Are Girl Scouts Actually Cicadas?

Are Girl Scouts Actually Cicadas?


Does anyone really know the origin of the Girl Scout’s powers? Are they actually cicadas in disguise?

In these trying times the quest for truth leads us to some of the most perplexing questions. Questions such as “Are Girl Scouts Actually Cicadas?” Rumors of the group’s origins and secret network of cookie delivery often lead many curious minds to strange places. Where do they come from? How do they disappear so quickly? What happens if one tries to politely decline an offer to purchase cookies? No one really knows.

In this episode we welcome two new guests to the show: Carmen & Seth. The group explores the day-to-day perspective of COVID-19 and the impact it has been having on both their personal and professional lives. The group discusses toilet paper panic, peculiarities, and downright asinine activity they’ve been seeing over the past week. The trio tries to encourage people to find a light-hearted perspective on recent events while maintaining a serious handle on the current state of the world.

Other topics covered include personal accounts from the bathroom, the unique marketing strategies of Girl Scouts, and Chicagoans on St. Patrick’s day

Show updates:

Are girl Scouts actually Cicadas?
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The show takes on a new format in this episode. The episodes going forward will be extended to about 90 minutes in length, giving more time to go in-depth with the conversation at hand. We hope that this gives the listeners more of what they’re looking for. Unfortunately, we may never truly know if Girl Scouts are actually cicadas, but for now we can enjoy the wonderful cookies they convince us that we need every year.

While this episode is satirical and light-hearted, the topics of future shows will likely be more serious. We hope that you find our episodes entertaining regardless of the subject matter. We want to emphasize that we do take current events seriously, and hope that our attempts to find some comfort through humor do not send the wrong message. Please heed all warnings and recommendations set out by experts and officials. Stay safe, stay curious.

Please keep up to date with the latest news about COVID-19.

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