is Kevin’s brother. Anyway, Kevin is also a huge Star Trek and Star Wars fan. So I invited him to be on the show so we could talk there. So Kevin, say hi to our audience. Hello, everybody. How’s

Unknown Speaker  8:52  

it going?

Unknown Speaker  8:54  

So, what do you like better? Let’s start with that. What do you like better Star Trek or Star Wars Star Wars. 

Unknown Speaker  9:00  

grew up with Star Trek. Absolutely, like next generation used to watch every day after school. They did reruns at five

Unknown Speaker  9:05  

o’clock. Just so you know. Next Generation is not really the real Star Trek.

Unknown Speaker  9:11  

That’s true. But I did. My dad was a big Trekkie. So we watched all the movies and series growing up all the time. So yeah, but definitely, you know, Star Wars is my thing growing up. I vaguely remember watching Return of the Jedi when I was in like, I don’t know. I guess I was like, five.

Unknown Speaker  9:29  

Oh, really?

Unknown Speaker  9:30  

Like in the theater? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  9:31  

Oh, yeah. So I was a 20. Almost when the return the Jedi came out, 21 and so forth. But I remember thinking like this is like don’t even say it, Rachel. I don’t even want to hear that. You were just someone’s a twinkle in someone’s eye. There’s one in every room. But the I remember watching those and just being like it is a classic good against evil. movie. You know, it’s a classic genre. And you know the characters were likable now Joe hated Luke Skywalker because he thought he whined all the time and he was kind of whiny that’s

Unknown Speaker  10:09  

a fair that’s a fair judgment. Absolutely,

Unknown Speaker  10:10  

but I really liked it and, and I remember I remember when when a Darth Vader under those infamous words

Unknown Speaker  10:35  

Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker  10:38  

Hey, this Gabriel Is that you? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  10:42  

Hey Gabriel. This is DJ Doran. Welcome to the show. When you called in it and it rang in my headset and struck

Unknown Speaker  10:49  


Unknown Speaker  10:52  

We were just talking about Kevin and with Rachel. Our our guests are gay. Who they like, what they like whether they like Star Trek or Star Wars and so, so anyway, everyone, I want to introduce Gabriel Gabriel, if you could just say a little bit about yourself Tell, tell our guests and our audience who you are and, and all that and then we’ll go from there.

Unknown Speaker  11:17  

Well, my name is Gabriel calphalon. And in my paying job, I am a preschool teacher. But in my non paying job, I am the leader of a Star Wars organization, locally based here in Chicago, but then also, we have a sister chapter throughout the nation.

Unknown Speaker  11:36  

Oh, excellent. So, so you are you’re obviously a Star Wars fan. You’d be categorized as a Star Wars fan. Would that be a safe assumption?

Unknown Speaker  11:48  

I see I’ve grown up with both Star Wars and Star Trek and find both meeting are having their I guess our fan base. But I’m one of those who actually like, like both I grew up with both, but of course I do lean a little more towards the Jedi as it worked, because I think they’re a little cooler.

Unknown Speaker  12:10  

Yeah, I see. I’m like you Gabriel. I grew up my father loved Star Trek. Right. So I’m older. So, you know, I was born in 1960 You know, when Star Trek was actually really on TV? Almost right, wasn’t it? It was no 63 to 66 or something. I believe it was that

Unknown Speaker  12:31  

that sounds familiar and valid now.

Unknown Speaker  12:33  

But I grew up with Star Trek. And so I that’s what I started out with. And my dad used to always say, you know, Star Trek is like the like, what the future could be of our civilization, not other civilizations, what our civilization could aspire to be. Where, where Star Wars to me was like a fantasy, space opera, classic good against evil. And I saw Star Trek And I don’t watch Star Trek to escape. I watched Star Trek to kind of see what their vision of what the future might be. But with Star Wars, I watch it to just escape.

Unknown Speaker  13:11  

I totally agree. I think always that Star Trek is a little more like social commentary.

Unknown Speaker  13:16  

Especially in the original series. Yeah, absolutely. And Star Wars to me when it first came out, it was like good guys against bad guys. And you rooting for the good guys and then you kind of secretly rooted for the bad guy. Yeah, you know, cuz Yeah. Because it was so cool. It was totally cool. But you’re right. Star Trek was more socially common. Star Wars was I mean, Star Trek was so much more about social commentary. They did it you know, the first interracial kiss supposedly, they remember the episode where they had the black on white guys and one was left and right. And the other one was right and left and talking about you know how something so inconsequential created this big race war that And almost annihilated the planet and the crew couldn’t figure out what

Unknown Speaker  14:03  

what their problem was.

Unknown Speaker  14:05  

Yeah, because on the surface you wouldn’t know like, I mean, it wasn’t. It wasn’t evident and I remember watching the episode where I think his name was Loki or something loci or something. But where he said, It’s obvious, I am black on the left and white on the right, and he is black on the right and white on the left. Zombie that’s what they’re fighting about, but not obvious to us. But so I’m gaber what is it about Star Wars about specially the Jedi? Are you more focused on being interested in the Jedi? Or do you have an equal interest in the Sith? Or tell me more about where your interest emanates from?

Unknown Speaker  14:44  

Yeah, my focus is on the Jedi. I kind of see Star Wars itself as a modern myth. It’s the story that draws everyone together as you say how the good against evil and that’s just the storyline that everybody needs. And how it goes through the whole Hero’s Journey like when you follow Luke Skywalker and his call to adventure, and all through his trials and tribulations having a mentor, until finally he becomes a Jedi Knights, you become a master of the world. And that’s kind of the story that we need. And that’s what really drew me in and just that whole, it can be a hero, I too, am a child, but through all this training, and through all my hardships, that I’m still able to achieve a lot of good. And so that is why I’m drawn towards Star Wars mythology, as well as the whole concept of being a Jedi.

Unknown Speaker  15:41  

Interesting, but

Unknown Speaker  15:44  

when you when, when the first

Unknown Speaker  15:47  

set of movies came out, you know, a new hope The Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi. And so what did you think about that whole Say what’s the word I’m thinking of? Like the Jedi was a religious based organization. You know, it wasn’t secular it was it was actually a religious based organ organization. Does that play into why you you think you are attracted to it?

Unknown Speaker  16:16  

Oh, yeah, that whole religious aspect did and I in fact actually did end up going to seminary and was a youth minister for a while. And through all that training also gained a broader understanding of what religion is. And it’s just how the different beliefs that our community uses and the different rituals that we use to bring us together to try to bring meaning to our lives. And Jenna, I just felt like that was the story for me. That’s perfect.

Unknown Speaker  16:46  

That’s perfect. So Kevin, what would you classify yourself? I already know that I would be a set.

Unknown Speaker  16:53  

So let’s just get that out of the way right now.

Unknown Speaker  16:55  

God, I always

Unknown Speaker  16:57  

want to aspire to be a Jedi, right? Growing up with an older brother I always was the bad guy. Like we as far as toys go and you know kind of playing so I was always the Empire because they had the cooler stuff. But my biggest thing is I love the original trilogy because it’s the idea that anyone could be this strong and powerful based on like, your personal inner strength. The prequels kind of like kick to the balls a little bit by throwing meta chlorians in there. Yeah, it was like something that like you were innately born with and like you couldn’t aspire to like there was a limit

Unknown Speaker  17:37  

and then there’s the last shot at jet I sorry,

Unknown Speaker  17:39  

no, no, no, no, no.

Unknown Speaker  17:41  

Yeah, that

Unknown Speaker  17:43  

what do you think Rachel? What would would you be Jedi or Sith?

Unknown Speaker  17:47  

Oh, dude, I don’t know. I would be just just you know, somebody working in the hangar where all the planes fly. They were all their ships flying and shit, man. I’m not I don’t want to be either. I just want to be there to witness it all and just just point and say, I don’t want to be that look at them fighting each other like fools.

