Oh Bigfoot, Where Art Thou?

Oh Bigfoot, Where Art Thou?

Where oh where could the Bigfoot(s) be hiding? Could they be in plain sight? Are they masters of the terrain in the Pacific Northwest? We called on Bob Barhite to untangle this complicated subject and set the record straight. Bob is involved with two notable Bigfoot Research organizations who seek to provide without a shadow of doubt, the most accurate information about Sasquatch research. During the show Bob goes into depth about all things Bigfoot past, present, and future. 

Back to the Beginning

Robert Barhite is man of many talents and interests. Going by Bob, he has a significant amount of experience in Bigfoot research. He not only is a member of the Bigfoot Researchers Organization (referred to as the BFRO) but also the Lowlands Bigfoot Research Group. Bob is also quite the story teller. Below is a segment from his full biography:

“Time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like bananas, and it wasn’t until 2012 when I decided to check out the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. “Finding Bigfoot” had been on a short time and I thought maybe they had some good stories to read. It did and does. The BFRO also conducts camping expeditions, and man I was in seventh heaven because I could take time off work and attend the 2012 spring expedition in Iowa hosted by Steve Moon. Within twenty minutes of the first night I felt like a kid again. It was an awesome, life changing experience. I’ve been an investigator ever since.”

Lowlanders in Action:


Touted as the only scientific research organization exploring the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery, the BFRO has set out to unravel the mystery of the legendary Bigfoot. The organization is band full of professionals of diverse backgrounds. Some combination of scientists, journalists, and aficionado are grouped together via virtual means to conduct research surrounding the great Sasquatch.

The BFRO takes a”skeptics” approach as any person of science would do. Making use of both internal research and credible sources, the BFRO has amassed a large library of evidence on their website. Admittedly there are some aspects of the Bigfoot species that the group expects will be difficult to ever gather empirical data to report. Such topics as population size, origin, etc. The group simply wants a clear answer, and the documentation to back it up.

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