A Tale of Positivity

A Tale of Positivity

A tale of positivity in these trying times

In this episode of the podcast Dj wanted to take the opportunity to share some positive news stories amid all of the COVID-19 panic. DJ originally was planning to discuss updates on the Pridelfight project but decided that something different was in order. One of the goals of this show is to spread positivity, and optimism, among other things.

Keep your head up

If you’re feeling down and the 24 hour news feed and contanst unccertanty of the COVID updates, check out this great positive resource: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/

We pulled a few stories form this site to talk about on the show today. It’s crucial to maintain perspective among all of the bad news. among the stories on this website we discovered a wonderful institution called the Rainbow Railroad. We hope to have a representative from this organization on our show in the future.

Moving forward

We have some wonderful guest in the works for upcoming shows. Topics will range from the personal, to current events, and possible something extraterrestrial. Make sure to subscribe for stay up to date on your favorite podcast app!

A Tale of Positivity Transcript

Hello everyone. This is DJ you’re listening to another edition of the DJ Doran show. I’m actually trying to video the show as I do it. So be patient be forgiving. I am completely and totally intimidated by it. So anyway, I’m gonna try and do it. So today’s show. I was going to do a pre flight update and I had it all planned out. I was going to talk about my frustration. with pride flight and some of the things that I’m dealing with, regarding that whole project, and I decided to scrap it because I came across this thing called the good news network. And so what I decided to do is because everything is so crazy in this world and even going on social media doesn’t even matter you go on social media for just anything and people are so vitriolic and hateful and, and attacking by and large, not everybody, but by and large. And and I said, You know, I don’t want to create a show like that. I don’t want to talk about that. I don’t want to talk about Nancy Pelosi, I don’t want to talk about Joe Biden and his sexual escapades and how the democrats are being hypocritical and this and Trump is being crazy telling people to drink bleach sarcastically those are air quotes. I didn’t want to talk about any of that because quite frankly, I’m fucking over it. And I’m burnt out by the negativity, negativity that I hear in the in the news. But and especially on social media. So today’s show, we’re going to talk about positivity, people that are doing things that are changing lives that are changing their world and in the worlds of people around them. And not everything is life shattering or, or epic, it like the discovery of a cure for for COVID or, or whatever. Some of it is just playing people demonstrating that there is good in the world. And there is humor in the world. even in the darkest of times in the most stressful times. There’s good humor in the world. So bear with me as I try and manage multiple technologies and I hope I don’t screw anything up. So I’m going to minimize that and I’m going to open with this. Okay, so the first, the first thing I’m going to start with today is a story that I’m looking See when it came out, but I want to, I want to say it had to be this year doesn’t have a date. So I apologize if I don’t get the date. Right. But it’s the title of it is Oh, June 18 2019. So it was last year. And it says man goes viral for giving out free dad hugs to people who needed them at Pride Parade. I thought, okay, that might be an interesting story. Let me read about it. There’s a picture of a older gentleman hugging a guy and then another young lady, and I’m just going to read the story, and hopefully you enjoy it. So Scott dettman. Howie, as he likes to be called, doesn’t have to be related to these people in order to show them some good old fashioned fatherly love. Good men took up the role of being a surrogate dad for strangers last week, last June, when he attended an LGBTQ Pride parade in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania wearing a T shirt that read free dad hugs in quotes, didn’t wear the shirt because he had an inkling that there might have been some parade going Words who had experienced familiar rejection over their sexuality and he turned out to be right in total Dittman says that he gave out over 700 hugs over the course of two and a half hours. Though there were many youngsters who were simply happy to have a hug. Because what kid doesn’t want a hug. He said that there were two people who had particularly emotional reactions to his embrace. He went on to describe his experience with those two people and and the hugs and a powerful Facebook post that went viral. The first hug came from a man who cheerfully told Dittman, they had not been able to speak to his parents since they kicked him out of their house for being gay as a 19 year old. I want to expand on that a little bit because I just don’t get it. Why as a parent, would you kick your child out of your home and throw them to the wolves of the general population completely unprepared to fend for themselves and earn a living and provide for themselves knowing that in advance that that is what they’re going to be facing? Why do you do that? Why would you do that? To your own child, I don’t get it. If I didn’t have that experience, thank God but I know I know of people that have had those experiences and it’s horrific. The other hope came from a woman who simply helped him with everything she had in her story. He said he didn’t know the specifics, but he knew that she saw him from across the street and, and he wasn’t really paying attention. By the time she got to me, he said, she had tears in her eyes, and she hooked me with everything she had and I hooked her back. She held on for so long, melted into me and thanked me immensely, he said, dipping into this post with a plea for his fellow parents to stick by their kids no matter their sexuality. 100% agree. And if by chance anyone knows these folks, you know, if he goes on to say let them know that they can reach out to him at anytime when they need a surrogate dad to talk to you and they’ll be there. I just I read that and I got kind of emotional about it because you It reminds me of two things. One Is that there are people in our community that are disconnected from their family, the things that I take for granted the things that I think, I think that many of us take for granted. Some people don’t have that they don’t have family members that invite them for barbecues. They don’t have family members that tell them, they love them. They don’t have family members that they can talk to about their lives or share their lives with. And the other part of it, I was trying to remember a quote and the quote goes something like, you know, be kind because you never know what battle that person is fighting. You know, you might walk by someone and they have a stone, you know, stone face or, or they may look miserable. And you think, oh, man, what an angry, unhappy person, but you don’t know what battle they’re fighting. And so it just reminds me that kindness doesn’t cost anything, even to strangers. And that’s something as simple as a hug. can make all the difference to that person and it may not change your world, but it could change theirs. So that was my first. That’s my first story and I thought that was a really touching one. So now I want to go on to to a couple of others that I want to. I want to try out here. This is one that I think is awesome. And another unexpected benefit from COVID-19