Unknown Speaker  18:06  

Well, to me, it was just sort of like I always said that I wanted to be the Sith because I just thought that you know, the jet I always wanted to play down their power and you know, and not not execute their power were a Sith Lord was all about the power within that consumed them then it did consume them in the end. And the funny thing is, is, you know, I was growing up, you know, dealing with my sexuality, I always felt powerless. So I, I sort of gravitated towards that. It’s like, I’d love to be like, someone who would be bullying me, which they can’t now because I’m big and strong. But then when I was younger, I was, you know, I had like, 1% body fat I couldn’t, you know, I was skinny, I had a long neck and a big head, and I was pale as a ghost, and I stuttered. And so and so I used to think that if I was a Sith Lord, like go ahead and bully me I just take that, you know, the lightning bolts that the Emperor Did and like make good work of it? Where I think the Jedi would be like, walk away and whatever I actually wanted to have revenge. And, you know, because when I think when you’re bullied you, you, it pushes you to that limit. And I don’t want to say I was bullied, like, like, by today’s standards, it was just it was subtle, you know, like, and I felt invisible and I felt completely powerless. And, and so that’s why I gravitated towards that. And quite frankly, when I came to terms with my sexuality, I never thought I was gonna live to any, you know, old age. So I was like, Alright, well, you know, I’m fine with being the Sith Lord and burning out and then being a force goes you know, but, uh, but I always thought that the Jedi it would be the one thing I did like about the Jedi was they didn’t have to have a demonstration of their power. They knew they had the power and that was enough for them. Like They could act a certain way because they knew they had the power but they didn’t have to use it. Were I feel like the set where I am going to destroy you and your family and everyone within 100 parsecs. Have your family. And, and, and at that time, that’s kind of what I felt I was really, like I wanted to fight back. And so that’s what I gravitated to. Plus, the, the only downside that I felt with Star Wars was, was when Darth Vader uttered those infamous words. And we all know what that is right?

Unknown Speaker  20:40  

played. I didn’t play that was awesome.

Unknown Speaker  20:43  

When that I saw that in The Empire Strikes Back, I remember. I remember feeling my job visibly drop. It was sort of like Did you ever see the sixth sense? You know, like when at the end and you realize that he’s dead right when the rain drops out of her hand? Yeah. Yeah. It was that kind of moment. And I remember thinking to myself here is this, this farm boy who, who, you know, didn’t know anything he just thought he was nobody. And from that he became a Jedi Knight or, or began the journey to become a Jedi Knight and ultimately finding out that the meanest baddest dude in the galaxy was actually his father. I mean, I just thought that was that was just great storytelling, right I thought so. And so that’s what Star Wars is for me. It is a it is a good story about good versus evil and evil winning a little bit and then ultimately good coming back in the end and, and try and bring that’s what that is. Does that make the Empire your favorite one. So gaber What’s your favorite of all the nine movies?

Unknown Speaker  21:54  

Oh, the nine one. Yeah, I would say it would probably actually be recorded. The Jedi. I am actually a fan of the Ewok. And I know that may be okay. I love the lot because of their tribal nature and just the whole close knit family unit and even how they’re even able to defeat this empire with limited technology. To me, that’s the whole story of the underdog. That’s why I’m really attracted to the Ewok and the Return of the Jedi.

Unknown Speaker  22:25  


Unknown Speaker  22:28  

Okay, so then I have to ask, okay.

Unknown Speaker  22:33  

I have to ask this question. It’s a Jar Jar Binks. I’ll just drop it there and discuss.

Unknown Speaker  22:39  

That’s not a question that is just

Unknown Speaker  22:42  

just a statement. I want to hear all of your opinion about Jar Jar Binks, and then I will offer my commentary, worst character.

Unknown Speaker  22:53  

I was too young to care. Like at the time I’m like, this is just a silly character at Baylor that I barely remember and I I don’t know. I just thought it was just silly and kind of didn’t appeal to me at the time and I’m like, it was kind of weird,

Unknown Speaker  23:06  

huh? What do you think Gabriel?

Unknown Speaker  23:09  

Yeah, I would have liked Jar Jar a lot more if he actually did end up being a Sith Lord.

Unknown Speaker  23:14  

That would have been awesome. Can you imagine at the end he’s like he’s like me so me so a Sith Lord, you prepare to die. That would have been super funny. I think it would have made my brain fall out of my skull cavity though.

Unknown Speaker  23:34  

That’s a whole theory though. He was supposed to be that but he had such bad feedback. Yeah, the first people came out that would be changed the story because he’s like, undercover and actually it does have all this power.

Unknown Speaker  23:48  

That actually would have been cool though. Because like you having that like extremity of a clown character in your group throughout these movies. It was just very I don’t know off putting So to me anyway, up to the

Unknown Speaker  24:04  

clown characters. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  24:06  

totally. That is very fair. And and. And it’s funny. It’s it that was you bring up a good point Gabriel those two characters were RTD t didn’t really say any well didn’t say anything spoken, but I always understood what the conversation was. And I always thought that was weird.

Unknown Speaker  24:25  

It worked. I thought it was really cool. That’s just credit to the writing that you just have one person actually vocalizing things that we can understand. And it worked out and it worked out.

Unknown Speaker  24:35  

So of the nine movies broken out by threes, right. So which grouping would be your favorite, Kevin? The original trilogy? What about you, Rachel?

Unknown Speaker  24:48  

gave her What about you?

Unknown Speaker  24:50  

I’ll stick with the original trilogy.

Unknown Speaker  24:52  

And I’m going to go with that too, because the original trilogy caught my attention. And I don’t think any of the movies after that. Really elevated to that moment when Darth Vader said, I am your father. To me that is that was. That was just monumental. The second set the prequels. I didn’t like the little boy.

Unknown Speaker  25:17  

You know,

Unknown Speaker  25:18  

I didn’t like the little boys. It was basically like setting up.

Unknown Speaker  25:21  

Yeah, and it was really weird. I don’t even know why though.

Unknown Speaker  25:23  

I don’t I don’t I didn’t like that one. The second one. Hayden Christensen was such a whiny character, that I just I couldn’t be worse than Luke. Yeah, but, but we can all agree I think. I think the real star of the prequels was Ewan McGregor.

Unknown Speaker  25:42  

Yeah. Oh, yes, it is.

Unknown Speaker  25:44  

Yeah. Without a doubt. I think he did a terrific job as a young Obi Wan Kenobi and he made those movies. watchable. So I like that so. Yeah, like, like, you know. Okay, so Have any of you seen Rogue One Yes, yeah, Gabriel Have you seen I’m sure you have Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  26:04  

yeah, I thought yeah,

Unknown Speaker  26:07  

that’s my that was so well done. I loved her gin urso I love the backstory about creating the the Death Star

Unknown Speaker  26:24  

Yeah, I know yesterday gave it purpose that was

Unknown Speaker  26:26  

Yeah, that was really cool. I thought that was very well done and I forget the robot Kate Katie, so I

Unknown Speaker  26:36  

gave her that k too. So

Unknown Speaker  26:39  

I don’t remember that. But that

Unknown Speaker  26:40  

robot whoever that robot was, I thought the dialogue was awesome. And I actually got really moved at the end. You know, when they’re on the ice like I didn’t expect that. But it was a really it’s my favorite of all of them. You know, I like to I like the the original stories. But in except for revenge I’m sorry return of No. The Empire returns. That’s my favorite of the original three because of the Darth Vader incident. But the but row one is it was really moving Yeah, it was it was good. Now the other thing that I tell you the last three i don’t know i might be on the fence here and we’re coming up on a half hour and the next half hour we’re going to talk about Star Trek but the last three right? What do you think?

Unknown Speaker  27:39  

Let’s fuck shit up. It was my bills. My favorite of all it’s like last Jedi was the best movie ever made. Cool. That’s my opinion.

Unknown Speaker  27:47  

Get out.

Unknown Speaker  27:50  

Where’s my taser? Did you charge it like I asked you to

Unknown Speaker  27:54  

get out in

Unknown Speaker  27:55  

case Rachel’s.

Unknown Speaker  27:56  

Yeah, break glass. break

Unknown Speaker  27:58  

glass in case she’s an hour.

Unknown Speaker  28:00  

Yet the last Jedi Are you kidding me? actually waiting? This is internet radio. Are you fucking kidding me?

