UFOs – Are We Alone?

UFOs – Are We Alone?

Are We Alone? Who’s to Say?

It seems to be human nature to try and ‘peek around the curtain’ in search of anything that may be hiding in the shadows. Whether it be an existential crisis-fueled quandary into the beginning of our universe, the hunt for Bigfoot, or the search for Atlantis – humans want to know what’s out there. To answer the questions about our potential galactic neighbors, we invited Wesley Friedman, a Chicago-based foodie and extraterrestrial expert to speak on the show. The conversation covers everything from Bob Lazar to present-day military videos showing what appears to be a fallen UFO in Brazil. Also covered are some lesser known E.T. accounts and Wesley’s connection to the “Storm Area 51” raid. Listen to the episode to hear DJ & Wesley explore the eternal question “Are we alone?”

Rendlesham Incident: Ground Reports

Touted as one of the most indisputable UFO sightings/interactions, the Rendlesham Forest encounter is one of the strangest accounts of human/alien interaction outside of the usual tropes (abduction, lights in the sky, lizard people.) We encourage listeners to do some digging if they’ve never heard of it – it’s truly fascinating. To some, this seals the deal on the ‘are we alone’ question without much debate. Who would disagree with a military account of an E.T.? 

The main point that sets this story apart from others is the credibility of military personnel as well as the fact that the individuals involved didn’t run to the media immediately following the sighting. Why would they wait to talk about it? Why hasn’t this received more attention in mainstream media?

Check out this video if you’ve never heard of the incident:

Fact vs. Fiction:

At many points in the discussion Dj and Wesley talk about how the use of alien & UFO themes in the media may have conditioned the populous to discount any legitimacy to extraterrestrial life. Essentially saying that we are too desensitized to the possibility of alien life because we see it too much in movies and television. DJ calls this ‘hiding in plain sight’ as in – it’s commonplace in science fiction therefore if we see it in real life we think nothing of it. This argument is reinforced by the fact that many people in the past have cried wolf over what they believed to be aliens. We all know the so-called parable of someone being abducted and losing time only to return with unexplained markings and a potentially invasive procedure performed while under an alien spell. Too many of these false reports have made it taboo to believe that we may not be alone in the universe. 

Are we alone? We can’t say for certain but if you’re willing to look at information from an objective point of view, you may find yourself with some information that doesn’t quite fit the picture of an empty universe.

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