Talking Head Fisticuffs – Gotcha Journalism & the Real Losers

Talking Head Fisticuffs – Gotcha Journalism & the Real Losers

Gotcha journalism that leaves us…uninformed

For returning listeners this week’s guest will sound familiar. That rumbling low voice accompanying DJ this week is our friend Kyle. DJ and Kyle explore how gotcha journalism is a hurtle we don’t need as a follow up to last week’s episode, Free & Loathing in Coronavirus. The thesis is simple, journalism should seek truth and help inform the public, not waste people’s time by failing to ask the right questions. The show sways from a discussion about the degradation of journalism, the President’s press briefings, confirmation bias, and other topics related to last week’s discussion.

Didn’t you guys see the meme? Or the headlines?

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Once Kyle and DJ get the conversation underway the two explore the failing of the people in Chicago to heed the warnings of social distancing. Discussion of Lori Lightfoot’s meme stars the conversation and Kyle hits on a key point about proximity. Kyle posits that those who still maintain a distance from the COVID-19 virus, those who are not directly affected by it, are at the forefront of the problem. This does not account for everything as the two agree, most people follow the rules but the ones that don’t probably don’t have skin in the game so to speak. 

Dj and Kyle then speculate about the issue of mishandled information. Where does the responsibility lie in regards to leadership? Where does the federal government’s responsibility end and the state take over? Are the individuals to blame or are we all just following the latest gotcha journalism trends to feel better about ourselves? There’s certainly the case to be made that everyone has part of the responsibility at this moment. How can the individual know what information to trust though? This issue is a common conversation topic of the show.

The Wrong View of Failure

Kyle & DJ explore the public’s perceived fascination with failure and instant gratification via social media. What kind of impact does an obsession with highlighting someone’s error have on us as a culture? Does this trend tie into the deeper misleading nature of social media? Listen as Kyle & DJ try and parse through the noise to bring clarity to these subjects.

The show closes with more conversation surrounding truth seeking, intellectual laziness, and stepping out of your echo chamber. We always like to end the show on a note of positivity. DJ encourages listeners to engage in real conversations, have debate, & learn from one another.

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Talking Head Fisticuffs

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call three one to 2352281 to be a part of the discussion. That’s 312-235-2281. And now, Chicago’s perspicacious post of yours same radio obsession, DJ Doran.


The expressed views and opinions of this speaker may not reflect the overall communicative views of the greater psychological and mental health community. He’s a student of clinical psychology seeking to complete his doctorate and is a master’s level clinician with five years experience working in the field as a student clinician. He has worked in community mental health, correctional systems and private practices across the Midwestern United States. And welcome to another edition of the DJ Doran show. I am your perspicacious host DJ Doran and I have in the studio with me today, my good friend Kyle. Kyle was, if you remember was here. The last time we were talking about hysteria during this Coronavirus pandemic. So Kyle, why don’t you refresh our listeners about who you are what you do all that sort of good stuff.

KYLE  01:32

Sure. Yeah, I’m me, student level clinician, right now working towards earning my doctorate in clinical psychology. I’ve got about a year left of that. I finished up my Master’s in psychology about five years ago. And I’m looking to jumpstart my career here probably in the next two or three years.


I know it’s awesome. So today’s show, we’re going to talk Talk a little bit with Kyle about this hysteria that’s going on in Chicago. And what can we expect as we enter in what day 20 of this was true. I think Joe was saying that, uh, that we’ve been in self quarantine since like may 11, or 12 or something. So now it’s April 7, and we still have 23 days to go. Yep. I don’t know how we’re going to do it. So there’s a couple things I want to talk about. One is some of the stuff that’s going on in the political stage. Right. So who do you think that a pandemic like this would really bring out the worst in our politicians? And I don’t have you been watching the President’s daily Coronavirus briefing?


Not daily. I’ve tuned in on occasion, working from home, you know, I still stick to a pretty regimented schedule, but I catch it now and again.


Well, here’s the thing, first of all, is not really a news conference. It is a web Movie wrestling match Smackdown it’s a Smackdown. It is it is really one of those things between the President and the and some of the reporters there. I have a double edged feeling about this. You know, one is it’s like, Okay, I’m sick of both of you guys fighting all of you guys fighting, we’re stuck in the middle, were the ones that are worrying about how we’re going to pay our rent, how we’re going to pay our bills, etc, etc, etc. And you guys are fucking fighting with each other like, school kids. And the second thing is, and I said this in the last show, and I think if you remember, Kyle, I said, I hate the fact that sometimes I feel like I’m putting the position to defend the president who I don’t really want to defend. But I feel like I have to defend because the other side is so egregiously wrong or ideological or partisan, that I just feel. Maybe it’s because I’m gay, and I was bullied when I was a kid, that I just I hate bullies. And Trump is a bully, but he’s also being bullied. And I think it’s hard for me to sort of, I think Keep going back and forth like one day, I’ll defend Trump against a reporter like Jim Acosta, who I despise. And then the other days, I go to the other side, and I say, I want to defend the press, because they have the right to ask these tough questions. Why can’t they just? Why can’t they just have tough questions and answer periods? And talk about the subject? Why does it have to be so personal?


You know? Sure. I mean, it seems like there’s this push and pull between, okay, what type of questions do we need to be asking that are not also not only tough and thought provoking, but also provide people with the best form of information or even if there’s an argument to me, made the best form of the argument, but it feels a little bit more like okay, how can we, how can we stump them?


How is it that gotcha, like, we want to get you, it’s all of that, you know, and then they’re not telling the people all the facts. They’re telling the people the facts that they want people to hear to get them to be honest. Their side, right? So they’re not saying all the facts. So now it’s the Trump virus and it’s the and then Trump says it’s a Chinese virus because he feels like he has to defend himself. And I just think that that kind of give and take is unhealthy and counterproductive. myself. And, you know, I’ve said this before that the DJ Doran show we’re not about I’m not an ideologue, I’m not left or right. I’m not conservative or liberal. I’m everything. I’m liberal on some things I’m conservative on the other things, you know, I’m a little bit right on some things. I’m a little bit left on other things. I like to view myself as a classic, independent, I’m a free thinking independent person, and it and as a result, I piss everybody off. So I’m not in that club. So So there are some things that I think the the democrats are doing that I think are appropriate. There are other things I think are disgusting. There are some things that I think Trump is doing appropriately. There are many things that I think is disgusting, he’s he’s not really a good Leader by any definition of what leadership is, he’s just not a good leader of people. From a military standpoint, I could definitely see people not following his commands in the military, right? Sure, I could see that. He’s not an inspirational leader in any way, shape or form. He’s not a comforting leader. He is a selfish, self absorbed, narcissistic. I’m right, leader type. And we’ve all had bosses like that, you know, we’ve all had, they’re in position of power. And


he’s one object.


Yes, he’s a blunt object. But there’s no denying that he’s getting some things right. And he’s getting some things done. The problem is, is he’s not doing it in the traditional way or in the with the traditional decorum, and it’s pissing a lot of people off that are used to things getting done a certain way. And it doesn’t help that he is a street fighter. If you attack him, he attacks back hard. He doesn’t say, Oh, I’m just gonna turn the other cheek. If you attack him, he attacks back hard, right? And they don’t like that. I get it. I totally understand it. And quite frankly, I’m not saying that he’s wrong in that. And I’m not saying that the democrats are wrong and trying to hold them, hold them accountable. But here’s the problem. While they’re kept fighting with each other, we’re losing. We the people are the ones who are losing. We, the people are the ones who are suffering. So I think that it’s good for a short period for them to fight and to establish dominance or whatever you want to call it, but enough is enough. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of it. And I think that if this continues down this road, people are going to get tired of it and there’s going to be hell to pay there’s going to be hell to pay now. And I think that a lot of people that may have thought they were secure in their in their positions in Washington are gonna find themselves on the unemployment line filing for unemployment, just like so many Americans are right now. and rightfully so.


