Seeking Knowledge & Wisdom

Seeking Knowledge & Wisdom

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Welcome to another episode of the DJ Doran Show. This week we welcome Chris Burcher of the “Knowledge + Wisdom = Experience” Podcast. Chris draws on his eclectic life experiences to build  interesting perspectives through logic, reason, and reflection. In this episode you’ll hear DJ and Chris discuss a wide variety of topics including truth, wisdom, communication, and overall human connection.

More about Chris:

I am a free thinking naval gazer. Like a lot of people I am curious and ponder life’s big questions. I am most interested in learning about my roles as husband, father (of 4 daughters), son, brother, and friend. I also strive to improve my role in my community. My life experience and perspective has given me a distinct outlook I would like to nurture and modify by connecting through podcasts and video communications. I am comfortable drawing my own conclusions (through knowledge and experience!) about the world around me but I do so as constrained by things I have learned in the past that (largely) no longer work.

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