Unknown Speaker  28:07  


Unknown Speaker  28:08  

made Luke Skywalker and emasculated yeah silly you know depressed, unfocused and he’s a Jedi Master For God’s sake

Unknown Speaker  28:16  

I listened

Unknown Speaker  28:19  

so that he knows so we milk unnecessary and just

Unknown Speaker  28:24  

weird so weird I Allison okay, but for real though, in all honesty I actually had a decent time with the movie mostly because obviously the director and the directing was pretty cool I liked I liked a lot of that. But secondly, because I was really into the idea of just shaking things up completely being like yes let old things die like I love that I love that as a concept. I love taking something that is structured and maybe a little outdated to the characters and then really tearing it apart and I’m like, Oh, cool. I love that but then they’ve kind of Fuck it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  28:58  

so Okay. Let’s go back to the skipping here, but we’re going to go to the last chapter, right? Sure. And then Gabriel, I want to hear your thoughts on this. But there are a couple of things about the last Jedi I that. First of all, I thought it was very creepy that Chewbacca was barbecuing one of those little birds. That was a little creepy. Yeah. And then they ended up being his friends.

Unknown Speaker  29:20  

That was actually shit.

Unknown Speaker  29:22  

Yeah, yeah, I was like, okay, that’s really creepy. But you know, I guess you gotta eat, you gotta eat. But, you know, you would think that the Millennium Falcon would have provisions on it. I’m just saying, we’re probably his faces, you know, like, you know, our astronauts have to freeze dried food, you think they could have something on their way? You know, Star Trek had those weird cubes that nobody could ever identify that as the food but anyway, so that was that and the second thing is, is they they, like I said they emasculated Luke to the point where it’s like, I don’t even recognize, okay, this guy turned on you and he’s your Nephew and everything but that would sort of give me resolve. You know, if I’m a leader like what the hell, I gotta go save my nephew. Not like I’m gonna run away and go live on a mountain in the middle of the ocean and just disappear and be a total hermit and just abandon my sister and the and the resistance and everything else. You know, I just didn’t like that portrayal of Luke. Just that’s my own. My own, I didn’t connect with his character at all. Yeah, that’s fair. You know, so I didn’t like that but I’m very off putting and very off putting and then also in the, what was the first one I forget the name? Ah, The Force Awakens. Okay. I like that one. I did like that one because it kind of bridged the gap between Rogue One and where they are now a little bit. And I thought it also I thought it kind of helped me understand the relationship between Han Solo and his son. That whole that was pretty cool. That whole dynamic. That movie was so boring to me. When Han Solo got killed Are you kidding me? I almost cried.

Unknown Speaker  31:11  

It was very it was very much like, kind of

Unknown Speaker  31:14  

like bringing up stuff that fans love.

Unknown Speaker  31:19  


Unknown Speaker  31:22  

Empire Strikes Back.

Unknown Speaker  31:25  

Yeah, I just don’t think it had the same emotional thread that the original trilogy had for me. They were like standalone movies. Although I will tell you that. I don’t know why, but I really liked Snoke

Unknown Speaker  31:40  

Oh, yeah, well, I don’t people did.

Unknown Speaker  31:42  

I like really? I don’t know. Like, like he was evil, but I don’t know why but the way he spoke Yeah, just was like, I really I thought he was a great

Unknown Speaker  31:51  

Yeah, he contributed like such a strong piece of like, the tone of the movie.

Unknown Speaker  31:59  

Yeah, right.

Unknown Speaker  32:00  

What don’t even don’t even get me started. We’re gonna get close off with the rise of Skywalker I but, but those first two gaber What do you think of the two? What is your insight on both of those movies?

Unknown Speaker  32:14  

There’s elements that I liked of all of all of the ones that recently came out and how you’re talking about how kind of even Luke would just like run away. But I was thinking about well actually, that’s basically what all of his mentors did. Yoda ran away and hid in a swamp and Obi Wan and so that’s that’s what he knows.

Unknown Speaker  32:33  

I didn’t think about that. But that is so true. It’s like, like, why did yo I never understood like why Yoda left cuz Shiki and

Unknown Speaker  32:41  

I had the same thoughts. Yeah, I didn’t get that either.

Unknown Speaker  32:44  

You know, so I guess that that runs through it, but I still didn’t like it just

Unknown Speaker  32:48  

the nature of the

Unknown Speaker  32:51  

I guess I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker  32:52  

But the thing is, I can write on some random planet.

Unknown Speaker  32:55  

Yeah. But does that go against what you believe Gabriel that the Jedi brings to you like, like it. If things get tough you you, like we go to an island. See, that’s what I’m saying is to me is like, lead up to jet is being the force for good and our defense, you know, defending against the dark side. So when he left I was like, I don’t get it, why would you leave your sister.

Unknown Speaker  33:20  

And that’s the thing like they’re like you can always fight for good, but then the fight will end if you die. So in a way you kind of need a be efficient, be effective and realize that sometimes you can’t do it alone or you have to wait for somebody else to carry on the torch. You can only do it so far. And that’s actually good leadership there. Because if you do it all alone, then no one’s going to carry on. Once you’re done. You need to do as much as you can. But you also need to train others to continue the job for you.

Unknown Speaker  33:53  

Right. I think that’s what bothered me the most is he left he was the last Jedi and he left. So it’s one thing if there’s other Jedi out there and you’re like, Okay, I’m passing the torch and I’m now going to quote unquote retire. But it’s a completely different thing. If you just say, Whoa, I fucked up so I’m leaving. I’m out of here. I’m never coming back and then and then make it so that you’re not even reachable. I think that was the overriding thing for me now in the end. I kind of thought, okay, he redeemed himself when he was fighting Kylo Ren because I thought that was kind of cool. And he saved the people in the cave. Yeah, by buying them some time. I thought that that to me was what the real Luke Skywalker. I always envisioned so he did redeem himself. He did redeem himself there but it wasn’t my favorite. The last yet I wasn’t my favorite anybody’s favorite. But, but I will tell you that it was entertaining. It was entertaining. I actually like I don’t know about you guys, but I like the new characters. Like I like Ray and I like facts and I like po You know, I thought they were likable characters. But

Unknown Speaker  35:05  

Finn, Finn

Unknown Speaker  35:08  


Unknown Speaker  35:11  

Oh, Rose.

Unknown Speaker  35:12  

Oh rose Yeah, a lot of people Earth. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  35:14  

Well, a lot of people thought that, you know, she just didn’t have any impact. Like why why was there

Unknown Speaker  35:20  

for all of the screen time that she got and she didn’t

Unknown Speaker  35:22  

really well in second one I didn’t understand why they went to the casino that was like that was that was so weird. That was

Unknown Speaker  35:29  

just there’s so many weird plot holes of that movie.

Unknown Speaker  35:32  

Yeah, but I didn’t I don’t know if you caught this at the end. The little kid with the broom Yeah, you know a lot of you don’t realize it and he has the resistance ring or something, you know. So I thought that was that was kind of a cool cool thing to

Unknown Speaker  35:47  

actually kind of picks up with what what like how the middle Koreans in the episode one kind of downplayed everything. I think with that one, it’s more like everybody actually has before. So it’s just a matter of actually using it

Unknown Speaker  36:01  

right or tapping into it, or realizing, you know, sort of like, you know, I could learn to be a black belt if I trained for it by myself I had everybody has that ability. So now before we move on to Star Trek, I want to talk about

Unknown Speaker  36:18  

the rise of Skywalker.

Unknown Speaker  36:20  

Oh shit, I didn’t actually watch that one.

Unknown Speaker  36:27  


Unknown Speaker  36:28  

I’m not the only one. Nick didn’t watch it either.

Unknown Speaker  36:31  

Joe, get my taser. I need to charge I didn’t. I still can’t even talk to him about it earlier. The only reason why I’m talking to Nick is because I need him for the technical part. But the fact that he doesn’t, he doesn’t like he doesn’t like dark. All right, that is nothing compared to what Rachel said.