There’s there’s a for at least a psychology standpoint, there’s a lot of groupthink that goes into these back and forth, right? Simply because you’re affiliated with some sort of political stance or political ideology you have to follow the letter of that ideology to the law.


Right blue no matter how blue Yeah,


bleed blue, red tell you that. I don’t know if there’s a same political affiliations, but you know, you follow that train of thought, right. You adhere to those forms of media. you surround yourself with like minded individuals and it becomes very polarizing, right. So then the, and this term is usually used in a derogatory manner, but the other, the other group, right, the different groups, the ones that stand out to us, become so so much easier to it. Identify, because we’re only surrounded by like mindedness. And so the second we hear something that doesn’t fit with our own ideology. It’s wrong. Why is it wrong? Well, because I’m surrounded by 3040 people on a daily basis that think the same way I do. And we’re all right. So what we’re hearing can’t be right, because then that means that we’re wrong. It’s it’s dichotomous.


Well, I think that’s part of the problem, too, is is, is we’re so polarized right now that the actual message is getting lost. The actual, the actual good that the that the government is trying to do is getting lost because everyone is fighting so bad. And I want to riff on that a little bit. I stopped watching those daily briefings for two reasons. One is it’s clear that the the Trump team is in a level of disarray, because there’s some what’s that word? I’m picking Have a discord with with among the experts. And you know experts don’t know everything. They’re they’re experts in their field. But they’re, you know, they’re not dictating the 10 commandments, either. They’re there, they’re human, they’re by their fellow fallible, but but they are experts in their field. And when you have so many people involved, there’s bound to be some conflicting opinions about various things. And I think that in a certain way that that is healthy, that’s a healthy part of a conversation to challenge. But the problem that I have is, you have a news reporters basically saying, I’ll use an example I forget his name is an ABC News reporter, saying the Inspector General said that there were not enough ventilators or whatever it was, he was saying. And so Trump during these conferences, who who is that person, give me a name, give me a name, and they were going back and forth, back and forth and back and forth. And eventually the ABC reporter gave a name but it wasn’t an active Inspector General. It was a former inspector general from the Obama administration. And this is what pisses me off it the news, people are pulling information from former administration officials who are ideologically opposed to this president, how can that be accurate information? First of all, they’re not in the know anymore because they’re not in that position. And second of all, why would you pick somebody from an opposing administration when so clearly, these administration’s are in opposition about everything? Right, right. So ask the Inspector General of this administration, what’s going on? And if he quotes something that’s that’s newsworthy, but don’t ask him, you know, an unnamed source. I always loved that part. Well, I don’t have a name. I don’t have a name. I don’t. Well, then. Then. Why are you even asking that? Yeah. What do you have them? What do you have then you’re just it’s a gotcha moment. And I hate that shit. And I think Trump is completely right to go after them for that because they’re not doing their job. They are just prying. We’re just practicing gotcha journalism, which is a type of journal elitism that I fucking despise


it, we’ve really gone away from fact finding the mentality somehow has shifted away from, you know, asking questions and then going out and identifying certain experts or certain individuals in their particular fields or a variety of different fields that can answer that question from a multitude or, you know, a variety of different perspectives, that gives you information, right meishan that you can utilize, but instead, we come up with a question. We come up with the answer that we would like, and then they go out and they find people that will give them that answer, who are also just so happen to be experts.


Right. This is, you know, to tie off this conversation about journalism. I think this is where journalism is really taking a hit. People say that they don’t trust Trump or they don’t trust his administration, but people that they trust even less is Congress. And mainstream media. Yeah, that is a tell telling statistic. So my my whole thing Thought is, is that I don’t watch these briefings beyond when the doctors are speaking because that’s really who I want to hear. I don’t want to hear politicians fighting with each other. I want to hear Dr. Fauci and Dr. Burks talk about, you know what, what’s going on. And then after that, I I tune it out. Now I want to shift a little bit. I want to talk about Chicago. You know, I’m here in Chicago and right now, as I look out the window of our studio on the 14th floor of the world headquarters of the DJ Doran show, we look down upon Lake Shore Park, Mayor Lightfoot issued a stay at home or Shelter in Place Order, right, you can go out for essential things including walking the dog as long as you practice social distancing. Right. I have gone down to this park so many times and I’ve seen tons of people out there not practicing social distancing. These are the same people that by the way, I’m sure are climate change activists and and people that have all these other things that they’re activists about, but they can’t fucking stay home and print and do what’s right. Because they’re working out is more important to them or they’re taking their walk with their friends or clustering around other dog people is more important than doing what is right to get this pandemic under control. Today. Today, the police are out and they were telling people to go home, go home, go home, the park is closed, right? As soon as the police left. I look down there not even 10 minutes later, the park is filled with people. Yeah. I’m tired of posting it in the Lake View Facebook group, which I did post and someone told me to call 311 which I did. I did call 311. And I said to the woman, I said, Listen, I don’t want to be a tattletale. It’s not my nature. But you put caution tape around the workout equipment and there are people that took the caution tape down on the working out on the equipment. I would like to get out of this fucking quarantine. So I would like for you to stay home unless it’s essential. Right? Right. Why you’re a psychologist or or PhD working towards working towards that. Why are people like that when they they clearly I mean every Buddy knows what the consequences are what motivates people to be so narcissistically selfish that they think that it doesn’t apply to them?


Well, I think there’s a combination. You know, we look out over the park and then we’re seeing people run. I’m seeing people throw frisbees, I think there’s a combination of people there. I don’t want to lump everybody in the park together. Because you know, maybe this is someone’s weekly run. This is the one time that they’re out and they are staying six feet apart from people. But I will give you the effect that I have today I saw a number of groups of 5678 people walking down the sidewalk going to the park attempting to access foster beach. And I think there’s still a separation mentally of this can’t happen to me, this isn’t going to impact me this isn’t as severe. And this ties I don’t want to revert back to our previous conversation. But this ties in a little bit to politics in the sense that depending on where the information comes from, I’m going to treat it as severe or less severe, right to be on who’s giving me that information. The other thing, I think that we have to come into that comes into play is the immediate proximity of the disease. Right? For a number of individuals that I’m friends with throughout the city, they are taking it very seriously far and away above other friends of mine, simply because they have someone in their apartment, or they have lost a family member or they have a friend or they know of someone who has been impacted by this disease and it’s within the immediate, you know, proximity of their social circle. And so then it creates it a little bit more real sense for them. And and that doesn’t excuse the individuals that choose not to take it seriously. But I think when you are able to socially, technologically, distance yourself from a problem, it creates this illusion that it’s not as severe But it’s less real.


But here’s the problem I have. It’s not like there’s not enough information about it. I think pretty much everyone in Chicago knows about COVID-19 right now. Sure. Right. They know about social distancing. It’s a new term that is burned into the lexicon of communication now of our of our society. I know it, right. Here’s, in my view, I’m going to give you my opinion on this. And that is, if you have a leader, or if you have leaders that say something, and the people don’t believe or trust what they’re saying, in the absence of that, they just do what they’re going to do. And I think that’s the problem. I think the problem is, is I don’t feel that the government has done an adequate job of educating the population of the real severity of what’s going on and the impact of what’s going on. So you have local and state governments doing their own thing. Yeah, the federal government saying a different thing. One day you need a mask the next day, you don’t need a mask. And then they say, oh, only a medical workers need masks. And I’m thinking to myself, if medical workers need masks, why wouldn’t everyone need masks?


Right? That doesn’t even make sense and stain at their workplace 24, seven and never coming home. It just doesn’t.


