DJ’s Diatribe

by Nick

I let loose on what I perceive is the current state of affairs in this country and how, in my opinion we got here. I share an epiphany that I had the other day about how the media uses headlines designed to elicit emotional responses to get us to support their agendas rather than reporting the facts and letting US decide what we believe. In the not too distant past we trusted our news gathering organizations and newscasters. We relied on their investigative search for the TRUTH to present fact based reporting so that we could make intelligent decisions about important issues that affect us. We took for granted that they performed a diligent search for truth supported by the facts in their reporting and so when Newscasters like Walter Cronkite said something on the evening news we believed it to be truthful because we trusted their news gathering skills. In todays media landscape that is all but gone. The media is mistrusted because of the accusations of “Fake News”, highly edited video, comments taken out of context all in the name of getting that “gotcha” moment. I share my own personal insights about how I am trying to navigate these challenges and the importance of constantly seeking fact based truth and understanding.



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