I know you can’t see this but maybe they the iPads picking this up my my DJ Doran show coffee mug and my delicious hot coffee with sugar free hazelnut creamer? Huh? It’s delicious. Just what I needed. It’s kind of a gray, overcast day here in Chicago. Okay, so here’s the headline air pollution in major world cities has dropped by as much as 60% during COVID shutdown says news new report. As the world continues to wait out the worst of the Coronavirus outbreaks. This new report says that air pollution is falling to record lows and someone The most polluted global cities. This week IQ air a global leader in air quality data and solutions published COVID-19 air quality report that shows that air pollution levels in 10 major global cities have dropped by as much as 60% during government mandated lockdown due to the cool global COVID-19 pandemic. Your the report goes on to say the report examined fine particle pollution Pm 2.5 in 10 cities while lock downs were in place compared to the same period in 2019, as well as during the same periods in the previous four years. cities including the reporter Delhi, which is notorious for pollution. London, Los Angeles, New York City, Madrid, Mumbai, Rome, Sao Paulo, Seoul and Mohan all cities included in the report except for Roman spirits, so reduction in air pollution levels during lockdown periods compared to the same time periods in 2019. The most dramatic drop in air pollution occurred in cities with historically high levels of PM, two point Delhi in India experienced a 60% reduction in Pm 2.5 readings compared to the same time period in 2019. The hours for which Delhi experienced unhealthy rated air pollution fell from 68% in 2019. To it low of 17%. In 20 lockdown that’s a huge drop. So had a reaction in air pollution of 54% compared to 2019. And Mohan saw reduction in air pollution of 44% during its lockdown when compared to 2019. Air pollution in Mumbai was down 34% during the lockdown period and Sao Paulo was down 32% year over year. Of course, can’t have a list like this without talking about on automobile dependent Los Angeles would saw its longest streak of clean air on record during its lockdown period fine particle pollution and Elon was down 31% when compared to 2019 and down 51% when compared to the previous four year average. New York City saw air pollution dropped 25 present as a result of lockdown, London and Madrid saw modest reductions in air pollution at 9% and 11% respectively. Delhi, Mumbai and Los Angeles experienced their best March air quality on record in 2020. Across the globe, the Coronavirus epidemic has had a monumental impact on the way we live said Frank Hamm CEO of IQ err, I think it’s hand anyway while the human and economic costs have devastating we’re also witnessing how much of air pollution comes from human activity. The drastic reduction in air pollution during COVID-19 lockdowns shows our habits and behaviors directly impact the air we breathe. That’s an important insight after this unique birthday that just passed. Well Coronavirus


