Do Something Nice – The Simple Guide to Life

Do Something Nice – The Simple Guide to Life

Do Something Nice Without Being Caught

On this episode we had the pleasure of welcoming Jeff Bonano of the ‘Do Something Nice’ podcast to discuss his journey of spreading positivity and compassion throughout his world. We discuss Jeff’s journey and the events that caused him to live a life of vigilante kindness. We also covered Jeff’s run for Mayor, being a parent, and maintaining a healthy approach to social media.

How’d we get here?

Taken from Jeff’s website:

Do Something Nice is a feel good podcast bringing you weekly positive stories and messages to help brighten your day. Host Jeff Bonano, welcomes you to join in and listen to stories that recognize good deeds within our fellow humans and shares some positive advice to help you keep the faith that there are good people out in the world including yourself. Each episode also helps support Jeff’s challenge to the world which is to “Do something nice for someone without being caught.” The idea that we should be doing kind things without the need for recognition.

Positive Mental Attitude

Returning listeners will remember that we have made a sort of pledge to highlight positivity amongst all of the turmoil of recent times. We hope that having guests like Jeff of Do something Nice will inspire others to promote acts of kindness, encourage compassion, and enhance our awareness of others. There may always be hardships in life but we can choose how to handle them. We are choosing the bright side, and hope you do as well.

Jeff’s main challenge to all of his listeners is to encourage people to do something positive for a stranger without getting caught and applauded for it. Virtue signaling and positivity stunts are all the rage on social media these days and Jeff’s challenge is the antidote to that. This challenge came after Jeff received unprecedented and overt kindness by good samaritans. Following these experiences Jeff wondered if he could promote this good will to others in his life. This eventually led Jeff to start his website and subsequent podcast.

This campaign is summarized in Jeff’s life manifesto which he shared towards the later end of the podcast. He speaks about a commitment towards using your gift of life for good, despite all of the opportunities to follow a different path. Furthermore he posits that doing kind things is contagious and even addictive.

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Where to Find Jeff

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