Well, if we don’t need to wear a mask, why do they need to wear a mask? Or people who are they were told in the beginning, if you remember, they said, if you’re infected, you need a mask so you don’t give it to other people. So if the workers are wearing masks, why are they wearing masks? If if the people that are infected are wearing masks, they’re not going to be able to give it to you. So do you see the conflict where right so i think that that in combination of they don’t believe that it’s as severe and number two, it’s was 70 degrees today and sunny? Yeah, you’re not going to be able to keep people in now. Unfortunately, I don’t have a problem with people going out. But I do have a problem with them not practicing social distancing, right. Because to me, it’s like if you’re going to go out at least practice social distancing. Like when I go with Joe to walk the dog we live in the same house we are sanitize, we sanitize everything we go out, we were both not exposed. So we walk together but we keep ourselves apart from other people. Right? Even when you guys came to the studio today, I sanitize everything I didn’t hold you or shake your hand or anything, you know, we’re being as responsible and and, and as prepared as as we possibly can. The but the point I’m making is, is this is every day this is going on every day. So there’s a breakdown in the in the in the authority of who is saying what now the mayor came out and said the parks were closed, you know, etc, etc, etc. But some parks are open. So like Is this considered a park or is this not the lake front or is this a green space? Do you see it I mean, this so much nuance there, so people don’t know what they should do is say the fucking Park is closed. Do not come here. Right? Get out. Get out. So the police are out there today saying that, but it didn’t work. And it’s like a parent. Now I’m a parent, Joe and I have a daughter, and now we have grandkids. But when our daughter was growing up, it was clear, we were always clear and consistent. No, not No, but no, great. This. These are the guidelines. That’s the problem. If you don’t enforce the rules, then then they know that. So if we said, Listen, you can’t have ice cream to our daughter. No, you can’t have ice cream, and then she had ice cream anyway, and we didn’t have any consequences. then guess what the next time we say no, you can’t have ice cream is not gonna, oh, you know, wouldn’t obey. So that’s what’s happening is that there? People are saying rules, but they’re not enforcing the rules. And so people are doing what they’re gonna do. Why? Why, in your opinion, why are people doing that?


too, to hold on to some level of control. I mean, I think there’s a heavy resistance. And I don’t want to chalk this up to an age demographic, but I’ll describe it and allow people to guess for themselves. I think there’s a heavy resistance on accountability and responsibility for something that we have a just a heavy lack of control of right? There’s no control that we can establish over a virus that is global worldwide spreading.




at times, it seems I’m seeing people adopt this mentality of kind of like, not my pig, not my farm, where, you know, I’m not in close proximity with anybody who’s infected. I’m taking care of myself. I’m doing my own due diligence and so I kind of deserve in a way to go out into maintain some semblance of my usual schedule. The issue becomes when 1000 different people adopt the same mentality and then we have groups of 567 People not social distancing on beaches. It’s again, it’s another form of groupthink mentality where, and I don’t necessarily want to use the term entitlement. But it’s kind of this attitude of, I’m doing what I need to be doing. I’m still working from home, I’ve adapted, I’ve, I’ve been flexible and all these ways. Why can’t I just go have one damn day out in the park?


That’s right. And, and, and really, I get that, I totally understand that I feel that myself. But at the same time is we’re not going to get this under control. If, if people don’t take it a lot more


serious. And that’s where the severity piece comes into, into account where we, you know, perhaps the average Joe isn’t taking the time to educate themselves on what a virus is, how it acts, how it spreads, how it thrives, how it lives, and how it mutates and, and when something spreads this quickly and kills with such genetic accuracy. You know, not genetic, but has a very specific demographics for what it targets in terms of age and pre existing conditions. There are and, again, you factor in that there’s no known cure and no vaccine yet. There’s going to be only a certain number of ways that you can combat that. And a lot of those might be inconvenient, but a majority of the population has to be willing to participate in that. And so the majority of population takes on this mentality saying, okay, we will,


but only for a short amount of time.


Right. In all fairness, I will say that a lot of Chicagoans are staying home. A lot you drive downtown, you can tell but it’s, it’s it’s up here in Lakeview, especially that I’ve seen it, and I’ve read about it in certain other parks. You know, people just they don’t feel that they have to sacrifice. They’ve sacrificed, but they don’t want to sacrifice that. Yeah, they won’t sacrifice right. Now I want to segue off to a couple of other points and because we have a lot to cover during the show, one is a lot of a lot of a lot of comments have been thrown out there about the President and the federal government not doing enough. And you know, and Governor Cuomo from New York State has sort of emerged as the poster child for leadership, if you will. Right. Right. And our own governor here in Illinois, Pritzker has made a fool of himself, in my view, but the people don’t realize that in a Federalist Society like we haven’t you and I talked about this is that the federal government’s role is to be supportive of the state’s not to supplant the state responsibility. states rights take precedent, right. Yep. So it is the governors and the state. The state legislatures responsibility to budget and to make sure that those states are prepared for things like this. The federal government is there to give information to act as, as a supporter to to complement what they already have in place. When governors get on the podium, get up in front of a audience in front of a podium and start blasting Trump and blasting the federal government for not doing enough. Really what they’re doing is they’re deflecting the responsible, the blame, from their incompetence and their lack of preparedness to put it on to somebody else. And I can see why President Trump is fighting back basically saying, whoa, no, this is you. This state’s rights, we’re here to support you. We’re not here to take care of you. You take care of our view, we’re here to support you. And the people that don’t understand that you can say whatever you want that the federal government hasn’t done enough to support the state and not that’s an argument. Right? That’s an argument. Yeah, but you you can’t put 100 percent of the blame at the foot of the president of the federal government, if your state is not prepared for a pandemic, especially when you have known about the possibility of a pandemic and still didn’t prepare, right, yeah, so that’s one thing. And I think that this is, this is, um, and I’m gonna use New York as an example because that’s my home state but de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, is the worst in my opinion is the worst mayor of New York City has had in a long time. And believe me, we’ve had some doozies. David Dinkins was one of them and a couple of others, but he’s he takes the cake. Here’s the thing.


We can argue when


when it was known that there was a Coronavirus in China, and who knew Sure, right, and that’s a whole other discussion about the World Health Organization who I think is completely corrupt, completely corrupt and completely biased towards China, but that’s another opinion that’s a different show. But But one thing I can tell you people don’t realize and nobody’s talking about this, that the mayor of New York City, when Trump initiated the Chinese travel ban, he ignored it, purposefully ignored it and called racist. Right? And then thousands upon thousands of Chinese people flooded Manhattan to celebrate the Lunar New Year, even though it was known, the Coronavirus has already known. How is that Trump’s fault? Right, right now I’m not defending him. But this goes back to what I was saying and the way I am defending him, but this goes back to what I was saying earlier, where I sometimes feel I’m putting the position where I feel like I have to defend him because what these people are saying is inaccurate.


Yeah, well, I think what you’re also alluding to is this idea that you feel like you have to speak reason to people that Find it unavailable to them.


Right. So that was de Blasio his choice. Now he’s running around Oh, the President, the president left us he doesn’t care about whether you live or die because we’re not getting our 30,000 respirators or this or that or the other. Right.


Yeah. Which are still not the responsibility, still


not the responsibility of the federal government.


Right. I mean, the budget. And what is that for just payroll?