Unknown Speaker  36:51  

Well, I mean, that’s fair, but I say things like that offensive. He’s used to it. Okay. All right. We

Unknown Speaker  36:57  

like I told me Sorry, I need you to come back. Next week

Unknown Speaker  37:03  

we’re trying our best

Unknown Speaker  37:04  

to scare you. That’s right. But in the in the rise of Skywalker, I really was expecting so much, right. And I was trying not to but the clips were like, I remember the first trailer when it came out. I was like, This is gonna be amazing. So here’s my couple of problems that I have. Number one is, I thought the Emperor coming back was interesting, and I thought, I thought the way they brought him back was interesting. wasn’t a big fan of him being connected to a giant arm, you know, as like a robot or something. I didn’t really understand that. He did. But I have to watch it again. I’ve only seen it once. Because the first time when we saw Kevin unite, you know, we would see I was like,

Unknown Speaker  37:55  

yeah, we have a lot of issues.

Unknown Speaker  37:57  

Yeah. So that was one I was like, Okay, if why are all these sit in the bleachers? Like, where did they all come from? Right? That was a question that I had. I I liked the fact that they that he was cloning Snoke. So you could see pieces of Snoke

Unknown Speaker  38:15  

you remember that? I think that was just cleaning up what happened from the previous

Unknown Speaker  38:18  

Oh, but here’s the biggest plot twist, right? So I did like when he reconciled with Han Solo on the on the thing because I always knew that he that Kylo Ren was conflicted about that. So that was kind of cool. But here’s my biggest issue. He dies. He comes back to life. re dies, she wakes up. I think I hope I’m doing this in the right sequence. But like he just out of nowhere, she kisses him. And then she dies. That was so that was weird. Like, there was no romantic connection. No, there’s no relationship just a Jedi connection fighting. Yeah. So and then he died. That’s weird. And so he gives her his force energy to bring her back to life. But before he dies, he kisses her and then he dies. I just was like that. Why is that in the movie? completely unnecessary, completely unnecessary. So Gabriel, you have the floor. What did you think of, of the of the rise of Skywalker?

Unknown Speaker  39:21  

I am a despite me being a Jedi. I’m actually a huge fan of the Emperor. So I was kind of like,

Unknown Speaker  39:27  

I knew there’s like you

Unknown Speaker  39:30  

saw the head about the Emperor. I’m like, like, just screaming my head off. Like, yes. Because he was just kind of like a person I want to be in terms of planning, like 100 steps ahead.

Unknown Speaker  39:42  

Yeah, so I was just that I agree with that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  39:46  

And then the kiss scene. Yeah, I was. I was in two different ways. It was like yeah, I didn’t see the love thing there either. But then somebody else says, well, they did love each other, just that she loved the gentle And I’m like, okay, I can kind of get on board with that. But still, there wasn’t that really wasn’t all that

Unknown Speaker  40:06  

related. And here’s what I’m going to tell you is that

Unknown Speaker  40:11  

when we shut down, here’s what I’m going to tell you though. And this is all honesty when we were watching the movie, Kevin right. When that kiss happened, the theater erupted in laughter every really

Unknown Speaker  40:22  

yeah, the entire theater.

Unknown Speaker  40:25  

And I was like, they I’m sure they did not. That wasn’t in their court intended intention.

Unknown Speaker  40:31  

Amazing to that. Really.

Unknown Speaker  40:32  

Yeah. so fantastic. was almost everybody it was almost everybody and I’m saying this is you know, I see what Gabriel saying I can I can understand that logic. Right. I can understand it. But the in the context of the movie, it didn’t come through it did not come through at all. And so to me, when they this was supposed to be like, because it was so quick was like, I’m dead. I’m alive. I’m dead.

Unknown Speaker  40:56  

Right? You know, it was like that, and then why didn’t she bring him back the Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker  41:02  

well, you know,

Unknown Speaker  41:04  

it’s the me to movement now.

Unknown Speaker  41:07  

Let’s dig into

Unknown Speaker  41:10  

But all kidding aside, I just thought that that for that it was supposed to I’m assuming they wanted it to be some sort of dramatic like, I love you and I’m dying and I die, but it wasn’t it was more like, like wham bam Thank you ma’am I’m dead you know and i i just i didn’t think it worked and so I wasn’t really happy about that and there were a couple of other plot holes. I did totally dig the idea that all those Star Destroyers were under the ocean you know when they were they were raising up and that that yet because like what Gabriel said the Emperor plan so much ahead that he squirreled away the Star Destroyers. Yes, he squirrel them away because in his plan, he probably foresaw his death, and he knew that he was going to be resurrected.

Unknown Speaker  41:58  

So my biggest question about that that was The Emperor came in in the last episode of

Unknown Speaker  42:05  

seven or eight, right? There was no mention of nothing. And then all of a sudden, no hint, like we killed smoke and eight. So what are we gonna do?

Unknown Speaker  42:14  

Well, no, I think Snoke was planted by the Emperor. No.

Unknown Speaker  42:22  

Something else.

Unknown Speaker  42:25  

Hmm. I can see. I can I can see that point that that they should have I think it would have been more effective if they kind of dropped like what do you call those things? easter eggs? Yeah, like in each of the movies. And then you could go back and you can say, Oh my god, I didn’t see that. But now Yeah, I totally see that. So here’s the bottom line for Star Wars for me. I’ve watched this. Yes. My producer said we have to meet Star Trek. We’re going to go to Star Trek, but I’m gonna tell you the big thing for Star Wars for me, is I watch him when I want to be when I want to be entertained. Like when I want it, that’s fair. I like I watch them. And I’m like, I this is a total movie day. I’ll watch the Star Wars. Yeah, right. Star Trek is I want it to be good. And I want it to be thought out and I want it to be. I want it to be, I want to understand this, I want to understand the context of what the show is. It’s not just a space. A space rockem sockem thing it the the episodes and the movies have to have a little bit more meaning that applies towards the human race, not a far off galaxy far, far away. But this galaxy where we’re going to be in the 23rd century.

Unknown Speaker  43:39  

Be fair to say that you think they’re gonna look more cerebral,

Unknown Speaker  43:41  

more cerebral, in a way, so rerolls a good, good turn. But I think the big thing is Star Wars is not us. Star Wars is a galaxy far, far away. So I’m an observer of what’s happening over there. Star Trek is us its Planet Earth, evolving and into the 23rd century. So that’s why I think they’re completely different. So on that note, we’re gonna take a quick break when we come back, we’re gonna talk about my, my other favorite science fiction franchise, Star Trek. So don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back.

Unknown Speaker  44:13  

You’re listening to the DJ Doran show. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back. Call 312-235-2281 to speak to DJ.

Unknown Speaker  44:30  

Okay, that was kind of short. But we’re back and we’re gonna start talking about Star Trek. So we just spent the last half hour 40 minutes talking about Star Wars. So I’m like Gabriel Gabriel mentioned in the previous half hour that that he’s also a Star Trek fan. Right. So Gabriel, let’s start with you. What do you like about Star Trek? And what is the what are the two main differences between the two franchise what attracts you to Star Wars and what attracted you to Star Trek

Unknown Speaker  45:00  

What attracts me to Star Wars? Is that yes, the the myth, it’s the greater story of evil. And with Star Trek, it does talk a little bit more about the practicality, the more the actual ethics and the ethics and philosophy that we go through the life and just how we interact with each other. So that’s kind of, that’s why I kind of see the two actually coming together and it’s a matter of like, putting them together then.

Unknown Speaker  45:29  

Right. That’s interesting. Kevin, what about you? Would you like Star Trek and Star Wars, but you’re heavier on the Star Wars? Right? That’s true. Okay, so what do you like about Star Trek?

Unknown Speaker  45:37  

Same kind of thing. It’s like where I do like the social commentary of it. I do like the idea that

Unknown Speaker  45:42  

this evolved technology that we use and explore other places and just even things like, you know, having a replicator to make whatever you want.

Unknown Speaker  45:51  

Or the transporter.

Unknown Speaker  45:54  

Yes, yes, actually. I mean, all those things I think are very interesting because you know, I do like, techie stuff, like Were you thinking about like, what could be the evolution of technology and how you could use it, but also the idea of going somewhere completely new and exploring and observing different civilizations? That would be so interesting, like seeing how other species have evolved.

