PrideFlight: May Update

PrideFlight: May Update

On this special edition of the show DJ wanted to give the listeners a glimpse into the current status of the PrideFlight project. Returning listeners will know about this project from previous episodes while new listeners that are just tuning in may need a moment to catch up to speed. As you will hear in the episode, the project hasn’t moved as far along as DJ would have hoped. While this isn’t exactly what DJ had in mind, every step is a learning experience as he lays out in the episode. 

Time, money, and a dedicated team are all difficult subjects to manage and secure. It seems like more often the more of one you have the less of the others you have at your disposal. While excitement and grandiose ideas are easy to come up with, the reality of being both architect & producer of a project as large as PrideFlight has more challenges than DJ had initially thought. Returning listeners will remember that DJ had tried to launch a kickstarter a few years ago but didn’t receive as much support as he had seen other aviation colleagues receive. That was startling and required some adjustment, the process of even knowing where to begin can sometimes be the biggest challenge. For DJ, the time may just not be right at the moment. As a result, DJ is able to release some of the pressure of this project to focus on more tangible aspects of his life. 

Dj encourages everyone to find a positive and productive perspective in difficult situations. Reflection and introspection can bring clarity and sometimes stepping back from a difficult decision can be the best thing one can do to have an informed decision. If a screw is stripped, there’s no amount of force from a screwdriver that will bring a desired goal. You need a different tool, and often one needs to step back to realize this. 

Up next in the world of the DJ Doran show is a variety of interesting guests from all walks of life. You’ll get to hear stories of the paranormal, stories of the extra-normal, and even some conversations that we don’t really know how to describe. Stay safe and stay curious.

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