Yeah, exactly. So the point of it is, is that these local politicians both both, I’ll call a mayor’s regional and state governors failed, failed to be prepared. Yeah. And it is their responsibility to be prepared. Right now. Does the federal government bear some responsibility? They it does, because it should have had a plan in place and Trump made some changes to the CDC right now. You probably heard a lot about where he he disbanded some certain groups and this and that and blah, blah, blah, but what he’s done wrong, right. But here’s the thing is, if you read it, if you read about it, the news would make you think that he just closed the doors and kicked everybody out. But really what he was doing, or what the the Health and Human Services person was doing secretary was doing was cleaning up redundancies and consolidating. So close some here, close some there. I’ve done it myself in business, say, Hey, we do this here. We do the same thing here. We don’t need to do that. We’re going to combine this and make one unit at with half the people. Right? Sure. So there’s more to the story. And nobody’s getting that because it’s not the headline. And that is why when I told you, I feel sometimes I have to step up. I feel obligated to defend him because I see that. And when I dig around into the story, and I realized that there’s more to the story. I feel like obligated I feel like I’m obligated to get out there and to say, hey, that’s not entirely true. And then people say, well, you’re supported. You’re a Trump supporter. No, I’m a truth. supporter, right? There’s enough that he does on his own, to give people plenty of fodder to take issue with whatever he’s doing. And however he’s doing it. I think that when we add to it, when we, when we, when we break the integrity of providing all of the information, or the whole story, I think it does a disservice to journalism in general. Because that’s how you build trust, trust comes from, from a relationship of Kyle is always going to tell me the whole story of everything, and we may disagree, but I know the whole story. And I think that’s the problem. So I also think that that goes toward, toward why people are not all complying with these orders, is because we’re not getting the whole story. We’re getting bits and pieces so so and so says do this and and Trump says take Hydra hyah hydroxy clora Quinn and this one says no, don’t take it. hydroxychloroquine and then you have two morons who take hydroxy, chloroquine phosphate, which is a fucking fish tank cleaner. Right? Yeah. That’s the result of it. I think because you have everybody saying everything, right. And then the latest thing was, today I read Oh, Trump has a has a financial interest in a company, Novartis, I think it’s called, he has an interest in a company that manufactures hydroxy Clark when But what they don’t tell you is that his interest is $3,000 now $3,000 to some people is a lot of money $3,000 to him is fucking what you find in your shoe. Yeah, you know what I mean? It was just ridiculous. But that but that


they pay for your shoes,


right? But that’s what the headline is. They want it to sound like that, because they want you to be and then someone comment, I want to have a president that won’t profit off of the Coronavirus pandemic or make money off of the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m like, really How many tweets retweets and people saying oh yeah, fuck Trump fuck this like that. It disgusts me. Do your fucking homework.


Well, we’ll see. I think you hit the nail on the head there. Who wants to do their homework?


Nobody? That’s the point. Listen, this is the point. I’m trying to tell you. This is the thing that gets me going more than anything else. I’m having a Zen moment. This is what gets me going sand in the rain. Nobody wants to do their fucking homework. So you’re a mindless drone and you have these people spouting off these things that make you feel angry or make you feel upset or make you feel outraged and you don’t even know what the fuck you’re those feelings are based on because you don’t even have the ability or the willingness to research what you’re outraged about. You’re just outraged just


to fill in the blank. We’re gonna give you part of it and then you fill in the blank with whatever your tradition comes up with. And all I’m saying like give you the entire story about you know, He’s got this investment in this for pharmaceutical companies and sentence. What pharmaceutical are you talking about? Is he investing?


Oh, he must have. He must be millions in there because you know what he’s making money off of the Coronavirus,


right. But then if I tell you how much he actually has, and I explain it in the way that you do, you get a very kind of like, Hey, who gives a shit right?


That’s right. And here’s the other thing. How much have you heard about the three fucking senators that sold millions of dollars worth of their stock just before the Coronavirus epic pandemic? How much have you heard? Oh, I mean nothing quite a bit because I do my homework but right but nothing is not in the headlines or whatever. Now by and listen there is it’s not exclusive, Republican or Democrat. They’re all but I’m just saying it’s no, it’s not out there. Why? Because we hate Trump so bad. That’s all we do. That’s all we want himself. So hate sells


Hate, hate fear, fear mongering. It’s all marketable.


So that was my you know, one of my outreach Just this week is that it’s like come on, you know like the other thing too. I saw today people are upset because Lori Lightfoot got a haircut. Right? Right. You see that? Okay, she got a haircut she tell everyone stay home the barbers close. We all can’t get haircuts, but she got a haircut. Two things one is she thought it needed a haircut. Look at the means. That’s the first thing. The second thing is, is this really something we’re gonna fight over? stand out, man. I wouldn’t be I listen, I want to get a cardboard cutout. I’m gonna put it right here in the studio. But I like Lori Lightfoot in one. One way is I think that she’s she has the personality of a box of rocks. Right from what her public personality is. But I don’t care. As long as she’s get it kind of john kind of made up. She’s kind of stepped up. And I think that I think that she recognized that this meme actually was something that people can rally around and I think it’s gonna serve her administration. Well, that’s just my own opinion. She does get bent out of shape, but I’m just gonna tell you I don’t fucking care that much. Lori Lightfoot got a haircut by somebody probably that she knows it was disinfected or whatever, who gives a shit? Right? Right. But the news wants to make it a big deal. That’s what I’m talking about. I don’t want I am tired of things being made of a big deal that aren’t a big deal. I don’t really care. right about that sort of stuff. What I want to know truthfully, kinda what I want to know is, am I going to get the fucking stimulus check that you promised? Am I going to get the things that that that the government is promising or in the end? Am I gonna get fucked up the ass and not in a good way by the government that just spent trillions of dollars supposedly taking care of us people that are suffering? That one’s more likely. Exactly. Now, I didn’t mean to get all graphic on you. But if you follow him saying and and I don’t ever think there’s a good way for that other thing to By the way, but but that’s that’s a whole other show. But the point of it is, is this is what’s important. The things that are important. I want to know the government is working to get this under control, and I want to know that the government is taking care of its people Because ultimately, that is the single most important responsibility of the government to take care of its people


first, right? And with with all the fear mongering and all the accusations, and I spending so much time on crap, that doesn’t even matter, then the government can’t come out and be honest. Right? Otherwise, someone will set someone on fire. Right? I mean, imagine talking all this crap about stimulus checks. And then the Treasury Department has to come back to the Trump administration. And by proxy, they have to come into a press conference. And someone asks, hey, one of these checks going out and they have to go, I’m sorry, we don’t know. We’re still working on that. Yeah, wait, that’s honest. But you can’t say that.


No, but then there’s confusion like, well, if you haven’t filed your taxes, you’re not eligible. If you owe the IRS money, or if you have a lien, then you’re not eligible. And then the next day, oh, yes, you are. You don’t have to file your taxes. And if you have a lien, you’re still eligible. So people are like, Okay, what the fuck am I doing?


You know, I thought there wasn’t gonna be any restrictions on this or the government was gonna try to find some slippage in there then I mean they,


right we could give it we can give $385 million to the Kennedy Center that we don’t have, we can give all this other port money to other people. How about you leave their fucking money in the Care Act and give it to the people that need it


right? People who can’t pay their rent,


the people can’t pay their rent because of this and because of your bullshit, political backbiting. pettiness, we’re sitting here with our thumbs up our butts trying to figure out how we’re going to pay our rent on the floor, invest


in people or care for people that can’t afford to socially distance themselves or any of that and look under each and every one of these bridges along Lakeshore drive and you’ll see side to side 10s of homeless individuals that that is their lifestyle that that’s that’s where they’re at. They can’t afford to socially distance themselves because the city doesn’t have enough housing available to them or provide you know spaces for them to set up their tents.


Exactly. I mean, listen without getting overly crazy about it anymore. The point of it is, is that this is a government for the people. First before the people supposed to be here it’s supposed to be. So you know what, this is your opportunity to step up. We hear a lot about how we’re doing this for you. And we’re doing that for you. And we’re doing this for you. But every press conference is a fight between Jim Acosta and the President or, or the ABC reporter, and the President and this and that, and whatever entertaining, it’s entertaining. And the meanwhile, it’s like I’m sitting here saying is, I want you to tell me when the checks are being cut.