Unknown Speaker  46:26  

Well, to a degree although I I could argue that the inner space which would be our oceans is vastly unexplored.

Unknown Speaker  46:34  

What about you, Rachel? I you do you like Star Trek? Did you ever watch it?

Unknown Speaker  46:39  

I like how passionate about it, my friends tend to be

Unknown Speaker  46:43  

okay, so.

Unknown Speaker  46:45  

Okay, so I’ve watched like two or three episodes, but I can’t say

Unknown Speaker  46:48  

anything. So that’s another thing too, is like, you know, gaber will you at the Star Wars convention that was here in Chicago recently.

Unknown Speaker  47:00  

Not able to attend. So

Unknown Speaker  47:03  

I sometimes drive for Uber. And I drove for Uber on that day, and I had the Emperor sitting in the passenger seat. And then on a different ride, I had Chewbacca in the passenger seat and I had to open up the sunroof so his head could stick out. And then I had the back of the car filled with Imperial officers and a couple of storm troopers. And then I had Luke and Obi Wan and see threepio in the car, and because you need to go back and forth and whatever and it was, it was awesome because you know, everyone says, Star Trek conventions are, are in a way, you know, people go there and they you know, they have they get involved and they dress up in their favorite characters. But I’d never seen it in Star Wars like I’d never been to. I’ve never still haven’t been to a conference or a convention but picking these people up. First of all, they like Gabriel and others. They believe in the mythos of The Star Wars universe and the same thing with Star Trek. People when I been to a Star Trek convention they believe in don’t quote me, I think it’s called. Id I see. Are you familiar with that? Gabriel?

Unknown Speaker  48:15  

idfc infinite diversity infinite combination. Yeah, it’s a

Unknown Speaker  48:22  

it’s a Vulcan thing, right? And so, but they are committed, they are committed to that. And they believe that that’s what the future of the human race on earth is going to be. And the thing that appeals to me about Star Trek, more than anything, was couple of things. There were several things. One is it was a positive outlook on what our future is, right? And so instead of like in, to give it some context, you know, we’re dealing with climate change and the Trump presidency and war and, you know, terrorism and this and that, that’s what we’re dealing with now. all the bad things now, you know, there’s all sorts of other things But but it showed that eventually Our future is we all come together as a human race. And the other part is, is although the enterprise which is my favorite ship, of course, was had weapons, it wasn’t the ship of war. It wasn’t designed to be a ship of wars the ship of exploration and science and and discovery. And so the mission was to go out and seek new new life and boldly go where no one has gone before. That’s that’s a political correct part of it. That’s next generation. And, and so you pointed at me? Yes.

Unknown Speaker  49:36  

It’s your last day. I’m gonna harass you until the show is over. Get used to it.

Unknown Speaker  49:40  

Only today. Today. Yeah, well, that’s true. It’s not only harassing me that is not a comment.

Unknown Speaker  49:47  

But that’s what appealed to me about Star Trek. And I thought that Star Wars if you look at Star Wars, this is something that also bothered me with Star Wars, is if you look at the instrument panels on all the ships, they’re all the writing is in some sort of weird hieroglyphs yet they spoken English? Yeah, right. So that was kind of weird for me. Yes. Oh, I love that God knows we could use that right now in politics. But that’s a different whole different show. But with Star Trek, I thought their gadgets were cool. You know, like in the original series, I love the shuttlecraft the transporter and the phasers and the replicators. And all that, in the next generation I liked was the place where they went to it was like a grid of a holodeck. Yeah. So I thought that was kind of cool. Like, what happens if you could if you can manipulate atoms and everything or how did that work? Do you know how it worked? I do not know what the premise of the of the holodeck was.

Unknown Speaker  50:53  

There was something about creating illusion by Yeah, messing around with energy. Yeah, but now turned into a virtual reality.

Unknown Speaker  51:03  

And so I thought that was kind of cool. And I thought, you know, nobody has any money. I like that idea. You know, like in the, in the original series and in the next generation nobody has any money. That’s right. Well, the thing is, I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna fly on a ship if they don’t give me any money or some way to support myself. Oh, hey, I went on a five year mission, but now I’ve got to collect food stamps. Well, it isn’t San Francisco so he probably wouldn’t Captain Kirk was in I could just see Captain Kirk standing in line waiting to fill out the forms. You know, it’s like, and then Mr. Spock coming in. And the lady saying you need to fill out forms six, seven and eight and sign here and x here and then and then go stand in that line. So So I thought that was kind of interesting because You know, I remember when there were no debit cards or anything and you everybody paid in cash and now we’re virtually not 100% but we’re virtually a cashless society, you know, so we’re moving in that direction. So here Do you want I’m gonna give you some Star Trek trivia, and we’re gonna play a little game. It’s Star Trek, trivia and you all have all have a chance to, to to win. I know I win, but I’m not going to participate because I’ll be the I’ll be the moderator. But you know that Dr. McCoy’s and gaber you probably know this. Maybe you’ll know Kevin but Dr. McCoy’s little scanning device it’s a little handheld thing right? There’s this big not the box not the try quarter. But he was like he go like this and it would go over your chest or something. Right. Star Trek had such a limited budget and no money. So the one of the people on the on the show stole the salt and pepper shaker from the NBC commissary. And that’s what that was. That’s the truth. That’s right. And before we get into trivia too much, I’m gonna tell you, there was one person, a very, very famous person who saved Star Trek. Does anybody know who that is? But it was getting threatened to be cancelled. The original, the original series.

Unknown Speaker  53:21  

Gabriel Do you?

Unknown Speaker  53:24  

Would that be Martin Luther King Jr.

Unknown Speaker  53:26  

Nope. That’s who kept her on the show, but close. But someone even more famous than him. He’s pretty. Okay, so, Star Trek was produced by Desi Lou studios, owned by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. And Lucy herself, went up to NBC and convinced them to do season three, season two and three or season three one of them and prevented it from being cancelled. Yep, so Lucy that’s why Lucy is revered by a lot of Star Star Trek fans is because she said she came in save the show when she ran the studio before they before Paramount bought desu. So that that was that the that is a good piece trivia so so let’s let’s before we get too further along, I want to say that the one thing about Star Trek that I always enjoyed is it wasn’t a shoot ’em up show you know like Star Wars is a battle between good and evil but Star Trek was never about that Star Trek fought when it had like the characters enterprise had to fight when it was faced with it. But that wasn’t the primary focus there was no war is usually in defense and, and so I thought that was a different take. And the other part that I that I really liked was that there the mission of exploration is something that we’re involved in right now. We’re exploring space, you know, in the in tentative steps, yes, but we are exploring, we’re not going out that I’m a Aware of anyway, to go out and, and you know, conquer anything we’re going out to introduce ourselves and, and then create an alliance and if that ever happens, by the way, on a separate note, I think we’re going to find out that aliens do in fact exist in my lifetime. I do believe that and we can talk about that and also in a future show I’m going to have the president of move on on the show so do you know move on is how do you call yourself a sci fi nerd move on is that is the mutual UFO network and they, they investigate sightings, abductions, and so forth.

Unknown Speaker  55:36  

It’s gonna be one hell of an episode and

Unknown Speaker  55:37  

it’s a serious thing. You know, they take it. Yeah, I’m gonna be there be here for that. But, but, you know, that’s what I I loved about, you know, I loved about Star Trek, but there’s so many good things I grew up with that like, oh, racism is irrelevant. You know, it’s not relevant. Your national like, checkoff was a Russian right? You During the during the height of the Cold War, you know, Sulu now that we know is was is gay but you know, back then, you know he was a different character who who were like you mentioned or I think Gabriel mentioned, was ready to quit the show. She just didn’t want to do it and Martin Luther King went up to her and said, Listen, there’s so few African American role models on TV, please stay for, you know, and stay as long as you can. And that’s why she stayed. And, and Michelle Nichols you know, of course, I don’t think anyone could replace her anyway. But, but those are the things that Star Trek that I like that that inspired me to even become a pilot, I initially wanted to be an astronaut. And, and so I joined the Air Force when I was 18. And, and then became a pilot and then I was a pilot on in the Air Force for 23 years, I flew c 130s. But originally, what I wanted to do is get my pilot’s license, and then immediately go to the space program and be an astronaut. You never said that. Yeah, nope. Never happened. It just life interfered, you know, life interfered. And I never, and, and you know, not to know, but not to blame my parents, but my parents were like, you know, they were blue collar people they didn’t, they didn’t understand or like say, Oh, you need to go to this college or you need to do this and let’s help you get here. They didn’t do that. So I did all of this on my own. So the easiest thing for me was to join the Air Force. And even then they thought, Oh, you’re never going to become a pilot. Because you had to have a degree and we couldn’t they couldn’t afford to send me to college so young. And then I did it and then I got my degree and I this is no lie. I have a degree in computer science.