law related lockdown orders vary by country most included school closings restricted movement by residents the closing of non essential businesses and bans on social gatherings. The report analyzed hourly Pm 2.5 readings recorded by seven governmental agencies as well as reading is provided by supplemental validated non governmental monitoring, monitoring stations, all locations and the data sources are visible on the IQ air visual app and website. Now, I did happen to see that a couple of posts on social media were in some countries, mountains that were obscured by pollution are now clearly visible. And that there was a video of a jellyfish swimming in the canals of Venice. And it made me think how quickly how quickly Mother Nature would reclaim the earth and all the people disappeared. Kind of interesting, if they but I think that, you know, we always say the, you know, the COVID-19 is inconvenient and it’s an economic disaster and, and all of that is correct. But there is some positive news as a result of this, and that is that we’re learning like the article said, how much our population generated pollution done affect this earth and, and maybe that will, you know, knock people in the pants to, to be more mindful of our environment, including me, who is notoriously not really environmentally conscious, if you will, you know, I see it there but I don’t really practice it. So that’s a that’s a really interesting story and I thought that was that was fascinating. I want to find the story that I was looking at earlier and it was this little kid in I believe Canada, and and and he had like this little stand. So instead of selling lemonade, he sets up a drive by jokes dam to spread laughter during the the shelter in place or a quarantine so when you read that really quick, this is coming this was just coming out of Canada it says instead of selling lemonade boy sets up drive by a joke stand to spread laughter during quarantine, as a picture of this cute little kid with his front teeth. Just starting to commit but not quite. That he’s standing at this table and chair leaning on his elbows and his chin resting in his fisted hands. Right? So that’s a little, little vision you have him right? First of all, his name if I could get this, it’s Hmm, I’m gonna say Kelsey Kaufman, right? Ke l SCA MC Liu, gh Li n, and he’s on Instagram. So it has 124 likes as of as of April 27. So if you’re listening to the show, go to Kelsey, Instagram and like the kids page, right? He’s doing good. And so he’s six years old. He’s Oh, not Kelsey. It’s Callaghan. MacLaughlin, he must be on his mother’s Instagram or somebody. But anyway, Kelsey MacLaughlin is the Instagram the kid His name is Callahan. And he had been looking forward to starting his own lemonade stand once the weather got warmer But since a Nobel Coronavirus outbreaks has forced the world into quarantine, he had to improvise. So rather than spend his time indoors, Callahan decided to spread joy in his community by setting up a drive by joke stand so he could make his neighbors laugh while respecting social distancing guidelines. I have a that’s cool Calvin’s mother Kelsey, See, I told you says that the youngster has been using one liners from a kid’s joke book that she bought for him six months ago. Since she and her husband have already been privileged to hear the bulk of Callaghan’s jokes. She felt it was time he shared his jokes with a new audience. Those of us in quarantine, the youngster has been trying us has been setting up shop every morning at the end of his driveway and so not spayed. See if I say this right saanich British Columbia, but last for at least one hour before taking a lengthy lunch break and returning in the afternoon for another shift. Callahan also told CBC that he has been offering the jokes for free since he wants people to save their money from Lauren Important things like groceries. Ah, right and even got liked by actor Ryan Reynolds who called him a hero on April 26. Although many passes by have reportedly been happy to humor Callahan with a smile in a way the youngster was delighted to receive praise from Hollywood a Lister Ryan Reynolds after his labor of love was shared across national news outlets. Despite his popularity, Callahan says, says he is simply happy to spread some joy during such turbulent times. Wouldn’t that be nice? There’s a lot of stress in the world. He told CBC and I kind of want to get some smiles on people’s faces.