Right. I want to tell, tell me what you’re doing. Tell me about the CDC and the wh OHS investigation into China. And the That’s right, I just read what’s going I


just read that the that China wants to reopen the wet markets, which is where the source of this supposedly came from. What are we doing about that? What are we doing to hold them accountable for this?


Yeah, or just, you know, some insight into what investigations they’re doing of their own. Okay.


There are 374,329 cases in the United States, according to the CDC website that I’m on right now, total deaths 12,064, which is roughly a little bit less under 5%, a little bit under 5%. I think it’s gonna end up fleshing out to be around 1%, which is basically the same as the flu. Yep. Right. So um, so that’s what that’s where where we are New York. I’m going to use them as an example. I need 30,000 respirators for what you have the hospital ship there. They have what, let me look at my pay. It’s one of the things I asked them. Andrew to look up. There is a field hospital right. Set up in Central Park. Right. This is done by Samaritan’s Purse, which is a Catholic, sort of religious organization run by none other than my favorite hypocrite, Franklin. Graham, Billy Graham son. Nothing like his father, by the way, right? Nothing like his father, but I don’t give a shit. There are beds there right. There are 68 beds there. 10 of them are being occupied. Right. I asked. I asked Andrew to research how many people were on the boat, you know, the the hospital boat there. As a I think as of just the other day, there’s like 1000 beds available and like 12 people were there. So how can the hospitals be overrun? Right? We’re not even utilizing things that that we have. Now. Maybe it’s good preventive and preventative measures, and I’m all about that. Yeah, absolutely. I’m all about that. But But listen again, why wasn’t the state prepared and why isn’t anybody screaming at me or incompetent buffoon de Blasio screaming at him for allowing the Chinese New Year celebrations to go on when he knew he must have known that this pandemic was brewing in China because Trump wanted to ban travel? Why didn’t you know why it’s digging? It takes digging and also because de Blasio is more interested in saying you’re a racist. He doesn’t give two shits about New York City. That’s why New York City is the epicenter. That’s why Because you have an incompetent


and probably has something to do with it as well.


You know, Chicago has a lot of people not as much as New York, but some of these bigger cities have same population they don’t have. They’re not the epicenters Chicago’s


third largest,


third largest, but I mean, this New York is 14 million Chicago’s 3.5. Yeah. So it’s a pretty significant difference. I’m just telling you is that you have these politicians who are more self serving, and now they’re blaming others because of their own lack of preparedness.


Oh, yeah. I mean, you as a politician, it’s in your best interest, per your career and longevity of your career to not be accountable for anything. Yeah, even good things. Good things can go poorly later on then. It’s kind of hard to you know, not take responsibility for something you’ve already taken responsibility for.


I told my husband I wanted to go into politics I was considering and he says absolutely fucking loony not I do not want you to go into politics and probably a wise choice. Hard pass. Yeah, hard pass. So um, We went through this before. I mean this is I want to say this. This is important to note. This is not new. Right? We’ve gone through this before we’ve gone through this with Zika Ebola, etc catching the flu right now is at much greater risk than anything has to do with Coronavirus no said that there’s a government Cuomo Oh, on February 10. Right where’s this all over the news? Because that doesn’t play well in Peoria or wherever the fuck in these liberal bastions you know, they don’t say that shit. That’s this episode of the DJ Doran show is brought to you by our friends at Joey’s world featuring chef Joe Morales as he eats and drinks his way through life sharing recipes, dining experiences and cooking tips. Be sure to follow him at Joey’s world calm and on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


So here’s the other thing, too, is this is my view on, on what’s going on, especially in the liberal media right now is like, on an airplane sitting in their seat, and they’re saying I wish the pilot crashes into a mountain. Yeah. Think about that for a sector. You don’t like because I hate the pilot. Yeah. He’s not my pilot. Right. You know, does that sound familiar? Not my president. I have no idea what you’re not my pilot. This is how crazy it is. And I’ve said this, and I said this at the last show, like even when Obama was president, and even when Carter was president, and I didn’t agree with their policies, I still wanted them to succeed because it was in my best interest as an American citizen, for them to succeed on some level. And I I’ve heard this thing and I’ve used it a lot. Over the years, I’d rather have part of something than all of nothing.


Yeah, and I think This, this again could be a whole nother show about this fail culture that we’re so ingrained and entertained with. What sticks out in our mind historically in history are tragedies and wars and terror attacks and diseases and atrocities committed against nature and man. What we’re what we spend the majority of our time watching on the internet, you know, instead of these positive videos, or educational videos or videos that inform and grab our attention, for productive means, means and what is it the the fail army, you know, has some of the largest number of viewers and all of YouTube and that’s just a video of people smashing their faces and breaking bugs, you know, where we enjoy watching people get taken down, we enjoy watching people fail. And well


I can tell you that from total experience multiple times over You know, Kyle, that’s really good point is we we do enjoy that. But there’s something different with this. It’s not that they want to watch him fail, they want to make him fail. They would say they’re actively working to make him fail. And as a result, in my view, they’re working to make America fail. Because regardless of who the President is, it’s in everyone’s best interest that the President and the Congress work together so that the American people succeed. This is ridiculous. We should be getting behind our leaders and supporting them not playing these gotcha games for ratings. I have lost all respect for CNN. I’ve lost all respect for a lot of the major mainstream news, news sources because really, that’s all they’re doing. They have such a hatred, they are blinded, literally blinded by their hatred of this president, that they could care less he could ship gold eggs, and they would find fault with it. And so so that’s that’s, that’s unfortunate. It and, and I talked about this now and we’re talking about this show, because I think it’s important to note, because the one thing I want to impart to you, the people that are listening to the show is, wherever you get your news wherever you get your information, ingest that information, but make the effort to learn about what you’re reading and don’t just react to it. Right, invest, invest some time to learn about it.


And if you do react, spend time with your reactions before you share them.


Yeah. Oh, yeah. Well, that you haven’t been on the internet then.


Well, no, I mean, it’s this idea that we really get away from were like, my, my immediate reaction has so much value that it immediately goes on to a platform to be shared with everyone.


Kyle, Kyle, I’m gonna give you a little education here. So like, people post like, hey, it’s free. I pay enough. Yes, I have gas and I have to poop. I must post my status. I’m making brussel sprouts with bacon. I’m posting everything I eat, I post everything I do I post dog pictures or this, that or the other, I post on everything.


No, it is that way.


But it doesn’t have to be no. But with this, this is important. There are things that are that are that deserve that have and deserve that have the gravitas and deserve the extra effort. And all I’m saying and the reason why I’m so passionate, and I think the reason why I sort of kind of get really worked up about this is I take this seriously because ultimately, I want to be an educated person about these topics. I don’t want to be convinced either logically, one way or the other. I just want to be educated so I know what I have to do and I can make the best decisions that I can make for myself. Sure. And my family not


overly concerned with being right


and now I’m not overly concerned with whoever’s right, whether you’re Democrat or Republican left to right. I don’t care. I just want when you speak this won’t be part of the conversation. Speak the truth. Yeah, and especially The whole truth right? Because to me I think it is insulting is when you when you don’t speak the whole truth because it it almost forces that issue of Okay, I have to now dig around to see if what you’re saying is accurate


well lying by omission or commission, there’s an intent involved. I’m withholding information or I’m providing you with false information with intent to get some sort of reaction get something out of you manipulate the circumstances, and that’s just not how this should work.


