Chicago Content Creators – Steven Russell B.

Chicago Content Creators – Steven Russell B.

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Welcome back to the DJ Doran Show. This week we had the delightful opportunity to connect with Steven Russell B., a fellow Chicago Content Creator. We saw what Steven was doing on Youtube and decided it would be great to connect with someone who is practically our neighbor! Here is a little intro about Steven in his own words:

My Name is Steven! I’m born and raised in Northeast Ohio but I’ve also lived in Tennessee, Florida, West Virginia, and I currently live in Chicago. I have wanted to be a TV talk show host since I was a kid and it has motivated many of my decisions along the way. I was previously an on-air tv news reporter in West Virginia but decided to move to the big city of Chicago in early 2016 to build a new life and take my skills to YouTube and podcasting. Both my YouTube channel and podcast (Everything Must Go Podcast) are all about getting people to think outside the box in a time where everyone tries to simplify things. I’m obsessed with documenting my life and I’m probably the most competitive person you will meet. All that said, I don’t take life too seriously and I love great conversations.

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