Now, isn’t that the kind of thing you want to see in the news more often? You know, do you want do you want to always see this negative hateful anti Trump anti democrat anti this anti that crap all over in your newsfeed. I mean, I don’t know about you, but but I had to limit myself on social media because it was making me angry and I was always angry. And I, I wanted to post something and, and I, you know, I made the mistake of posting something about some post about the Governor of Illinois and somebody I called him a tool. I don’t really like him I don’t like policies and and i think he is a tool, but people were quick who they hate Donald Trump and he any I don’t know what they hate but they hate everything. So they they quickly attacked me and they said have you seen your profile picture lately? Or, or you know, goes on and on and on. And I finally I finally just decided I’m not doing that anymore. You can’t say anything. You can’t have an opinion without these trolls coming out of the woodwork and attacking you and going right through your personal, your personal stuff, your looks, your whatever they want whatever they want to go for. So it’s just ridiculous. So I don’t want to I will talk about politics on occasion because it’s important to be informed educated about the issues that we are currently facing. But I do want to also highlight the positive news in the world and believe it or not, if you if you look at the national news that the mainstream media you would think that there’s nothing Sorry about that. There’s nothing happy happening in the world there’s nothing positive. People are not good and and people are racist, misogynistic, Zena phobic, transphobic, homophobic. You know, every other phobic you can possibly think of. But within that, I think that’s a small percentage of our population. I think a majority of people are good people, and they do good things and they will do good things and and, but they don’t sell newspapers and they don’t increase your ratings. You know, talking about a kid who’s telling jokes at a little stand at the end of his driveway, right? So that’s what I want to do on occasion.


So every once in a while, I want to


remind us that there are good people in the world there Good people in the world. So now let’s see what else we can find here. So, this is something happening in our own neck of the woods, Raj karmani. He’s the founder of zero percent, right. So he aims or aim to solve hunger in Chicago by bringing food waste down to zero. That was what he was trying to do. So it started for him with a simple question. As a graduate student at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in 2012, Raj karmani, the founder of zero percent, was a regular at a neighborhood great bakery. And the store was always fully stocked with more than a dozen different bagel flavors and that got commodity thinking. I wonder when all those beautiful bagels are made fresh each day, what happens to the ones that they don’t sell? So come on karmani as the bakeries own and learn that he did his best to donate what he could to area nonprofits. Still, many of those bagels were thrown out at closing time. So karmani vowed to change that he As a computer science student then so Karani first built an app that would become your present during a hackathon. Whatever the hell that is. Technology is going to be the core of this solution. He said zero percent to app allows restaurants, schools and other institutions that sign on to easily note what kinds of food they have available out available and in what quantity and when they would like to have it picked up. The system then notifies a local nonprofit giving them the option to pick up the food in Chicago when the startup is paid zero percent also hires drivers to make daily pre scheduled pickup and drop off runs. Cool that a city like Chicago would have such a need for surplus food initially surprised come karmani who grew up in Pakistan, coming to the United States. Coming to the United States, I felt I came to a country that is the richest and most powerful country in the world and that I had left poverty and hunger behind, he said, but this conversation with the bakery owner opened his eyes to two huge problems in the US the dual issues of hunger and food waste. Come in that translated to him to more than $22 billion worth of prepared and perishable food every year. That’s why we named the company zero percent explained. We want to bring that statistic down to zero percent. restaurants and other businesses pay a fee to participate in the program. In return zero percent streamlines the process of donating excess food. It’s just a great way to know that we’re feeding others who need it says john Naylor, a managing director at Black with barbecue in Chicago. It’s a morale booster for staff and they mentioned it during interviews with new potential hires. Naylor says customers also like to hear that the restaurant is giving back to the community. He added. The participating institutions can also gain financial benefits. Your present functionality includes a dashboard that shows them exactly what they’ve donated and where their donations have gone. This makes it easy for them to document donations for tax purposes. It also helps them track how much excess food they’re ordering and making. So they can make their operations more efficient. And you know sofa, the manager at Soper Athena in Chicago said he had a lot of leftover lettuce at the beginning of his name is Timothy mula. Martin, I think is how you say it. Since you began using zero percent we’ve been able to see the items that we had been ordering too much of and it’s helped us keep that in check. He says, The benefits for local nonprofits are obvious fresh, healthy, prepared foods that they can serve to those who need it most. Besides going to soup kitchens and food pantries, zero percent provide surplus food to after school programs and organizations that serve underprivileged populations. What’s amazing is that we get so much fresh and new nutritious food from zero percent says Kylie hooks a program manager at Chicago’s Broadway new center, which primarily serves homeless LGBTQ youth. Hook says that getting healthy food from a high quality source has an emotional benefit to it gets young people to think I’m worth eating this way. zero percent is an invaluable resource. Since he launched it in 2013, zero percent has distributed more than 1 million meals to almost 150 nonprofits in the Chicago area. But karmani has his sights set on bigger goals. I firmly believe that that I can leave that food waste can be entirely eliminated. He says, I’m striving to reach that utopia of zero food waste. I’m not going to credulous myself until we have step by step, showing that we can move the needle on food waste first in Chicago and then elsewhere.