No. I will tell you though, that and this is not going to be a weekly Coronavirus show. This is the second part of a show that I wanted to follow up on. But then after this, we’re moving forward to talk about other things. I know because you see like there’s so many podcasts about Coronavirus now it’s like, I don’t want to I don’t want to even talk about it. I did want to talk about some of the real things like one thing that I’ve learned from this is to be I’m going to be better prepared. Right, I would never in a million years would have thought that toilet paper would have been a hot commodity in a in a pandemic, right. Number two, I never would have thought that hand sanitizer the things that you take for granted that I’ve always taken for granted. The I think the way the government is communicated as taught me that I can’t rely on getting the most accurate information from the government, I have to get it from multiple sources and, and sort of compile a patchwork of information come to a logical conclusion.


Yeah, if you have the inclination, desire to be informed.


And the thing is, is that is what I want people do to take away from listening to the show is being formed be in charge of your own self, be in charge of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.


And don’t fear information that is different than your own and the information that’s shared by people around


you well and correct and then also understand that human beings are going to act a certain way. Way, and there’s going to be hysteria because hysteria is born out of fear. Fear is born out of lack of information. That’s why we’re afraid of the dark. We don’t know what’s in the dark, we fear and then all of a sudden our subconscious says there are monsters in the dark and Linda Blair’s in the dark. I’m sure she’s a lovely lady now, but she she haunted my nightmares for many years after I saw the exorcist when I was, you know, 17 Thanks, Mom, for letting us go. But I was pretty smart to convince her that it would be okay. But I’m still scarred by the way. I can’t even watch that movie by myself. I try. Like it comes on. I’m segwaying here, hip turns. No, it comes on the music. I’m sitting on the couch one time in the house. Joe was working at a casino. So he’s working at night because he’s a chef. And I was like, Oh, I’m gonna watch The Exorcist. And we’re in the I’m in the TV room and I’m watching The Exorcist and it comes on and it’s dark like it is now. And I’m like, Fuck, I’m here by myself. And I I couldn’t stop watching it. So I watched the whole thing and then I literally turned everything. light in the house on until Joe came home. That’s how much it traumatized me when I was a kid. But the point I’m going back to my point is, is to be better prepared. You know, don’t reveal the information, embrace the information and learn and be prepared. The thing that I’ve learned from watching this is that people will not react the way you think they should react and they’re not going to react the way you react. So like I said, I’m going to be disciplined, I’m going to buy food, I’m going to buy certain kinds of food that will give us a maximum length of time to have our needs met. I’m going to make sure we have flashlights and batteries and and all the things that that I would think like what could have what if the power goes out, but if we have no water, so we have plenty of water and this and that, and I have a lifestraw which I always keeping my flight back because I’m a pilot, but a lifestraw any kind of water I can drink so I’m not used to We always have at least the basics. And this the thing that I’ve also learned is that people are going to panic. And then when they panic, they’re going to hoard. And when they hoard at first, they’re gonna start to hoard. And if we keep replenishing everything, that hoarding will stop because people will realize that, oh, I don’t need to buy 96 rolls of toilet paper, because there’s plenty of toilet paper three weeks after this whole quarantine happened, there’s still toilet paper a lot harder to find, but it’s there, right? But that’s what will happen. But the minute, the minute that they can’t find something that they need, and it becomes significant, and it has an impact. People will go crazy.


Yeah, particularly if you don’t ever perceive you having to be without it.


Right? Like, like if you can’t find chicken, or if you can’t find meat, or something like that. People will go crazy. And I’m watching that. I’m watching that so I’m


well and that’s why toilet paper and things like that. Were the first thing Things go missing, you know, not necessarily the meat and but it was the stuff that like Okay, you know what I can’t find chicken I’ll take this if I can’t find that I’ll take this. It’s that I can’t find toilet paper






Yeah, but see, here’s the thing. The bottom line is if, if, in my mind if I don’t have any toilet paper as gross as it might be, I’ll just step into the tub and in the shower and use the jet spray done. It’s a makeshift, but a End of story. Now, it might be to make sure make shit. But you see what I’m saying? It’s not like scary for me, right? It’s just a convenience. And so I don’t see that. I don’t understand that. But human human behavior. Part of it is fascinating, right. And what was even more fascinating to me, is how quickly it devolved to that. Right?


There’s some accelerants to that the media is certainly an accelerant to that. Having questions again, I think we touched On the last last time I was here about the ambiguity you create you know, during times of unknown if there’s a big sheet in front of us with a lot of scary things on it that we can see in words but then also a lot of blanks we’re going to fill in the blanks with usually the the worst case scenario which then causes causes the panic. And I but I think there’s also a healthy element to just accepting the fact that you can’t prepare for everything.


Right now, I’m gonna I want to close this segment out on on on something that I think is important is on social media, and Twitter especially it is suffocating with the Trump hate with with with just these these, these tweets that are just hateful, hateful, hateful. Yeah, like Rob Reiner. The director Rob Reiner. He said the GOP was aware of Trump’s mental illness And his incompetence. And as a result, they have blood on their hands. Right. And I responded to him and I said, first of all, can you provide some documentation or backup to support that Trump has mental illness? Probably not. Right. And then I said also can you and if you have some, can you share it? Do you have any doctor’s examinations or, or declarations that, that that validate that statement? And second of all, regarding his incompetence, please define define the baseline that you are using for competence. Right. And he didn’t respond. But the point of it is, is that people are saying things like that, because they’re trying to imprint what their opinion is onto you. So I say he has mental illness. You start saying he has mental illness, they start saying he has mental illness. Yeah. And groupthink is part of that groupthink mentality. And that’s what a what they don’t like they don’t that’s why i say i Again, I’m forced to defend him. It’s not that I think he’s a great president. I don’t, right. I don’t, I don’t think Biden has a chance and Fucking hell against him if he couldn’t remember if he can remember. And I was watching a clip, I think I tweeted it. He Biden was incoherent in an interview, and he had to look at his notes during another interview. This is the guy you want to read him? I feel bad. I like him as a person. I would love to have a beer with Uncle Joe. I do. Yeah. Right. I would has nothing to do with that. But he’s gonna get eaten alive. And I feel bad. Yeah, right. Maybe he picks a strong running mate, and maybe the strong running mate Will. Will we’ll help them but I doubt it. Right. But the point of it is, is people are saying these things and they’re not. They’re just saying them. Right. And then of course, you know, you have these other these other people on Twitter that that, you know, say, Oh, they start this hashtag don’t carry the press briefing. You know, they don’t want the news to carry the press the Coronavirus press briefing. Because they hate Trump, they think he’s, he’s the sideshow. But see, when I watch those press briefings, I don’t really listen to Trump. He’s the president. He’s saying political things. Really I want to listen to Dr. Fauci and Dr. Burks


Well, you’re in it to be informed


to be informed from those people. So you know what, don’t cancel the whole briefing, just tune out trumping listen to the the scientists, you know, both Dr. Fauci and Dr. Burks are, are, you know, very knowledgeable. I also made a comment and I said, you know, if Dr. Fauci was, was the in charge of infectious diseases for multiple administration’s across ideologies for 35 years, then why the fuck are we so unprepared? If he’s such an expert? Right, right. Ask questions like that. I want to know the answer to that. Was he hobbled because administration’s didn’t want to fund his department or blah, blah, blah, whatever I want to just know, because all that lets me know that he has a question. credible position, if they say, Hey, we didn’t find his position is his department and therefore he didn’t have the resources needed to be prepared. Got it that questions resolved, move on. Now I can just focus on his credentials. Yeah,


I mean, you know, people will hear something and as long as it aligns a little bit with where they’re already at, it might force them to take a step to the right of the left, just the tiniest one. But if it’s still within what they’ve feel is believable and part of what they they see in their day to day filters that they walk around with. They’ll just say cool, I’ll roll with that for life.