Unknown Speaker  57:42  

Wow, wow.

Unknown Speaker  57:45  

Wow, that’s so

Unknown Speaker  57:47  

I didn’t write it better. These

Unknown Speaker  57:49  

technical Nick

Unknown Speaker  57:51  

told me I could I can hear his breath on the back of my neck when he started to refine fucking diet because Let’s face it like back then everybody was like, oh, get your computer science degree, you know, Fortran, cobalt, you know, all that. Did you even make it foreign I,

Unknown Speaker  58:09  

I had away with that because

Unknown Speaker  58:10  

I had a vision, I wanted to be a pilot so bad and you can’t be a pilot unless you’re an officer. And in order to be an officer, you have to have a bachelor’s degree and

Unknown Speaker  58:17  

not punch computers.

Unknown Speaker  58:19  

Well, back then I was like, Well, back then I was like, that’s a whole other show. But and that’s why everyone that’s why they’re laughing because I have a history with technology and things but the but but I got my degree, so I could become a pilot and then I became a pilot and then I so enjoyed being a pilot of C 130s. Because it’s a it’s a combat cargo transport. So I always did, like interesting and cool things flying cool missions and dangerous missions. That the, the, the it satisfied, you know, that sense of, of like I want to do something different in whatever So I never pursued being an astronaut after that next, you know, I was in for 10 years, and then you start to get a little long in the tooth to do that training. So I didn’t, I didn’t do it, but I swear I don’t know about you guys, but if they offered me the position to go to colonize Mars, I’d be like, I’m out of here. Joe, you’re coming with me too. Joseph, my husband, but yeah, but the, but that’s what Star Trek. Like to me. It’s like, oh my god. Can you imagine leaving Earth’s orbit and just leaving? I mean, we’ve

Unknown Speaker  59:33  

just exploring, like, Who doesn’t love that?

Unknown Speaker  59:35  

It’s one thing it’s interesting is a my dad used to say that when we were young, we talked about sci fi stuff all the time. But like when I was a kid, I remember him saying is one thing that was interesting. He’s like, if I had the opportunity to go to space, and not come back, I’d do it. Like, that’s how I wanted to do it. Like you’d be like, Okay, this this, this would be a lifelong goal that

Unknown Speaker  59:55  


Unknown Speaker  59:57  

One thing that I like one of my favorite movies for Star Trek is the Wrath of Khan. And if you saw the original episode space seed, you know that Khan was a genetically engineered super human right. But then he got, he was in suspended animation and the ship, the Botany Bay, you know, floating around space for many, many, many, many, many years until the enterprise found it. So I always thought that if I if I flew in space, because until they can figure out warp drive, which people say is realistic, but I I don’t think so. Because if you if you understand Einstein’s theory of time dilation, I’m getting a little heavy here, but if you understand how that works, if you basically take the the fabric of space time and you drop a bowling ball in the center of it, that’s basically what he was saying is that space warp right around that bowling ball. And I think that it’s, it’s a it’s not far, we’re not too far off from figuring that out. And I think that’s gonna happen. Number one. Number two, I also think that there is a way to travel infinite distances through wormholes. You know, we just haven’t figured, you know, haven’t figured that out. I think that the next 10 years is going to be a real boon for scientific

Unknown Speaker  1:01:18  

discovery. What’s also like kind of an interesting part about folding space, I think, like several different movies. Bring it up. So one that comes to mind, which

Unknown Speaker  1:01:29  

is event horizon. Oh, I love the event horizon.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:34  

Right, because think about if you fold spaces like this, and you fold that and you’re here and you want to go there, you fold it. You’re right there. So I when I was younger, I used to study Einstein’s theories, because I was so fascinated by like, could that be real? You know, and all of that. And the other thing, when I don’t know about you guys, but when I think about space travel When I think about the galaxy, the, I don’t know, millions upon millions of galaxies, and we haven’t even explored our own and there’s millions of millions of other galaxies, statistically, how can we be the only planet that evolved life? So, Star Trek to me was like, once we achieved the ability to travel great distances, we the discovery of new life and new civilizations. Like I

Unknown Speaker  1:02:30  

was really good. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:33  

Yeah. Yeah. It was, like, inevitable. And that was exciting to me. And I wanted to be a part of that. So, you know, some people say, Oh, I wish I was born, you know, 10,000 years in the future. But, and some people say, I wish I was born, you know, 2000 years in the past. And I always think that, that the people that look on both spectrums, you know, like in the past, and like, oh, if I was 200 years in the future, 2000 years In the future, you know, we’re going to be talking on our phones, or you know, or with video or we’re going to have a flying car, we’re going to do this or that. We’re living in that. Now, where are we going to be and think about it? only a short while ago, we didn’t have airplanes. We didn’t have rockets. We didn’t have any, any of that. And so in one lifetime, where are we going to be? That’s 100 years. Right? You know, it’s just so exciting. Like how exponentially and how exponentially? You know, it’s about Of course, it that’s all taken into account if we don’t kill ourselves and destroy the planet. And that’s again, why I like Star Trek, because Star Trek wasn’t gloomy, like, oh, the end is this. It the end is a positive thing. We do figure it out. And we do continue, continue as a as a species. So going back to the Wrath of Khan, I really liked that concept of genetic engineering because I think we’re doing that I think we’re close to that. Now. I mean, it’s just amazing. And I’m nervous about that. Because when you start messing with people’s DNA and you start cloning or you create bio hazards like look what’s happening in China you know a new a new flu virus is out and it’s pretty scary and they’re scrambling trying to contain it. I’m not worried about nuclear bombs I’m worried about that. 12 monkeys kind of shit. Because you ever seen in 12 monkeys were looks at the map and it says it started here. And then the whole thing is read in a short period of time, or what’s that movie with? Will Smith?

Unknown Speaker  1:04:30  

Know that one?

Unknown Speaker  1:04:34  

No, the one where he’s a zombie? I Am Legend. Yeah, yeah. That’s what that’s what worries me. So but the thing is, is if we evolved past that the only natural place we can go with space. That’s where we were going to go. And so if we, if we start traveling in space, it is, you know, you don’t know what you’re going to meet. It’s sort of like when they came to the, the North American continent for the first time they didn’t know what to expect and look at us and what 350 years. I mean, 350 years, that’s nothing. It’s three generations and also total genocide, total genocide. Right. I always think that’s funny. You know, when we talk about all these things I’m like, Well you know what, we didn’t really coexist

Unknown Speaker  1:05:17  

we didn’t really coexist. We basically killed everyone and took over

Unknown Speaker  1:05:20  

right? Let me just say one thing about like,

Unknown Speaker  1:05:25  

our like, extraterrestrial life, like the idea that another humanoid kind of species would

Unknown Speaker  1:05:31  

kind of

Unknown Speaker  1:05:35  

look at the movie The

Unknown Speaker  1:05:37  

the idea that this entity was actually a crystalline entity, but it was still living

Unknown Speaker  1:05:45  

somewhere else.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:48  

Well, I agree and disagree with that. What I’m saying is that of the billions of galaxies that are out there, you know, we evolved from primordial ooze, let’s say from the oceans, and all of those the water and Although everything was the right combination, if it can happen here it can happen. Any other planet that has the same same thing now, whether or not it humanoid or not is, you know, who knows, but but with, with I think what’s more than likely the cases that we’re going to do DNA like promethium you know, where the fount you know, they came here and they put their DNA on the planet and then that DNA, you know, grows. But, you know, before we leave one thing about the, for the show, one thing I want to talk about is the wrath of cons. My favorite of all the Star Trek movies, right? We don’t ever talk about Star Trek five that was directed by William Shatner. I never talked about that one. But, uh, and the motion picture. I was so excited when that came out, but it was so boring. The End long I was like, Oh my god, and why does everybody look like they work at the dentist office, you know, with the uniforms. I kept saying it was like, Oh, man. And then of course, you know, being gay. I was like, Mm hmm. You know those skin tight uniforms. But, uh, but but the Wrath of Khan really was the essence of, of Star Trek. And that was that was friendship, you know, and and that’s still a human components not about the ships or this or that it’s about the human beings. So I know gaber we kind of like taken over the Star Trek segment of the Star Trek movies. Which one is your favorite?