That is awesome. Do you know have you ever gone to a restaurant or you go to fast food and they and you know, you see people digging through their dumpsters behind the building and, you know, as a I worked in fast food many, many years ago as a manager, I’m, I’m happy to say and I can’t tell you the amount of food that we threw away. We couldn’t even back then you didn’t give it away, because they were worried that that people on the ship would make food towards the end of the shift, so that it couldn’t be sold and So that they wouldn’t be able to take it home. And so fast food owners would would not let employees take any of the food waste, they would throw it away and there was no real mechanism to give that food to any food banks. None of that was was around back then not like it is today. So this is a this is a really cool story that that makes you realize that and some and something you said that I thought was really apropos is we’re one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Why do we even have hungry people? why that’s a whole topic for another show is, um, is, uh, you know, hunger in the United States, which to me is absolutely criminal, absolutely criminal. So, um, so that’s that story. You know, I’m here on the DJ Doran show. Our goal is to enlighten you To educate you to get you to think, to participate in the conversation to listen to learn, as we do the same so that we have a greater understanding of our world around us, and, you know, be entertained, because let’s face it, my life is is really a comedy slash tragedy on occasions, but uh, but for the most part, there’s, I never want to stop learning, I never want to stop challenging myself. And I’m in the middle of some things right now that are challenging my core beliefs, my core value structure, my core thought processes, and I never thought at 59 that I would be in this position. And here I find myself reinventing myself again. It’s 59 Sorry, I had to scratch my ear. I wasn’t picking my nose. I’m scratching my ear. So anyway, so that’s a good, good for him. I really enjoyed this story. I think so far my favorite one is the hugger. Because, you know, I’m a hugger. I grew up in a big Italian family and so we always hug. So let’s see what else is happening in the world. That’s recent rainbow railroad. Have you ever heard of that? I never heard of that. But the rainbow railroad has been helping LGBT citizens escape oppressive nations to freedom and sanctuary.


Right? As toughest we we have it here in the United States, there are many LGBTQ plus people across the globe that have it far, far, far worse than we do. And we need to, we need to be reminded of that. And this is the this is the article that was written that I want to share with you. That I think is really worthwhile, though many Western countries have come to embrace equal rights. And that’s where the rainbow railroad comes in. similarly to how the Underground Railroad helped African American slaves escape to freedom. The rainbow rail road is a nonprofit that has been helping hundreds of LGBTQ people from around the world. Escape. They’re oppressive governments over the course of last five years, right? So this was in 2019. So it’d be six years now the organization has facilitated the evacuation, transportation and resettlement of almost 550 people. In 2018 alone group helped to rescue 198 people in countries all over the world lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and intersex people live in basic fear for their freedom, their safety in their lives, reach their organizations website, they often have nowhere to turn because their government police not only tolerate, but oftentimes encourage this brutality. Rainbow railroad exists to help these people get out of danger to somewhere safe. It continues in the spirit of end with homage to the Underground Railroad. The mission of rainbow railroad is to help lgbtqi plus people as they seek safe haven from state enabled violence or persecution. That is a show I want to do I want to I want to know about them. Let me see if they have a website. I read an article about George Michael, you know, the singer who passed away years too ago. And, you know, he had a lot of drama in his life. And, you know, it was always in the news for, you know, being a drugs and alcohol and other stuff. But he also had a history of kindness. And he actually helps a lot of people and donate it to a lot of causes anonymously. He didn’t he didn’t want to be known. So um, so let’s let me read this. This is uh he died I think in 2016. So was that four years ago right. So here’s the article goes on to say yet another musical legend has joined the ranks of celebrities that have passed her in 2016 George Michael British pop icon and philanthropist died of heart vote at the age of 53. In his Oxford cheer home on December 25. First of all, there’s so many things wrong with that statement. Number one heart failure at 53 and on Christmas Day. I mean, I don’t even know how to. I don’t even know how to address that, quite frankly. So they’ll fellow artists and fans alike and express their grief many have come forward with Tales of the singers generosity and kindness. Richard Osman, creator and co presenter of the BBC One television quiz show pointless posted on Twitter saying a woman on Deal or No Deal told us she needed 15,000 pounds for IVF treatment, George Michael Lee secretly phoned the next day and gave her the 15,000 pounds. Salah he was an English interviewer and journalist said I wrote a piece I wrote in a piece ages ago about a club I worked with tipping a bar made 5000 pounds because she was a student nurse in debt. And that was George Michael. Several charities geared towards assisting children. The LGBTQ plus community and cancer survivors also came forward with testimonies of the singers kindness. George Michael donated millions of dollars to nonprofits such as the Terrence Higgins trust, Macmillan Cancer Support and ChildLine using royalties from his 1996 hip Jesus to a child. His only condition was that his contributions were made anonymous. Fellow musical collaborators have also come forward with appreciation for George’s personality like Sir Paul McCartney. George Michael sweet soul music will live on even after his sudden death wrote the Beatles member in a statement. Having worked with him on a number of occasions his great talent always shone through and his self deprecating sense of humor made the experience even more pleasurable. As well as being extraordinarily generous. George played a major role in inspiring James Corden’s beloved Carpool Karaoke series. Oh, I love that show. George play James hilariously sassy friend during BBC ones The Late Late shows Comic Relief segment in 2011, which eventually developed into a recurring piece. James himself paid homage homage to his old friend on Twitter. I love George Michael for us. long as I can remember, James wrote, he was an absolute inspiration, always ahead of his time.