Right? I really want the the blame game to be ending. I want the governance to shut up. I want them to have those conversations with the president and with the the appropriate authorities, and whatever but I don’t want to be I don’t want to watch this this street fight. As it’s happening.


Show me someone that’s doing well, like show me someone that’s modeling Something that’s useful for the other state governors and state right. You know,


you know, look at sweden, sweden has a different model. They’re taking a different approach. Let’s see what they’re doing. There’s a governor, I want to say in the Midwest somewhere that didn’t have a Shelter in Place Order, and they’re doing pretty well there. You know, why do we have to be all extreme? Let me hear about that. All the, you know, you have 12,000 people die, but we have 80,000 people that recovered.


Right, right. Well, that’s more emphasized than the Oh, yeah, let’s have


let’s have it a little bit of balance. But more importantly, truthfully, Kyle, the thing that that really I want to see happen is I want to see this, this partisan ideological fighting the gotcha moment, sparring between the the press and the president. I want to see it come to an end. And I would like to see everybody become unified and say, You know what, Mr. President, I don’t agree with you on a lot of different things. How can we help? How can we help you? Step up and get this done? The governor Shut up about taking cheap political potshots. How can you make it work? Don’t look


up at the federal government look back down at the state government and


the local governments. And we’re going Don’t forget about us. Because the decisions you make the decisions you don’t make the the distractions that you create the US, and we’re the ones that are going to be ultimately hurt by this. And by the way, if you don’t do that, I can tell you we will remember in November, right


hashtag When was the last time a politician passed a law that directly impacted them?


Yes. You know, hashtag remember in November, right? No, I saw that, you know, as a thing going after Trump. You know, remember in November, but it goes across every political spectrum, every political spectrum. One of the challenges that I personally have is I’m not your traditional LGBT leaning ideologues, I’m I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a 100% liberal. Some people might say I’m a conservative or I’m right wing or whatever, but I don’t view myself that way. I there are some things that I agree with small government, less taxation, strong military, strong Second Amendment. Um, I’m not anti abortion, I’m pro choice and I know that kind of flies in the face of my Christian faith. But the reason why I’m pro choice is because I don’t know. And it’s a it’s, I think it is a personal choice between a human being and, and that choice. Now whether with our society considers that murder. We haven’t determined that by law. Okay, that’s not their fault. It’s not my fault. So In my mind, is until that happens, the choice should be with the woman. Right. That’s my, my, my position on that. I wouldn’t do it. And I’m so glad I’m not a woman that I’d be confronted with that. But I do have some feelings about it. But, but that’s how I, I mean, that’s a whole other show, but I’m just telling you that that my positions are not actually, yeah, they’re not defined by any particular party. They’re, they’re by issue. I’m an issue based person, or as I’ve heard, I’m an issue based voter, right. So I don’t vote blue no matter who ever. I don’t vote read. No matter. I’m dead. I just made that up until you’re dead. Dead. I don’t do that. I’m an issue. What’s that? Oh, that’s our producer, Nick, who never wants to be on air. But that little that little squeak that you heard that was that it’s like it’s like having God sitting in the corner.


But the


domino effect Biscoe. No, wait, that’s a cookie. Yeah, sorry.


It sounded very Catholic.


Oh, please, I don’t know. I don’t even say anything Catholic because the minute you say something Catholic, all I can think about the power of Christ compels you. The power of Christ compels, it’s like, if I was a demon, I’d be like, Okay, I got it the first time Shut the fuck up. I’ll get out of here. I mean, they said it like 50 times the Catholics love that. And no disrespect to the Catholics. It’s like, when I grew up Catholic, it was like, Why do I have to keep repeating the same thing over and over Yo, again? Anyway, I digress. That’s a whole other show as well. This last half hour, I’m gonna meander a little bit but the the I’m not an ideological thing. You know, like I’m, I’m an independent thinker. So I often wonder like, what is my show about what are we talking about? We were talking about this earlier, like, yeah, I’m gonna piss gays off because all gays are, you know, they’d like to belong to the this club. You know, I I have this and you know, all gun toting Walmart, attending Jesus loving, whatever belong over there and they belong here and they belong here and I don’t, I can be anywhere. I’ve been to Walmart. I like guns. You know, I’m not I don’t want to kill anybody, but I like guns, you know, but I also like drag queens occasionally. You know, I like I like being gay and doing gay stuff. You know, I’ve been in relationship with my, I’ve been in a relationship with my husband for 18, almost 19 years. You know, it’s like, I have everything that I want across the spectrum. I voted for Clinton. I voted for bush. I voted for Carter, I voted for Reagan. You know what I mean? I didn’t vote for a few people out there. I didn’t vote for obama the first time because I just didn’t. I was like, you know, people say oh, you know, they make a Trump is like a god. And again, But how quickly they forget the vaulted the Corinthian columns and the drums and the thunder that they had during Obama’s, you know, convention thing, you know, it’s just part of the game but then play the game fairly. I mean, let’s call it what it is there. That’s what they do. Right. But I mean, I vote for where I think that whoever I think is going to be the best for the country, right? I voted for Trump, because I could not vote for Hillary Clinton. I don’t like her. She first of all, she’s horrible candidate, but I don’t like her personally. I like Bill. I voted for Bill. Yeah, the first time. I didn’t vote for him the second time and you know why? I liked him. I thought he was a great president. But he fucked around with Monica Lewinsky. And he lied to a grand jury, and I’m sorry, if I did that. I’d be in jail. So to me, that was a complete abuse of power. He should have been impeached. Right. That was there was no investigation needed. If he would have just said Hey, have you seen my wife? do you blame me People who went, Oh my God, oh, who I have my hand over my mouth right now. And it would have been over right. But he lied and dragged it out forever and ever and ever. And that’s what pissed me off totally the media train rolled on in the media train rolled on. So I struggle with what is my voice? What am I talking about? You know, and from a political standpoint, I’m very clear. I am my own man. I am my own independent thinker. Nobody is going to, nobody can count on me and say, Oh, he’s part of this party, and he will always vote blue and this blue throne never happen. That is never gonna be me. And that pisses off some people. And I assure and I get pissed off at people who are like that, because I don’t understand that since when did we become robots? I think that the struggle that I go through and the podcasts that I want to create is a podcast about independent thinking. free thinking Education, knowledge, debate, understanding greater wisdom. So that when I talk about these issues, I can have someone on the show who disagrees with me who challenges me. Because by that challenge, either I reaffirm what I already know, or it makes me question what I have been standing by. And maybe my position will change and it has changed promoting in either instance, that’s right. It’s not about your democrat nom, on republican i would never


be right. You have to be


there has to be a right and it has to be wrong. No, I don’t want it to be like that. I want to be more of Let me hear what you have to say, Oh, this is what I play. Oh, I didn’t know that. How do I integrate? And by the way, you’re telling me something. How do you back that up? What is the what is your? What are the facts that back up your assertions? Because my mind if you can’t defend your own position, how can you possibly expect to change my position and if and if I can’t defend what I believe in a way that makes sense that is fact based, then there’s no way that I have any right to even contemplate that I can change your mind.


Yeah. And you know, how strong is how strong can your conviction in your belief system be? When you trace back into its origin? And it’s like, my, my dad told me,


you know, right like that reporter, that reporter he made Trump dig around to finally reveal that the his source was a ex, a former Inspector General, from the Obama administration. You don’t think that that is going to be a partisan slant or a biased comment? Sure. Right. Yeah. And even if it came from the Obama Inspector General, where are the facts to support his claim? Not just because he’s an Obama Inspector General, but he’s an Obama Inspector General, and he sided these facts. It wasn’t even that that’s the point. This is what pisses me off more than anything else is when we, when we go out and we look and we get this information from whatever news source whether whatever website, whatever, newspaper or publication or whatever, and we just believe it arbitrarily. And then then people wonder why the 1% control the world, it’s because they know that all they don’t have it’s not a battle for truth. It’s a battle for talking points and emotions. If I can, if I can create a talking point or a headline that makes you feel outraged, if you’ll be on my side, if I can create a talking point or a headline that makes you feel angry, you’ll be angry with me. And you have enough one voices One, two voices too and then exponentially next thing you know, it’s a roar. A squeak becomes a roar, right? And then you have influence and when you have big ones, then it you can change hearts and minds.


