Psynautical: Alternative Health, Philosophy and Spirituality

Psynautical: Alternative Health, Philosophy and Spirituality

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In this episode of the DJ Doran Show we welcome fellow podcast host and content creator, Jared Heldt. Born in northern California, Jared grew up with high functioning autism, dyspraxia and mild dyslexia and at 16 was diagnosed with severe depression.

Jared continued to battle chronic health issues in his early 20’s. As a result, Jared dealt with hostile work environments for 5 years, and experienced unemployment for some time while seeking disability and recently returned to working full time.

Jared wrote a book/ebook available on amazon, a podcast under the name Psynautical (linked below). Jared also runs a Youtube channel called Chronicfunsyndrome. where he creates content surrounding health, podcast topics, and video games.

Topics Covered:

– Jared’s personal health journey and recovery (still ongoing)
– Jared’s experiences and thoughts on our current medical system (including mental health care)
– Ableism in society and in the workplace

Jared’s work:

Personal blog/website:

Instagram: @chronicfunsyndrome
Facebook: @psynautical
Youtube Channel (also upload podcast to):

Podcast profile:

Psynautical: Alternative Health, Philosophy and Spirituality

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