That’s a you know something man, many of you may or may not have known about George Michael, you know, it just goes to show that whatever you read in the headlines, there’s always a backstory. There’s always something else behind there. And sometimes it’s surprising, and that’s one of those, those stories that surprises you. So, this show is not going to be very long because I wanted to do it. I just wanted to read some positive stories about people. And I didn’t really want to get into a long common trick, Terry to figure out why there are good people and whether or bad people why people say bad things why people do bad things. Because good people do things. They just do it and their actions speak louder than their words. And I am so often reminded about that. That that what We how we live, what we do, speaks volumes about who we are. And word are only words if there are no actions, to support them or to back them up. And, and I am constantly challenging myself to live in integrity to, to do what I say to say what I mean. And, and. And I think that I think we can all learn from what these people have done with their lives, how they impacted their own little community, it doesn’t mean you have to do something big and spectacular. You can do it locally. You could say hello to someone who say good morning when I walk the dog in the morning. I try to say good morning to almost everyone that we pass by because because maybe that Good morning is for one woman brightens their day. Now I will tell you I say good morning and my husband Joe’s like oh my god, you got to talk to him. Everybody, and there are some people that don’t reply or they, you know, they look down at the ground like I’m a serial killer or something. But every once in a while, there’s a person who lights up with a big smile and says Good morning back and that that makes it worth it to me. And that’s how you can change the world in your own world first, little things like that. So customer leaves and leaves their entire 1200 dollar stimulus check as a generous tip for a family owned restaurant. Right. Well with that, but it is I don’t think it’s I don’t think it’s here in Chicago, but it says like so many small businesses being forced to adapt to social restrictions and miss the novel Coronavirus shut down. Oh, it’s Arkansas. This Arkansas Steakhouse has been struggling to make ends meet but thankfully one of their regular customers gave them a much needed and appreciated financial windfall. Despite the difficulties of remaining open during COVID-19 shutdowns the colonial state Steakhouse restaurant in Pine Bluff Arkansas has managed to stay open by maintaining a team of four employees to offer curbside pickup for three days of the week. Last week one of the restaurants a regular customers decided to leave a hefty tip for their takeout order and the staffers were stunned by the amount. The customer tip the colonial Steakhouse 1200 dollars, which was the customer’s entire stimulus check issued by the federal government to relieve the financial burden of the pandemic. We just started crying and thanking God because it came at a time that most of our staff really needed it. Colonial Steakhouse manager Allison Hall told k rk news hold on to say that even though times have been tough on the restaurant, they are ready to reopen when the time comes. And until then, they have been elated to be on the receiving end of such a generous gesture. Is that not awesome? That is so awesome. I love those kind of stories. But this is the one that that kind of got me teary eyed a little bit I’m gonna read this is also from April 20 First, and so there was a high school, right that was paid tribute to their seniors who couldn’t have a graduation. And this was in Florida, a Florida High School Principal has gone above and beyond the call of duty to honor her graduating students amongst the novel Coronavirus shutdowns. Popular spring school principal far for Rico West has been heartbroken over how her senior students have been forced to spend the remainder of their final high school year in self isolation, all without getting to enjoy such events as a graduation ceremony or senior prom. After brainstorming different ways she could spotlight spotlight her students West contacted the school photographer responsible for taking all 30 Senior portraits for the class of 2020 Europe. She then had all their portraits and bars printed out and posted on both sides of the school’s road and grace filled. Now the faces of the 30 graduating seniors can be seen smiling at the drivers passing by to West surprise initiative,


