Covid Car Buying Calamity

Covid Car Buying Calamity

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I Followed the Rules, Now you

The trope of the used car salesman is known to all but in 2020 the characteristics seem to manifest in a more conniving way. Meaning, the cars may run better but the sales tactics surely leave the buyer at the mercy of the car salesman. Add to that, a pandemic, a trade in, and the impersonal walls of technology and you get a recipe for disaster.

In this episode DJ recounts his woeful tales of buying a new car during the COVID-19 Crisis. Joining us for the first time is DJ’s darling friend, Winnie. Winnie is an accomplished and fabulous designer/Art Director and does a wonderful job at navigating this treacherous story with DJ.

Repeat after me, class

“I will never sign on the line without reading all the fine print” may be the biggest lesson of this whole experience. In short, even someone like DJ – who is an experienced businessman – succumbed to the trickery of confusion and missed the fine print. As DJ explains in the episode, there were many steps along this journey where any amount of oversight would have cost and excess of thousands of dollars.

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