Unknown Speaker  1:07:33  

Are the movies? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:36  

That would actually be The Voyage Home.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:38  

I like that one, too. I thought that was cool. Do you know that one, Rachel. Oh, no. That’s the third one. Yeah. So the fourth one search for Spock was the third one.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:49  

That’s the one with the whale.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:51  

Yeah, The Voyage Home, the whales. I like that one. And I also liked I also liked the the comedy of it. to like, do you remember the guy on the bus with the punk rocker and Mr. Spock reaches?

Unknown Speaker  1:08:09  

Like, damn, like how if something in the future can be brought back to now and in a way, it’s a little awkward, but then at the same time, it’s like it could it could it could happen.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:20  

I know what I liked about that show more than anything that movie is that it demonstrated to me that if we are not good stewards of our planet today, the repercussions can rear their ugly head so far in the future, and we don’t see it. We were so short sighted, oh, let’s kill all the whales and let’s pollute the oceans. Well, in the future. You know, they had that alien probe that was could only speak to whales and there were no more whales,

Unknown Speaker  1:08:45  

right, the whole butterfly effect

Unknown Speaker  1:08:46  

the whole butterfly effect,

Unknown Speaker  1:08:49  

how quickly evolution can take place. So that’s something when it happened in the past, the smartest life form or the whales and now a couple hundred years later, here, human and it’s Who knows what’s gonna happen in the next couple hundred years?

Unknown Speaker  1:09:03  

That’s right. And so like when that pro came to earth, it was like, Oh, I’m going to speak to that, like Gabriel said, the smartest species on the planet at the time we were the blue whales, you know, and now, the human beings are, are our dominant. But, you know, I thought the search for the Wrath of Khan was the most entertaining and it was a clear villain and a good guy. And of course, you can’t talk about the Wrath of Khan at all, without without addressing William Shatner as Captain Kirk’s most iconic line in the whole.

Unknown Speaker  1:09:56  

Oh, yeah. So first of all, I didn’t even know that that his that his pecs were like, you know, glue on. I was like, wow, Ricardo montalban is built. I was like, Wow, that was awesome. He was, I mean, he was so over the top. He was the great, I think the greatest villain. I mean, he, he’s right up there. But he was he was great, but the line that sticks with me, and I can still see William Shatner’s teeth in my mind as I as as we were playing that clip. And that is when he was yelling, con and squeezing his communicator, you know, so hard. So

Unknown Speaker  1:10:35  


Unknown Speaker  1:10:36  

I, I love the new iterations of Star Trek. I’ve been I don’t know if any of you have any of you watched discovery.

Unknown Speaker  1:10:47  

recently watched the card.

Unknown Speaker  1:10:49  

I did. I watched the card the other night. The one thing I’m gonna say I’m gonna talk about discovery. It took me a little bit to kind of get invested in the characters, but I did get invested in the characters and then I Enjoy the show. Now it’s gonna be interesting. In the last episode of season two, was the season two. Yeah, season two. Discovery goes 930 years in the future. That’s that was the last episode to save the Federation. There’s a whole bunch of stuff. I’m not gonna give away too much, but I already gave away a lot, but I thought about that after I said it. Sorry, Kevin. I know you’re not gonna watch it, Rachel. And apparently neither is non sci fi. Watching Nick and

Unknown Speaker  1:11:31  

Nick taking just all the shots.

Unknown Speaker  1:11:34  

So I’m sorry, Nick, but I did it. I did enjoy it. Don’t leave us. I did. Please, please don’t leave us. I’ll give you a cookie. The I watched the card Gabriel the other night. And I was like so looking forward to it. The only thing that I would say I liked it. I thought it was meaty. Like it was it was really not I wanted to save it. But hey, Voice did not have that commanding sound to it, you know now of course he is 80 something years old, but it was sort of like you, I don’t know how they’re going to go with it. It’s gonna be interesting to see how they, how they, how they go along with it because his voice sounded like he was really tired. We got soft everything. No, it’s just that he was working on his vineyard. You know, he retired from Starfleet because of philosophical differences. But his voice is you know, like when you get old, like I am getting older now. Your voice like it was raspy and gravelly, you know what I mean? Not a sharp engage. It was like

Unknown Speaker  1:12:40  

that’s what it would sound. You know it to me. I was. I was dramatizing her. Perfect. But did you find Did you find that Gabriel or did you see it differently. I grew up I grew up with the next generation but I was like, very happy to see the card again and some of the like, even the hint The other characters who are going to be there, and I can kind of guess, like why, like if he played a factor but hearing more of like what happened between him and the Federation. He’s a broken man. And that’s that’s the whole reason why his voice was broken through because the thing that he fought for that he was like the he was the go to person for this organization. And now they went in a different direction and that it broken.

Unknown Speaker  1:13:30  

I can totally see that. Now that I didn’t I know that I didn’t think of it that way. I didn’t know that he left because of you know, the direction the Federation was ended up going with. What do you call them the synth, synth people synthetics, like robots, but I don’t wanna give it too much away. I already gave away too much. But that’s my modus operandi. It’s my show, I can do whatever the fuck I want. But, but you’re right. I didn’t think of it that way. And that’s going to change my perspective. So thank you for that because I thought to myself, I was expecting like him to be like, Okay, I’m, I’m, I stepped away but now I’m coming back. Okay, sell the vineyard and engage, you know, but it wasn’t like that. It was. It was, you know, like he like he said, I think he was a broken man and I think he’s just what did he say in that show? Do you remember what he said? Gabriel? He said, I was, um, I didn’t retire. I was waiting to die or something. Dude, yeah. You remember that part?

Unknown Speaker  1:14:32  

Yeah, something to that extent and that get you get he was just waiting to die.

Unknown Speaker  1:14:36  


Unknown Speaker  1:14:39  

so be interesting to see where they go with it. But I mean, he’s, I didn’t think this was possible, but he’s more beloved in Star Trek universe and Captain Kirk and I, and I’ve heard that on several different occasions. But it’ll be interesting to see how how it goes and I’m anxious for the new season of defense. debris to, to come out and that’s going to come out soon anyway. Well, listen, this has been a wonderful show, and I’ve had so much fun. I’ve laughed a lot. I hope you enjoyed yourself, Kevin. Kevin was nervous a little bit about being on the show. We were great. It was great. You’re great. And Rachel was great. You know, it’s your last show. So let’s give Rachel a round of applause. I hope you’ll come back.

Unknown Speaker  1:15:29  

So and then let’s give a round of applause for Gabriel, who was nice enough to call into the show and deal with all of our technical difficulties. Gabriel, thank you for being a part of the show. And and joining our conversation.

Unknown Speaker  1:15:40  

Yeah, we had a lot of fun talking to you.