the initiative has been more successful than she ever would have dreamed. People don’t. People who don’t even have students here, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, have driven over just to drive through and seeing our students West told w MBB. The students have been particularly touched by the gesture as well. I pass by my school every day, I go to work and even and every time I look out there, I just get to see the banners and everything else. And just see our faces out there on the drive. So it’s definitely something that gives you comfort, one of the seniors told the news outlet and you can’t see, but they’re, anyway, there’s a row and in this line with these pictures of all these students, and I just thought that was like so awesome and so touching. And I mean, seriously, that is just amazing stuff. So this is a 99 year old man in England, right? He’s a world war two veteran, veteran and he raised 3.3 million. It doesn’t say whether it’s pounds or dollars so I’ll just say dollars for hospital workers simply by walking laps of his garden. And English. Oh it’s yes $3.3 million 2.6 million pounds. In English World War Two veteran who has been walking laps around his back garden has raised over 2.6 million pounds or $3.3 million for the National Health Service in just one week. He went on to raise 10 times that much as of 420 Holy shit, that’s $3 million. Yeah, 33 million night and he’s 99 years old. 99 years old Tom Moore says the NHS has have been marvelous in helping him recover from a hip replacement and skin cancer on his head over the last couple of years. As a way of saying thank you. The former former civil engineer has been doing daily laughs of his 25 meter long 82 foot garden with the aim of walking Hundred lengths by his hundredth birthday on April 30. Moore, who began his walks last Monday on April 6, initially set a fundraising target of 1000 pounds for NHS charities together with the sole expectation of garnering support from his village of Marston more team Bedfordshire. After hitting international headlines last week, however, Mora has quickly smashed through his target has now raised over millions for for frontline health workers fighting the fighting Lenovo Coronavirus I thank the British public from the bottom of my heart more told BBC. It’s difficult to imagine all these kind people have donated so far. It’s just amazing. He said, Moore’s daughter Hannah Ingram Moore who set up the fundraising page for him has had to raise his target three different times from 1000 pounds to 100,000 pounds then to 250,000 pounds and 500,000 pounds. She laid it took to Twitter to say we are overwhelmed by the response. It’s extraordinary, although more has already smashed His original donation goal, he is now hoping to complete another hundred laps of his yard to continue raising money for the NHS to support more charity efforts. You can go to what’s it called? Just giving crowdfunding page? Isn’t that amazing? 99 years old and he was able to raise $33 million just by walking in his garden. You’re never too old to dream another dream to set another goal 99 years old, and he’s doing something and making a huge impact. So what am i bitching about? You know, when I say things are too hard, I mean, seriously. Loving the time of Corona, right? Loving the time of Corona. A New York City man is now dating his neighbor after he creatively lose her in a war in quarantine. Right pandemic or no pandemic love will always find a way just as Jeremy Cohen, a quarantine New Yorker who is now dating his neighbor after using a drone to give his phone number to the young woman he spotted Dancing on a nearby rooftop. Cohen, a Brooklyn based music photographer and filmmaker who has worked with the likes of Miley Cyrus and lizzo was just one of millions of Americans twiddling their thumbs in self isolation last week when he saw an animated figure dancing with gusto on a neighboring rooftop. I thought she was really cute from far away. Cohen told The New York Post during this quarantine I think everyone is fending for so it says fiending for social interaction. I’m not sure what that is could be a typo. I was like oh my god a girl. I haven’t seen one for so long. Cohen then pulled out his phone to document the meet cute. that followed. In a now famous series of videos the two neighbors can be seen waiting to one another although the distance