Yeah, and I think what you’re talking about earlier about that difficulty in navigating all your different identities and all your different choices. Systems and how they interact with people from the same identities and same communities and same demographics. I think there’s another focus to have besides just pissing off liberals or pissing off democrats or pissing off the gay community, I think you’re also in a way providing voice to people who don’t sit so far right or so far left. Maybe there is someone who likes to participate in and drag, who also is a card carrying member of the Second Amendment.


And you’re providing a space for that.


Good point, you know, and maybe that’s the challenge. You know, it’s almost it’s, it’s funny because, because I think since I’ve begun my podcast, I have become more conscious And of the consequences, it used to be that I could have a conversation over the kitchen table, and we could argue, left and right and be whatever, but it didn’t affect anything except the people in that room. Sure, but in a podcast, in a public venue, it is out there. And there are lots of people, I hope, listening to the show that are listening to what I say. And it adds a certain level of gravitas to say, having a responsibility to say things that are correct, to say things that are thought provoking, and to offer a sane alternative to what we are inundated with, with on a daily basis. And that’s part of what I’m trying to figure out is how do I do that? And if I do that, knowing full well but I’m, I’m, I don’t have a club that I belong to, you know, like if you’re a conservative commentator, you belong to conservative radio, you belong to conservative podcast and all of the beliefs and all of the blue in there, so they have like this mission statement or they’re, what do you call that their tagline or their whatever. And so now you’re a part of that. So you’re one of the cacophony of voices in that group. So there could be 100 different podcasts all speaking basically the same thing, drawing their power from that belief structure. Same thing on the left, if you’re a liberal, you’re part of this and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I think where I find myself is in the almost unenviable position of not being part of each but being part of both on occasion, but most of the time occupying that very narrow channel between both of them. And that is why sometimes I feel I feel suffocated.


Yeah. Because what other aspects of life do you only adhere to one side of the street to the other?


Well, in politics, it’s usually one side of the street. The other


Well, yeah, but I’m saying what other aspects of life are You asked to do that. And yet we get to politics and we get to, you know, belief systems around politics and we get to how we vote. And all of a sudden, it’s got to be black and white. That’s right, you can go out and you can be gray in all these different walks of life. But here you have to be black and white, or red and blue. You know


what? That’s right. And and the other thing too, is that I think is even more ironic is, if you defend, if you defend an inaccuracy, there is an assumed thought that you are supportive. Yeah. So just because you’re defending an inaccuracy, you now are automatically Oh, you’re a supporter of that person and in their totality, right? And what I’m saying is no, I can be supportive of truth that supports this person or this ideology one time, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to support that ideology in everything. That is where that was a really good point. I never thought of it that way is politics is a red and blue game. Hmm. There are very few, very few in the gray.


Well, yeah, up to a certain you know, you can be in the gray just every other year, just every other year, you need to pick a side. Now every other year, you have to pick a side. And then if you’re asked why you pick that particular side, your views better just your views or your justifications have to be better than mine. Otherwise, you’re wrong.


Right? That’s a really good point. I didn’t think about that. Right. So on election day, you can walk the gray line, but on election day, you have to choose Mm hmm. Right? Because we only have a two party system. Right? Right. So we have to choose the less and that’s what I think I put that in a tweet is that this November We’re going to be all of us are going to be confronted with the lesser of two evils. That’s the vote. There’s not going to be a clear candidate. It’s going to be a lesser shot in the foot. Right. It’s going to be forgetful Joe, or crazy Trump. Those are our choices. And that is unfortunate.


Now, just so you know, that’s not Coronavirus.


Um, you know, and I think that is, I think as, as we, as we move forward with our show, I think I think this show actually really helped me sort of kind of figure something out. And that is, when it’s time to choose, right, on election day, I am choosing red or blue. Mm hmm. Right. And that choice, that’s the way it’ll be mapped out for you in the voters. That’s right. And that choice is going to create a conflict going forward until the next election because at that choice, I am choosing A red or a blue. I’m no longer neutral. But I’m choosing, you’ve now picked aside. And now from that, let’s say, let’s say I vote for Trump, right, which right now I’m planning on doing. If I vote for Trump, then I’m a Trump supporter.


I didn’t realize you were against abortion. I didn’t realize that. Yeah. All of a sudden, because you vote for an individual you endorse 100% of the ideologies,


all the planners in the platform, that individual Yeah,


right. And so that is going that is the challenge. So this is why this is why I think I think I found the reason why I want to do my show is for people that feel like I do, I cannot be the only person that feels this way. No, the only gay person that feels this way. So my audience is not the person who joined the blue group, or the red group, my audience are the moderates in either one of those groups and then the ones in the middle.


I think Your your audience is the people that want to vote the same way they live.


Yeah, and have common sense, you know, and don’t vote party lines.


Now, you don’t like to be lied to? Do you like to operate off of false pretenses? Do you like to pursue truth? Do you like to apply that truth to impact meaningful change?


Well, and the other thing, too, is I can vote for a candidate and then hold them accountable during their term in office. Sure. You know, it’s not like I have to vote for them. And then I give them carte blanche for four years I


have this system supposed to work, it’s supposed to work.


But unfortunately, that’s not how it is work. Sure. And so that’s gonna be the be the challenge. Okay. So we’re coming up on the last segment of the show. It’s been awesome to talk to you about people and hysteria. And you know, this COVID-19 which I can’t wait, I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for it to be over. I’m outraged that people are are sometimes Acting selfish. But I have to remind myself that a majority of people are acting responsibly. And again, that’s where I want to.


Yeah, there’s a lot to be positive about.


And that is the other thing too is it’s easy to rail on everything and be outraged. And I got it out of my system. But really the truth of the matter is, I want my show to be about living, living a good life and being curious and talking about interesting things that are both entertaining and enlightening and educational. And then being a voice of reason, like I in the tagline for the show. It says you’re saying radio obsession, or podcast obsession. And I think that’s the thing is in all the craziness says out there. I want to provide a show where we’re talking about things in a reasonable fashion. Even if we completely disagree. We can show this what it’s like to disagree. This is how you debate to get towards a greater understanding. It’s not always a matter of being all right or all wrong.


Right? Yeah, just to model a system of productivity. Like if you want to be proactive if you want to be productive if you if you want to see the fact from fiction that is obtainable. Yes, that is perceivable.


Well, listen, this has been a great show and this has been, I’ve enjoyed chatting with you and I look forward to having you back again in the future. I hope you will come back. Absolutely. So, Oh, of course. So that’s our friend Kyle. If you go to the DJ Doran website, DJ Doran calm you’ll be able to see this latest episode as soon as producer Nick gets it edited and put all together and it’ll be up there but go there and you can find the DJ Doran on any of the podcast platforms I Heart Radio, Apple podcast, Google podcasts, and and more. So until next time, wash your hands. Practice social distancing. If you’re going to be outside Try not to be in clusters of people, at least for the time being. I want to get through this and I’m sure all of you want to get through it. I’m watching all of our dog who just made his way into the studio. Talk on all the wires to Kyle’s headset. But we’ll be back next week and next week’s show we’re gonna be talking about something different, not COVID-19 because I’m sure everybody’s sick of it, but wash your hands. Take good care of yourself. We’ll see you next next week. Until then, have a great night.


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