Unknown Speaker  1:15:42  

Yeah, we had a lot of fun. And I’m sure that we’ll reconnect again at the future because these two franchises are my favorite thing. So every once in a while, I want to do a show on it, and update them and I think that we need to go Kevin, you and I and watch the rise of Skywalker one more time because the first time You know, like, like, I’m so excited and I was like, Oh my god, I had all these expectations. The second time, I think I’m want to go and I’m gonna look more,

Unknown Speaker  1:16:09  

right you’re gonna see more nuances,

Unknown Speaker  1:16:11  

right? More nuances. I’m gonna be a little bit more patient and instead of just rushing through to get to the chocolaty gooey center, you know. Yeah, so, listen, you can listen to the DJ Doran show on Spotify, I Heart Radio spreaker and every other major podcasting platform or you can go to the DJ Doran website, which is Doran calm, and you can see the latest episodes and some clips and some cool stuff. One thing I didn’t tell you, Gabriel, but I’m wearing for Christmas, my sister sent me a pair of Mr. Spock socks, and they have ears on the side of them and I’m wearing them in honor of this show. And that picture is going to be up on our website in in a bit. But it was a pleasure to have you and I hope that you’ll be back on the show again sometime in the future. Definitely All right. Take care. Have a great night. Amen. All right. All right.

Unknown Speaker  1:17:04  

That was that was you look at

Unknown Speaker  1:17:05  

us. Look at us. We actually did a show we actually did a little bit over so can I just say something real

Unknown Speaker  1:17:10  

quick? Yes. Cool. Hey, listen, you know, this is this is my this is my last one. I can’t come back. I mean, not dying for God’s sake. No, I’m being pulled away on a different on a different thing. And it really sucks because I coming here so often. Anytime I tell people I’m on a podcast, they think it’s so cool. And I’m like, Well, I mean, listen to it, then you’ll tell

Unknown Speaker  1:17:33  

me if it’s

Unknown Speaker  1:17:36  

funny. I want the listeners but that’s kind of rude.

Unknown Speaker  1:17:40  

I listen. Obviously, it’s a joke. We poke fun at each other. So I like so often and we have You’re right. We ended up with such a good chemistry by developing the show and I’ve had so much fun. Just Just having Nick there and all of his facial expressions at the corner of my eye. I’m so glad I can’t see him. You would Yeah, you would, you would be distracted. But yeah, this is this has been a trip man, I actually coming here.

Unknown Speaker  1:18:09  

Coming here, Nick wrote something that only I was able to read is great.

Unknown Speaker  1:18:16  

I, yeah, I’ve been coming here for so long. I was even saying this when I got hired to the job. And I’m like, I don’t even know what I’m gonna do with my free time. I’m like, I know, eventually, my schedule was going to change that I wouldn’t be able to come here. And then now that it’s happening, it’s just it’s very, it’s still very weird. I’ve been doing it for so long.

Unknown Speaker  1:18:35  

So I know it’s eight months, right? Something like Time flies, definitely since the summer and we’ve had such a wild ride. But you know, when Rachel talking about this a little bit when Rachel first came to the show, I’m like, Oh, my God, how am I going to interact with my first transgender co host? And I was nervous about that. Because, you know, I’m not really politically correct. And I’m I’m certainly not What day, the gay community think I should be? I’m completely opposite on a lot of lot of things. I thought, Oh, man, we’re gonna be fighting all the time. It’s gonna be stressful, and it’s not gonna last very long. And we turned it turned out. It turned out that we ended up having we ended up having really good conversations. And we were able to do so civilly and still remain friends, even when we disagreed vehemently. Yeah. And we educated each other. You know, I hopefully brought some things to the table that Rachel learned about. And I also did the same thing. And it really just proves the point and shows the point that we’re all we may be all different. We may be all with different colors and different genders and different everything. But we are part of one common thing. That is the human race. Yeah. And that is the thing that binds us and connects us. And so when I sort of, you know, it’s easy to say those words, it’s not easy to live those words. But when I wanted to do that, and I made the choice To do that, it opened up the possibility of our, of our friendship.

Unknown Speaker  1:20:05  

And the funny thing is, is that we have that bit in common, which is very, you know, you wouldn’t expect it was that we both don’t fit into our certain communities like very differently. Like, for me, you know, I don’t fit into a lot of Mexican or Dominican communities because I’m both. I don’t fit into a lot of trans communities because I come from a place where I was just a little too much sometimes.

Unknown Speaker  1:20:28  

Me I know me and my small personality.

Unknown Speaker  1:20:31  

I just want the I want the audio I want this on record is going to be on record that when Rachel first came to me, and she said, Okay, I’ll do the show with you. And she and the first time I said, Okay, here’s your microphones, because no, no, I don’t want to say anything. Yeah, I don’t I don’t want to I don’t want to be I don’t want to I don’t want to be recorded, and fucking eight months later, I can’t shut her up. I mean, for God’s sakes. And now, Nick. Nick tells me earlier tonight show Oh, you know what, you’re great. But they want to hear more Rachel. I was like, bitch.

Unknown Speaker  1:21:02  

Yeah, dude,

Unknown Speaker  1:21:04  

that is my best fight. That is my favorite bit right there. Yeah, listen, I’m gonna take away Yeah. All right, well walk away be like they wanted more of me.

Unknown Speaker  1:21:13  

Always they want more so to me that is the beauty of it is that evolution of where we were and where we are now. And so I hold on a second I don’t want to throw up in my mouth will bite my tongue but I will miss

Unknown Speaker  1:21:27  

you’re gonna say, Oh,

Unknown Speaker  1:21:28  

my God, I will miss you, Rachel and it’ll be it the show won’t be the same without you. So hopefully you’ll come back and do a guest spot. And you know, there’s another part of the show that people don’t know is that we do the show and then afterwards I either I or my husband who’s a chef. I can sometimes make it better. But uh, you know, we make dinner and then we all sit and we have dinner and we talked about the show and we talked about the things and so it’s very, you know, it’s not just we’re doing a show we genuinely like to visit and with each other, so I’m gonna miss miss that. I think though that will have a lot more Lacroix in the cabinet. And you know, and for someone so skinny, you know, I always say when you put all this food for God’s

Unknown Speaker  1:22:14  

sake, you don’t offer me the booze. So I’d settle for the hotel service. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  1:22:17  

so seriously,

Unknown Speaker  1:22:18  

but we missed that because Rachel would show up with the backpack. And then, you know, I was telling Kevin that the first time that people come to the show their guests and I, I get them their drink in their food, whatever. After that. You’re like family. So Rachel comes in, she puts it back back down. She goes to cabinet, she gets her thing she gets.

Unknown Speaker  1:22:38  

That’s how I was told.

Unknown Speaker  1:22:40  

And there’s that I think why we get along so well. Anyway, we’re going way off a little bit over but I wanted I didn’t want to end the show without acknowledging my friend Rachel, who has been an inspiration and has taught me so much about transgender issues and what was important from the most unlikely source most unlikely source So I’ve been you ever see that? You ever watch wicked? I know. This is gonna be last. Nick. Nick actually has Have you Kevin. Wicked they play play. Okay, so So Rachel is is Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker  1:23:23  


Unknown Speaker  1:23:24  

I am. I believe that since we met I’ve been changed that like, that’s all I’ve been changed for good. And I changed me because I never, I never thought it would happen. So so that’s what makes me think about it. So when you come back and you will, oh, because I know you can’t go without this harassment for too long. It’s fair. It’s fair. When you come back and we will, it will be just like you never left. So. Hats off. Don’t look at my bald spot. Nick, producer deck and no signs or any photograph So,

Unknown Speaker  1:24:01  


Unknown Speaker  1:24:02  

so on that note, this is another edition of the DJ Doran show was a blast. We had a ton of fun. And I’m going to end the show on this and this is where I do it where I do it. I don’t opening la

Unknown Speaker  1:24:18  

peyser opening theme

Unknown Speaker  1:24:23  

My God

Unknown Speaker  1:24:25  

didn’t have the

Unknown Speaker  1:24:26  

Oh, this one here, Mr. degree in computer science.

Unknown Speaker  1:24:31  

I’m so glad you’re leaving.

Unknown Speaker  1:24:39  

Yeah, Rachel, go to the transporter room right now.

Unknown Speaker  1:24:59  

Thanks for Listening to another edition of the DJ Doran show. You can find us on Apple podcast, Google podcasts, SoundCloud, automatic stitcher and all of the other major podcasting sites. Just search for the DJ Doran show.

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