I hate when the website like jumps around I lose my place. Though although the distance between their building made conversation difficult necessity, however, is the mother of invention as I’ve always said, in a flash of inspiration. The video is Calling writing his phone number on a piece of paper taping it to his drone and using a remote control to navigate the machine through the air towards his brunette bell. Well, just FYI there. Colin, if you have the Coronavirus on your hand and you touch that paper The Coronavirus is now on that piece of paper. Just sayin. So tori sydnor ella the dancer in question. Now that doesn’t sound like a New York Italian has also racked up thousands of views since posting her on Instagram post up the quarantine disco. I was actually hanging out with my roommate and I was actually doing the dance from High School Musical. Cinderella says referring to the topically uplifting tune. We’re all in this together. I was not expecting to get a phone number out of it yet it we could see his balcony pretty clearly from where we were on the roof and he basically just kind of shouted over to me. As he narrated the TIC Tock video, Cohen admitted that flirting is normally daunting for him but he’s also apparently a hopeless romantic effect that is clearly evident than books that follow the second installment of Colin’s videos. Series shows shows the couple sharing identity from across the street as they eat sit down to an intimate meal, complete with wine and nice tablecloths on their respective balconies. Something Cohen had stealthily coordinated with signature Ella’s route. rooming dates going really well. Colin later converted to a social media followers depending on how long the quarantine last, I might just end up in a long distance relationship with someone who lives across the street. The couple can be seen laughing and laughing and clicking their glasses over FaceTime and by the end of the update, Cohen says he has made up his mind. It’s time to take this relationship to the next level. He says to the camera with a twinkle in his eye. So called third video install installment turned out to be the most impressive of all press of a wall. And let’s see what he did. as a means of keeping himself quarantined the infatuated Brooklynites steps inside of a giant inflatable plastic bubbled people walk in rolling the short distance to signal relatives home even brought her flowers although he later realized that it was unable to get them to her, trapped in a bubble as it was upon entering her apartment building to see her rooftop Romeo ensconced in a plastic ball like a human hamster however, Cinderella almost falls to the floor and delight. The two of them were then filled walking through the neighborhood enjoying the sunshine and holding hands through the bubble. They even experienced a brief scare with the New York City Police crew only to have the opposite admit that they wanted the picture. After seeing the couple on the news the night before. I can’t believe this actually worked. And yes,


this is a true story.


Cohen tweeted alongside the video series, which have now been viewed millions and millions of times. if that weren’t enough, Conan has also taken the opportunity to use his new internet bank to promote to worthy causes. A small business booster called help Main Street and Food Bank organization Feeding America he posted links to his Twitter page prior to his 30 video update saying,


so I went kind


of viral today but there’s a real virus that is actually affecting a lot of people’s lives. So while I tried to figure out how to have a virtual date with this girl, here’s a few ways you can help. So thoroughly as has this lockdown love story captured the hearts of social media followers worldwide, we’re expecting a Hollywood adaptation of their story called Love in the time of Corona in the coming years.


That was kind of, Hey, you know, you got to do what you got to do when you’re single.


And you know, who I’m talking to out there


when we’re friends is single and dating. And that’s a whole other show. I think we did a show about that just recently. So. So this is one way it’s kind of creative, kind of romantic, and kind of inspiring. So you know, like Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park, life, finds a way and in this case, he found a way to go on a date with a girl he saw dancing on a rooftop across from his building. Well, I think that we have, we have really touched on some positive things that people are doing in the world in this time of Coronavirus and negativity and vitriol. So I hope you’ll tune into the DJ Doran show. as we as we continue to record, what we hope is cool and unique content that can be part of the conversation, I would love to talk to you. I’d love to hear from you. Make sure you go to our Facebook page message me go to my twitter and tweet something through us or go to our Instagram page and send me a message all of it is at the DJ Doran show. So that’s all the the handles. Until next time, I hope you have a wonderful Monday. Here in Chicago. We have a couple more weeks of this shelter in place and locked down. I think we can handle it. We’ve done it for six weeks so far. I think we can handle a couple more weeks. But I am so ready to get outside for more than just walking this Dog are going to the grocery store. I don’t know about you. So let’s work on this together. Let’s be kind Let’s be nice. And remember that there are good people in the world. And, and and don’t listen to all the negativity that you see on social media. You’ve been listening to the DJ Doran show. Until next time, have a wonderful evening.

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